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I annually call and renegotiate a AT&T Uverse cable, lower bill. Surprisingly, I’ve never thought of calling to negotiate ADT price per month or any other utility bill in the past. I asked myself, “Are ADT prices negotiable?” because I’ve never heard anyone talk about it.

This is how it got started considering reducing my ADT bill.

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Company Description


Edward Calahanin created the stock ticker in 1867, which led to the founding of ADT Inc. as the Gold and Stock Telegraph Company. It is presently acknowledged as America’s top security provider.

Minute-by-minute information was delivered via this stock ticker right from the trading floor. In addition, a messenger system that transmitted instructions to and from the stock exchange floor was developed.

ADT Inc. currently provides a comprehensive selection of commercial and residential security monitoring services, including control systems for both residential and commercial buildings as well as fire detectors, fire suppressors, and video surveillance.

The company’s automation systems are built to be able to sense movement, smoke, fire, and incursion in addition to intrusion. These monitoring services cover human crises, injuries, and environmental risks like flooding.

Their smart home solutions give customers the ability to arm or disable their home security system and view real-time surveillance of their properties via phones and tablets. ADT expands on this list of smart home features by providing tools for controlling, planning, and managing lights, thermostats, garage doors, and other networked devices.

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How Much Does ADT Cost per Month?

After being an ADT customer for about 15 years, they’ve slowly and randomly raised my monthly bill, by mail notices, every few years. I was finally pushed over the edge when I got a letter saying they were raising my ADT monthly cost again by a couple more dollars. I pulled up my credit card statement to see how much does ADT cost per month. 

My monthly alarm monitoring bill increased from under $50 to over $50 thanks to ADT.

Cellphone, cable bill, Netflix, broadband, and other monthly subscriptions all add up.

Here are 9 Steps For Lower ADT Rates in an Infographic

Is ADT Worth the Price?

Then I began to recall the last time I had utilized or spoken with an ADT employee. It’s been a while.

In the end, avoiding communication with ADT customer support is a good thing. It’s similar to getting insurance; up until you have an accident, it feels like an unnecessary expense. Is ADT worth more than $50 per month?

I bought three Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a few months ago. For a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector on each floor, ADT wanted to charge me $100 apiece.

My detectors haven’t been upgraded in over ten years. I learned that after ten years, smoke detector sensors need to be updated. Compared to ADT, I found it to be considerably more affordable to purchase the Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The detectors were carefully positioned on each floor, and I connected my smartphone to receive notifications from them. The simplicity of their setup startled me.

In addition to the $600 per year I pay for monthly home security monitoring, I was dissatisfied and thought ADT was charging a premium for the replacement of their equipment.

Why do I pay more than $50 whereas upstart SimpliSafe only costs $14.99 to $24.99 per month for monitoring?

Indeed, my home has a sophisticated home security system. Every window and door has wiring, smart technology, and ADT Cellguard alarm monitoring. However, the equipment is paid for and doesn’t cost more than $50 a month!

According to my observations, ADT has a skilled workforce and top-notch tools. If I could continue using ADT, it would be worth paying a premium for safety.

How Much Does Alarm Monitoring Cost?

A home security monitoring service typically costs $15 to $50 or more a month.

The price of alarm monitoring varies greatly between businesses. In certain circumstances, you are paying for a big marketing expenditure that led you to believe that spending significantly more than $50 was the norm. For years, I had that belief!

Costs associated with alarm monitoring are negotiable, particularly for bigger national companies.

What are some factors that affect monthly alarm monitoring costs?

  • new client pricing and promotional rate
  • monitoring just of phone lines
  • Cellular monitoring
  • Mobile app security features
  • Cameras
  • Glass shattering sensor
  • Smart home automation
  • Contract period
  • coverage of the equipment and maintenance
  • Equipment costs or financial aid

Does ADT have a Crime Map?

Yes, the ADT crime map gives statistics on crimes by town. Your zip code is used to give a neighborhood-level crime lookup. Everyone can use it for free.

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Can I Still Use ADT Equipment After Cancellation?

You can use the ADT equipment even after cancellation, in other words.

My wife and I moved into our home nearly 20 years ago, and it already had an ADT monitoring system installed and wired. We were using the ADT equipment after the previous owner cancelled before we had children. We armed the alarm without paying for monitoring because ADT automatically switches to self-monitoring.

The alarm would have been set off by the door, window, and motion sensor if a burglar had broken in. The majority of crooks flee right away because they believe the cops are close by. After cancellation, a burglar wouldn’t be aware that we were employing ADT equipment.

But we began paying for home security monitoring once we had children to increase our sense of security. It keeps us safe from robbers, has a button that calls an ambulance, and actively looks out for fires.

How to get ADT to reduce your rate?

I next Googled my zip code and security monitoring. I started looking into if I could utilize another alarm provider to watch over the alarm system I had already bought.

I was unsure if the ADT billing staff would even consider lowering my monthly monitoring price because I had never dealt with them. I was willing to leave ADT, though, if they failed to cut my cost and show me that they appreciated my business. Always be prepared to talk for hours and have a plan B.

