Best Table Tennis Paddles – Ultimate Guide for Tables, Balls, Shoes and more (2020)

I’ll review the top ping pong table for your requirements. I did my research before Cyber Monday since my kids wanted a ping pong table for Christmas. I had no idea that ping pong paddles and tables came in such a wide variety. For instance:

  • Ping pong table: inside or outdoor? If outside, will you need a cover?
  • Would you like a table tennis top over a 9-foot pool table?
  • What about a combination ping pong and pool table?
  • Or how about combining table tennis and air hockey?
  • To store in a small space, do you want the best folding ping pong table?
  • Do you need the top ping pong table for less than $300? $1000? $200?
  • What is the price of a ping pong table? If this is for your children playing in the basement or leagues in the workplace will depend.
  • Do ping pong tables from different brands differ from one another?
  • What about the tools and materials for table tennis? Handles and paddles?
  • What is the finest racket for table tennis? What if you were a professional or an intermediate player?

I do agree that my questions grew as I looked more. In order to locate the greatest table tennis table for your particular requirements, I’ll help you find the answers to these questions.

Table Tennis Paddle Reviews

Similar to how ping pong and table tennis tables differ, paddles can be varied. The handle, blade, forehand rubber and sponge, and backhand rubber and sponge make up a table tennis paddle. To determine which paddle is appropriate for your playing style and level of skill, you must take the time to read reviews of table tennis paddles.

Ping Pong Grips for Paddles

The majority of players hold their table tennis paddles with a handshake ping pong grip. Nonetheless, some players—mostly in Asia—use Penhold ping pong grips.

Ping Pong Blades

The rounded solid portion known as the blade affects your power when you make contact. Select a lighter, more rigid ping pong paddle if you prefer to be more aggressive and attack. The heaviest, softest table tennis blade is ideal for control. The best carbon blade table tennis has at least 5 layers of material, is lightweight, and has quick response times.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

Player-generated spin is produced. Topspin, backspin, and sidespin are the three types of spin in ping pong. Your racket angle determines the different types of spin you can produce. The type of rubber determines the best ping pong paddle for spin. The amount and direction of spin will differ significantly depending on the type of rubber used.

Best Ping Pong Paddle

We advise locating a decent table tennis racket in order to buy the best ping pong paddle.

A universal player’s finest ping pong paddle will be rated in the 80s. Power, control, and spin ratings are assigned to every ping pong paddle. The scale can be either a 10-point scale or a 100-point scale, depending on the paddle manufacturer.

Power Rating

The handle and blade can be composed of laminated wood that has been joined together, carbon fiber that is lighter and absorbs energy, or fiberglass. The ball will move more quickly for a stronger return if the number is higher. The drawback is that you become less in control and a defensive player. You need a power rating lower than 9.

Control Rating

The rubber’s quality, the thickness of the padding, and the direction of the grain all play a significant role in control. In general, tacky rubber gives you more control. The ping pong ball can be placed more effectively on tacky rubber.

Spin Rating

The quality and installation of the rubber on the blade affects spin. It is more difficult for your opponent to return your ball with more spin. Higher spin is produced by rubber pips facing the blade. Moreover, lighter paddles constructed of carbon fiber or fiberglass enable quicker movement and spin.

Best Ping Pong Paddle under 50 dollars

The Stiga Titan is the best ping pong paddle for all players on a budget. For a novice, the Stiga Titan paddle is excellent because it is fast and not too sticky. The Titan is quite reasonable compared to the greatest ping pong paddle, which may cost anywhere from $10 to well over $100.


For more than 70 years, STIGA has produced one of the top table tennis rackets. Consequently, the

  • Sponge: 2.0mm
  • Italian composite handle
  • Rubber: Inverted custom tournament rubber
  • Balsa Tech has a 5-ply extra-light blade with five plies.

[ [su_youtube]

It is the greatest ping pong paddle available for under $50. Since it is a less expensive paddle than a professional paddle, the blade and sponge are of significantly inferior quality, which slows the paddle down.

Speed: 80
Spin: 77
Control: 82

Because it gives you control and accuracy with your shots while providing adequate power and spin, we think it’s the finest ping pong paddle under $50. The material’s modest weight enables longer playtime with less fatigue.

View comments made by others regarding the Stiga Titan.

