8 Best Ways To Sell Gift Cards For Cash Near Me & Online

Surveys say that up to 20% of gift card balances remain unredeemed, while about .

Consider it for a moment. Why would so many individuals refuse to use something that is both free and prepaid?

There are numerous explanations for this. Some of these have happened to me as well. I had been given gift cards, which I was overjoyed to receive. After all, they are unrestricted. Some of the free gift cards came from raffles at business parties.

After the initial thrill had worn off, I realized I didn’t shop or eat at many of these establishments. For instance, I received a Lowes gift card, but there are no Lowes locations in my area.

I could donate the speciality gift card to a buddy, but the remaining funds would be used to purchase something for myself. I mean, didn’t I win it?

Then, what about those travel gift cards for planes and hotels? Yeah, 30% off a Ticket to Southwest Airlines at a Discount sounds nice and all – but what if you can’t travel during the pandemic?

As a result, this article was created.

What is the best way to sell my gift card for cash online? It’s more discreet and convenient to do it online rather than bartering with a stranger outside a store.

What is the best way to cash in on my gift card?

This post will show you how to turn your gift card into cash and increase its resale value. If you are unable to sell it for any reason, there are other solutions that will reward your heart rather than your wallet.

Don’t be concerned. Frugal Reality has done the research and will teach you how to do it the best manner possible.

What to know about selling gift cards?


Reselling gift cards is not, thankfully, illegal. You have the option of reselling your home.

Here are some quick pointers:

  • You can sell a partially used gift card rather than a new one.
  • You can exchange your gift card for a different one. You won’t have to deal with as many fees this way. Both you and the vendor get cards that you want and will use.
  • First, try selling digitally as much as possible so that you don’t have to worry about transportation charges.
  • Quick cash There are websites where you can get paid in one hour for gift cards.

Can I sell a physical gift card online?

A physical gift card can be sold online. Other organizations, such as Raise, will check to see if the physical card may be turned into an egift card or voucher. If your card can’t be digitally transformed, you’ll have to ship it.

Best Places to Sell Gift Cards Online

If you’re looking for a location to sell your gift cards online, here are a few options.

1 . Raise

If you want to sell your cards quickly, you may want to visit . The site is vast. It’s my go-to, and I think it’s one of the best places to sell gift cards electronically online.

Is Raise.com a legit site?

Yeah, Raise is a legitimate platform with over 3 million users and thousands of sponsors. They’ve completed over $1.6 billion in transactions and saved members over $170 million since their inception in 2013. Raise is accepted as a form of online and in-store payment by over 300,000 national retail retailers.

How fast can I get paid from Raise.com?

Your gift card could be sold in as little as a day. Raise will send you your money once your card has been sold, using the payout method you selected.

  • PayPal – It takes up to three business days for the money to be available in your verified PayPal account. Raise does require a $5 withdrawal minimum. 
  • Direct deposit – The When will the direct deposit be made? can take up to three business days to appear in your bank account.
  • A real cheque will be mailed to the address on the credit card you used to validate your account. The delivery time for snail mail can be up to 14 days. Because Raise charges a fixed $30 fee to mail a business check, it’s the slowest and most expensive payment method.

How much does Raise charge to sell a gift card?

It is completely free to list an electronic gift card. Raise takes a 15% cut of the transaction price as a sales commission. A physical gift card, on the other hand, is subject to an additional listing fee of the greater of 1% or $2.75, depending on its balance. For example, if you sell a $100 physical gift card for $80, Raise will pay you $65.25. The sales commission is $12, the listing fee is $2.75, and you will receive $65.25.

2. Gift Card Granny

is a website that allows you to sell your gift card for up to 92% of its face value.

Of course, this is based on demand. If it’s a popular gift card like Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, or Walmart, you’ll get paid a higher price.

Are you looking to sell your Kohls gift card? Yes, of course! Target gift cards can also be sold. These are popular shopping destinations, and you’ll have no trouble finding a new location to call home. Without having to mail the physical cards, you can sell all of your unwanted ones online.

Does Gift Card Granny pay instantly?

Gift Card Granny will redirect you to a site where you can get paid instantly. You can sell your card if you need cash fast. The payment methods are typically Zelle, personal check, PayPal, direct deposit, or bank wire.

If you are willing to wait, you may be able to get a higher payment. There’s also the possibility of exchanging gift cards for others.

Is Gift Card Granny legit?

Gift Card Granny is a legitimate website that receives over 14 million visitors every year. Customers have saved $150 million since 2009. Granny also assures that the gift cards she sells will never lose their value and will always work.

It’s one of the most well-known locations for exchanging gift cards for cash.

