6 Places To Get a Motorcycle Oil Change Near Me

If you’ve recently noticed an increase in the number of motorcycles across the country, you aren’t imagining things. According to the , US households with a motorcycle rose from 6.94% in 2014 to 8.02% in 2018. That’s an increase of more than 2.5 million motorcycles on the roads.

One thing is clear from the data. Apparently Americans adore bicycles and like riding them! That’s why the more than 10 million families with motorcycles want to know where they can get a motorbike oil change. After all, buying a motorcycle is a significant financial commitment. Entry-level versions can cost thousands of dollars, while top-of-the-line motorcycles can cost up to $30,000.

As a result, motorcycle owners should take good care of their vehicles and continue to receive valuable maintenance services to ensure that they endure a long time. To protect the engine, part of it entails changing your motorcycle oil at the appropriate intervals.

The problem is that most national and local auto shops only perform oil changes on cars. The majority of car repair businesses do not provide motorcycle oil changes. As a result, you may have to look harder for a home to maintain.

As a result, many thrifty customers wonder, “Where can I get a motorcycle oil change near me?”?

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, AAMCO Transmission & Total Vehicle Care, Firestone Complete Auto Care, Jiffy Lube, and Goodyear Auto Service are some of the best motorcycle oil change shops in the area. Independent motorcycle mechanics can also provide local motorcycle oil changing services.

If you have the tools and are willing to trade your time for money, you can also do your own motorcycle oil change. After all, most service facilities and specialized businesses charge $30 to $100 for a motorbike oil change.

Thus, basic essential car or motorcycle maintenance skills are among the top frugal living tips and a great way to cut expenses and save money drastically. Moreover, that $100 can be put towards other goals like $10,000 in a year’s savings or building a cash reserve to buy income-producing assets.

Specialized motorcycle shops and dealerships, especially where you purchased it, are the best places to get a motorcycle oil change nearby. If you bought your bike from Harley Davidson, for example, hunt for a Harley dealer in your neighborhood. They are more likely to have the correct motorbike oil. If not, any motorbike shop should be able to assist you.

Motorcycle oil changes are also available at a few automobile repair shops in your neighborhood. Service availability, on the other hand, will be determined by the mechanics on duty, their experience, and their willingness to work on motorcycles.

You can look for a motorbike oil change near me to prevent guesswork. So, before you go, phone the car shop to check about their services.

Where To Get Motorcycle Oil Changes Near Me? 

If you don’t have the skills or the tools to do it yourself, the best places to get a motorcycle oil change are your local motorcycle shops and repair centers. It’s even better if you take it to the original where you bought it from a local dealer. They will have the right oil for your bike and qualified technicians to handle the process and detect potential problems.

The good news is that practically every motorcycle dealership does oil changes. However, some places that provide car oil changes may also be willing to service your motorcycle.

Here’s a list of the best places to get a motorbike oil change:

1. AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care

AAMCO Transmissions & Complete Vehicle Care is a leading auto transmission repair company. Vehicle courtesy checks, factory-recommended maintenance, tune-ups, brake repairs, filter replacements, cooling system flushing, mufflers, shocks and struts, and A/C servicing are among the services they provide. The auto repair company has 257 facilities across North America, with the majority of them doing motorcycle oil changes.

Expect to pay more to get an oil change at AAMCO, but you can reduce the cost of other repair services with an AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care .

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2. Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers is a regional vehicle maintenance company that specializes in mechanical services, tire care, and its distinctive 10-minute oil change service. They operate in 19 states across the Northeast, Midwest, and South, with a total of 302 locations. Alignment, belts and hoses, fleet cars, engine repair, coolant flush, car diagnostic, state inspections, tire rotation and balance, TPMS diagnostic, gearbox, and wiper blade replacement are among the many auto services available.

Express Oil Change offers manufacturer rebates and exclusive savings through location-specific offers. You can get an Express online by visiting your specific store’s page.

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3. Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone Complete Auto Care is an auto company that offers high-quality maintenance, battery replacement for deep cycle, drive-train repairs, and free air for tires. They have over 1,700 convenient locations across the country that back their repairs with a warranty.

They also offer limited-time online coupons to help customers save money on auto services. For example, get to save money on your next oil change.

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4. Goodyear Auto Service

A local Goodyear Auto Service location is a good place to get a motorcycle oil change. They handle everything from routine maintenance to major automotive repairs, including new tires, brake rotors or drums resurfacing, replacing brake fluid and worn pads, and rear-end or front-end wheel alignment. The company has over 2,400 Tire & Service Network locations and is backed with a limited service warranty.

You can also get a on your mobile phone or print and bring it to a nearby store.

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5. Independent Motorcycle Mechanic Near Me

Another great way to access motorcycle oil change services is to search for independent motorcycle mechanics in your area, even gas stations with mechanics. Simply search for “motorcycle mechanic near me” to find locally-owned shops that specialize in these types of services.

Costs will vary from shop to shop, but unlike big dealerships, you can expect lower prices at a local shop. Independent mechanics offer additional services like Wheels and rims are powder-coated.. Plus, many will likely vacuum your car and clean your windows.

6. Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is a chain of automotive oil change specialty shops that offer oil changes and preventive maintenance services. Once service is complete, the technician will also use an To clean your vehicle’s carpet, use an auto detailing carpet extractor. and wash your window.

They have over 2000 locations across the country with services including battery testing and replacement, brake pad and brake fluid replacement, spark plugs, engine belts, glass replacement, Replacement of the cabin air filter and the engine air filter, fluid flushing, check vehicle emissions, Tires with no cost air, vehicle suspension, and tire rotating, replacement, balancing, and repair from punctures.  