Best Table Tennis Paddle for Intermediate Player

The DHS Hurricane II is the ideal table tennis paddle for intermediate players. Although slower than most paddles, it offers incredible spin.

The Hurricane tennis paddle includes two distinct types of rubber on each side of the blade, unlike other paddles for intermediate players. G555 rubber, which is very sticky and slows the ball and provides more control, is used on the backhand side. An offensive player is the target audience for the frontside. It is built of Hurricane rubber, which provides incredible speed and spin.

The DHS Hurricane II comes in a polished package. It comes with two ping pong balls, a protective band, and a personalized carrying bag. The case is ideal for travel as well as gifts for birthdays and holidays.

The Hurricane II is the greatest table tennis paddle for intermediate players despite being an expensive model. It’s a fantastic racket with clever packaging and a carrying case.

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Professional Table Tennis Paddles

One of the greatest professional table tennis paddles is the Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL Tenergy 80 FX Proline, which we highly suggest. The best ping pong paddle on our list, it costs a lot of money. The Butterfly has every desirable attribute. Despite its incredible spin and speed, it nevertheless provides reliable and accurate returns. An aggressive player will seek out paddles with speed ratings in the nines.

Speed: 100
Spin: 95
Control: 80

A custom table tennis paddle is one of the premium materials used in the construction of the Tenergy 80 Proline. The thick, quick-moving Tenergy 80 FX rubber and Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 blade were used in its construction. For the offensive player, the rubber is ideal.

Buy the Carbo X5-FL if money is no object or if you simply want to purchase the best professional table tennis paddle. Although it costs about four times as much, it is much better than the STIGA Pro Carbon.

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Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle


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07/12/2022 09:46 am GMT

The most expensive ping pong paddle we feel comfortable recommending is the Killerspin Diamond TC RTG Premium.  Technically, the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade with Bryce High Speed 2.1 is the .  Some of the reviews weren’t as favorable so we feel more comfortable recommending a racket with higher satisfaction while saving a couple hundred dollars.

The Killerspin Diamond TC RTG Premium is the greatest table tennis paddle for intermediate players or for professionals. The 7-ply composite wood and titanium carbon fiber blade distinguishes it from rivals. The Fortissimo rubber used in the two grips has ITTF approval. The speed is absorbed by the thin rubber, assisting you in your return and enabling the best spin. Better spin, power, and precision are possible thanks to its design.

With its personalized memory book, the racket is the ideal gift. It’s perfect for birthday or holiday presents and guards your racket from harm while in transit.

Speed: 100
Spin: 94
Control: 82

One of the professional ping pong paddles that the ITTF has approved is the Killerspin Diamond line. It is a specially designed table tennis paddle made for extremely quick, explosive tournament play.

Who Should Buy a Custom Table Tennis Paddle

A handmade table tennis paddle or one off the market are also options for an intermediate player. Since you’ll probably upgrade to a professional racquet within 12 to 18 months, it doesn’t really matter. You won’t use this ping pong paddle indefinitely.

The advantage of a personalized table tennis paddle is that you can select any material combination. You can pick between thinner rubber on the front of your paddle for slower shots and thicker rubber on the back to make your paddle speedier.

By the time a professional is aware of their requirements, they will have used several paddles. Professional players will be aware of the minute variations in rubber and weight.

The price difference between a personalized table tennis paddle and a ready-made racket is not surprising. You are purchasing customisation, superior material quality, and your time. Nevertheless, since you’re only working with rubber, wood, and composite, a custom table tennis paddle isn’t as pricey as you may imagine.

You should always invest in a paddle that is a little bit faster and has a little bit more spin.

If you’re looking for a custom table tennis paddle with a custom logo or photo, .

Difference Between Ping Pong Table and Table Tennis

Without directly employing their gaming apparatus, a gaming corporation bought the naming rights to Ping Pong and threatened legal action. Table tennis was thus coined as a replacement term for clubs and competitions. Ping pong is seen as more of a recreational sport than table tennis, which is the distinction between the two. Without any significant modifications, they are virtually the same. Table tennis regulations and ping pong rules differ somewhat in the following ways:

  • Table tennis balls are launched six inches or more behind the baseline and above an open hand. The server can hit the ping pong ball out of their hand or after it has bounced off the table.
  • In table tennis, a game can have up to 11 points and each player gets two serves at once. In ping pong, a game can have up to 21 points and each player gets five serves alternately.

