30+ Planet Fitness Machines Workout Equipment List [Included with Membership]

It is possible for a thrifty consumer to lose focus on maintaining physical fitness in the daily pursuit of their financial objectives. You mustn’t!

Physical exercise is part and parcel of the financial independence journey and building a successful career. Incorporating physical exercise in your A thrifty way of life will save money. by improving your health, mental focus, and longevity. Fitness and health of physical exercise per day.

Thus, it helps to find an environment where you can relax and exercise at your own pace without anyone judging you. That’s vital after the daily hustles of earning extra money, striving for your savings goals, or even combing grocery stores to find the affordable meal options.

You receive just that from Planet Fitness. The range of Planet Fitness exercise equipment will astound you whether you are an expert or a beginner fitness enthusiast trying to get in shape on a tight budget.

About Planet Fitness

The New Hampshire-based Planet Fitness brand positions itself as a judgment-free space that seeks to offer a fitness setting where everyone feels at ease. Almost 2,030 exercise facilities are run by Planet Fitness across the country.

If you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete trying to maintain your fitness without breaking the bank, Planet Fitness is ideal. Your local gym will extend a white-glove welcome and give you the tidy, secure, and judgment-free setting you require to meet your fitness objectives.

To make an informed selection, you should take a 360-degree look at the Planet Fitness exercise equipment before joining.

What types of exercise equipment are available at Planet Fitness?

The equipment at Planet Fitness has every machine you’ll need to reach your fitness objectives. Bicep curlers, chest presses, butterfly machines, cable triceps bars, cable biceps bars, and incline presses are just a few of the arm-strengthening equipment you can find.

Treadmills, stair climbers, stationary cycles, recumbent bikes, rowing machines, ARC trainers, and other cardio machines are available at Planet Fitness.

Weights and Smith Machines are also available in the Planet Fitness gyms to aid with bone health, muscular growth, and fat loss. For reducing muscular injuries and improving stability, there are also barbells and dumbbells that can weigh up to 75 pounds each, as well as a bench press, triceps extension, and deadlifts.

Planet Fitness has equipment for strengthening your core muscles, including seated machine crunches, a torso rotation machine, an AB crunch machine, and more. You can also locate equipment to strengthen your legs and increase flexibility, such as shoulder press machines, synergy 360 machines, floor mats, and exercise balls.

From one gym to the next, different machines might not always be available. Calling or going to your neighborhood gym is the only surefire way to get an accurate list of Planet Fitness exercise equipment. Request a tour from the instructor to see every machine that is available there.

Every Planet Fitness location has free fitness instructors available to show you how to use the equipment in order to get the most out of all of these machines. All members also have free access to locker rooms, showers, changing areas, and, at some facilities, free small group classes. All of this is yours for just $10 per month! It is among the most affordable gym subscriptions.

More perks such as hydromassage beds, tanning beds & booths, group classes, massage chairs, filtered water stations, and discounts are available with the Black Card Membership for a small additional monthly fee.

Planet Fitness Memberships

You can select from two types of membership at the fitness centers, each with reasonable monthly payments, including:

  • No Commitment Membership: It costs $10 per month and offers the barest essentials. If you intend to use the same gym while receiving free fitness instruction, select the Classic Membership option.
  • Black Card Memberships: While both memberships offer great benefits, the Black Card Membership comes with additional perks for around $19.99 per month. The perks include access to any franchise , free t-shirt, unlimited fitness training, hydro massage chairs, massage chairs,1/2 off refrigerated drinks, discounts, and many other benefits.

Many Planet Fitness gyms only accept monthly payments using a checking account. It reduces fees for the owner, limits interruptions when your debit card expires and reduces theft by not monitoring credit card transactions. Bring a personal check when joining the gym so they can the route number to make monthly electronic fund transfers. 

Planet Fitness Machines Equipment List Infographic

Please download and share this infographic about Planet Fitness exercise machines.

