7 Top Ways to Make Foreign Currency Payments

Many US firms now pay for goods and services from international entities with foreign currency payments. It could also include overseas personnel who are paid in foreign currencies or any other cause that necessitates payment in a currency other than the US dollar.

Because the expense of exchanging foreign currency can quickly pile up, it’s critical to look into all of the most cost-effective options for making foreign currency payments.

Our tutorial explains how to send money in foreign currency to banks and individuals.

1. Wise

Anyone with a Wise account, formerly TransferWise, can store, send, and receive money in 25 different currencies. There are no commissions or hidden fees with this money transfer service.

Furthermore, transfers can be accomplished in only a few taps online or via the Wise app. As a result, the app makes it simple to transact in foreign currency when you need it.

If you want to make , Wise can help you with that, too. The Wise service is cheap and transparent, so it’s an excellent choice for any size foreign currency payments. In addition, there’s no minimum transfer amount, so you can send as much or as little money as you like.

Smart makes it simple and quick to transfer money between countries. It allows you to deliver money directly or pick it up from an ATM in under an hour at over 700 locations around the world!

2. Xoom

Using your checking account or debit card, Xoom is a quick and easy way to send money abroad from practically any American bank or credit union account. It’s also a top-rated provider of currency payment options.

Customers can use Xoom to conduct fast and easy foreign money transactions in over 120 currencies. It’s also done for the most cost-effective foreign currency rates!

As a result, international money transfers between banks have never been easier. Yet, there are other reasons why over five million people use Xoom services each year.

What is the main reason for the popularity of the Xoom among consumers? Xoom’s app for iOS and Android, as well as its website, make it simple to transfer money on a daily basis.

You must first open an account before using its foreign money transfer services. Make a deposit using your bank checking or savings account information by registering online or through your Xoom mobile app. After authenticated, the funds can be withdrawn via ACH from any local branch.

Customers can send money overseas using Xoom in two ways: bank-to-bank foreign currency transfers and debit card payments at partner businesses including Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, and others. Xoom not only provides good service, but also offers competitive foreign exchange rates!

When you make a foreign currency transfer using Xoom services, all your transactions are protected by with 256-bit technology; no one can access or view your funds. As a result, it’s near impossible to withdraw money from your account fraudulently; you must have authorized each transaction.

3. MoneyGram

MoneyGram is similar to Western Union in that each service has a similar cost and transaction method. Western Union is the largest money transfer operator, although MoneyGram is significantly less expensive and offers faster average transfer rates.

You must either go to a MoneyGram location or send the money online using your credit card. If the foreign country has international banks operating within its borders, it even allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs for free. (SWIFT), the Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication network, connects all of its networks.

It ensures that every financial institution worldwide is interconnected and can send/receive money transfers without issues. For example, if you get a pre-settlement funding from , you can then wire money to extended family overseas.

4. Western Union

Western Union is one of the world’s oldest money-transfer companies. It provides low-cost, rapid, and reliable transfers. Western Union is well-known for its cash-in-a-minute service.

Low costs, sensible exchange rates, and good customer service are all available through the foreign currency transfer company. You can bring cash to any of their offices across the world and make a foreign currency payment of $50-$900 (according to local rules).

Western Union can also be used to transmit money online without requiring either the sender or the receiver to have a bank account. Foreign currency payments with Western Union are convenient for both parties engaged in the transaction, with over 350,000 agent locations worldwide.

5. OFX

OFX is another excellent option for making foreign currency payments. The business offers reasonable pricing and makes the transfer process simple. OFX also offers a number of services, such as spot contracts, forward contracts, and hedging solutions.

OFX operates in more than 200 countries throughout the world. It enables you to send money internationally without having to worry about compatibility difficulties.

Finally, OFX provides a user-friendly website and app that makes it simple to track your transfers and remain current on currency exchange rates.

6. WorldRemit

Another fast and easy way to is through WorldRemit. You can use its app or website to send money to over 140 countries worldwide. WorldRemit offers competitive rates with real-time tracking.

When sending money in a foreign currency, such as the Euro or the Yen, it’s recommended to use WorldRemit, especially if the recipient already has a bank account.

7. Remitly

Remitly allows you to send money internationally fast, conveniently, and securely, with no hidden fees. Furthermore, it enables you to get the greatest possible rate on bank-to-bank transfers.

For most currencies, Remitly enables same-day transfers, ensuring that you receive your funds as soon as possible. Its app also allows you to send and receive foreign currency payments while on the go. As a result, no matter where you are in the world, you can easily transfer money using its app.

Top Way to Make Foreign Currency Payments Summary

There are a variety of options to make foreign currency transfers in today’s world of ever-evolving technology. As previously said, transferring funds abroad between banks is no longer a alien concept.

Foreign currency payments can be made quickly and easily if the right solution is found. The foreign currency transfer firms listed above provide a variety of services to meet a variety of purposes.

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