19 Places To Refill or Buy CO2 Tanks Near Me and Online

What is the best place to get CO2? It’s a common question among frugal shoppers who need to keep their freshwater aquariums stocked with live plants or run their SodaStream machines or hydroponics systems.

If you enjoy home brewing, you’ll need to know where to get a kegerator CO2 tank or where to acquire a kegerator CO2 refill. Paintball gun cartridges, CO2 welding tanks, and tire inflation all benefit from carbon dioxide.

As you can see! It can be used in a variety of ways around the house. Many people want to know where they can get CO2 tanks and have them refilled when they run out.

You’ll need to locate a reputable source for CO2 services. This raises the following question:

Where can I get CO2 tanks and refills near me?

Short Answer: Ace Hardware, Airgas, Dicks Sporting Goods, Blains Farm & Fleet, REI, and Walmart, both online and in-store, are terrific places to buy and refill CO2 tanks near you. If you need to purchase empty gas cylinders, you can do it from the convenience of your own home. Amazon, Gas Cylinder Source, Rapids, Wholesale Equipment, and Keg Outlet are among the best locations to buy CO2 tanks online.

Welding gas supply businesses, dry ice suppliers, brewing supply stores, home improvement stores, fire protection equipment suppliers, pet stores, and sports goods stores in your area are all suitable places to buy CO2 tanks and get refilling services.

Some stores sell pre-sized paintball and SodaStream cartridges, while others sell canisters of various sizes.

How to Choose the Best Place to Buy CO2 Tanks and Cylinders?

It all comes down to your requirements and tank capacity. If you’re looking for a store where you can buy, fill, or refill CO2 tanks, Airgas is the place to go. If you’re wanting to buy or refill smaller CO2 tanks and cartridges, Dicks Sporting Goods is the place to go.

Consider purchasing huge CO2 tanks from Amazon if you don’t want to refill them. Pre-filled cartridges are only available for smaller cartridges purchased online. The shipping of pre-filled large gas cylinders is prohibited by law for safety reasons.

We go through each of these locations in detail below so you can make an educated decision about where to buy and refill CO2 tanks in your area. Continue reading to find out more.

Stores That Sell and Refill CO2 Tanks Near Me

The simplest approach to get your CO2 tank and cartridges refilled is to look for CO2 service providers in your area, such as:

1. Ace Hardware

For nearly 90 years, Ace Hardware has been a leader in the home improvement industry. It is the world’s largest hardware retail cooperative and the United States’ second-largest dealer-owned cooperative. Ace Hardware has nearly 5,200 locations in all 50 states. Furthermore, they are likely to provide paintball CO2 tank refills near me.

As a result, Ace Hardware is an excellent place to purchase CO2 for your gas-powered firearm. In addition, 12-gram paintball cartridge refills are available in-store. Depending on the size of the cartridge, a tank refill might cost anywhere from $5 to $22. You can purchase in-store or via the Ace Hardware website.

Cylinder Sizes: 12-gram pre-filled cartridge for a gas-powered gun
Ways to Buy: In-store and online
Tank Refill Cost: $5-$22, depending on size
In-Store CO2 refills: Yes

Find a to buy pre-filled paintball cylinders.

2. Airgas

Airgas, a leading supplier of industrial, medicinal, and specialized gases, including carbon dioxide, is a leader in the industry. In the United States, they have almost 900 sites, the majority of which are in California, Texas, and Florida.

Not only do their businesses sell tanks, but they also provide CO2 cylinder refills. Small and big CO2 tanks, ranging from 10 pounds to 60 pounds or more, can be purchased and refilled at the store.

Prices for empty CO2 tanks range from $100 to $500, however refills for large CO2 tanks start at roughly $12-$50 and more. To make a purchase, go to a nearest Airgas location or go to the Airgas website.

Cylinder Sizes: 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, 35lb, 40lb,  55lb, 60lb unfilled. You can refill the CO2 tank inside the store. 
Ways to Buy: In-store and online
Tank Refill Cost: Tank refills cost about $15 for a small 5lb tank exchange. But larger tanks cost between $12-$50+ for larger refills
In-Store CO2 refills: Yes

Call a for a 20lb CO2 tank refill cost. 

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is the largest sporting goods retailer in the US. They have over 854 stores across the country that carry sporting goods, including paintball accessories to fitness workout equipment like the the most effective recumbent workout bikes.

If you need CO2 cartridges refilled, a Dicks Sporting Goods location is just down the street. These businesses primarily sell and provide refills for 12-oz and 20-oz CO2 tanks and cartridges for $4 and $5, respectively. However, if you buy an empty tank online or in person, it will be filled for free the first time. Dicks, on the other hand, does not replenish higher tank sizes.

To save money, sign up for their Shoot for Five program, which includes a free fifth tank refill.

Dicks Sporting Goods stores are reducing firearms and ammo sales, according to Frugal Realities. As a result, CO2 tanks and cartridge refill services may be unavailable at some of its sites. Contact your location to confirm the goods and services available to minimize guesswork.

Tank Sizes: Sell 20-ounce paintball tanks but refill up to 24 ounces.
Ways to Buy: In-store and online
Tank Cost: It costs around $30 to refill a 20-ounce tank, but you’ll get a free fill if you purchased it in-store or online. You’ll get a better deal at Dick’s Sporting Goods by signing up for the “Aim for Five” program and get every fifth tank refill for free. 
In-Store CO2 refills: Yes

Visit a to refill a 20-ounce CO2 paintball cartridge. 

