CSB Bank Mini Statement: WhatsApp Number

A CSB Bank mini Statement, also known as a CATHOLIC SYRIAN BANK mini Statement, is a condensed version of a bank account statement. It contains information about the last five transactions in your account. Your address will not appear on the mini statement, and you will not be able to use it as proof of income.

How to get CSB Bank Mini Statement? 

A mini statement is provided by CSB Bank in the following ways:

Get CSB Bank Mini Statement Through WhatsApp Number

  1. You must use your registered cellphone number.
  1. Send a message to 9702988880, the CSB Whatsapp number.
  1. They will respond to your message.
  1. The Small Statement option must then be selected.
  1. You will receive a message containing the previous 5 transactions within a few minutes.

Get CSB Bank Mini Statement By visiting ATM

  1. You must go to the nearest ATM.
  1. At the slot, put your ATM card.
  1. Additionally, choose the language in which you want to work.
  1. To use the machine, enter your four-digit PIN.
  1. Now, on the machine’s display, select the small statement option.
  1. Select the type of CSB account you have. Savings or current account.
  1. A printed receipt will be provided by the machine. It contains information about your most recent transactions.

Benefits of CSB Bank Mini Statement

The following are the benefits of the CSB Bank mini statement service:-

  • You can use this to quickly verify your transaction details from anywhere.
  • It is a very convenient technique to examine bank statement details because you do not need to wait in line at the bank.
  • Mini statements can also be accessed by people who do not have access to the internet.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get quick access to account balance? 

You must make a missed call to 8828800900 from your registered mobile number. Your account balance will be sent to you through SMS.

Are there any fees associated with downloading and activating CSB Mobile+?

CSB Bank customers have unlimited access to CSB Mobile+. You can download and use this program as often as you need it without incurring any bank fees. You may be charged by your cell phone company if you use GPRS/SMS. For more information, please contact your operator.

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