Every month, my ADT monitoring was extremely pricey! Of course, sticking with the same service is always simpler and better than switching. It’s simpler to stay with my cable provider and cell phone carrier rather than switching services.

Finally, I was armed with enough information and needed to find out, “Are ADT prices negotiable?” Unlike reduced AT&T Uverse prices for current customers, ADT didn’t have a designated customer retention representative. Instead, they transferred me to billing.

When I phone the retention department at my cable company, I always ask if I still have a contract or if I have the option to terminate it. I was informed by the extremely kind ADT agent that I was on a month-to-month contract and free to terminate.

I said that I was thinking about switching monitoring companies and that ADT was becoming too pricey, especially after another price rise. The representative was extremely understanding and accommodating. He expressed his gratitude for my 15 years of consistent patronage of ADT and my reliable payment record. I have never missed a payment because my billing is set up to occur automatically each month.

I have the best equipment bundle with all the bells and whistles, the salesperson noted. He rapidly reduced my rate by about $20 each month with little haggling, saving me almost $250 a year.

They wanted to keep me as a devoted customer, so I requested if they would replace my smoke detectors for no charge. He immediately responded “yes” and scheduled a technician for installation.

I also informed the installer that the primary ADT keypad buttons were stuck and not functioning. He replaced my keypad for free after 15 years as well.

Is the cost of my new ADT service comparable to a brand-new security system like SimpliSafe? No. However, if my phone line goes out, I can still use my cellular alarm system thanks to ADT. My Chamberlain garage door opener is integrated with the ADT app, which I can also use.

Steps to Negotiate Lower Rates with ADT

Step 1
Research your local competition.

I entered my zip code and home security system monitoring service into Google. It offered a lengthy range of alternatives, some of which were redundant among the major home security firms. For instance, out of the 18 Google results, AT&T Digital Life Home Security was featured ten times. There were two listings for ADT home security, but only one for the Comcast Xfinity Store. Nonetheless, there were a number of additional nearby and regional surveillance firms.

Step 2
Call local home security monitoring companies for prices.

On their websites, some home alarm monitoring firms advertised services for as little as $1 per day. You should call, of course, to find out what you can receive for a dollar per day. Are they compatible with my ADT system in my situation? Do they provide mobile monitoring? Are there any apps available for mobile notifications and activation of home security systems? Are there any charges for initial activation?

Step 3
Call ADT for Retention or Billing Department.

You can reach ADT customer service at 1-800-238-2727.

Step 4
ADT Cancellation Fee.

Verify that you are not locked in first. Find out the specifics and when your ADT contract expires. You might be able to renegotiate over the phone if your termination date is only a few months away. Inform them that you will stop using ADT after your contract expires. The early termination cost for ADT may be waived by the retention representative.

Step 5
State Alternatives to ADT.

Next, let them know that you have looked into local alternatives to ADT for home security monitoring and that their prices are too high in comparison. You want to hear their new offer so they can keep you as a devoted customer, therefore don’t tell them the lowest price from a competition. Before you discontinue ADT’s service, ask the representative if they can reduce your bill.

Step 6
Counter-Offer or Ask for an Upgrade.

Offer an apples-to-apples price from a different local home monitoring company if the revised ADT price is still too high. It may be worthwhile to stay if the new ADT monthly fee is within a few dollars. There are several benefits to avoiding the time and expense of setting up a new alarm monitoring service.

Step 7
How Do I Get the Best Deal on ADT Monthly Cost.

I occasionally inquire about any current ADT discounts, deals, or offers with the customer service agent. If they say no, I’ll then inquire as to whether I’d have better luck calling for an ADT promotion the following month. Because my file was flagged, I’ve had retention specialists from several utility providers phone me within a week to inform me about a new program they recently started.

You can still bargain for some free ADT equipment upgrades if the price is reasonable. Are you in need of new smoke alarms? A second wireless motion sensor installed in your garage or front door? Do your bedrooms or the area around your furnace need a carbon monoxide detector? Instead of further lowering the price, they would rather offer you some free ADT system upgrades.

Step 8
Home Alarm Monitoring with No Contract.

Verify the length of the ADT contract. Ask for no more than 12 months. You might receive a reduced pricing in a year or two if home security monitoring becomes more competitive. Additionally, find out how long your ADT monthly price is fixed.

Step 9
Written Confirmation.

After you are happy and accept a new ADT arrangement, request a written copy of the contract. The representative will probably mail or email you a confirmation. Verify the monthly cost and duration of the contract after receiving the ADT contract. Remember that rather than the entire month, your monthly bill will likely be prorated to the new agreed-upon price from the day of the phone call.

Pay a Bill Negotiation Service as an Alternative

Some folks are simply not good negotiators. To reduce your Internet, television, and cable rates, we advise using one of the top negotiation services.

We recommend . Since 2014, their expert staff negotiates with service providers to lower monthly bills. BillFixers has a 95% success rate. They have saved customers over $3,000,000 since inception.

How much does it cost to use Billfixers?

