41 Best Under the Table Jobs That Pay Cash – Near Me

It’s time to take on some side jobs because costs are persistently rising while salaries are stubbornly staying the same. You were wrong about the number of jobs done illegally. Just be aware of where to look.

For those who are unfamiliar, “under the table” refers to “off the record.”.

How to Find Under the Table Jobs

Searching social media and other websites on the Internet might help you find occupations that are not legally recognized. You can find certain things to buy even in the offline world.

  • Facebook This very well-liked social media behemoth is not simply for exchanging memes, images with friends, or complaining about life. Facebook Groups are another place to look for your subsequent undercover job. Most likely, each locality has its own group. Since online communities are frequently created to encourage their members, these communities frequently post offers for freelancing. All you have to do is be the first to either apply or make an offer. In other situations, you must get the best possible deal. But don’t undersell yourself.
  • Craigslist  – is a haven for ads of all kinds. So, why not post an announcement about what you can do. If you are not comfortable posting your information out there, you can browse for cash-paying jobs in your area. There are plenty of them! Proceed with caution. However, you can also be reasonably optimistic.
  • Nextdoor – is a lovely online neighborhood based on your real-life community. The members can interact like neighbors, albeit in a more convenient way – virtually. You can share events about the area, be on the lookout for each other, or even offer or apply for jobs situated in the area.
  • Friends and family Word of mouth can still be effective on occasion. You have a slight safety advantage if a friend or relative can recommend you to a potential employer. Knowing that you will be working for someone who a close friend or member of your family has personally recommended gives you more security.
  • Flyers in mailboxes The fliers in mailboxes can still be effective, even if you aren’t a teen searching for babysitting jobs. Leave your flyers all throughout the area as you walk around. It’s possible that your prospective customers are unaware of their need for your services. They might just want to call you if they notice the brochure because of your services and your close proximity, making it convenient for them to do so.
  • Care.com – When you visit this site, you will notice that it is directly addressing families who need caregivers. However, they also have a Careers link that you can click on to find jobs in caregiving. Caregiving jobs do not only include the most obvious ones, such as babysitting and senior care. is also looking for people to care for pets, run errands, and tutor children.
  • Rover.com – If you are a pet lover, you may want to extend your energies to taking care of dogs. provides doggy daycare, dog boarding, and dog walking. If you are willing to provide those services,  you can apply for a job on the website. It’s a great place that hires 18 year old’s or older nearby. 
  • Find out whether there is a temporary staffing firm in your neighborhood. Ask about the location and duration of your assignment.

Getting Paid Under the Table Jobs

Even though receiving payment from a job under the table may not seem moral, it is legal.

Cash jobs under the table are preferred by some people who either work in a cash business, avoid credit card transaction charges to reduce operating costs, and because over 6% of households in the US don’t have a primary bank account, according to .  See our related article on how to affordable money orders

Ways to Make Money Under the Table

You are aware that there are some locations, both online and offline, where you can look for a side job. Here are several methods for making money off-the-books.

1. Babysitting

There will always be a family with children to look after. One of the simplest methods for young people to get money is babysitting.

If you get along well with your neighbors and are familiar with the neighborhood, they will feel more comfortable entrusting you with their children. Your security is equally crucial.

2. Housesitter

This may also be done for your neighbors but may require more responsibilities. As the housesitter, you are expected to take care of the house from various threats, including home security from intruders. Some housesitting jobs even include letting in and overseeing repairers, feeding pets, grabbing the morning newspaper, and watering the plants and lawn.  It’s also a good idea to move the cars around the driveway, so it looks like people are home.  

3. Construction worker

There are various types of construction jobs. If you are young and strong enough, you may be assigned to building or digging. Signage posting jobs and other lighter jobs are available for different types of first-time construction workers. So, best ask first to know if it can work for you.

4. Income Tax Preparation

It’s possible that you already possess the necessary knowledge, training, and credentials. If not, you can enroll in an HR & R block class to learn how to prepare income taxes. However, this position is seasonal. From January to April, you might be able to obtain positions similar to this.

