Does Grubhub Accept Cash? (Pay Food Delivery With Cash) in 2022

is an online and mobile food delivery service that connects diners with a variety of nearby restaurants. Customers can order prepared restaurant meals and have them delivered to their doorsteps. That’s why Grubhub operates under a single slogan, “grub what you love.” Diners can order prepared meals or meal kits from local restaurants and enjoy them in the comfort of their house.

Do any Grubhub eateries allow cash payments? But hold on! The world has already abandoned cash. Why would you want restaurants on Grubhub that accept cash?

Yeah, the global economy is indeed becoming more and more cashless.

Think payment methods like Smart chip debit and credit cardss, e-wallets, and contactless mobile payment options like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Throw in financial apps like Mint, You Need A Budget (YNAB), and Capital One into the mix, and it may look like you can automate and track spending without ever setting foot into a bank or using an ATM to get $5 or $10 in actual money.

Because of the financial industry’s extensive digital change, customers are wondering if Grughub accepts cash. possibly inappropriate. Right? Wrong!

Despite all these changes in the financial sector, cash is still supreme. According to the , 26% of all payments in the U.S. are still made with physical money, which makes cash the most popular payment method for Americans.

Can you order what you want on Grubhub and pay with cash?

Short Answer: Indeed, Grubhub is one of the few remaining meal delivery services that still accepts cash for orders. The only payment accepted by its biggest rivals, DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart, is for driver tips.

Grubhub, a delivery service that links customers to nearby eateries, collaborates closely with those establishments to offer convenience and flexibility. But, it doesn’t determine the final options for paying at each eatery.

Whether or not the restaurant you ordered from accepts cash on delivery as a form of payment determines whether Grubhub will accept cash.

In actuality, there aren’t many eateries on Grubhub that accept cash. Yet Grubhub will gladly ship your order and accept cash on delivery if you are fortunate enough to discover a few restaurant partners in your region who do.

In addition to accepting cash on delivery, Grubhub now accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

We’ll cover all you need to know about Grubhub cash payments in this article.

How Does GrubHub Work? 

Grubhub is distinct from other restaurant-specific apps. The platform collaborates with eateries in a given area and enables these eateries to deliver food right to customers’ doorsteps.

Customers may now peruse the menus and place orders from any of the nearby eateries that have joined forces with Grubhub.

Overall, on behalf of the restaurant, Grubhub accepts your order and delivers the food to your door. Naturally, they use a variety of payment methods and don’t rely on external platforms to keep things simple for the customers.

What Are The Reasons To Pay Food Delivery in Cash?

So, it is acceptable to use Grubhub to look for restaurants that accept cash. You might wish to search on Grubhub for restaurants that accept cash in a variety of circumstances. When ordering meal delivery through Grubhub, cash on delivery is a quick and simple payment option.

These are several justifications for paying in cash:

  • After reserving a hotel room, you discover that your debit card balance is low and that your only available option is cash.
  • Relying solely on cash transactions while digging yourself out of credit card debt.
  • You’re unbanked if you don’t have a bank account or a reliable way to pay online.
  • Cash envelope system Place cash in various envelopes to create a budget and establish spending objectives.
  • Payment Rejected: There are numerous reasons why your online payment may be rejected. Some of these include exceeding credit card restrictions, server outages, or malfunctioning internet. It is advised that you have some cash on hand for situations like this.
  • Consumers’ Choice: Regardless of the motivation, it is up to the customer to select and use the most practical payment option, whether it be cash, a credit card, or the internet. In reality, some traditional consumers still favor cash payments.

What Restaurants Accept Cash on GrubHub?

Although Grubhub offers the convenience of cash on delivery, there aren’t many establishments that accept cash there. Only a select few restaurants, including Taco Bell, accept cash for GrubHub delivery.

When I called Grubhub customer service, they informed me that there is no way to filter out only establishments that take cash. That means there isn’t a formal list of eateries on Grubhub that accept or don’t accept cash. If you don’t go through the checkout procedure, you won’t be able to see the restaurant’s accepted forms of payment.

Thus, either give the restaurant a call to find out if they accept cash for Grubhub deliveries, or ask customer support to get in touch with them on your behalf.

Yet contacting customer care and asking questions for each restaurant you wish to purchase from can take time. Checking with a test order is the simplest method to find out if your favorite restaurant accepts cash. Simply scroll down and add the first item to your cart before proceeding to the checkout.

You can proceed if the payment option for cash on delivery is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If there isn’t a payment option for cash on delivery, the restaurant doesn’t accept cash.

It’s a quick and convenient method to find out in advance which Grubhub restaurants accept cash without having to spend a lot of time putting together a complicated order. When you locate a favorite restaurant on Grubhub that accepts cash, you may return and put together an order for food.

If the restaurant doesn’t take cash, you can look for another restaurant that takes cash on Grubhub. Alternatively, just pay with any other available payment options, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, eGift, and Android Pay. They will not without a PIN, process your debit card..

