Can You Login to BeReal on Two Devices?

Do you want to know if you may access BeReal on two different devices or not?

Another well-liked social media site among Gen Z users is BeReal.

Users of the platform must upload photos of whatever they are doing within a window of two minutes.

Due to its intriguing idea, the application has captured the interest of many users.

BeReal users are looking online to see if they can log in with two different devices.

This post will cover how to log into BeReal on a new phone as well as whether you can log into BeReal on two different devices.

Can You Login to BeReal on Two Devices?

You can log into BeReal on two different devices, yes.

Provide the same information—Your Name, Date of Birth, and Phone Number—if you have already logged into BeReal on one device and are attempting to do so on another.

Simply input your name, date of birth, and phone number to log into BeReal from another device.

You will receive a code on your phone number after inputting the number.

When you enter the code, your second device will also be logged into BeReal.

I tested logging in to two devices and it was successful.

I’ve already logged into BeReal on my iPhone, for example.

After that, sign in to BeReal on Android with your name, birthdate, and phone number.

With both my Android and iPhone devices, I can use BeReal without any problems.

Yet, it took me some time for the data on my Android smartphone to sync. For example, at first, friend requests did not appear; however, after 12 hours, they did.

How to Login to BeReal on New Phone?

How to sign into BeReal on a new phone:

Step 1: Download the BeReal app onto your new Android or iPhone device.

Step 2: Launch the BeReal app and enter all of your information, including your name, birthday, and phone number.

Step 3: Enter your phone number to receive a code, then type it in.

Step 4: After inputting the code, click Continue, and your new phone will successfully log you into BeReal.

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