7 Gas Stations with Vacuums Near Me – Free & Self-Service

getting a new vehicle or a used car is a major investment. The cost can easily run into five figures, six figures, or seven figures for luxury models. According to , Americans paid an average of $40,472 for a new light vehicle. That’s a lot of money! Factor in insurance costs, and you’ll see the immediate need to keep your car sparkling clean.

Cleaning the exterior of your car is a great start to maintain its look. You can easily do it at the nearby car wash. But vacuuming the inside of your car regularly is also equally important. For example, I recently used a portable car vacuum to remove popcorn kernels from my back seat after a drive-in movie!

To maintain spotless seats, surfaces, and carpets, vacuuming helps remove debris, dust, and spilled beverages from the interior upholstery. And don’t assume that it’s just for fun. If left unattended, dirt, spills, and food particles can accumulate, speed up wear and tear, and seriously harm the interior paint and upholstery. As a result, what was once a gleaming status symbol turns into an ugly sight.

The worst-case scenario can lead to mold growth and spark that can make you or your kids ill. It’s especially bad if you don’t Replace the cabin air filter.. The resale value of your vehicle also suffers a great deal if you don’t keep the dirt, dust, and liquid spills at bay. Detailing a vehicle is like staging a home for resale!

Thus, vacuuming your car will not only ensure you have a clean and comfortable vehicle but also boost the life span of the interior upholstery, carpeting and increase its resale value. In addition, detailing a car makes it one of the Things to flip for a profit are the easiest to come by..

The good news is that there are gas stations with vacuums that provide an easy method to clean your car while you’re on the go. That raises the crucial query:

Where can I discover gas stations around that provide car vacuums?

Short Answer: Vacuum cleaners may be found at most major American gas stations. The best gas stations with car vacuums in my area are Arco, BP, Chevron, Citgo, Kwik Trip, 7-Eleven, and Phillips 66.

Once more, the majority of petrol stations with car washes also tend to have more car vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are not always available, though, as the majority of gas stations are separately operated franchises. So, it is wise to phone in advance to avoid making a pointless trip.

Car vacuums at gas stations are usually coin-operated and run 24/7. So you should be able to vacuum your car at any time, even if there are no nearby petrol stations open round-the-clock.  

You can vacuum your car for a predetermined amount of time by simply dropping a few coins into the vacuum machine’s slot. You can anticipate paying $1 to $2 for two to five minutes at most locations, though time limits and prices vary.

You can always add more money at the same rate if your current amount runs out before you finish. You will be able to determine the precise time remaining until your money expires thanks to the vacuum machine’s fitted digital timer.

Using the store locator on the website of your preferred gas station and searching for contact information is the quickest way to find a gas station that sells vacuum cleaners. Additionally, the majority of locators let you filter for amenities like car washes.

You can also find smaller, individually owned gas stations with free vacuums. Simply plug the keyword “gas stations with free vacuums near me” on Google or enter your zip code on to find a suitable location.

Accepted payment methods at most gas stations include cash, a chip-enabled debit or credit card, Reliacard cash, and gift cards. Gas stations are also among the locations that take Venmo and other contactless payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

Again, many Pumps that accept EBT for approved food items at the convenience store but not to buy gas.

How Much Does it Cost to Vacuum a Car at a Gas Station?

If there aren’t any local gas stations with free vacuums, you might anticipate paying anywhere from 75 cents to $2. The cost will vary according to how long you use the vacuum, where you live, and where you go.

For instance, at Phillips 66 and Arco, you’ll pay 75 cents for two minutes of car cleaning, whereas Chevron, BP, Citgo, and KwikTrip charge about $1 to $2 for two to five minutes. Due to the $1–$2 deposit required for two minutes of vacuuming, 7-Eleven is more expensive.

Because each gas station sets its own price and time restrictions, it is safe to assume that the cost to vacuum a car varies by location. The good news is that most vacuum machines come with an attached digital timer that allows you to view the remaining time.

You can sidestep the cost of buying the best carpet extractor for auto detailing. It costs over $100, which can be a good investment if you use it regularly on several vehicles. Alternatively, you can Walmart offers carpet cleaning rentals. to clean your car and your home carpets at the same time.

Although most home vacuum cleaners can’t handle large debris, gas station vacuum cleaners are more powerful and can pick up the debris.

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What Gas Stations Have Car Vacuums Near Me?

A list of petrol stations with coin-operated vacuum cleaners has been developed after extensive study.

The machines, as you can see below, have a maximum run time of five minutes, while others have lower run times. Depending on where you are and how long you use the machine, the price will change.


Across 14 states in the upper Midwest, on the west coast, and in Mexico, ARCO has more than 1,500 gas stations. You can pay for gas using a number of methods, including cash, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, prepaid gas cards, fleet cards, debit cards, and credit cards.

