Blogging 101: How to Make a Grab My Button Thing

One of the top things people always want to know when they start blogging it What’s the best way to make one of those grabby buttons?  It’s really simple and only takes about 10 minutes.  Be sure that if you upload to an outside source you grab the location HTML not the image HTML.

Step 1: Make a copy of your button so folks know what they’re getting when they grab it.

If you don’t already have this done, you will have to  create & upload your button either to your blog images file or an outside source such as photobucket.

Here’s how mine appears:

Step 2: Create the Text Box with the Button’s Code

This has always been the most difficult part for me. Step 1’s code is quite identical to Step 2’s code, with the exception that you’re telling the code it has to be a text box rather than a graphic.

Notice where the codes has cols=19 rows=6 rows=6 rows=6 rows=6 rows=6 rows=

The first number (rows) determines how tall the box will be. The second number (cols) determines how wide the textbox is.


Here’s how mine appears.


You’ll also notice that I removed the center section.

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