Top Rated Ping Pong Tables and Brands

The top ping pong tables and brands are as follows:

  • In order to offer compelling experiences away from technology, Killerspin established a line of high-end ping pong tables in 2001. They produce accessories such as tables and paddles.
  • With partners in more than 100 nations, STIGA Sports has been manufacturing table tennis tables for more than 60 years. They manufacture bats, shoes, apparel, balls, bags, tables, and accessories in addition to blades, rubbers, and bats. STIGA
  • Cornilleau produces outdoor ping pong tables, rubbers, bats, and blades that are distributed in over 75 nations worldwide.
  • The governing body of table tennis in the USA and Joola started working together. Joola has been producing wireless table tennis robots, rackets, balls, carrying cases, portable table tennis nets, clothes, tennis table covers, and indoor table tennis tables in Germany for more than 60 years. Joola table tennis shoes are less expensive, strong, breathable, stylish, and offer adequate traction on most surfaces.
  • Butterfly was founded in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan. Butterfly produces high performance table tennis equipment including clothing, balls, shakehand and penhold blades, rackets, socks, footwear, nets, bags, robots, grips, and rubbers.  Butterfly table tennis conversion top, professional, outdoor, and table covers have been manufactured since inception.  Butterfly .

How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost?

Ping pong tables fluctuate in price based on your budget and the kind of table you choose. For an indoor table, the typical ping pong table costs $200 to $400. A ping pong table outdoors costs between $500 and $700. Also, you may purchase a convertible top that fits over your dining room or pool table. Additionally, a custom or professional ping pong table may cost $1500 or more.

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The JOOLA aluminum table tennis table with waterproof net set is the ideal outdoor table tennis table.


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The best outdoor table tennis table has a strong structure made of a combination of metal and wood and is treated with a weather- and UV-resistant coating. Some of the ball’s energy will be absorbed by the surface of the outdoor ping pong table. The ball won’t go as quickly or bounce as high. The consistency of the ping pong ball bounce will change over time since the surface will wear unevenly and develop dead spots.

The JOOLA outdoor table tennis table offers the balls a respectable bounce at a reasonable cost. Its playing surface is made of a sturdy, waterproof composite. The folding ping pong table’s undercarriage is powder coated and resistant to rust. The fold up table is very portable thanks to its three heavy-duty caster wheels.

When the aluminum and plastic composite are included, the table tennis rubber is 6mm thick. It is better for casual games than competitive play because of its composite top, which slightly lessens the ball bounce.

The price and assembly are what distinguish this table as the best outdoor ping pong table in our review. This is a fantastic value due to its construction, materials, and longevity. The foldable ping pong table installation instructions are really simple and quick to follow.

Best Indoor Ping Pong Table

The JOOLA 15mm with net set is the ideal indoor ping pong table.

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The standard JOOLA ping pong table measures 9 feet by 5 feet in feet. The US Nationals and US Open use JOOLA ping pong tables, which are highly regarded.

Given that it is portable, small, and foldable in half, it is ideal for indoor use. You can play with yourself by placing the opposite half vertically. When you don’t have a companion, the playback mode is ideal.

The 140-pound JOOLA Inside is still very portable despite its weight. One-person use is made possible by the sturdy caster legs with 4 trolley wheels.

The ping pong table for use indoors is 95% constructed. The setup time is under 20 minutes. It is the ideal and simple Christmas present to put together the night or the morning of. The adjustable tension net can then be clamped on after the 8 bolts have been used to secure the legs.

It has a surface made of wood composite that is 15 mm thick. Durability and reliable ball bounce are features of the JOOLA tabletop. This ping pong table shouldn’t be used outside because the heat and humidity will distort the surface. To maintain the best indoor ping pong table surface, store it somewhere relatively dry and cool.

For casual players and beginners, a tabletop that is 15mm thick is adequate. For higher ball bounce and speed, intermediate players should choose a JOOLA 18mm or 25mm professional ping pong table. The price of a professional ping pong table with a thicker playing surface will double.

The JOOLA is the best indoor ping pong table because of all these features.

