Bussing Tables at a Restaurant – Pay, Tips, Skills

Have you always wanted to work in the hotel sector but lacked the necessary skills and experience to advance quickly? Maybe you merely want to supplement your income by working in the hotel sector on the side?

Bussing tables in a restaurant is a simple way to get started in the restaurant business. It can serve as a stepping stone to higher-paying jobs such as chef or waitress. It isn’t a glamorous career that you can talk about, but it is a way to supplement your income while preparing for higher-paying professions.

When you work as a busboy or busgirl, you are essentially on the same level as a dishwasher. But, unlike dishwashing, where you have a lower possibility of moving up the restaurant ladder, if you prove yourself, you have a chance to move up the restaurant ladder to better jobs.

There aren’t many restaurants that will hire you solely as a busboy or busgirl. You’ll be required to help out with any other menial tasks that arise throughout the restaurant.

Furthermore, the waiters frequently bus the tables as they serve. While applying to be a busser, be prepared to do other tiny menial chores in the restaurant.

Bussing tables is a common first job for many teenagers after school. It’s a low-paying job that doesn’t require any expertise or particular skills. It’s a fantastic option to supplement your income after school.

Anyone can bus tables. If you prove yourself to be a good employee to the restaurant management, you can be promoted to higher-paying positions. Most of the time, you’ll end up getting a working as a server in a restaurant. It can be a lucrative position, especially when you work at a top restaurant where customers tip well.

So, what exactly is bussing tables and how much money can you make as a bus person?

You’ll learn everything there is to know about bussing tables in a restaurant, including how to get started and how much bussing tables pays. With this information, you can evaluate whether or not working as a busboy or busgirl is right for you.

What is Bussing Tables?

Bussing tables is a low-wage entry-level job in the restaurant business that entails keeping tables clean and ready for clients. A busser, often known as a busboy or busgirl, is responsible for clearing, cleaning, and setting tables for the next clients in conjunction with the kitchen and waitstaff.

What is a Bus Person Job Description?

A bus driver’s tasks include the following:

  • Tables are being cleared. It entails emptying the tables of plates, glasses, used silverware, and napkins.
  • Spills should be cleaned up, and tables should be prepared for the following clients.
  • Refilling salt and pepper shakers, as well as condiment bottles that are missing or empty, should be done at service areas.
  • If the servers are overworked, glasses will need to be refilled.
  • Notify servers whenever a table’s visitors require assistance.
  • At peak hours, food is served.

Work schedules for this position are flexible. Nearly half of the bus drivers are part-time employees. It’s great for someone searching for part-time work in the restaurant business to supplement their income.

This position also has an additional benefit. Despite the fact that it is a low-paying entry-level job, it provides you with the skills and experience you need to advance to higher-paying professions.

The primary downside for bussers is the poor income and lack of glamour associated with the work. Having a career that resembles that of a dishwasher isn’t something you can brag about to your friends about.

How to Become a Busser at a Restaurant?

Because there are no certification or education requirements, becoming a busser is relatively simple.

There are various life skills and personal characteristics that can help you become a successful restaurant busser and advance to a higher-paying position.

Is There Any Experience Required To Be a Busser?

No experience is required to become a busser, and there are no academic needs. You won’t require any special education, certification, or training since this is just an entry-level position. There are several Restaurants that recruit teenagers aged 14, 15, and 16.

Yet, some restaurants may only hire you if you have a high school graduation or a General Education Development (GED) certificate.

Busboys and bus girls typically learn on the job. Workers may also receive on-the-job training in customer service fundamentals, as well as safety and sanitation standards. Management and kitchen workers would provide the instruction.

If you want to advance and create a career in the food sector, you should consider getting certified in food safety. A credential like this indicates your understanding of food preparation, serving, and storage best practices.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Busser?

To get a job bussing tables, you won’t need any professional training or qualification. But, being successful in any work requires more than just intellectual and technical abilities. All work requires certain life skills and personal characteristics to succeed, and bussing tables is no exception.

