Does Five Guys Take Apple Pay?

Five Guys is a well-known restaurant chain that serves fresh burgers and fries rather than frozen ones. Five Guys operates on a franchise basis, with over 1500 locations across the United States.

They, like most other companies, have begun to accept Apple Pay. This method of payment is extremely convenient, since it only requires the payer to tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to complete the transaction. It saves time and effort, especially when a large number of things are purchased.

Do Five Guys make advantage of the Apple Pay platform? How do you use the payment options at your local Target store?

This post delves into all of your questions and provides answers to the best of our abilities.

Does Five Guys Take Apple Pay?

Indeed, Apple Pay is accepted at most Five Guys locations around the country. However, they are not included in Apple’s official list of Apple Pay retailers. However, Apple Pay is now accepted in most stores, including the most popular ones in major cities. Even those who have yet to accept Apple Pay plan to do so once their point-of-sale systems have been updated.

How to Use Apple Pay at Five Guys?

To begin, open your iPhone Wallet and add a debit or credit card to which the funds will be deducted. You can, of course, also store your Apple Pay credit card.

Activate the NFC capability on your phone near the check-out counter when you’re in the store. Apple Pay will turn on and prompt you to finish the transaction. The payment will be processed after you tap, and money will be charged to the card you authorized in the wallet.

You may need to input the card’s PIN as well, depending on the retailer and the version of the PoS software they use.

Benefits of using Apple Pay at Five Guys 

Apple and Five Guys have collaborated to make it simple for customers to conduct simple transactions.

  • You can get discounts by linking your debit card to Apple Pay for easy savings and convenience.
  • Apple Pay is extremely safe and eliminates the need to carry multiple cards.
  • Apple Pay dramatically decreases reliance on cash and speeds up check-out lines.
  • Apple Pay allows for one-click payment.

Other Payment Options Five Guys Accepts

If you need a backup payment method, Five Guys takes cash as well as all major credit and debit cards. They also accept Five Guys gift cards and other vouchers that can be obtained at the location.

If you wish to use Apple Pay, you should first phone the store to see if they accept it, or better yet, bring a backup payment method with you.

Can I get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Five Guys?

If you use the Apple Pay Card and the stores accept it, Apple will reward you with cashback. The cashback has no transactional limits, and you will receive it as many times as you transact. On the Apple website, look up the exact terms and conditions.


The majority of Five Guys locations accept Apple Pay, and others may follow suit in the near future. Come prepared by confirming with the retailer whether they accept Apple Pay, cash, or other acceptable credit/debit cards. Because it is a franchise, each location may operate slightly differently.

Apple Pay is becoming more widespread, so take advantage of its ease whenever you can! With Apple Pay as your one-stop wallet, you can live a cash-free and card-free life. It is preferable to contact ahead and confirm, or to always have a backup payment option on hand.

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