Ways to Make Money from Home

Sometimes, you don’t even have to leave your home to earn extra money. Here are some methods for earning money from home:

5. Rent Out Your Room

If you have a spare room, you can lease it to tenants for a brief period of time. You might also think about listing the extra room on Airbnb. Prepare to be hospitable and provide breakfast to win praise. Future sales will increase with higher ratings. It’s a fantastic method to literally earn money from home.

6. Make and Sell Stuff Online

Use the Etsy and CafePress websites if you’re a creative type who likes to make things like hand-sewn clothing, embroidered items, artwork, and more. Each product that is sold on CafePress results in a royalty payment to the creator. With each transaction, they receive their money within 60 days.

According to DIYjoy, here’s a list of 75 for extra money.   

Under the Table Cleaning Jobs

If you are not afraid to get your hands a little dirty now and then, you may take advantage of cleaning tasks performed beneath tables.

7. House or Office Cleaning

You must be available to clean homes or businesses on the frequent basis that your client prefers. Since buildings are typically cleaned at night or on weekends instead of during the day, it’s a practical way to make money. However, COVID has shut down the majority of its locations.

Some people still employ cleaners to keep the space tidy. You can see folks cleaning throughout the day now during the pandemic. Rental properties also require caregivers.

8. Clean Windows

Even though it might appear easy, it’s not if you’re working on a high-rise structure. Ask the organization or client how they will assure your safety if you are willing to take on a potentially dangerous assignment. But in typical homes, you’ll typically just wash the windows.

Asking neighbors to clean their windows on the inside and outside is one of the simplest ways to earn money when you’re a kid. It’s not a difficult chore, but one that most people find unpleasant to do but value once completed.

9. Carpet Cleaning

You might need to spend money on a vacuum, carpet cleaner, and the appropriate soap. Reading the instructions or watching a YouTube video on how to use a carpet cleaner make it simple to learn how to operate the carpet cleaning equipment.

Moreover, think about hiring carpet-cleaning supplies. Go to our list of nearby grocery stores with coin-operated vending machines or money order counters to find out where you may hire a carpet cleaner.

10. Home Organization

For different reasons, some people have excessively messy homes. Perhaps their young children keep them on their toes. Despite the situation, you can assist in cleaning out their homes.

You could also inquire if you can take some of their unwanted items. You may occasionally discover treasures while decluttering, which you can then sell online or at resale stores. Additionally, you must help your client with yard sales and junk removal.

More people will desire to hire you if your services are more distinctive and extensive. Be sure you don’t sell yourself too short.

11. Tour Guide and Interpreter

If you speak one or more additional languages, you could use them to find employment as an interpreter or tour guide locally. Being bilingual can result in higher pay.

You can work as an interpreter online as well. Also, many internet transcription providers employ interpreters.

Ways to Make Money in Winter

When working under-the-table jobs, you must adapt to the seasons. In the winter, you can earn money by:

12. Shoveling and snow removal

For seniors or any other adult in the area who might need your assistance, you can help remove snow during the winter. Although it is labor-intensive, once people learn that you are dependable and skilled in your area, your lines may become extremely busy each time it snows.

It’s a fantastic method for kids to make money throughout the winter. Each position has a good wage. Yet just when you start to grow used to your job, winter disappears and it’s time to start over.

Ways to Make Money in the Summer

The best course of action is to be adaptable due to the shifting seasons. You must be aware of summertime income-generating opportunities.

13. Yardwork and landscaping

The very yards for which you have been shoveling snow each winter might generate additional revenue in the summer. You can perform a variety of yard tasks, including gardening, tree transplantation, and flower planting. If you have a green thumb, it will help.

14. Mow lawns

The standard under-the-table job for teenagers has been this side business. Mowing lawns is a easy way to make money.

Repairing lawnmowers can be another job you can get. Numerous high schools offer a course on mowing the grass and repairing small motors. It’s a practical talent that can help you earn extra cash during the summer while you’re in high school, college, or beyond. In the spring, your neighbors will pay you to service and repair their lawnmowers. Enroll in classes right away.