Why Don’t Most Food Delivery Services Take Cash?

Rarely does a food delivery service still accept cash like Grubhub. Yet, the majority of Grabhub eateries don’t accept cash. There seem to be good arguments for why there are so few places that accept payments through Grubhub.

The majority of delivery services, including Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart, and most restaurants on Grubhub, don’t accept cash for the following top three reasons.

  • Double mileage for the delivery driver: Cash on delivery means that the Grubhub driver has to take cash from you and drive back to hand it over to the restaurant. This complicates things because it amounts to double mileage, which requires more time and a nearby gas station; it’s not very frugal.
  • While it is difficult to scam Grubhub and get away with free food, there is a certain element of risk that the consumer may not pay as promised. There is no guarantee that the customer will pay. Most restaurants choose online orders that immediately handle the money to reduce the risk.
  • Customers frequently choose this method to avoid leaving tips because delivery drivers rely on them to make quick extra cash. Many consumers opt to tip cash upon delivery in order to avoid doing so. As a result, many drivers might decline requests that include monetary tips.
  • Paying using a card or other online method allows you the freedom to be cashless, which is advantageous for both eateries and customers. Additionally, it offers restaurants improved efficiency, low processing costs, payment assurance, and enhanced security.

Although Grubhub offers the option to pay cash on delivery, many drivers and restaurants prefer to avoid the hassles that come with cash payments and cash tips. As few food delivery services accept cash, this is the reason.

You won’t miss one or two places unwilling to take the added risks in exchange for more sales. Even if you can’t find a restaurant that only takes credit, all is not lost. You can still use other accepted payment methods like credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, eGift, open AMEX gift card, and Android Pay to complete the payment and have your order delivered.

As a tip, it’s advisable to drive a car that uses little gas, like a hybrid, instead of obtaining employment driving a pickup truck to earn money.

How to Pay With Cash on Grubhub?

You already know how to use Grubhub to identify restaurants that accept cash payments and that Grubhub takes cash payments from eateries. However, how do you use cash on Grubhub?

It’s really simple, really. To start with, not all eateries accept cash. In order to confirm that cash payments are accepted at your desired restaurant, place a test order. When you are certain, follow these instructions to pay with cash on Grubhub.

  • Use your Grubhub account to log in and search for nearby, cash-accepting eateries by zip code or food preference.
  • When you locate a favorite restaurant that takes cash on Grubhub, place your order by adding your preferred items to the cart.
  • To continue, enter your personal information at the checkout.
  • A Pay with cash option will be available at the bottom of the payment screen.
  • Choose this choice to finish the transaction.

You’ve finished! The restaurant does not accept cash payments if there is no option to do so on the checkout screen. In this situation, you might need to search on Grubhub for additional restaurants that accept cash or any other form of payment.

Can I Pay Grubhub Drivers With a Cash Tip?

It’s not necessary for drivers to receive tips through the Grubhub app. This implies that you have the option of tipping the driver with cash or using the app’s credit card tip box. In either case, leaving a tip helps the drivers because it raises the overall amount of money they get from your delivery.

The only difference is that Grubhub will have a record of the tip if you do it through the app. But when you tip the driver in cash, Grubhub has no record of it. Some drivers view food delivery jobs as an unpaid cash job under the table.

As you tip, it’s vital to understand that driving around for tips is how delivery drivers earn money.. The majority of their income comes from customer tips. If you opt to use the “tip in cash” option, be sure to keep your promise and give your driver the cash upon arrival.

The traditional recommendation is that delivery drivers be tipped 15-20 percent of the total order if a customer receives good delivery service. Always tip on the original amount and not after any promotions or discounts from internet coupon sites.

Tipping on Grubhub is through the app and includes a “tip-in cash” option. It opens a loophole for manipulation. Some customers choose to tip in cash only to stiff the driver upon delivery. This isn’t good. Tipping helps offset some costs related to car maintenance, gas station refills, and waiting time at the restaurant for the food and sitting in traffic.

It appears that many Grubhub delivery drivers have figured out the secret. People now prefer digital tips over cash when being tipped. Keep in mind that Grubhub drivers can see the tip the customer has left and won’t hesitate to refuse an order if it includes the option for a cash tip at delivery.

As a result, if you select the option to tip in cash, your delivery order may take longer. Most drivers are reluctant to take the chance because they are aware that some clients do not intend to leave a cash tip. A consumer may purposefully select this option to avoid tipping.

Think about leaving a tip online or through the app to avoid the driver’s hesitation. So, tipping really is a matter of personal preference. The decision regarding how much to tip your Grubhub driver is solely yours.

When Do Grubhub Drivers See Tips?

Before delivery, Grubhub drivers can check your tips. They make their decision to accept or reject your order in this manner. They can refuse the order if the tip is a pittance, like 10 cents, because the ride isn’t worthwhile. Your order will, however, be delivered more quickly if you leave a large tip because many Grubhub drivers are eager to accept it and make the extra cash.

