26+ Notaries Open on Sunday Near Me – Online or Saturday’s Too!

There are numerous situations where you need to have particular documents notarized. Simply speaking, notarization is having an outsider attest to your signature on a document.

A notary is an impartial government-appointed third party whose main duty is to confirm that you freely signed a particular document. Also, notaries swear an obligation to only notarize a document after seeing it be signed in person. As a result, the documents frequently have a lot of legal significance.

You can have any document notarized. However, some commonly notarized papers include powers of attorney, deeds of trust, sworn statements, copy certifications, beneficiary designations for retirement accounts, rental agreements, estate planning, promissory notes, and buying a car.

The majority of notaries are open on weekdays. Nonetheless, several also provide services on Saturdays and Sundays.

However, where can you locate a notary public who is accessible on weekends or online?

Short answer: Public libraries, check-cashing businesses, police stations, UPS locations, hospitals, real estate firms, bail bondsmen’s offices, hotels, and more are among the best venues to obtain notarial services over the weekend.

By hiring a mobile notary public, you can also receive notarial services on Sunday from the convenience of your home. It’s important to note, though, that mobile notaries frequently charge more for their services. You are paying for the convenience of at-home services, after all, and they have transportation expenses.

Notary Places Open Sunday Near Me

If the necessity ever arises, we’ve put together a list of locations where you can acquire notarization services on Sundays and Saturdays, as well as online.

1. Public Library

There are over . Most libraries are open 7-days a week, with limited hours on Sunday. 

Several libraries have a notary on staff who serves members without charge. The standard fee for non-members is $2 to $5 per signature.

Find a open Sunday with free notary public for members.

2. Currency Exchange

Currency exchanges have long hours and provide a wide range of financial services. There are countless companies that exchange currencies and provide services, including:

The majority of the companies are privately held, so I used Google to find a currency exchange nearby. Add “open now,” “open Sunday,” or “notary public Sunday” as well.

Before arriving, make a call to make sure a notary is present.

3. The UPS Store 

There are more than 4,800 The UPS Store locations in the US, some of which are open on Sunday. The majority of stores provide notary services, computer access, document scanning, office supplies, passport and ID picture services, and faxing.

Once your documents have been notarized, they enable you to easily copy, fax, or store them.

Schedule an appointment online for a to notarize your documents now. 

4. Real Estate Agencies

Surprisingly, local real estate offices notarize paperwork. Given the volume of titles and deeds processed for real estate transactions, the majority of agencies employ many realtors who are also notaries.

According to the , more than 1.3 million realtors in the US and over 1,100 offices.

It’s doubtful that your neighborhood real estate agent will demand payment for a few signatures. Even better, most workplaces support neighborhood gatherings to raise awareness, such as by supporting baseball teams or holding paper shredding days.

Find a notary on Sundays by calling the real estate agency or agent in your neighborhood.

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5. Accountant or Tax Preparer

The majority of accounting firms staff on Sundays, particularly during tax season. Yet in reality, if your accountant handles both personal and business taxes, tax season lasts all year long.

Most CPAs have a notary on staff or are notaries themselves for client and business paperwork.

Besides from tax preparation, accounting firms also:

  • Bookkeeping 
  • Auditing
  • Estate sale and planning
  • Business formation services
  • Payroll administrators
  • Litigation services
  • Long-term financial strategists and counsel
  • Tax filing

You can locate notaries open on Sundays by contacting your accountant or tax preparer.

6. Police Station

The majority of police stations provide notary services to the localities under their purview. Nonetheless, the size of the station has a significant impact on the service’s accessibility. Additionally, it is probably affordable to use the notarization services at your local police station.

Fortunately, the police frequently put notarization information on their website.

7. Organizations

Do you participate in local organizations as a member or volunteer? If so, consider finding out if any of the members are licensed notaries. You might not be aware of it, but the organization you are a part of may provide notarization services as a value-added service, such as:

8. Ask a Friend

A notary public is frequently a friend, neighbor, or member of the family who handles paperwork, works in a law office, or provides financial services. Thus, reach out to anyone you know who works in one of the aforementioned industries to see if they can offer any assistance.

9. Hospitals

and nursing homes are open round-the-clock. Consider contacting a nearby notary public on Sunday or Saturday if you require a 24-hour notarization service. The front desk or corporate office can certify that the services are offered.

But, since hospitals don’t have notary officers on staff, you’ll receive mobile notarization services. When necessary, they frequently contract out the services, such as when patients ask the hospital to notarize their paperwork while they are there.

10. American Society of Notaries

The American Society of Notaries, one of the first organizations to provide unmatched notary education programs, was established in 1965. Members can also purchase discounted notary supplies, take online classes, get professional assistance, and get updated on legal issues.

In other words, the Society offers fairly reasonable charges for notarizing your documents. Just type where can I locate a notary public near me to find them if you don’t know where their offices are. then press Enter on their website.

You can also use their to find services on Sundays.

11. Bail Bond Office

A bail bond agency can be your last resort if you’ve worked late into the night and didn’t have time to get your papers notarized because they’re open day and night. Keep in mind that notarization services are paid for by bail bond companies.

