Can You Cash Check at Publix? Money Order Policy Guide

Walmart, Meijer, Aldi, Albertsons, and possibly Food Lion are all familiar names. Have you, however, have any experience with Publix? Probably not unless you live in one of the southern states.

So, what is Publix, exactly?

Publix is a regional grocery chain in the southeastern US that has been around since 1930. It has over 1,252 store locations in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, and North Carolina. Florida has the most Publix store locations of all the states. It also offers financial services like money orders, check to cash, get cashback with a check, fax services, lotto tickets, sell stamps, coin-counting machines, ATMs for withdrawing, and sells gift cards.

Is it possible to cash a cheque at Publix?

Short Answer: In addition to grocery shopping, Publix also cashes checks and sells money orders. For a fee, the merchant cashes payroll and personal checks. You can also buy Western Union money orders for less than $1 at Publix, but you can’t cash them.

Continue reading for more information about Publix’s check cashing policy and money order guide.

Publix Supermarket Check Cashing Policy

In today’s world, people lead busy lives. It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to attend to the time-sensitive matters and accommodate a tight schedule. At such times, finding a gas station or grocery store nearby that cashes checks is a great convenience.

If you live in one of the southeastern states and need to cash a check, Publix can be a excellent alternative to banks and credit unions. You can do this while conducting other errands and avoid going to the bank. It can be beneficial to your time management techniques.

Here are two more reasons to use Publix to cash a check:

  • Late-night check cashing: Several Publix locations are open until 10 p.m. Most banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations are closed even at 6 p.m. After hours, Publix is a fantastic place to cash a check.
  • No bank account: For various reasons, some people don’t have a bank account. Maybe, they don’t have a valid government-issued ID, which is mandatory for having a bank account. According to , there are about 14 million American’s without a bank account. Publix can be a haven for the unbanked population receiving some form of payment via a check.

Such convenience isn’t given away for free! There are fees and requirements, just like at other check cashing locations. It is critical to understand the Publix grocery check cashing policy before visiting a shop near you.

What are the Requirements to Cash a Check at Publix?

Checks are vulnerable to forgery and theft, making them possible targets for fraud. To protect itself and its customers from costly and unpleasant losses, Publix implements various limitations and requirements.

To cash a Publix check, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Payroll and personal checks are the only checks that can be cashed at Publix. You will not be able to cash rebate checks, utility deposit checks, tax return checks, insurance settlement checks, or any other sort of check.
  • Verification process: Publix processes checks electronically. Their check verification process is handled by Certegy, an electronic third-party check verification company.
  • Identification: The Without identification, the grocery store will not cash cheques.. You’ll be required to produce any of the following documents: valid state-issued ID, military ID, passport, or driver’s license.

At some Publix locations, there may be some exceptions. Several customers have complained that they were unable to cash payroll checks at certain Publix shops because the employer’s phone number was not included on the check. At your local Publix, having the employer’s information printed on the check can make a difference.

Does Publix Cash Payroll Checks?

Payroll checks and personal checks that have been printed will be cashed at Publix. If you have a handwritten check, verify with your location ahead of time to determine if it will be accepted. Several stores do, however the decision is always made by the store management.

To cash a payroll check at Publix, present the check to the clerk along with your driver’s identification, state-issued ID card, or military ID.

Certegy, a third-party electronic check verification provider, will process your check electronically. Once the cashier has verified and confirmed your identity, you will be given your money. Payday has arrived!

Will Publix Cash a Personal Check?

Personal checks and payroll checks are accepted at all Publix locations. Insurance settlements, tax returns, rebates, and utility deposits are all checks that they will rarely cash.

The official requirement for cashing a personal check at Publix is that all checks be printed. The discretion of the local management is always exercised when it comes to cashing a personal handwritten cheque.

Because Walmart rarely cashes personal checks, Publix is a good alternative.

Walmart, unlike Publix, will cash the following checks: insurance settlements, utility deposits, tax returns, rebates, and more.

Can I Cash a Stimulus Check at Publix?

