Does Aldi Sell Flowers? Cost, Restock, Delivery, Seasonal

with grocery stores across the US. It is known for its limited hours and store sizes, , private-label brands, and low prices because of its no-frills grocery stores with a labor shortage.

Have you been curious about whether Aldi sells flowers? Yep, it is correct! It has you covered whether you need a bouquet for a big event or just some cheap fresh flowers to liven up your home.

Flowers make such great gifts for friends and loved ones. However, sometimes buying flowers at a retail or grocery store can be expensive. Have no fear, Aldi flowers are affordable, and their prices are typically lower than other retail stores

We offer advice on how to buy fresh flowers at Aldi, how to refill, and how to make seasonal bouquets.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers?

Fresh flowers are available at Aldi. Roses, carnations, tulips, hydrangeas, daffodils, daisies, orchids, snapdragons, and lilies are among the flowers available at Aldi, depending on the season. Fuchsias are also available to beautify your home with their colorful, bell-shaped hanging blossoms.

Aldi grocery stores also sell unique potted plants such as , , , and In addition, you can save money with a variety of flowers to commemorate special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, and Christmas. 

You can choose a bouquet of 100 sweetheart roses, a rose and lily Valentines Bouquet, or a Shades of Love gift bag bouquet for Valentine’s Day. For Mother’s Day, amaryllises in the winter, and potted lilies for Easter, premium mixed bouquets, premium tulip bouquets, hyacinths, calla lilies, and even orchids are available, as well as premium mixed bouquets, premium tulip bouquets, hyacinths, calla lilies, and even orchids.

How Much do Aldi Flowers Cost?

Regardless of the variety of flowers in the bouquet, Aldi sells everyday bouquets for $3.99. A half-dozen roses, carnations, daisies, or tulips are usually included in a daily bouquet.

In addition to the typical $3.99 bouquets, the grocery store offers a variety of premium bouquets for special events such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

A basic bouquet costs the same whether it’s made up of single-type or mixed blossoms. Depending on the type of flowers used, premium large floral arrangements can cost anywhere from $8 to $20.

At around $10 apiece, Aldi sells a big selection of exotic tropical houseplants such as Boston fern, lucky bamboo, potted succulents, small cacti, and aloe vera. They also sell hundreds of low-cost hanging houseplants throughout the year. It also sells $20 and under potted flowers.

You might also find a good price on reduced flowers in the Aldi Finds area if they don’t sell out. Thus, if you’re lucky, you might be able to get a lovely arrangement for half the cost!

Are Aldi Flowers Good?

Indeed, Aldi flowers are outstanding quality and value. The flowers are both fresh and affordable. A bouquet of roses will survive about two weeks thanks to its vivid blooms.

The best part is that Aldi includes flower food with their bouquets. They also include a flower care sheet that will help keep the blooms alive for as long as possible.

Does Aldi Have Fresh Flowers?

Sure, Aldi has fresh flowers that are both economical and long-lasting. They’re usually seen near the payment registers or in the vegetable department of Aldi supermarkets.

What Day Does Aldi Get Fresh Flowers?

Aldi fresh flower deliveries and new products are managed locally. However, many Aldi stores tend to receive fresh flower delivery on Wednesdays. Aldi typically receives fresh flower deliveries 4-5 days per week.

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When Does Aldi Restock Flowers?

Aldi restocks flowers every day, however new flower deliveries are usually made on Wednesdays. For information on the delivery schedule at your local Aldi, contact the store manager.

Where to Find Fresh Flowers in Aldi?

Flowers and plants can be found near the register because Aldi does not have a dedicated floral department. Potted plants and hanging bouquets are more likely to be seen on free-standing shelves in various supermarket aisles because Aldi does not have a floral section.

You can also get restocked fresh flowers, plants, and seeds from Aldi on delivery days.

Does Aldi Sell Seasonal Floral Arrangements?

Throughout the year, Aldi sells seasonal flower arrangements. Seasonal flowers range in price from $3.99 to $14.99 and up.

Aldi sells a variety of seasonal fresh flowers, including:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 8th.
  • Valentines
  • Garden
  • Orchids
  • Lilies
  • Peony
  • Roses
  • Sun
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Wildflowers
  • Roses that glow in the dark

They also sell artificial flowers, bulbs, dried flowers, potted flowers, and flower-filled hanging baskets.

Does Aldi Deliver Flowers?

No, Aldi does not deliver flowers. However, you can get flowers through the .

Instacart handles orders exceeding $35. As a result, you need to buy at least $35 of flowers or a combination of groceries or meal delivery kits to get Aldi flowers delivered.  

Keep in mind, however, that the price of fresh flowers via Instacart may be greater than at Aldi. It’s because, in order to make money and compensate the driver, Instacart frequently charges more than the shelf price.

In addition, most Aldi locations provide curbside pickup. If your order is over $10, you can choose pickup and avoid having to go inside the store. Instead, an Aldi employee will deliver the bouquet to your vehicle, which will be parked in a designated pickup place.

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Can You Order Custom Flowers from Aldi? 

Sorry, Aldi does not currently provide custom floral services. You may, however, obtain the freshest flowers at any of their locations or purchase them ahead of time for a specified day. Then, if necessary, you can rearrange them into a unique bouquet on your own.

Where do Aldi Flowers Come From?

The majority of the flowers in the shop are grown on farms in Ethiopia and Kenya. Aldi, on the other hand, works with Australian farmers to buy as many Australian-grown flowers and plants as possible.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers Summary

Fresh flowers are available in all of Aldi’s locations. These can be found in the produce section or near the pay registers, depending on where your local supermarket keeps them.

Aldi flowers are typically cheaper than most grocery stores. Even though each store sells them regularly, they also sell seasonal flowers for special occasions and based on weather.

Contact your for the timing and availability of its flower deliveries. In addition, the Aldi store finder helps you sort local stores with delivery, curbside, parking lot, and Sales of beer and wine.

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