Here are some talents that will help you become a better busser:

  • Customer service skills: You will be interacting with guests for a large part of your workday. When dealing with dinners, you need to have what it takes to put on a pleasant, polite, and professional demeanor. If you can’t work with a smile on your face and be an extrovert at work, bussing tables may be challenging.
  • Teamwork: All jobs in a restaurant require teamwork. It is not a as an introvert, a job where you work alone. You’re expected to collaborate with the kitchen and the waitstaff, host/hostess, bartenders, and other employees to ensure dinners have the best service. You should be able to take instructions and lend a helping hand whenever your teammates are busy.
  • Attentiveness: You must be able to detect empty salt and pepper shakers or guests’ cups. Having the capacity to move about in a busy environment without colliding with others or spilling their food or beverages. You should be able to tell if a child requires crayons or a booster seat.
  • Strength and stamina: In this position, stamina is crucial. For the majority of your shift, you will be on your feet. To carry many plates and dishes in a tub or on a tray table at simultaneously, shift tables around to make sitting arrangements, and carry large garbage bags to the dumpster, you’ll need strength. It’s a physically taxing position.

Here’s a video showing how to arrange plates at a restaurant when clearing a table:

Is Bussing Tables Easy?

Whether bussing tables is simple or difficult depends on who is doing it. Bussing tables is a simple task for someone with stamina, strength, decent interpersonal skills, the ability to collaborate with others, and a preference for extrovert employment.

However, if you have a college diploma and are taking the job as a last resort, you may struggle because it is not your field and does not match your skill level.

In general, the job necessitates more physical strength than mental strength. And, as you may know, professions that demand you to be physically active for the majority of the day are challenging. There are no hard or easy jobs for someone who is determined. It’s all about how you think about your work.

Clearing tables does have one drawback. Bussing tables is a low-paying, entry-level work in the restaurant sector, and if it’s your only source of income, you can struggle to make ends meet.

Some people use it more as a side-hustle to make extra money. It’s not uncommon to find a family-owned restaurant that has a work for a 13-year-old son bussing tables to build character. 

Is Bussing Tables a Good Job?

Bussing tables is a good job because it’s legal to work as a bus person from a young age without any training. It’s upon you to judge whether bussing tables are the worst job ever or something they can do for a living or even As a kid, you can make a lot of money quickly..

The job doesn’t come with all the glamour of the top-paying, low-stress jobs. Reasonably, you will be working at the same level as a dishwasher. It’s not something you can brag about to your friends.

The compensation is also poor, and you may find it difficult to make ends meet if you work full-time bussing tables. However, unlike dishwashing, you have the opportunity to advance to a higher-paying position in the restaurant, such as waiter or chef.

Bussing tables may be a fantastic way to supplement your 9-to-5 employment if you’re searching for a part-time job to enhance your income.!

How to Make Bussing Tables Fun?

It’s easy to make bussing tables more enjoyable! Allow the reason you chose to bus tables to motivate you in ways other than the job itself.

For example, if you’ve chosen bussing tables for an income producing side job, let your financial goals motivate you. Reducing debt is not the only survival tip to get ahead, but it’s also increasing your earnings.

Have a look at this incredibly fast bus kid who adores his job:

Consider investing in yourself, both intellectually and physically, in order to develop the manner you’ll need to bus tables. I enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them. Every day, you’ll meet dinner guests from different walks of life. Likewise, be a team player that enjoys collaborating with others in the room!

Perhaps, you’ll be able to make bussing tables more enjoyable, gain management’s respect, and advance to higher-paying positions.

How Much Does Bussing Tables Pay?

Depending on the type of business and region, a restaurant busser’s hourly wage can range from $7 to $12.

How Much Money Can a Busser Make?

According to , the national average is over $21,000 per year, translating to about $10 per hour. ZipRecruiter is also quick to point out that the money you make on bussing tables varies greatly based on location, employer, skills, and years of experience.

Across the United States, the hourly wage ranges from $7.21 to $15, depending on the state.

The hourly pay observed by ZipRecruiter seems to agree with other sources. According to , the average annual salary a busser can make is around $19,6900 per year, which comes to $9.47 per hour. The annual pay range was less than $16,260 to over $26,060, which comes down to hourly ranges of $7.82 to $12.53

What states do bussers make the most money in?