3. Cardcash.com

When I was deciding where to sell my gift cards online, has been doing it since 2008. In 2017, named it one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies for the sixth year in a row; only four percent of companies qualified for this honor.

You can get up to 92% of the cash worth, similar to other older sites, although it depends on the brand.

How much does CardCash buy gift cards for?

This can give you an indication of how much CardCash is willing to pay for different brands at the time of writing:

  • You’ll be paid $79 if you hit your target of $100.
  • If you spend $100 at Walmart, you will receive $85.50.
  • You’ll be compensated $70 if you spend $100 on iTunes.
  • You’ll be compensated $87 if you spend $100 at Best Buy.
  • If you spend $100 at Kohl’s, you’ll get reimbursed $79.50.
  • You’ll be compensated $81.00 if you spend $100 at Kroger.
  • You’ll be compensated $85 if you spend $100 at a Shell gas station.

How long does it take for CardCash to pay me?

Sellers should receive their money within 1-2 business days of the order approval. You can choose to receive the payment via Deposit with an ACH routing number, PayPal, or snail mail.

Is CardCash a legit company?

Since 2008, CardCash has been a reputable organization that buys discounted gift cards online. Bloomberg, CNN, The New York Times, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc 5000, and Forbes Americas Most Promising Companies have all given them recognition and distinctions.

On all pre-owned discounted gift cards used within 45 days of purchase, CardCash also offers a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

4. GiftCash

is yet another place I can sell my gift card for cash online for up to 93% of their face value. You can sell Target gift card, as well as many other top cards here (Lowe’s, Sephora’s, Sears, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more) for more than 80% of their original prices.

How does GiftCash work?

Click on Sell once you’ve arrived at the website. Enter the brand and the balance on your gift card, then click Get Your Offer. Even partially used cards will be considered by the site. It’s up to you to take the next step. Accept the offer or move on to the next resale website.

Is Giftcash website legit?

GiftCash is a legitimate website, according to our research. GiftCash has had a mission of integrity to do the right thing, communication to be timely and accessible, efficiency to process and pay money as quickly as possible, reliability to ensure secure data, and family to promote employee happiness since 2007.

GiftCash offers an fantastic 4.6 Trustpilot rating with over 400 reviews, despite a C- from the Better Business Bureau.

What is the GiftCash payout time?

The processing period is a little longer than it is at other places where you may sell gift cards online. Gift cards from US retailers that are no longer wanted are usually handled within 15-20 days. Payments are determined by the retailer’s country, physical or electronic gift cards, retail brand, card balance, and identification verification.

5. Cash 4 Gift Cards America

Cash 4 Gift Cards USA is one of the few websites that will pay you for gift cards right away.

For first-time visitors to Cash 4 Gift Cards America, the procedure of selling your old gift cards is simple:

  1. Enter your information to browse over 650 brands of physical and electronic gift cards.
  2. Quick offer: Sell your gift cards online for instant electronic cash or choose your preferred payout.
  3. Upload a legitimate ID, such as a driver’s license or a state-issued ID, to verify your identity.
  4. Payout – Receive your cash in less than an hour through your preferred payment methods such as PayPal, Zelle, or CashApp.

6. eBay

When I was thinking of a site to sell my gift card online, I thought of . At first, I was not that well-versed in selling them, so I thought of a place where you can sell just about everything, and that’s eBay!

eBay, unlike gift card reseller sites, does not check balances or provide buyer or seller protection. The gift card balances are guaranteed in several of our previous recommendations. Buying and selling items like this on eBay carries a lot more risk.

You’ll also meet a variety of buyers, including honest and dishonest buyers.

You must use extreme caution while selling on eBay, just as you would when selling other items.

Here are some eBay Seller tips:

  • Tracking number – Have eBay track your shipping details by using PayPal to buy your postage.
  • Keep digits hidden It may sound obvious, but never disclose your PIN or credit card number in an eBay listing.
  • Don’t reveal details early – Even if the buyer already paid for it, have them wait for the physical one to arrive by mail. Do not reveal the PIN or card number. Someone may intercept the details and spend the remaining balance. It’s also possible that the buyer himself had planned out the whole scheme. They may complain about receiving a card that does not work.

Where to sell gift cards near me?

Cash for gift cards near me seemed impossible when I first started my research. I was under the impression that everything had to be done online, however this is not the case.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist, as usual, proved me incorrect. You could buy and sell almost anything here, from the mundane to the sinister. Purchasing unused gift cards is no different.

But, be aware of potential scammers, just like you would on eBay. When dealing with a variety of potential purchasers, even selling real items can be a challenge. Follow the same guidelines for being safe when selling on eBay.

Choose your Craigslist list price by looking at some of our recommended best places to sell gift cards.