Orders with cash tips will also be avoided by drivers. It’s because a lot of customers pick this option only to decline to leave a tip when their order is delivered. To be on the safe side, think about tipping 15-20% of the entire order amount when ordering meals online through the Grubhub app. This is similar to paying a server who delivers your food at a restaurant.

How Much Should You Tip Grubhub Drivers?

Don’t assume that because of the delivery fees, the drivers are making money. Grubhub only pays a pittance to delivery drivers. In order to boost their profitability, the majority of drivers only agree to take on delivery jobs with the promise of a tip. That signifies that a driver’s remuneration includes tips in significant amounts.

What percentage should you give Grubhub drivers then? The customary recommendation is that Grubhub drivers receive a gratuity of 15% to 20% of the total order. It’s a sophisticated way of saying, make sure the tip is at least $5. The base is all that. If the driver was prompt, effective, and courteous, you might think about awarding a bonus sum.

It’s worth noting that if you’re ordering a $4 donut from a fast food restaurant accepting food stamps, don’t just tip the driver 80 cents; give them a few dollars to make it worth their time. There’s a living frugally as opposed to being cheap.

Consider the extra steps the driver will have to do if the elevator is broken, inclement weather, the quantity of the order, the accessibility of the elevators, and other factors when determining your tip. If any of these conditions hold true, you may choose to leave an additional $3 to $5 tip on top of the customary 20%.

What if there is a huge large order, it is terrible outside, and the elevator is broken?

Starting out as a delivery boy is a troublesome and low-paying job. The work at hand becomes very difficult when you include in variables like terrible weather, large packages, or traffic. Thus it seems logical to take into account a variety of these elements and provide additional funding. In this situation, you can show your appreciation for the driver’s efforts by leaving a 25% tip in addition to a $5–$7 bonus.

Also, those extra dollars in the tip might get you a lot of favorable remarks and favor.

What if the driver was obnoxious and late?

Well, it just happens seldom. Just be considerate and think about leaving the driver a 15-20% tip if they were running late because of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances like a traffic jam.

Furthermore, it’s also conceivable that the driver wasn’t intending to be rude in the first place because he was having a bad day, had a rough ride, or was experiencing some sort of personal trauma.

You have the option to not leave a tip if the driver was significantly late or treated you poorly.

However, whether you choose to tip delivery drivers is entirely up to you. Whatever you do, make sure to be grateful and keep in mind that delivery drivers largely depend on gratuities to supplement their income.

Do Grubhub Drivers See The Tip Before or After Delivery?

Before delivery, not after, Grubhub drivers notice the tip. Keep in mind that Grubhub only offers these drivers a meager wage. The driver decides if the trip is worthwhile by evaluating the gratuity before accepting the order. Many drivers won’t make the journey if the online order simply tips a few cents because it doesn’t pay enough.

It’s important to note that food delivery drivers already make the federal minimum wage. Hence, if you can afford to set aside some additional money for tips, do it!

Also, orders that guarantee a monetary tip upon delivery are more likely to be rejected by Grubhub drivers. Many clients will not leave a tip using this as a means of manipulation.

If you guarantee a cash tip, your order can take longer to arrive because many drivers will avoid it. If you want your order to be accepted and delivered more quickly, you are better off leaving a sizeable tip online or through the app.

What Payment Modes Are Available On Grubhub?

Cash, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, GrubHub gift cards, and phone payments (such as Google Pay or Apple Pay) are all accepted and supported by Grubhub. However, the Grubhub-listed restaurants reserve the right to accept or reject a payment method at any time.

Hence, it’s a good idea to always confirm in advance whether the restaurant from where you’re purchasing food accepts the preferred method of payment. Another thing to keep in mind is that cash payments on Grubhub are not eligible for discounts and promotional deals.

Does Grubhub Accept Cash Summary

Cash is still king even as the globe continues to go cashless. Because not everyone has a bank account or an accepted mode of payment for internet purchases, many Americans still utilize cash for minor transactions. This implies that for consumers who want to pay cash on delivery, having a food delivery service that accepts cash is a huge benefit.

Grubhub accepts cash to provide flexibility and convenience to diners. Nevertheless, not many Grubhub eateries accept cash, and it’s possible that you won’t find any of your local favorites there. If you’re fortunate enough to find a few restaurants on Grubhub that take cash, the delivery drivers won’t think twice about bringing the meal to your door. Simply give them a big tip!

However, a formal list of Grubhub restaurants that accept cash does not exist. Don’t assume that cash payment is acceptable for your order. To be certain, confirm with a sample order or get specific information by calling customer service.

If you can’t pay with cash on Grubhub, think about making your purchase using one of the other accepted payment options, which include credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, eGift, Android Pay, and Apple Pay.

As a driver, you can also turn your car into an income-producing asset while delivering food by receiving compensation for vehicle advertising.

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