Does Costco Deliver Pizza and Food Court Delivery? Online?

is one of the largest warehouse clubs in the US over 500 locations. It’s one of the most popular places to purchase mattresses, electronics, custom birthday cakes, alcohol, computers, jewelry, appliances, and more. In addition, over members per day flock to their warehouses to buy bulk quantities of produce, packaged foods, groceries, and more.

Another big draw is the Costco food court that serves various food items, including inexpensive hot dogs, sandwiches, desserts, whole pizzas, or by the slice, salads, and drinks. The portions are large, and the prices are unbeatable. For example, its hot dog and drink combo has been $1.50 .

With over 500 food courts, Costco is ranked in the top 20 pizza chains in the US. It has more locations than ! In addition, it’s able to make whole pizzas fast and cheap because it uses a to apply the sauce evenly.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about ordering pizza from Costco’s food court, including membership criteria, payment options, and delivery options.

Does Costco Deliver Pizza?

Costco does not deliver pizza from its food court to your front door. You must go into the store to pick up any item ordered from the Costco food court, including pizza.

You can go online and order items from the store and have them delivered to your home, but not food court items. However, some Costco food courts will let you preorder whole pizzas ahead of time to save time.

Can I Order Costco Pizza Online? 

You can’t order a Costco food court pizza online, but you can call your local Costco food court to place an order for pickup.

While you can’t purchase pizza from Costco food court online, you can order frozen pizza from the store through with your Costco membership and have it delivered to you.

The Costco grocery delivery service lets you order various frozen pizza brands such as Kirkland, efrutti Pizza, Motor City Pizza Co., and Milton’s delivered for a fee. In addition, Costco offers same-day grocery delivery, which includes frozen pizza from its store.

In addition to the frozen pizza, you can get other things such as frozen foods, fresh vegetables, 00 flour, meat, SodaStream canisters, cleaning supplies, Custom cakes are available in the bakery., gadgets like the What is the best laptop for a Cricut Maker?, and drinks delivered at your front door.

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Does Costco Have Food Court Delivery?

Costco does not deliver any of their food court items. To place an order, you must go to or phone your local Costco food court, where a staff member would gladly assist you.

Costco recently updated their rules and now demands that you have a membership to order food. Because there were too many non-members visiting Costco and eating in the food court. After all, it’s a fantastic offer.

Despite the fact that Costco does not provide meal delivery, there is a way to have food court pizza delivered to you.

is a website that links you with people who are eager to conduct errands for you on the same day. For example, identify a Tasker with a Costco membership who will pick up and bring your pizza from the Costco food court for a charge.

You’ll need to call in the pizza to be picked up by TaskRabbit because you have a subscription. The TaskRabbit freelancer will utilize their Costco membership to get access to the store and then pick up and deliver your pizza.

Can I Order Costco Food Court Online?

No, you won’t be able to order anything from the Costco food court via the internet. Instead, place an order for pickup from your local Costco food court, such as pizzas for a party.

A Costco food court pizza can be prepared in as little as 15 minutes, but it may take as long as 30-45 minutes if the store is crowded. So give yourself plenty of time when placing an order, especially if it’s a large one on a busy weekend.

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Can You Eat at Costco Food Court Without a Membership?

No, you won’t be able to eat at the Costco food court unless you have a membership. To access the store, you must be a member, and you must be a member to order food from the food court.

Costco gets from membership fees. It requires the company to take extraordinary measures to ensure that non-members do not get membership benefits, such as discount food at the food court.

Costco has three membership tiers, each with its own set of privileges and restrictions, such as:

Gold Star Membership

The annual cost of a Gold Star membership is $60. For the most part, it is the most popular and basic membership option. You’ll receive two membership cards that allow you to shop at any Costco warehouse. In addition, the Gold Star membership entitles you to discounts both online and in person.

Business Membership

The annual cost of a Costco Business membership is $60. With your business membership, you can buy products in quantity and resell them to clients at your retail store. You must present proof of business ownership with incorporation paperwork when applying for a business card.

It comes with a free home cart, but you can add more persons to your company account for an additional $60.

Executive Membership

The annual cost of a Costco Executive membership is $120. Executive members can use either personal or company accounts. While a premium membership is more expensive, it comes with additional features such as:

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If you do not have a Costco membership, a Costco member can purchase a Costco store card for you. A Costco shop card is a gift card that grants you entrance to the warehouse. Shop cards, on the other hand, are only available to members.

A non-Costco member can buy Costco gas with a shop card. Just ask the attendant to use their card to authorize the pump to use your gift card. In addition, the Apple Pay is accepted at Costco gas stations. at upgraded gas pumps.

Does Costco Food Court Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at the Costco food court. You can Pay for your meal with Apple Pay. in the food court plus tax at the kiosk or the register.

Depending on the location, you can pay for your food in a variety of ways at the Costco food court:

  • Register: You can prepay for items in the food court by asking the cashier. Then bring your receipt to the restaurant to place your order.
  • Kiosk: In recent years, the stores have set up freestanding food court kiosks. Use the touchscreens to order your food and You can pay with a debit or credit card., or Costco gift card. The Costco food court kiosks will take Apple Pay.
  • Food Court Cashier: Use the food court cashier to place your order and pay for your meal.

The Costco food court takes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. In addition, you can use your smartphone or Apple Watch to pay.

Does Costco Food Court Take EBT?

Yes, Costco food court EBT and SNAP cards are accepted. if your state allows it. In addition, many states have started to allow SNAP beneficiaries to buy hot and prepared items from grocery stores.

However, if your state doesn’t allow SNAP cards to be used at the Costco food court, then buy an uncooked pizza from the cooler and bake it at home. See the of local SNAP offices for a list of food stamp approved items at Costco.

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Does Costco Food Court Take Cash?

Yes, the Costco food court takes cash. You’ll still need to show your Costco membership card if you pay with cash. In addition, the Costco food court takes debit cards, Visa credit cards, Costco cash cards, EBT SNAP, and checks. In some cases, a valid ID and authorization by a supervisor will be required to use a personal check to pay. Depending on the amount, Costco will You can cash your check without a photo ID.

Costco Deliver Pizza and Food Court Delivery Summary

Food from Costco’s food court is not delivered, although members can purchase items to take home. Although good court pizzas are not available to order online, you can phone ahead and place a pre-order for complete pizzas to be picked up.

Members can also use Instacart to order frozen pizzas for delivery. While Costco is a membership-only business, non-members can shop on the website, however all products will be subject to a 5% fee.

The EBT SNAP cards are accepted at the Costco food court., Reliacard balance, Costco Shop Cards, Visa credit cards, debit cards, cash, and personal checks. In addition, Costco food courts Take Google Pay and Samsung Pay, for example., and Apple Pay touchless payments using your smartphone or watch. The accepted payment forms can be used at Costco optical department, or the auto department to buy a 12v winch battery or Tires that are worn out should be replaced..

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