If you decide to sell the gift cards in person through a meetup, make sure you meet in a public location and bring someone with you. If you are unfortunate enough to have transacted with a criminal, you should have your phone ready.

Alternatively, see the article on the Craigslist is one of the best other sites. to sell your stuff. 

8. Sell Gift Cards Near Me

A pawnshop near me can provide me with cash for gift cards. Only use a pawnshop if you need money quickly. Because they may only pay you 50% of the verified balance, it may not be the best place to sell gift cards for cash. Their goal is to make money by reselling items.

You can also sell gift cards to family and friends. If customers like the store or the product, they will most likely want to purchase it at a reduced price. Additionally, if something goes wrong, your friends and family will know where to find you.

What are Alternative Ways to Get Rid of your Gift Cards?

There are occasions, though, when I do not want to sell my gift card for cash. I either don’t have enough time or couldn’t care less. My giving could lead to a higher level of fulfillment. Consider the following options for disposing of your gift cards:

Charities accept just about anything useful to them, such as clothing, home goods, and financial donations. Though, some charities have a specific purpose on what they accept. For example, when donating to an educational charity, focus on giving education gift cards for teachers to provide access to books, school supplies, Teachers’ baskets and carts, and the like.

Regift your gift cards

I know folks who receive undesired gift cards that they put in a drawer because they don’t want to use them or shop at the store. I’m tempted to chastise them for it, but I don’t want to call their sentimentality into question.

You already know who I am. I am a more practical and thrifty shopper. I’ll regift a restaurant gift card to someone who can use it if I can’t use it or sell it.

For example, you might receive a store card that you don’t use or that is inconvenient to use. Your friend, on the other hand, shops there on a regular basis. Why not give the gift card to someone else? That makes logic and isn’t wasted.

Start a business flipping gift cards

Why not discover how to start a gift card buying business if they’ve become a hobby? You can sell them to make some extra money.

What does flipping gift cards mean?

It entails purchasing them at a discount (paying $14 for a $20 face value) and then reselling them for a profit. The selling price (selling it for $20 after paying $16 at $18) should save customers some money. You make a quick profit, and your buyer saves a little cash. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Buy products to resell online

So you got a gift card and now you’re having trouble selling it?

Why not use your unused gift cards to purchase goods or services? After that, you can resell the items or use the services. Make the best of the situation.

At a garage sale

If you are reselling stuff at a garage sale or during an estate sale cleanout, then why not turn your old gift cards into cash too. The most popular things to sell at a garage sale include old games, used furniture, costume jewelry, workout equipment, stamp collections, artwork, camping gear, vinyl records, and coin collections. If you can sell coins, then why not sell restaurant gift cards for cash too.

Depending on the retailer, offer a 15-20% discount, but expect a salesman to try and negotiate the price lower. 


Can I sell gift cards on OfferUp?

To protect buyers from scams, OfferUp prohibits you from selling gift cards. The buyer can take ownership of a card with a balance, but the seller will instantly utilize the funds after the transaction is completed.

OfferUp is a Craigslist alternative that has the same risks. Those who are persistently non-compliant and sell forbidden things face harsh penalties on the resale network.

Is it safe to sell gift cards online?

It is possible to sell gift cards online in a secure manner. You must, however, select recognized resale sites.

What is the reason for this? You’re aware that they’ve produced successful deals. Several of the top gift card reseller sites discussed in this article have received a lot of excellent feedback.

But, let’s be honest, let’s be practical. While you’re on the Internet, even if you’re on a trustworthy site, you can put yourself in risk if you don’t double-check the URL. To ensure that your financial data is delivered securely, look for the HTTPS:// at the beginning of the URL.

You may or may not be dealing with scammers while dealing with buyers on eBay and Craigslist. When meeting a Craigslist buyer, you must take the necessary safety precautions.

Is it legal to resell gift cards?

Reselling gift cards is legal. You cannot, however, conceal any terms and conditions that the customer must be aware of. All data, including the remaining balance or expiration dates, must be fully disclosed.

Selling gift cards with PINs that have already been used is obviously fraudulent and illegal.

What type of gift cards can I sell online?

Both physical and digital gift cards can be sold online. You can sell both sorts on Raise.com and other niche sites, for example. If you’re selling physical cards, however, you’ll need to account for shipping costs.

It is advisable to sell actual cards through sites that do not guarantee the security of gift card PINs. As previously stated, an eBay business model entails selling your physical card and emailing the PIN. This is a risky game to engage in. The buyer may deplete the remaining balance and then turn on you, accusing you of selling them a blank card.

According to a Gift Card Granny , they saw people pay more for gas station and grocery store gift cards with an average of 89% of the full value; the local restaurant can be popular too.