Using Billfixers won’t cost you anything until you end up saving money on your monthly payments. Nothing is lost if you do this. During only the first year, they charged you a fee of 50% of the savings. You keep the other 50% and keep the remaining 50% every year after that.

What are Billfixers benefits?

Working with Billfixers has the following advantages:

  • Time Saving I detest waiting on hold. Somehow, whenever there are typically lengthy wait times, I always call customer service. Don’t wait on hold for minutes or hours with each customer service agent. Everything will be handled by them.
  • Each customer of Save Money Quick Billfixers saves, on average, $300 annually on monthly payments.

Publications including Bloomberg, NBC News, USA Today, The New York Times, and many more have highlighted BillFixers.

For AT&T Uverse, Xfinity, Comcast, DirecTV, Charter, Time Warner Cable, Dish, Aol, Optimum, and many other providers, they will reduce your cable bill. Your monthly mobile phone cost and alarm services for ADT Pulse, Verizon, Frontier Communications, RCN, and Spring will also be reduced by BillFixers.

They keep adding new utility companies to their list of clients for whom they negotiate bills.

for you.

Additional Tips For Effective Negotiation

You have the advantage because your ADT salesperson wants to keep you as a customer. It all comes down to you and your ability to negotiate better terms for yourself by moving the scale as far in your favor as you can.

Assess Your Needs

This entails identifying the things that you unquestionably need and removing those that aren’t currently high on your list of priorities. You can accomplish this by conducting a quick online search for the services that ADT provides.

Be Confident

Act like a self-assured negotiator and don’t accept less. Inform the ADT representative of your dissatisfaction and correct the record right away. This also entails paying attention and allowing your representative a reasonable opportunity to persuade you to select their goods.

You can use the “knowledge is power” maxim when negotiating with an ADT representative. You must exercise due research and confirm that there are no gaps in your bargaining strategy.

Don’t Shy Away From Asking Questions

Indicate the areas in which you have reservations and wait for them to be allayed. Don’t let your doubts about switching service providers come up in conversation, even if you have them. Being critical while evaluating your best options is acceptable.

Ask for a customized solution if their standard packages include services you don’t need so that an undesirable feature can be replaced with one you do.

Researching Customers is as Important as Researching Local Competitors

To obtain a clear picture of the price specifics of their packages, make sure you ask others about their ADT services. This will provide you the chance to bargain in a way that secures the greatest deal for you.

Don’t Take a Whimsical Decision

This is relevant to loyal ADT customers who have a solid relationship with the business and may qualify for discounts.

ADT Security FAQ’s

Why is ADT monitoring so expensive?

ADT monitoring is more expensive than the majority of home security providers, but they bundle a superior product. Users may activate and disarm their system, manage linked devices, plan home automation, receive notifications, and watch live video from your ADT camera using the ADT Pulse app system.

Do I own the ADT equipment in my house?

Yes, once your equipment has been paid for in full and your contract has been fulfilled, you will own the ADT equipment.

Can you negotiate the price with ADT?

ADT will negotiate a new monthly pricing with current clients. No matter how long or how briefly you have been a customer, you can request an ADT discount or promotion. For a loyalty ADT discount to cut your monthly price on your bill, long-term customers should request one.

Can I get out of my ADT contract?

You can break your ADT contract, but there may be conditions and costs. Call 1-800-243-1748 to speak with an ADT client retention professional. The quickest way to end your contract or negotiate better terms is to call an ADT representative.

What is the cancellation fee for ADT?

For the remaining portion of the contract term, ADT may charge 75% of your monthly bill. Before your ADT contract renews itself and your term is extended automatically, cancel.

Does ADT run your credit?

For installation and service use, ADT requires a good credit history.

Can I take my ADT system with me when I move?

ADT hardware cannot be moved to a different house. Incentives and rebates from ADT are available for the installation of new systems. Additionally, they provide a 25% discount on extra sensors, gadgets, and security gear.

Does ADT call the police?

Absolutely, after trying to contact you, ADT will dial the police. When an issue is discovered by the ADT alarm system, the dispatcher initially wants to determine whether it is a genuine issue or merely an accident. To confirm the signal, ADT monitoring will dial at least two of the saved numbers. They’ll call the police if they can’t get in touch with you.

Most police departments deal with false burglar alarms on a daily basis. The situation has gotten so bad that several local governments now charge citizens for bogus alerts. While it can take a little longer, ADT saves you money by calling you rather than the police initially.

Do ADT cameras record all the time?

Indeed, the ADT cameras have the option to continuously record or to only do so when motion is detected. When examining the footage, recording only motion can save you a ton of time. The video surveillance captured by ADT Pulse cameras is stored for up to 30 days. Digital video files can also be downloaded by users to computers.

Is ADT better than Ring?

In many ways, ADT and Ring are superior. An established company, ADT provides premium equipment, expert installation, additional smart home features like a high-tech keypad, cellular monitoring, free ADT yard signs and window stickers, and premium equipment. The Ring’s benefits include a less expensive home security system, no binding contract, and simple installation guided by an app.

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