Fast assembly
Solo playback mode
Great ping pong table under $400

Table tennis rubber thickness is only 15mm
Indoor ping pong table only
No paddles or additional equipment included
Package upon arrival weighs 197 pounds and likely needs two people

Best Table Tennis Conversion Top

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Ping Pong Top Select from Blue, Green, or Grey Colors Optional Ping Pong Paddle Set Net Set and Protective Pads Included Ping Pong Table Tops with a 3-Year Warranty

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The Martin Kilpatrick conversion top is the best one for table tennis. It’s a simple process to convert a 9-foot pool table’s top to ping pong. The table top is simple to put together and ideal for storing away when not in use. A generous 3-year warranty is included with the Martin Kilpatrick craftsmanship.

The conversion top for table tennis is a sturdy 34 inches thick. For stability, protection rails that are 1.5 inches thick are added to the table top’s 5 inches of thickness. The top measures a legal 9 feet by 5 feet. Your pool table is protected from scratches by its foam pads.

The posts and net set are included with the Martin Kilpatrick table tennis conversion top. In contrast to other net post structures, Kilpatrick’s do not clamp beneath the table. Unlike many of its competitors, the distinctive design prevents the table from being pushed up on a slant and keeps it entirely level.

A ping pong player who plays frequently will notice the height disparity. The height of a table tennis conversion top on a pool table will always be more than that of a regular ping pong table. Atop an air hockey table would be an alternative to a ping pong conversion top for a 9-pool table. The 9 Kilpatrick can be combined with air hockey and table tennis.

Search engines have given Kilpatrick’s high-quality conversion toppers positive feedback. The majority of the critical remarks center on shipping and the shop.

Each half comes with surface connectors for stability
Weighs around 90 pounds which is lighter than many
Includes net set
ITTF approved regulation size conversion top
Removable rails make it removable and steady
3-year guarantee

Expensive ping pong table
Not to be used outdoors in the sun and rain

Best Ping Pong Table Under $300

The STIGA Space Saver Compact is the top ping pong table under $300. If you’re low on space, it’s a little ping pong table. Any office area, basement, or entertainment room ought to be able to accommodate it.


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You should get a table that is roughly 2/3 the size of a typical regulation table if you want to purchase the best ping pong table under $300. The ping pong table’s STIGA measurements are 71 inches long by 40.5 inches broad. Regular players will feel at ease playing on its 30-inch-tall regulation ping pong table.

The STIGA Space Saver Compact rarely has delivery or packing issues, in contrast to conventional ping pong tables. The table is well-packaged and protected and arrives pre-assembled.

To play the game, just spread out the legs and fasten the net. The construction is very sturdy and the materials are good. Silk screen striping and an MDF table top were used in its manufacture. The table top used by STIGA is 5/8 inches thick, the same thickness as the full-sized STIGA ping pong table.

To avoid rusting, the 1.25 square welded steel legs are powder coated. To ensure a level table top and avoid floor scratches, each leg features a molded rubber adjustable foot. The adjustable feet also stop the table from swaying, which results in a steady bounce.

The accompanying posts are reasonably inexpensive and might not survive as long as the table.

No assembly required and play within minutes
Best cheap ping pong table for under $200
Portable tennis table you can store in a closet or under a bed
Durable construction

No playback mode
Not ITTF certified regulation size but keeps correct ratios
Net posts are cheap quality

Best Ping Pong Table Under $200


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The JOOLA Midsize Compact is the ideal ping pong table for less than $200. The 1950s saw the establishment of the renowned table tennis manufacturer JOOLA.

It is roughly two thirds the size of a typical ping pong table. Its W, D, and H measurements are 71 x 36 x 30. This top-notch, 5/8-inch-thick ping pong table is made by JOOLA and costs less than $200. The same high-end ping pong table material is used to create the Midsize Compact.

The ideal ping pong table for use in a house, office, or basement is the JOOLA Midsize Compact. Considering that it only weighs 62 pounds, it also makes a great starting ping pong table for kids.

Both the posts and the net are quite average. They don’t protrude past the edge of the table, in contrast to typical posts. It facilitates wide pictures taken from outside. It is a wonderful value to purchase a high-quality tiny ping pong table from JOOLA for less than $200.