Where can I trade my gift card?

Users can swap gift cards online or in person. To find a place to trade your gift card near me, go to the gift card exchange section and enter your zip code. I was able to locate 11 locations that were within driving distance.

Where can I sell gift cards online electronically instantly?

The best place to sell gift cards instantly is at . There are several resale sites listed above that take several days to get paid. If you need the money fast, then consider Cash4GiftCardsAmerica because they pay you within an hour once you’re verified.

Where Can I Sell iTunes Gift Cards?

You can sell iTunes gift cards on several online resale sites, such as and CardCash. While researching, CardCash offered us $70 to sell a $100 iTunes. GameFlip allows sellers to list their unwanted iTunes gift cards in front of thousands of buyers on its marketplace, vs. CardCash will make you an instant offer to buy your card.

Where can I sell egift cards?

In contrast to a conventional gift card, an egift card is an electronic gift card. Explore companies like Raise, Gift Card Granny, and CardCash, which sell secondhand gift cards. It can be sold anywhere that sells physical and electronic gift cards on the spot.

Where can I sell Amazon gift cards?

Most Amazon gift cards are electronic and not physical. The best place to sell gift cards like Amazon is on marketplaces highly trafficked, like Raise.com.

However, Amazon is the ultimate online shopping site in the world. Why don’t you buy something that you like or a gift for someone’s birthday or holiday? At least, you can use 100% of the gift card’s value. Their prices are better than most online coupon sites.

Alternatively, you can then just resell the product you use an Amazon gift card to make a purchase.

Can you return unwanted gift cards?

In most cases, you cannot return unwanted gift cards. A store such as Target will buy gift cards back if they are unused and you have the original receipt.

Unwanted purchases will not be accepted by any of the sites on our list of the best places to sell gift cards online. You’ll have to resell them later.

The short answer then is that returning gift cards to merchants is likely not an option. You may double-check the fine print, as there are rare exceptions, like Target, that accept returns.

Where to sell gift cards online for direct deposit?

The best gift card websites offer payment alternatives such as direct deposit, PayPal, and check. You can get paid by direct deposit through Raise.com and Gift Card Granny.

Why Don’t People Use Their Gift Cards?

Many people have received an undesired gift card at some point in their lives. These unused gift cards are worthless unless and until they are used to make a purchase at their respective retailer. It’s preferable to sell your unwanted gift card to someone who will use it, then use the money to buy something you desire.

As a result, many people try to sell or trade their unused gift cards at a gift card exchange site or an online gift card exchange. You can receive a gift card for the retailer you wish to shop at by using a gift card exchange service.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying With a Gift Card

It’s a good idea to consider the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing things with a gift card before purchasing one or using one of the gift card exchange services.

Before you go out and buy something, see if you can use your gift card to pay for it and if you need to present the cards in person. There’s also the issue of gift cards having a limited lifespan before they expire.

Pros of Buying with a Gift Card

  • If you wish to safeguard your privacy or don’t trust the site’s security, you can use a gift card instead of providing your credit card information when you shop online.
  • If you are unable to make cash payments, you may be able to use an undesirable card with prepaid card credits and take it with you in case of an emergency.
  • When you use a credit card or debit card to make a purchase, you may be charged a transaction fee that you can avoid by using a gift card (though you may lose out on credit card benefits from American Express or similar cards).
  • If you can get a gift card at a discount, using it to pay can save you money.

Cons of Buying with a Gift Card

  • You may become a victim of gift card scams if you purchase a gift card for sale at a gift card exchange kiosk or through an online gift card exchange.
  • Gift cards are not accepted in all stores.
  • There’s a reason why there are so many unused gift cards. You may misplace the card or neglect to redeem it, resulting in a loss of funds. Unlike a debit card, where the money remains in the bank if the card is lost, there is no way to get the money back if it is lost.
  • When buying with a gift card, you don’t have the option of creating payment alternatives or a monthly payment plan.
  • Gift cards have an expiration date, and you may only have a certain amount of time to utilize them.

Ways To Sell Gift Cards For Cash Near Me & Online Summary

Whenever I receive a new gift card, I am torn. There is that part of me that goes, “Whee, let me see what I got.” On the other hand, there is the part that wonders if the other person had made much effort. It is especially disappointing they chose something you don’t like, such as coffee at Starbucks.

Consider receiving a Starbucks gift card if you don’t drink coffee or a Chipotle gift card if you can’t eat spicy foods. Would you prefer to just let these restaurant cards collect dust and eventually expire? Obviously not.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on what to use with your old gift cards. It’s also feasible to regift unused gift cards to help others.

Check our advice on how to purchase gift cards from the stores listed below:

Choose the best method for increasing the worth of your cards.

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