Nonetheless, they are available for wee hours services and are available in most areas. In fact, there are approximately 14,000 bail agents in the US, according to the trade group . So, as you can see, the perks outweigh the cost factors.

12. Google Local Search for Notary

If none of these other options work, try searching notary public YOUR ZIP CODE. Google will provide you with a list of locations as well as further information like contact information, driving instructions, operating hours, and more.

Once you’ve located a location, give them a call to learn more about their offerings. Weekend notary services may also be most affordably obtained in local locations.

Mobile Notary Public Open Sunday Near Me

If you reside in a rural region, think about contacting a mobile notary public for home services. On weekdays as well as on Sundays and Saturdays, it is the simplest way to access the services.

If a traveling notary is currently available, you might choose to start there or make an appointment to have your documents notarized.

Mobile Notary Fees

When compared to other service providers, hiring a mobile public notary is frequently more expensive. In addition to paying for their internal services, they will charge you for travel expenses. The cost of travel will typically be determined on a per-mile basis.

Nevertheless, there are no set rates for mobile notarization services, and the total cost varies considerably between states.

Due to travel time, online notarial services are typically less expensive than mobile. Here’s how electronic notarization operates:

13. DocPros Nationwide Notaries

Since 2013, DocPros has offered coast to coast notary public services. The database has more than 30,000 power of attorney notaries, lawyers, and signing agents who can be arranged to visit your home at convenient hours.

DocPros does background checks and keeps performance history and detailed records of the agents in its database. As a result, it has an A rating from the . 

Saturday and Sunday notary hours are provided by the agent.

14. National Signing Services Notary

Since 2008, NSS Notary has offered mobile notary services to third parties. In the US, Canada, and other countries, they have handled hundreds of thousands of mobile notary services and signings.

Documents are easily notarized every day of the year.

What is the procedure for a NSS mobile notary public?

  • Along with a signing agent, schedule a notary.
  • Submit the paperwork to the signatory
  • Examine any alterations and affirmations
  • Finish the signature, then check that it was placed in the appropriate spots.
  • Pay the invoice

Visit to schedule a Sunday notary. 

15. Notaries 247

A national notary signature service with a focus on real estate is offered by Notaries 247.

The notarizations listed below are done by Notaries 247:

  • Auto 
  • Affidavits
  • Land contracts
  • Loans
  • Mortgage
  • VA loan documents
  • Loans
  • Mortgage 

Uploading files is simple on the website, and mobile access makes it simple to update and print documents.

Contact to schedule a last-minute notary on a Sunday.

16. Notaries To You

For more than 25 years, Notaries To You has offered full-service notarial services. More than 10,000 competent individuals are included in its national agent database. Working with Notaries To You has many advantages, such as having agents who can go to your desired area and speak other languages.

They offer notary services round-the-clock, every day of the week and every year. It also provides late-night notary signings for a fee.

Contact to schedule nearby notaries for Saturdays and Sundays.

17. Notarize

Since 2015, the Notarize business has offered remote online notarization, eClosing, and e-signature services. They are experts in notarizing escrow, title, and mortgage documents.

The Process of Notarization?

  • Signup via the Notarize app or online.
  • Publish your court document
  • Use knowledge-based authentication to confirm your identity.
  • You are using video to connect to a notary public who is authorized to witness your electronic signature.
  • Once finished, you’ll get instructions on how to access your papers.

How Much Does a Notary Public Fee Charge for a Document?

Each additional notary seal costs $10, and the first document is $25.

Schedule 24-hour online notary services at nationwide. 

18. Notary ASAP 

Since 1999, Notary ASAP has served over 1800 clients, conducted over 600,000 signings, and finalized over $5 billion worth of loan paperwork. More than 40,000 signing agents are accessible nationwide according to their database. Several of its representatives are ready to assist with hurried requests.

Working with Notary ASAP offers advantages like close same-day pickup and delivery services, countrywide mobile notary services, a full-time Spanish-speaking employee for overnight and digital papers, and $1 million in errors and omissions insurance.

Find a that does private notary on weekends, including Sunday by appointment.

19. Prestige Notaries

Flexible scheduling possibilities are available through Prestige Notaries’ team of experienced notary publics. It also possesses professional Errors & Omissions and Cyber Extortion Insurance worth $2 million.

The following notarized documents are their areas of expertise:

  • Auto sales
  • Cash deals
  • Business contracts
  • Estate planning
  • Financial documents
  • Loans
  • Power of attorney
  • Medical records
  • Mortgage documents

Find a agent to notarize documents on Sunday. 

20. Sunshine Signing Connection

Seven days a week, Sunshine Signing Connection provides a mobile notary service. More than 36,000 agents and lawyers work for it nationwide.

Sunshine has a nearby 24/7 notary public, background checks on its agents, and web-based tools to upload and track your documents.

Among the documents they frequently notarize are loans, deeds, mortgages, real estate contracts, powers of attorney, and agreements involving structures.

Visit to hire a notary near me for Saturday and Sunday hours.