Certain Publix locations may cash paper stimulus checks, however this is mostly limited to payroll and personal checks.

A stimulus check is typically regarded as an IRS refund check issued to a taxpayer. During the tax season, which runs from January to April, these types of checks are expected. Although tax return checks are generally regarded safe, you may be unable to cash them at most Publix locations.

Walmart will be the Where can I cash a stimulus check if I don’t have a bank account?. They will cash tax refund checks for up to $7,500 during the tax season.

How Much Does Publix Charge to Cash a Check?

The cost of cashing checks at Publix is determined by whether the check is personal or payroll, as well as the amount. A flat fee of $3 to $6 is charged by Publix.

Isn’t that pricey? These fees can quickly add up for people who cash multiple checks. It won’t matter, however, if you don’t have a checking account and only use it once in a while.

You are paying for the benefit of convenience! Consider how much gas money, opportunity cost, and time you’d save if you had to travel to the bank during business hours rather than late at night when shopping at Publix.

Can You Write a Check for Cash Back at Publix?

Customers can write a check for up to $25 over the transaction at Publix. Let’s imagine you have $100 worth of items in your shopping cart. You have the option of writing a check for up to $125. That means you’ll get a $25 refund. When you want to go shopping and pay with a check, but you also need cash, you can do so.

How Big of a Check Will Publix Cash?

The size of the check that Publix will cash is determined by the check type. You can cash up to $75 in personal checks per day or for the entire month. A user can cash multiple smaller personal checks throughout the month as long as the total amount does not exceed the $75 monthly limit.

The weekly limit on payroll checks is $500. That’s it if you cash one enormous $500 check all at once. During the week, you won’t be able to cash another one. You can, however, cash multiple paychecks as long as the total amount does not exceed the $500 weekly limit.

The largest check you may cash at Publix varies depending on the shop. While most retailers have a $75 monthly personal check restriction and a $500 weekly paycheck limit, don’t be shocked if some stores have lower limits. It’s normally up to the store manager’s choice.

Before you take your huge check to the next Publix, phone ahead to find out what their restrictions are.

How Many Checks Can You Cash at Publix?

The daily and monthly limits on personal checks are both $75. That implies you can only cash one personal check of $75 or less each day, but you can cash multiple checks per month as long as the total does not exceed $75.

Publix customers are limited to one payroll check of $500 per day. The weekly limit is $500, which means you can cash several smaller checks during the week as long as their combined total doesn’t exceed $500. Cashing several smaller checks is ideal for people who work more than one job or under-the-table positions.

What Time Does Publix Cash Checks?

The majority of Publix stores are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Even on weekends, Publix provides financial services every day of the week but stops cashing checks about 10 p.m.

See our guide on the Nearest 24-hour check cashing if you work unusual hours.

Publix Money Order Policy

Money orders and checks, which are both used to make payments, have significant distinctions. Money orders, unlike checks, are pre-paid and will only be issued once the funds have been received.

What Are The Advantages of Using a Money Order vs. a Check?  

The following are some of the benefits of a money market:

  • Privacy: Checks display some of your bank and personal details. Money orders don’t show your personal information. They’re excellent for making payments without exposing any personal information and reducing fraud. Use it to pay someone or a company you don’t completely trust, like Craigslist, OfferUp, or for sites like Craigslist.  
  • Money orders are already pre-paid, so there will be no bounced checks. A sufficient amount of money has already been set aside. You won’t have to be concerned about overdraft fees!
  • No checking account: You may not have a checking account for a variety of reasons. In this scenario, buying a money order is preferable to carrying cash, particularly if you’re making a significant purchase.

What is the Publix Money Order Policy?

Here are the details for how to purchase a money order at Publix:

  • Western Union money orders are available at all Publix locations.
  • Purchasing a Publix money order: Visit any store locations during regular business hours (7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) and purchase one directly from the customer service desk. You will find customer service desks that offer money-related services inside all Publix supermarkets, like coin counting machines and ATMs to withdraw from.
  • You can buy money orders from Publix, but you can’t cash them!
  • Except for GreeWise Markets, Publix money orders are available at all Publix locations.