ARCO Vacuum Cost: 75 cents
Estimated Length of Time: Two minutes

Find a car vacuum near me. 

2. BP

BP has thousands of gas stations under the Amoco and BP brand across the US and over 1,000 ampm convenience stores on the west coast. In addition, it has hundreds of local gas stations that are open 24/7 with vacuums. BP also takes Apple Pay and Apple Watch inside its retail stores along with EBT. 

BP Vacuum Cost: $1-$2
Estimated Length of Time: 2-5 minutes

Find a with car vacuums near me. 

3. Chevron

Chevron has over 7,800 Texaco and Chevron gas stations and convenience stores across the US. Several of its fuel stations offer car wash services, diesel fuel, auto service, mobile payments, and Tap To Pay. The Chevron app lets you pay for gas with PayPal, Venmo, Visa, Mastercard, Reliacard debit card, American Express, Discover, Texaco physical gift cards with pins, Texaco and Chevron electronic gift cards, and American Express gift cards that have been activated

Chevron Vacuum Cost: $1-$2 
Estimated Length of Time: 3-5 minutes

Find a with car vacuums near me. 

4. Citgo 

In 30 states, Citgo operates about 5,000 gas stations. Several of its convenience outlets offer easy ATMs, vehicle washes, check cashing, money orders, money transfers, $40 cash back with debit cards only, lottery tickets, and CITGO gift cards. Moreover, CITGO has late-night hours for unleaded and occasionally diesel fuel refills.

CITGO Vacuum Cost: $1-$2 
Estimated Length of Time: 3-5 minutes

Find a with car vacuums near me. 

5. Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip has around 700 gas stations in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Its convenience stores are known for their fresh meats, vegetables, and fruit. Kwik Trip Petrol stations provide cash back for up to $20 with a debit card, sell money orders for MoneyGram for up to $500, gift cards, accept Apple Pay, and have fee-free ATMs. 

Kwik Trip Vacuum Cost: $1-$2 
Estimated Length of Time: 3-5 minutes

Find a car vacuum near me. 

6. Phillips 66

More than 7,500 Phillips 66 gas stations can be found in more than 47 states. It provides services like check cashing, ATM access, up to $50 cash back with a $3 minimum debit card purchase, and the ability to accept EBT payments at its convenience store.

Phillips 66 Vacuum Cost: 75 cents
Estimated Length of Time: Two minutes

Find a car vacuum near me that’s open 24 hours.

7. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has around 14,000 gas stations and convenience stores in the US. It sells Western Union and MoneyGram money orders, $10 cash back with no fees, accepts Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, American Express gift cards that have been activated, and 7-Eleven gift cards. In addition, many locations have 24-hour gas stations with car vacuums.

7-Eleven Vacuum Cost: $1-$2
Estimated Length of Time: 2 minutes

Find car vacuums near me. 

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Where to Find Gas Stations with Free Vacuums Near Me?

Why pay for it when you can get it for free! It’s a saving-boosting advice for being frugal. For example, a gas station nearby that offers free vacuums is an excellent cost-savings. In addition, that $2 a week can be put towards other financial goals, like $10,000 in a year’s savings.

Nearby gas stations with free vacuums are typically smaller, independently run fuel stations. Additionally, some car washes provide free vacuums as an added bonus.

The easiest way is to Google “gas stations with free vacuums near me.” You’ll get a list of independent fuel stations along with their contact details. You can also click our to search for free vacuums nearby. 

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How To Use a Self-Service Vacuum Near Me?

Self-service vacuums are available on-site at many independent car washes in the area.

Although they don’t sell fuel, you may probably locate additional places around that offer vehicle vacuum services.

Here is a video that displays a self-service machine in action.

Here are some tips on how to effectively vacuum a car interior and suggested equipment:

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Gas Stations With Vacuums Near Me Summary

Keeping the interior of your car clean helps prevent wear and tear, unwanted allergies and considerably increases the resale value of your vehicle. In addition, it’s beneficial if you use your pickup truck for money-making side gigs, like dump dirt nearby, buy hay bales, sell used wood pallets for a profit., or Sponsored advertisements on your vehicle. To help you out, gas stations offer coin-operated vacuums that you can use on the go for pennies on the dollar. 

Basically, you deposit some coins into the vacuum machine slot to vacuum your car for a set time. If your money runs out before you’re done, you can always deposit more coins to continue using the machine. So make sure you don’t exchange all the coins at the nearby coin counting machines. You may need some to use for vacuums.

Accepted payment methods include cash, debit card, credit card, gift card, and contactless payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay. You may even be able to without a PIN, use your debit card.

You might be fortunate enough to locate a few independently run gas stations that provide free vacuums in your neighborhood. Yet, if there aren’t any paid or free vacuums available close by, you can spend up to $100 on a home vacuum.

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