What Machines Are at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has the most common equipment needed to give you a complete workout. The machines can vary slightly, but we’ve included a list of equipment you will most likely find at your nearby Planet Fitness. With over 2,000 affordable gyms throughout the US, go to the website and request a at your local Planet Fitness.

Arms Workout Machines

  1. The butterfly machine works your biceps, deltoids, and upper, middle, inner, and lower chest regions.
  2. Your upper arms’ front muscles grow as a result of bicep curling.
  3. The rear of the upper arm is worked with the cable triceps bar.
  4. The upper arm bicep muscles are isolated using a cable biceps bar.
  5. The incline press uses a 15–30 degree gradient to build the upper part of your pectoral muscles.
  6. The chest press strengthens and develops the muscle tissue in your triceps, deltoids, and pectorals.
  7. Strengthens and develops a muscular back with a lat pull-down machine.

Cardio Workout Machines

  • You can maintain your lower body’s fitness while working out your arms and upper thigh muscles with the ARC Trainer.
  • Elliptical machine The aerobic exercise will fortify your heart, lungs, and muscles to increase stamina and endurance.
  • The cardiovascular system, which includes your blood vessels, heart, and blood that carries oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, is strengthened by a rowing machine.
  • Recumbent bike – You can sit comfortably on the top reclining exercise bikes and put less strain on your back while exercising your calves, thighs, and glute muscles.
  • stationary bike It will make your legs and lower body stronger. Your hamstrings, calves, quads, glutes, and back will all benefit from using a stationary bike.
  • Stairmaster It enables you to ascend at the speed and duration that you select. For a better workout, use the stair stepper to tone your lower body muscles like your hamstrings and quadriceps.
  • Treadmill A treadmill can lower your risk of developing chronic illnesses like heart disease, improve your mood and cognitive function, and help you sleep better.

Core Workout Machines

  1. The AB crunch machine is made to help you target your abs and get a six-pack.
  2. It targeted your front abs and hip flexors while enhancing your grip strength, shoulder stability, and mobility.
  3. The downward angle of the decline bench stimulates your lower pectoral muscles.
  4. A mountain climber uses a variety of muscles, including those in their back, shoulders, arms, legs, and core, which helps elevate heart rate and boost calorie expenditure.
  5. Contrary to crunches, the torso rotation machine at Planet Fitness improves your general fitness and range of motion while strengthening your obliques with a balanced core workout.
  6. Sitting machine crunches The back machine is a challenging muscle-isolation exercise that tones your lower back and obliques.

Leg Workout Machines

  • Angled leg curl The main benefits of using a hamstring curl machine are increased hamstring strength and flexibility.
  • The seated leg press machine stimulates your calves, glutes, hamstrings, hips, and quads while you maintain a still posture throughout.
  • Knee extension machine The quadriceps in your legs are strengthened by this machine.
  • Sled exerciser The prowler press machine stimulates every muscle in your body, including your triceps, shoulders, hip flexors, hamstrings, and quadriceps. It also targets your calves, core, and chest.

Shoulders Workout Machines

  • The shoulder press works your deltoids, pecs, traps, and triceps in addition to strengthening the front of your shoulder.

Stretching Workout Machines

  • Synergy 360 is a system that integrates dynamic training into a total-body workout.
  • The main goal of floor mats is to lessen physical strain caused by prolonged standing on hard surfaces.
  • Exercise balls Stability balls help to build abdominal and lower back muscles.

Weight Equipment Workout

  • Weightlifting The advantages of free weights include bone strengthening, fat burning, muscle building, and improved heart health. There are barbells and dumbbells up to 75 pounds each at each location.
  • When performing exercises like deadlifts, bench presses, bicep curls, squats, shrugs, and tricep extensions, the Smith machine is intended to engage muscle groups more steadily and prevent injuries.

30-Minute Express Circuit Workout

The 30-Minute Express Circuit Workout works the entire body over 30 minutes using ten strength machines and cardio step stations.

How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost at Planet Fitness?

