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Anand Rathi is widely recognized as one of India’s foremost financial experts.

He has almost three decades of expertise in management consulting, project management, financial markets, and financial analysis as a chartered accountant from the November 1966 batch.

Anand Rathi Wiki

Mr. Anand Rathi, founder of the AnandRathi Group and the company’s torchbearer. Mr. Rathi has served as a prominent member of the Birla Group, the late Mr. Aditya Birla’s business conglomerate, in addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits.

He was the youngest president of Indian Rayon during his time in office.

He was instrumental in the company’s expansion into manufacturing and services, as well as its cement business.

Served in Bombay Stock Exchange

In the past, the BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange.) has seen its newer competitor, the National Stock Exchange (NSE), surpass it in terms of volumes traded.

The BSE has been depicted in the media as a closed club of brokers. Mr. Rathi has pioneered the Mission 2000 initiative to make the BSE more investor-friendly as a result of his background.

He’s also set ethical guidelines for the company’s members, staff, and directors, which he believes will help boost investor confidence.

The margin between the two exchanges has narrowed as a result of his efforts. Mr. Anand Rathi saw the Sensex cross the landmark 5,000 mark during his stint as President.

About Anand Rathi Group

Mr. Anand Rathi, the founder of the AnandRathi Group (ARG), is a well-known financial expert and investor in India and Southeast Asia.

He is a distinguished member of the ICAI and has over 53 years of international experience, in addition to being a gold medalist Chartered Accountant.

Anand Rathi has been a leading full-service financial services organization since 1994, providing institutions, corporations, high-net-worth families, and enterprises with investment banking, wealth management, corporate deposits, corporate finance and consulting, bonds, insurance, and loans.

In addition to its presence in India, the company has 1200 branches, sub-brokers, remises, and representative offices in select international locations, including Dubai. Today, the organization employs over 2,500 specialists.


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