15. Power washing

Some folks enjoy power washing their driveways. Find out if there is a demand for it in your area and whether there will be a lot of competition beforehand. Regular sales on power washers, including gas and electric models, can be found on websites like Amazon or Walmart. If you don’t want to spend that much money up front and want to save up to buy your own, you might also think about going to a home improvement store like Home Depot to rent a power washer for 24 hours at a time.

16. Car washing

This ought to be a fantastic way to make money in the area. You can wash your car in your driveway or yard. If it’s more convenient for your clientele, people can just drive by to get their cars washed on the weekends or after work.

You can charge even more for detailing a car’s interior and exterior.  A bottle of wax costs around $10, but you can charge $40 to $90 for a . 

17. Painting

Because they will dry more quickly in the summer, the majority of people feel confident painting their fences or walls at that time. For individuals who are overwhelmed by all the DIY effort, offer your skills.

Items around the house that can be painted include:

  • External siding made of plywood and wood
  • Trims Interior and exterior trim painting requires perseverance and a steady touch.
  • Window shutters Refresh or change the color
  • Unless you are extremely tall and painting a single-story house, interior doors usually require some sort of ladder.
  • Older cabinets can be painted and updated as a quick fix to make it more current.
  • When a house ages, the ceiling may develop nail pops, leaks, or moisture from the floor above.
  • If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’ve probably seen people paint furniture to make it stand out.
  • For your garage or basement floors, several home improvement companies sell a specific paint application. Everything looks and feels so much cleaner thanks to it.!

Make Money Teaching Technology

Teach technology and earn money. The jobs listed below may offer the best pay for cash under the table.

18. Online or in-person tutoring

Tutoring has always been able to get this kind of unpaid work. As a result of COVID-19 and students who are studying from distances, online tutoring is becoming more common.

You can tutor students in standard academic disciplines like English, music, and foreign languages online. The ages of your target audience can be specified, such as children, adults, college students, etc.

19. Replace phone screen

You can make money with tech skills such as fix screens on mobile devices and tablets. According to the , Americans crack over 50 million phones screen per year.  That’s more than $3.4 billion per year in new screens!  Learn on YouTube and order some replacement parts on eBay.  I’d suggest practicing with some older, cheaper phones before trying a new $1,000 iPhone.

Additionally, you can upsell them on a few extras. Encourage them to purchase a screen protector that you may install for an additional fee. That is less expensive than having the customer return for a new phone screen.

20. Technology consultant

For seniors and non-techies, you can help set up various devices, such as mobile phones and brand-new computers. You can assist with setting up their wireless Internet as well. The market for setting up and teaching technology is substantial.

21. Building website

You can use your web development and building talents if you have them. Use starter websites and layouts from websites like WordPress, Shopify, or Wix to start earning money online. These are websites that even non-programmers may utilize to build useful yet simple websites. You could make $500 per job using your technical skills.

22. Freelance writer

Do you enjoy writing? Then, do your best to profit from it. You can find satisfying side employment editing student essays, helping with citations, researching businesses, creating advertisements, etc.

If you do not currently have any clients, you can sign up with Fiverr and Upwork and gradually develop your resume with glowing recommendations. Initially, you’ll probably have to work for less money, but over time, you’ll gradually start to earn more per hour.

23. Online transcriptionist

If you don’t mind getting paid via PayPal, some online transcriptionist jobs allow you to make money online without investment.  See our related article about the top online transcription positions for novices

24. Social Media Marketer

As a social media marketer, you can assist young companies with inexperienced executives in developing email or online marketing campaigns.

Ways to Make Money with Pets

If you are a pet lover, you will enjoy these how to earn money from pets. It would be good to get under-the-table side jobs that you enjoy. 

25. Pet Sitting

If you consider yourself to be a cat or dog whisperer, you might want to look after animals in your spare time. If your client requests it, be ready to know how to feed, clean, and groom the animals for a fee.

According to , a pet sitter can potentially make anywhere from $1,000 or more depending on whether it’s a part-time or full-time job.  The nice thing about pet sitting is that it can be a part-time job to make extra money based on your schedule.