How To Do a Money Order at Publix?

Because there are no conditions or specific requirements, purchasing a money order is fairly simple. Request to purchase a money order at the Publix customer service desk. It’s that easy!

What are the Publix Money Order Fees?

At Publix, a money order costs less than $1. The fees vary between $0.85 and $0.99. This cost must be paid using one of the allowed payment ways by Publix.

A money order can be purchased at Publix using cash, debit cards, or a prepaid debit card. Credit cards, cheques, and gift cards are not accepted. They restrict payment methods in order to avoid processing fees and fraud.

What is the Publix Money Order Limit?

The maximum amount you can spend on a Publix money order is $500. It means you’ll have to buy two $1000 money orders if you need one. However, some stores will let you buy a money order for more than $1000. You’ll need to provide your government-issued identification ID in this scenario.

Does Publix Refund Money Orders?

A money order cannot be returned to Publix.

What if you bought a money order from Publix but don’t need it anymore? There is, however, a method around that, but you’ll have to pay to play!

Western Union is the company that issues and processes Publix money orders. You can get a Western Union refund if you have a Publix money order that you no longer need.

Refunds from Western Union, on the other hand, are not free. To get a Western Union money order refund, you’ll have to pay a processing fee of $15 to $30! If it’s a significant money order, the cost might be justified.

What is the Publix Money Order Hours?

The hours of operation for Publix money orders are normally 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. That means you go to Publix late at night and buy a money order. It’s worth noting that all Publix locations are open seven days a week, including weekends. Publix locations are not open 24 hours a day.

ATMs At Publix

Publix also owns and runs the Presto! debit network. Create a network. If you have an ATM card that allows you to withdraw cash, you can do it quickly at a Publix shop.,,,,,,,,,,\

The Presto is frequently inquired about, so here are some answers! If you ever need cash at Publix, keep this network in mind.

Will there be an ATM surcharge fee added to my account if I use a Presto ATM?

Yeah, indeed! If your bank isn’t a member of the Presto network, you’ll have to pay a surcharge fee every time you use a Publix Presto ATM. Normally, this fee is $2.95.

You’ll be charged a total of $102.95 if you withdraw $100 from a Presto ATM without being a member of a banking institution that’s part of the network.

When you use a card from a financial institution that has already partnered with the Presto network, you won’t have to pay any ATM surcharges, and you’ll only have to pay for what you withdraw. If your card comes with Presto membership benefits, it will be determined by your bank.

Presto ATMs include EMV-enabled machines in addition to ATM cards. This means you can use a chip card at an ATM as well.

What denominations of cash are available at Presto machines?

Only $20 bills are dispensed by Presto ATM machines.

Does every Publix location have a Presto ATM?

Yes, indeed. These ATMs are located near the entrance of every Publix store on the exterior wall. Every Publix location features at least one ATM machine to make cash withdrawals outside the shop more convenient.

While there are approximately 1220 Publix locations in the United States, there are over 1250 Publix ATMs.

You can also check out Club Publix if you’re a regular Publix shopper looking to save money. Club Publix membership comes with a slew of benefits, including digital coupons that can be redeemed at checkout for discounts and special deals on goods and services.

By entering your 10-digit phone number at the checkout, you can use these digital coupons. The paperless coupons do not need to be printed and are regularly available on the Club Publix website’s Digital Coupons page.

Publix Check Cashing and Money Order Summary

For today’s busy customer, the opportunity to cash a check at a nearby grocery store is a huge plus. Many people have learned to juggle a frugal lifestyle as a result of the difficult economic times! You’ll have more gas in your car if you don’t have to go to the bank!

Publix offers you the convenience of cashing a check while running some other errands so that you can save time and money. They offer additional services like making copies, coin counting machines, sells gift cards, gas stations, carpet cleaner rentals, and more.

Visit one of their more than 1200 store locations if you live in the Southeast.

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