Check Cashing Stores Open Sunday for Notaries Near Me

Most check-cashing businesses are open every day of the week and are convenient places to find a nearby notary public on Sunday. But, they do have one drawback—they are frequently pricey. Yet, if you’re pressed for time and require prompt service, they can be your go-to.

21. Amscot 

Amscot has about 240 locations open 365 days a year in Florida. It has about 20 24-hour check-cashing facilities. Each store has a certified notary public on-site on weekdays and weekends.

In addition, they make photocopies, offer cash advances, wire money via Western Union, and sell money orders 24-hours a day.

What Does a Notary Public in Amscot Charge?

At Amscot, a notary costs $10 each stamp.

Find a notarizing documents now. 

22. PLS Check Cashing 

PLS 24/7 Financial Services has over 300 locations in 12 states offering money transfers, sells affordable money order, check cashing personal checks and stimulus checks, photocopies, fax services, coin counting and exchange, tax refund direct deposit, auto title transfer, bill pay, and direct deposit

Of all the services offered, they will not cash a third-party check

The cost of a PLS notary varies by state and location. For information on notary fees, contact a check-cashing business in your area.

Find a that offers notaries on Sundays.

23. USA Checks Cashed

USA Checks Cashed has around 30 locations in Southern California. Most locations offer the following financial services, including MoneyGram money transfer, sell money orders, check cashing, foreign currency exchange, buy postage stamps, sell gift cards, pre-paid debit cards, ATMs, and lottery tickets. 

The fee of a notary public’s services is $15 per signature and stamp at some USA Checks Cashed locations. Only a few stores are open on Sunday, and all stores are open on Saturday.

Find a store that’s open on Sunday and does notaries now.

Hotel Notaries Open Sunday Near Me

You might be shocked to learn that on weekends, notarization services are available in hotels for extremely reasonable or even no cost.

If you’re a rewards member, you might wish to check with the hotel. For instance, Hilton Diamond members are probably eligible for complimentary amenities from Hilton hotels.

24. Disney Resort Notary Services

Disney Resorts Hotels offer notary public services for a fee in select business centers along with free newspapers. Each Disney World Business Center charges $10 per seal; they require a valid government-issued I.D.  

There are business centers at the following Disney hotels:

  • Walt Disney World Resort Convention Center
  • Convention Center at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Disneyland Resort’s Coronado Springs Convention Center
  • Boardwalk Resort Conference Center at Disney
  • Conference Center at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Learn more about notary services on Sundays in the business centers.

25. Hilton Hotels

In several cities, Hilton hotels provide complimentary notary services to visitors.

In addition to Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Conrad, Canopy, Curio, LXR, Tapestry, DoubleTree, Hampton Inn, Tru, Homewood Suites, Hilton Garden, Home2 Suites, Motto, Signia, and Tapestry, Tempo, Waldorf Astoria are just a few of the 18 hotel brands that make up Hilton’s extensive portfolio.

Before going, look up local Hiltons online and make a call. Then, request information from the front desk, concierge, or business office.

Find your that notarizes documents on Sunday. 

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26. Marriott Hotels

In some regions, Marriott hotels provide complimentary notary services on Sunday.

Autograph Collection, AC, Aloft, Delta, Courtyard, Four Points, Fairfield Inn, JW Marriott, Gaylord, Le MERIDIEN, Marriott Executive Apartments, Moxy, element, Protea, Renaissance, Ritz-Carlton, SpringHill Suites, Sheraton, St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, W Hotels, and Westin are just a few of the many hotel brands it carries.

I advise you to Google your neighborhood Marriott hotel before going there. Then, inquire further about services and availability at the front desk, business office, or concierge.

Find your branded hotel that offers notaries 7-day a week.

27. Omni Hotels & Resorts

Omni Hotels & Resorts runs 60 properties in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Many of its locations offer free notary public for guests in its full-service business center. In addition, some Omni business center Hotels are open around-the-clock..  

Find your that offer free notaries on Sunday.  

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What Banks Do Notary Near Me on Sunday?

The majority of banks are open on weekdays and Saturdays, but they are closed on Sunday for notary services. Additionally keep in mind that not all banks employ notaries.

A list of banks that provide free notary services to clients is provided below:

  • Alliant Credit Union
  • Bank of America
  • BECU
  • Chase
  • Citibank
  • Citizens Bank
  • Fifth Third
  • Huntington Bank
  • TD Bank
  • KeyBank
  • Credit union Navy Federal
  • PNC
  • Santander Bank
  • Regions Bank
  • TCF Bank
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Woodforest National Bank

Notaries Open on Sunday Near Me Summary

It’s never been simpler to find a notary public open on Sunday near me. You can easily discover a place open on Sundays thanks to the internet, or you can even hire a mobile service to come to you. Remember that while some notaries are free, others charge a small fee, such as police departments, tax preparers, and hotels.

Consider a check-cashing store that’s open on Sunday, but they charge higher fees and would avoid them to save money. Similarly, mobile notarizers are super convenient, but they can be among the most expensive options.

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