26. Dog Walking

Dogs must be exercised. You can so earn some extra cash by walking pets. Also, you receive workout by doing this.

Dog walking hourly wage will vary in different cities in the US.  has a helpful chart showing the average money you can make dog walking in each state. 

Hobbies that Make Money

Doing cash-only employment can be much easier if you have money-making hobbies. The following activities are ones you can perform with or without formal training.

27. Photography

focus on one particular style of photography service. Wedding and engagement photos typically require more artistic finesse than straightforward family portraits. What you decide depends on your photographic skills and equipment. I’d advise renting an HD camera first before choosing between Canon, Nikon, or Sony because they are expensive.

28. DJ

Do you love music? Then, you can play DJ at weddings, parties, and special occasions.   According to , the average DJ salary in the United States is $28 per hour in 2020.

If you have a lot of confidence in your musical abilities, you should consider starting a band as a creative means of earning money.

29. Performer

Utilize your performing abilities to land paying jobs. Are you a performer who needs a stage, such as an actor, singer, or musician? So don’t keep those skills hidden. It’s a fantastic method to gain money while exploring other countries or the United States.

30. Sports instructor

Although you might not be employed as a traditional coach, you might instruct athletes in sports like baseball, basketball, golf, etc. You can practice karate or boxing with someone. Despite not being an internet job for a 13-year-old, this is a excellent profession for a child who excels in sports. Parents will pay you to play with their children so they can warm up before a competition, practice, or otherwise improve.

Parents, colleges, schools, fitness facilities, sports groups, camps, and other establishments need coaches.

31. Tailor and seamstress

Making and mending clothing is a secondary business for some people. Start with simple adjustments like shortening pants or hemming skirts. You can make theater costumes or any other kind of clothing if you think you’re capable of more.

A home-based monogram business is a fantastic premium venture to launch. Consumers enjoy purchasing unbranded towels and clothing and having them monogrammed as gifts.

32. Personal trainer

People can now be trained electronically, at home, or in a gym. There are numerous methods to work as a personal trainer, including as a yoga instructor, nutritionist, gym trainer, etc. Each of your clients may pay you $20 to $100 per hour.

Part-Time Under the Table Jobs

Most undercover positions hiring now are part-time or contractual, anyway. Part-time under the table jobs, however, may suggest more hours daily than your other freelance jobs.

33. Personal Assistant

Personal assistant positions can be found virtually or in an office setting, but you must demonstrate some competency first. You must possess some communication and computer skills. Further requirements may be stated by the client. If you are the one promoting your availability, emphasize your strengths.

Active listening, interpersonal abilities, initiative, cheerfulness, and timeliness are other traits of a great personal assistant.

Jobs that Pay Cash on the Spot

However, some of the best under-the-table occupations also have hazards. You occasionally have to finish things while you wait for payment. If you are working because you require immediate financial assistance, you may require positions that pay in cash on the spot.

34. People driving service

You can provide temporary driving services in place of regularly driving someone. These services include providing transportation to friends, relatives, and locals for flights. They might not want their empty home to be discovered by neighbors. For the day, you can even chauffeur elders or children. And last, serving as a designated driver is another way to earn money with a truck or car.

35. Handyman service

By doing odd jobs like plumbing, electrical repair, basic carpentry work, and other things, you can become the neighborhood Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It. There are probably countless handyman tasks available; you can earn money in your community.

36. Repairman

It has been challenging to find qualified repairmen due to the COVID quarantines. Are you able to repair broken lamps, sump pumps, refrigerators, and other items? You could want to expand the list of persons who will help others in exchange for payment.

37. Barber and hairstylist

If you are skilled in hair style and trimming, consider helping those who are trapped by COVID. By appointment only, you can do it from home. You can charge more if you have a car and are willing to make house calls.

38. Junk and scrap hauler

Scrap metal is worth money. Therefore don’t dismiss it out of hand. On garbage day, you could need a pickup truck to transport rubbish from residences and places of business. Your haul can then be sold to a junkyard. See if you can find any trash to sell by looking around your own house and yard. It’s a fantastic way to use a truck to make money.

