Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount – Don’t Crack Your $250 Screen

Avoid having your phone fall around the car by keeping it close to eye level.

The law in most states prevents the .  You shouldn’t be driving and using your cellphone.  Though, we’ve all be guilty.  I may not be texting while driving, but I need to see my phone for driving directions.  There is almost no place I go without using the Waze app for directions.  I also need to see who’s calling me, glance at a text message, and play a podcast.

With all that said, it’s still very dangerous to drive and interact with your phone.  I am surprised how many Uber, Lyft, and Curb drivers don’t use dash phone mounts when using Waze, Apple Maps, or Google Maps.

My problems with using my cellphone while driving have been greatly reduced thanks to the best magnetic phone car mount for your CD player. It has resolved the following issues:

  • When I make a turn, my smartphone doesn’t roll around the car. My phone would be kept in the cupholder or close to the shifter. It would fall by my feet as I turned to the right, which is risky since the pedal is close by. It would fall to the passenger floor when I would turn to the left, making it difficult to get it back while moving or even parked.
  • If your smartphone is in your cupholder, on your lap, or on the passenger seat, your eyes are off the road. Eye-Level Viewing A car accident is unavoidable because your eyes and head are so far from looking up.
  • Charging cord cracking – If your phone is stationary and mounted, then your cord connector will flex less and the cord will last longer. There are complaints all over the internet of .  It’s a common frustration but can be prevented by bending the cord less.

The dash mount smartphone holders are popular among some users, but I don’t like them because the suction cups aren’t as trustworthy. The suction cups frequently fail on particularly hot or cold days. However, with heavier iPhones like the iPhone 8 Plus, the suction cups are more prone to weaken.

Moreover, I don’t like the auto vent mount phone holder because they frequently detach from the vent blade. Since I don’t want my $1,000 phone to fall and crack a $250 screen, I always want my smartphone to be mounted securely.

The CD slot in your car is the ideal location for mounting a phone. There is a CD player in almost every car today, but it is rarely used. Your CD player’s in-dash phone mount locks into the large, narrow aperture. You only need to tighten one screw to firmly secure the mount inside your CD slot mount.

One aspect ultimately determines the best magnetic phone vehicle mount. How powerful is the mount’s magnet? Does the magnet have adequate power? The strongest magnets can be used to hold tablets with a CD mount. Let’s face it: the distinction between a smartphone and a tablet is becoming more hazy as a result of increased smartphone sizes.

There are many different magnetic cd mounts for your cell phone that claim they are the best.  The in dash mounts tend to range from $10-$20 and all look about the same.

Strangely, my CD slot’s top-performing magnetic phone mount is also one of the least expensive.


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06/10/2022 12:07 am GMT

All smartphones are compatible with the APPS2Car Magnetic Universal CD slot car phone mount. The following characteristics of the APPS2Car Magnet magnetic phone car mount:

  • Strong Magnet: thicker and more powerful than the majority of its rivals. Up to 7.5 pounds of weight can be supported by its GripMax magnet technology. The four magnets ought to be powerful enough to hold various pieces of technology, including an iPad, an iPad mini, an Android tablet, and more.
  • You can face your smartphone in your direction depending on where the mount is in your car thanks to the adjustable 360 degree ball mount. My smartphone is facing to the upper left because my mount is low in this situation.
  • Safely Fits in CD Mount The mount enables you to properly tighten it inside your player.
  • A generous 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-month warranty are provided by APPS2Car on Amazon.

The plastic on your in-dash disc mount should not be damaged or cracked by overtightening the mount.

The majority of the individuals I know secure their phones with cases. Put one of the magnetic plates that are included in your case to utilize your new magnetic in-dash mount. It will quickly attract to the magnet once inside your case and stick when it is close by. It’s incredible how powerful the magnet is, and no matter how bumpy the road, the phone never even considers slipping off.

APPS2Car offers 4 protective films that glue the metal plates to the back of your phone if it doesn’t already have a case. The four mounts were thoughtfully provided by APPS2Car. To complement the majority of smartphone hues, the mounts are available in gold, rose gold, black, and silver.

These mounts were actually purchased earlier this year in a five pack. My wife didn’t understand why I bought five magnet in-dash mounts rather than just one more for her car. I explained to her that it seemed that whenever a new passenger entered my car, they inquired about the item and I sent them the URL. Without exaggeration, I sold all four after transporting a few people.

A car vent mount phone holder belonged to one of the guys, who detested it because the phone kept falling out and the magnet wasn’t strong enough. He bought this in dash mount from me, and he hasn’t experienced any issues since.

Please let me know if you prefer the APPS2Car mount or if you prefer a different mount.

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