With Planet Fitness, a personal trainer is included in the cost of membership. All of the cardio and strength machines will be demonstrated by the trainer. They can also create a personalized exercise plan for you based on your needs or run small training groups.

Is the Planet Fitness Black Card Worth It?

Planet Fitness offers much more than unlimited access to your home club, free Wi-Fi,  and free fitness training with a Classic membership. The Planet Fitness Black Card perks are worth it if you plan on using the additional service.

This is a summary of the extra Black Card benefits, what each one entails, and our opinions of each:

  • If you travel frequently enough for job or pleasure, join any Planet Fitness worldwide. With a Black Card, you can visit any Planet Fitness at more than 2,000 locations throughout all 50 states.
  • Invite a Guest Anytime If you desire a regular workout partner, such as a roommate, friend, or family member who isn’t a Planet Fitness member, this is worthwhile. The guest policies, however, state that they must always remain by your side. Additionally, they are prohibited from using the more expensive amenities like the tanning beds and hydromassage chairs.
  • Free Tanning Register at the front desk, then activate the tanning bed with your Black Card. The card records your usage to abide by regional and municipal rules that limit your exposure.
  • Free Hydromassage – It’s a water massage bed that’s touch screen activated and takes about 10 minutes. It’s designed to relieve aches and pains, help you relax, reduce stress and sore muscles, and improve sleep. See this on how the Planet Fitness hydromassage works.
  • Massage Chairs – The unlimited massage chair benefits include enhancing your post-workout muscle recovery, improving circulation, decreasing stiffness, relieving sore muscle pain, stimulating better sleep, and reducing stress. The extra $13 for the Black Card makes it a very cheap massage deal!
  • Free Haircuts – You can get free haircuts at select locations with the Planet Fitness Black Card
  • 20% off Reebok.com – It’s nice, but you can probably locate coupon websites online with similar offerings based on current promotions.
  • 50% off Drinks – 50% off most things is a great saving, but the easiest way to quickly save money is to on a budget, purchase food and bring your own drinks.

You will benefit and the additional membership fee is worthwhile if you intend to use the first six Planet Fitness Black Card perks.

Does Planet Fitness Have Swimming Pools?

No, none of Planet Fitness’ more than 2,000 locations have swimming pools. Planet Fitness does not have an expensive pool inside, keeping it among the most affordable gym memberships. If they added expensive pools to build and maintain, it wouldn’t be an cheap $10 gym membership any longer. It is also challenging to install an inground pool at Planet Fitness because the majority of their fitness centers are housed inside of shopping malls.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

There isn’t a basketball court at Planet Fitness. Instead, Planet Fitness maximizes the square footage of each facility with exercise equipment and facilities that have a modest footprint, maintaining an cheap membership.

The same space needed for one basketball can house multiple tanning booths, hydromassage beds, and massage chairs in a fitness center. Because of this, it is significantly more cost-effective for Planet Fitness and its customers not to have a basketball court at its clubs.

Planet Fitness Workout Equipment List Summary

You need to take some time to unwind and recharge after a long day at work. Physical activity is a fantastic approach to regain both mental and physical power. Integrating fitness into your profession or thrifty lifestyle can provide you with a wealth of benefits, from improved health to increased mental focus. After all, if you want to stay around to reach your financial and professional objectives, you need to lead a healthy life.

Your fitness objectives can be started or continued at Planet Fitness. Machines for the core, arms, shoulders, legs, cardio, and weights to help you strengthen your bones and grow muscles are all included in the list of Planet Fitness equipment. You can use all of the equipment at Planet Fitness and receive free personal training for a monthly fee of just $10.

Even if there aren’t any swimming pools or basketball courts at Planet Fitness, the Black Card Membership will give you access to more benefits for less than $20 a month.

Ready to get started? Find a a nearby 24-hour convenience store and explore their equipment list. Choose a membership to start training at your own pace without being judged.

If the Planet Fitness Equipment doesn’t fit well with your fitness goal, See our list of inexpensive gym subscriptions with free trials. to find a place that suits your exercise goals.

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