39. Banquet jobs

The catering does not have to be done by you. Catering businesses hire waiters, delivery drivers, and other helpers for financial wages for large gatherings or other special occasions. These may not be the best possibilities right now, but they will undoubtedly be successful as side jobs in a post-COVID era. There will be a significant backlog of banquet work after COVID is finished.

40. Moving services

People moving out of their homes or going off to college may be interested in your moving services if you have a large van or truck. Determine the compensation you will receive for driving the moving truck and carrying the entire weight. The distance ought to be taken into account. Will clients cover the cost of your gas or is it included in the total fee?

When beginning a moving company, make sure you have the necessary licenses, permits, and business insurance.

41. Day labor

You can work as a day laborer if you’re willing to do odd jobs here and there. In other words, you are able to work for a few hours or a few days. These undercover cash jobs will pay you daily.

The Pros of Working Under The Table Jobs

You can get a certain independence from working undocumented occupations that pay in cash but not from legitimate jobs. Let’s examine the benefits that can result from working for pay.

  1. Tax-free: Although this isn’t strictly morally or legally acceptable, the quantity of money you submit to the government is entirely up to you. If you work a cash-only undercover job, the money you receive is fully off the books and exempt from taxation. This implies that you are free to keep every single dollar you earn without sharing it with the government.
  2. Quick payments: The majority of shady jobs don’t truly pay you on the first or fifth of the month. These jobs are temporary and pay daily, so every day of the week, you have some extra money in your pocket.

Being kind and providing excellent service can help you make a killing every day, especially if your employment also allows you to collect tips from your clients.

  1. There are only a set number of hours that you can work each week if your job is documented. This indicates that your earning potential is limited.

Cash jobs don’t have a problem with this. You can put in a lot of hours and earn a lot of money quickly because your work is completely secret. While not recommended, this is a excellent way to earn and save some additional cash, especially for those who are students.

The Cons of Working Under The Table Jobs

While regular payouts, no restrictions, and no deductions make under-the-table work seem ideal, there are some drawbacks. These jobs have a number of drawbacks.

  1. Unpredictable salary and hours: If your employment is legally recognized, employment laws will protect you. When you are paid under the table, there are no employment laws in existence. As a result, you risk having your income reduced, having your hours altered without warning, and not receiving any paid holidays or vacation time.
  2. Reduced pay: Because your employer is aware that you are working for less than minimum wage, they may pressure you into choosing a job that pays less.

Since you are essentially working illegally and your income is undocumented, the minimum wage regulations do not apply to you. If you are working for money directly, don’t expect to be paid the minimum wage.

  1. Borrowing cash: If you receive payment in cash and spend it, your income is not formally recorded. This means that even if you have a reliable source of income from your job, it will be nearly impossible for you to find financing or a loan.

Best Under the Table Jobs Summary

Now that you’ve seen it, there are lots of opportunities for terrific under-the-table work. You simply need to be aware of where to look, who to contact, and when to use your abilities.

Certain abilities must be honed through training in order to become marketable, while others can be earned without any upfront costs. However, many times you already possess the knowledge or the enthusiasm necessary to complete the task; you just haven’t considered the possibility of earning some extra money in this way.

You can make more money on the side even if you currently have a job that pays well. Under the table occupations, often known as side gigs, are now quite common. Many have recently come to the realization that it is wise to have backup money to fall back on because the economy can be unpredictable. The best under-the-table jobs are those that you can complete with little additional funding. You want to be able to use what you already have to complete the task.

I hope our list of cash-under-the-table occupations has helped you find at least one or two opportunities.!


Under the table jobs for disabled

The best under-the-table jobs for people with disabilities are probably in our category of teaching technology. The jobs range from creating simple websites to fixing phone and tablet screens.

How to find under the table jobs on Craigslist

Go to the gigs section of the Craigslist page for your city. Among the side jobs available under gigs are those in the fields of computers, creativity, crew, domestic work, events, labor, talent, and writing.

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