You can also get a to save money on your next oil change service.

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How Often Should You Change Motorcycle Oil?

Oil change intervals for motorcycles vary depending on the type of oil used, the amount of miles ridden, and how often you ride your bike. Motorcycle oil should be changed once or twice a year in most cases.

There are three different types of motorcycle oils, each with a different oil change interval:

  • Mineral oil is a type of mineral oil that is made from refined crude oil. It wears out quickly and needs to be replaced frequently. The mineral oil should be changed once or twice a year, or every 2,000 to 3,000 kilometers.
  • Synthetic oils, unlike mineral oils, are made from petrochemicals that have been chemically modified. As a result, they degrade more slowly than mineral oils, although they are more expensive. Once a year or every 7,000 to 10,000 miles, synthetic oil should be changed.
  • Semi-synthetic oils are made up of a combination of synthetic and mineral oils. They offer an ideal hybrid compromise by combining the lifespan of synthetic oils with the affordability of mineral oils. Once a year, or every 5,000 to 6,000 miles, semi-synthetic oil should be changed.

For individuals who can only ride their bikes for 30 minutes every one or two weeks, things are different. Oil accumulates moisture when it is kept idle, which can contribute to rapid depreciation and engine damage. If your motorcycle idles for an extended period of time, you’ll need to change the oil at regular intervals.

The suggested oil change period in this scenario is every four months. Alternatively, consider taking short drives on a daily or weekly basis to burn off any moisture that has accumulated and to prevent engine corrosion and damage.

Read your motorcycle’s user manual for the recommended oil and how often you should change it.

When is Your First Motorcycle Oil Change?

When should you change the oil in your motorcycle for the first time? Opinions differ. Some say it should be changed after the first 20 miles, while others say it should be changed after 50-200 miles. This can add up quickly, but there’s no harm in doing so after the first 20-200 miles. After the first 500 miles, it’s a good idea to change your motorcycle’s oil and filter.

How Much is an Oil Change for a Motorcycle?

The cost of an oil change for a motorcycle varies depending on where you are. Most motorcycle dealerships and locally-owned car maintenance centers charge between $30 and $50 for motorbike oil changes.

A motorbike oil change, on the other hand, can easily rise to almost $100 or even $200 at certain places. A motorcycle oil and filter change, for example, can cost up to $100 at a local Harley Davidson dealership. Power sports shops, on the other hand, may charge anywhere from $45 to $85 for service.

Is the cost of a motorbike oil change, however, justified?

It all depends on your mechanical prowess. If you have some motorcycle maintenance skills and tools, you can do your own motorcycle oil change and save money. You’ll have no choice but to pay an car specialist if you don’t have any mechanical expertise.

Additional considerations such as the sort of bike, the frequency with which you drive, and many others will all play a role in determining the amount you should pay.

How to Change Oil and a Filter in a Motorcycle Yourself?

As you can see, professional motorcycle oil changing services can be quite costly. But, budget shoppers may find it tough to pay $30-$200 for something so basic.

If you want to save money or can’t find a service shop in your area, doing it yourself is a terrific way to save money, learn new skills, get to know your bike better, and even notice possible problems before they become major issues. Of course, having the tools and some mechanical knowledge is preferable.

Even if you lack the necessary expertise and have never changed your own oil before, there are numerous resources available, including YouTube lessons and expert guidance from automobile manufacturers.

The top places to buy motorcycle oil include Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, AutoZone, and motorcycle dealerships in your area. Some Walmart’s are local 24-hour superstores for late-night purchases, like duplicate keys.

Once you’ve made your purchase, follow these steps to perform your own oil change.

Warm Up The Engine

For a few minutes, ride your bike or start the engine and let it idle for about ten minutes. After that, leave the bike for a few minutes to allow the oil to settle.

Drain The Oil

Place a drain pan beneath the drain bolt on your motorcycle. To remove the drain bolt, use a socket wrench. Unscrew it by hand after it’s loose enough to remove the plug. Oil will start to leak. Allow it to drain.

Replace The Filter

To remove the filter, use the filter removal tool or the wrench. After that, apply a little amount of clean oil on your new filter’s sealing O-ring and hand-screw it on until the O-ring touches the seal.

Replace The Drain Plug

Replace the washer after cleaning the drain plug. The drain plug should then be tightened with a torque wrench.

Top Off The Oil

Remove the top of the oil fill inlet, place a funnel inside, and slowly pour your new oil through it. Replace the top of the intake when you’re finished.

You’ve completed the task! Start the engine and let it run for five minutes at a low speed. Next check the oil level using a sight gauge or dipstick, and top it up if necessary.

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Places That Don’t Change Motorcycle Oil

Motorcycle oil changes are not commonly available at most auto repair shops. It is beneficial to be aware of them in order to avoid wasting time and petrol, including:

Where to Get Motorcycle Oil Change Summary

It is critical to service and maintain your motorcycle if you want it to last a long time. To protect the engine, you should change the oil in your motorcycle at regular intervals. Depending on the type of oil, mileage, and frequency of use, you can replace your motorbike oil once or twice a year.

The best place to get service is at your local motorcycle dealership. You could be lucky enough to find a few automobile auto shops nearby that provide motorcycle oil changing services. The majority of specialized dealerships and auto shops, on the other hand, charge greater prices. For specialized motorcycle oil and a filter change, expect to pay $100 or more.

If you need a motorbike oil change at a reasonable price, look for an privately operated motorcycle repair in your area. Locally owned auto shops will cost you between $30 and $50.

However, you are not required to pay! If you have basic technical knowledge, you may do your motorbike oil change at home and save money. Even if you’ve never changed your oil before, you can learn how to do it with the help of videos and guidelines available online.

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