Portable and weighs only 62 pounds
5/8” table tennis rubber thickness is similar to professional tables
Good for small space for ping pong table
Regulation height

Not ITTF certified
Packaging makes it susceptible to damage during delivery
Only 2/3 the size of a standard table tennis table
Net doesn’t extend outside of the table edge
Leg length is not adjustable

Best Table Tennis Balls

Compared to table tennis balls, which have a diameter of 27mm, ping pong balls are 25mm in diameter. The preferred material for all official competitions has been plastic polystyrene, according to the International Table Tennis Federation. A celluloid ball is an alternative that is typically more resilient and less expensive.

The KEVENZ 50-Pack 3-Star Plus 40mm Orange Table Tennis Balls are suggested. These are the required size of 40mm and weight of 2.75g. To consistently sell the best table tennis balls, the manufacturer tests them for the right thickness and hardness.


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Ping Pong Ball Stars

The 3 star ping pong balls are the ideal table tennis balls. The best balls for competition and matches are three-star ping pong stars. Table tennis balls with ratings of 1 and 2 are significantly less resilient. 1000 of the less expensive 2-star and 1-star ping pong balls are frequently sold and used for leisure.

The highest rated tier of 3-star balls is equivalent to 5-star table tennis balls.

Whether you purchase expensive ping pong balls or inexpensive ping pong balls in bulk, you must treat them with care. Avoid leaving them on the ground where they could be stepped on or eaten by animals.

Best Table Tennis Shoes

Men’s table tennis shoes with gripping, non-slip bottoms are the finest. Shoes for table tennis must be capable of handling swift changes in direction and quick footwork. Though it depends on the individual, most people favor light-weight footwear.

Table tennis players at the intermediate and professional levels should purchase actual shoes. Most people will attempt to play casually while wearing a pair of athletic shoes. Running shoes with thick soles present a risk of ankle rolling when moving back and forth. The best table tennis shoes have lateral movement in mind.

Best Table Tennis Shoes for Men

The Groove Butterfly are the ideal table tennis shoes for men. They are made with a focus on comfort, silly soles, and excellent fit.

The advantages of Groove Butterfly table tennis shoes are as follows:

  • a barefoot feeling is provided with a very thin, resilient midsole.
  • limits shaking and sideways rolls
  • reliable fit and hold
  • White, blue, black, navy, and pink are five cool colors.


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Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Women

The Butterfly Lezoline Rifones tables tennis shoes are the most comfortable option for women. The most recent model of table tennis shoes includes shock absorption and torsion protection. These women’s tennis shoes are the most comfy, grippy, and durable ones available thanks to revolutionary technology.

The Butterfly Lezoline Rifones tennis shoes have the following advantages:

  • For flexibility and cushioning, the forefoot has a shock-absorbing sponge.
  • Your lateral footwork is firmly aided by a superior grip.
  • A perfect fit permits effortless sliding and prevents unwanted movement.
  • Your feet are protected by cushioning for top performance and quick lateral movements.
  • different hues: lime, blue, and pink
  • Table tennis shoe sizes for women range from 4.5 to 10.


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Best Table Tennis Robot

iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot with Wireless Remote Control and Oscillation


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The best table tennis robot with the most cutting-edge features is the iPong V300. iPong is a low-cost, simple-to-use robot with American roots. It’s the ideal table tennis trainer for learning the basics and perfecting more complex moves.

It can do the following:

  • Topspin or backspin feeding the ball
  • hold 110 ping pong balls maximum
  • Adapt the rate at which each ball is fed.
  • placement that oscillates from side to side

The finest table tennis robot under $200 is the iPong V300 since it is compact, lightweight, easily transportable, and reasonably priced. A wireless remote control and a digital display that shows oscillation are included with the V300 model. You can adjust the ball’s spin, speed, and direction using the remote control.

[ [su_youtube]

Since it can hold up to 110 balls, you don’t need to refill it every 30 seconds. The rate at which you can shoot the balls can be anywhere between 12 and 70 per minute. For the optimum performance, the robot suggests using 40mm balls. You can use either brand-new plastic ping-pong balls or celluloid balls.

The iPong table tennis robot is built in China after being invented in the USA. A restricted one-year manufacturer’s warranty is included. The iPong is essentially a box-sized table tennis academy.

Shoots balls at various spin rates High capability holder Multi-purpose remote control Drawbacks Sometimes jams balls


Your level of play and your financial situation will determine which table tennis table and paddle is best for you.

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