According to Glassdoor, the type of company and geography were the most important factors in determining how much money bussers make. The following states have the highest busser pay:

  • Nevada: $11.81 per hour or $24,560 per year
  • $23,280 per year or $11.19 per hour in Washington, D.C.
  • Hawaii: $11.16 per hour or $23,210 per year.

At a mean of $26,260 or $12.26 per hour, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Redwood City emerged as the metropolitan regions with the highest earnings.

What are the salaries for related restaurant jobs?

In a restaurant, salaries for linked job titles are as follows:

  • $31K Bus Boy
  • $27,000 for a busboy
  • $24K Dishwasher Busser
  • $24K Barback Busser
  • $30K for the server

Can You Make Tips for Bussing Tables?

In addition to your regular pay, you can earn tips for bussing tables. Several restaurants collect tips and distribute them to employees such as the waiter, bus guy, bartender, and even greeting.

Although not all restaurants pull the gratuity to share with the staff, it can be a game-changer to a bus person’s income. But you need to keep in mind that the lion’s share goes to the waitstaff, so don’t expect to make a lot of money this way. The best servers who are the The most money will be made by the best salesperson. in the restaurant.

Skills You Can Learn to Help Make Better Tips Bussing Tables

Continue reading if you’re new to bussing tables or want to learn some useful skills that can help you enhance your service and earn more tips.

Whether you work clearing tables in a busy restaurant, a cafe, or in the catering industry, you must maintain a high level of service and have excellent communication and efficiency abilities.

  • Understand how to properly set a table.

As guests take a seat at a table, it’s critical that the table be properly set for the type of food they’ll be eating and the type of restaurant they’re visiting. If you’re going to a silver service restaurant, you’ll need to know everything about table settings, including where to put water glasses and beverage glasses, how to dispose of superfluous objects, and what additional cutlery to bring.

  • Clear tables efficiently

The bussing table role includes clearing tables of dirty dishes. When guests are eating, it’s crucial to know when you can clear the dishes from the tables. Before you take someone’s plate away, make sure they’ve finished eating.

There is an art to emptying tables as well, and you must know which side to clear and which side to offer new clean dishes from. It’s also vital to remember that while cleaning a table, you should just use your hands and not carry buckets or crates with you to put soiled dishes into.

When you remove plates from a table, make sure you don’t do any scraping or plate clearing in front of the customer. Just arrange plates in a convenient manner and don’t carry more than is necessary.

  • Practice your communication abilities.

Excellent communication skills are required for excellent table service in any restaurant. It’s never a bad idea to brush up on these essential abilities. Ensure that you greet the customer and demonstrate that you are available to assist them with their eating experience.

If you’re dealing with other customers and you know someone is waiting for you, it’s not a bad idea to let them know you’ll be there soon. Bussing tables entails a great deal of managing expectations as well as listening to and responding to client questions and concerns.

  • Learn about the menu.

It is critical to know the menu of the establishment where you work in the foodservice industry. Guests frequently inquire about the menu, suggestions, popular dishes, and ingredients.

You may also have to deal with food allergies and safety policies, so it’s a good idea to be familiar with the menu, specials, and what’s on the menu wall on any given day. As a result, the consumer will perceive you as educated and informative, which will aid in obtaining useful advice.

  • Be accommodating and customer-service oriented.

To succeed in the foodservice industry, you must have excellent customer service skills. You never know who your next clients will be, whether they are well-known food critics or celebrities with the capacity to influence the future of your bussing career and the popularity and reputation of the restaurant.

Bussing Tables at A Restaurant Summary

Bussing tables is not a glamorous job that pays well. It’s a low-paid, with no experience necessary restaurant job where you’ll be cleaning and setting tables for customers. The entry-level position gets your foot in the door for higher-paying positions in the restaurant, such as becoming a server or chef. It’s also a good Near you, there’s a place that recruits 14 and 15-year-olds..

Working as a busser is an excellent option if you’re searching for a part-time job to supplement your income.

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