4. Farm & Fleet

Blains Farm & Fleet, based in Wisconsin, is a regional business with around 44 locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa. Tires, agricultural supplies, sporting goods, tools, automotive goods, pumps, generators, and other items are available for purchase.

Blains Farm & Fleet stores in any of these states are fantastic places to replace 2-18 liter diving tanks. They refill 12-gram to 88-gram cylinders and 20-cubic-foot to 125-cubic-foot cylinders. Depending on the cylinder size, prices in-store and online range from $5 to $390.

Cylinder Sizes: 12-grams, 88 grams, 20 cu ft, 40 cu ft, 80 cu ft, 125 cu ft
Ways to Buy: In-store and online, depending on the item
Tank Refill Cost: $5-$390, depending on size
In-Store CO2 refills: No

Find a for a CO2 tank for diving.

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5. REI

REI, or Recreational Equipment, is a company that provides outdoor leisure services and sporting equipment. It operates 165 retail locations in 39 states, selling athletic items, travel gear, and clothing.

REI is also a good spot to acquire a smaller CO2 cylinder refill if you’re in the neighborhood. They provide pre-filled cartridges ranging from 16 grams to 38 grams, with prices varying from $4 to $19 depending on tank size and brand.

Tank Sizes: 16-grams, 20-grams, 24-grams, 38-grams pre-filled cartridges
Ways to Buy: In-store and online
Cartridge Cost: $4-$19, depending on size
In-Store CO2 refills: No

Visit a to buy a CO2 bike inflator cartridge. 

6. Walmart

In the United States, Walmart is the largest brick-and-mortar shop. Over 5,000 Walmart stores can be found in all 50 states. Its stores are thought to be one-stop shops where you can acquire practically anything.

People visit Walmart stores to purchase some of the On a budget, the cheapest foods, buy stamps, access cheap wheel alignment services, or cash checks at odd hours.

Walmart is a terrific site to find CO2 refill services near you, whether you want to swap empty old SodaStream cylinders or paintball cartridges for refills. Tank sizes range from 8 grams to 90 grams. Paintball cartridges and 60-liter SodaStream cylinders can also be swapped out for 20-ounce tanks. Depending on the size, the price ranges from $13 to $30.

Walmart, on the other hand, does not fill CO2 tanks in-store due to a lack of equipment. Bring your old cartridge instead and exchange it for a new one. Instead of paying for the cylinder, you’ll only have to pay for the CO2 in the cartridge.

Tank Sizes: Sells 8-gram, 12-gram, 90-gram, 60-liter SodaStream cylinder, and 20-ounce tank for paintball guns.
Ways to Buy: In-store and online
Cartridge Cost: It costs between $13-$30, depending on the size
In-Store CO2 refills: No

Visit a to buy a SodaStream exchange cylinder. 

Online Stores That Sell Prefilled CO2 Tanks & Cylinders

In the digital age, everything have become more accessible. You can, for example, have everything delivered to your door without having to leave your house.

Is it possible to extend this level of simplicity to CO2 tank refills? Yes, absolutely!

There are online stores that sell pre-filled CO2 tanks & cylinders. So if you don’t feel like driving to the nearby 24-hour store, you don’t have to. Instead, use your smartphone and make the purchase online.

There is, however, a cost. This convenience comes at the cost of a longer delivery time and higher delivery rates. Because gas items may only be shipped by ground, and most stores only ship to the 48 contiguous states, this is the case.

Here’s a rundown of the best online retailers for pre-filled CO2 tanks and cylinders:

7. Amazon

Amazon is at the center of the eCommerce debate. The internet business is well-known for being a one-stop shop for practically anything. Amazon Prime is used by millions of Americans who benefit from its faster delivery times.

On Amazon, you’ll find unfilled CO2 tanks ranging in size from 20 ounces to 50 pounds. Also available are Paintball CO2 cartridges and SodaStream 60 liter tanks. Depending on the size and brand, prices range from $7 to $270.

Tank Sizes: 12-gram cartridges in bulk, 16-gram, 25-gram bike pump CO2 inflator, 60-liter exchange carbonator
Ways to Buy: Online
Cartridge Cost: It costs between $7-$65, depending on the size
In-Store CO2 refills: No

Visit to get CO2 cartridges for paintball or bicycle tire inflation. 

8. Keg Outlet

Keg Outlet is an online company that specializes in kegging materials, equipment, and accessories for home brewers. CO2 tanks and gas cylinders are also carried. As a result, Keg Outlet is an excellent site to get a CO2 tank for a kegerator for your homebrew needs.

CO2 tanks are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20-ounce paintball cylinders and 1.5-pound metal tanks to large 20-pound aluminum gas cylinders. As a result, you’re likely to find a little or large CO2 tank that meets your requirements. The majority of their CO2 tanks are aluminum, but they also sell steel CO2 gas cylinders in sizes of 20 oz and 4 lb.

Empty tanks range in price from $55 to $400 depending on size, but small pre-filled cartridges are only $10 to $13 each.

Cartridge and Tank Sizes: 8-gram, 16-gram, 1.5-pound, 2.5-pound, 5-pound, 10-pound, 20-pound, 35-pound, 50-pound
Ways to Buy: Online
Tank Cost: It costs between $10-$450, depending on the size

Visit to buy a CO2 tank for home brewing. 

9. Gas Cylinder Source

Gas Cylinder Source is an excellent source for gas cylinders, valves, fire suppression equipment, cylinder components and accessories, and other speciality kits and equipment such as helium balloon kits, industrial sprayers, and SodaStream bottles.

From 2.5 pounds to 50 pounds, they sell both aluminum and steel CO2 cylinders and cartridges. Tanks range in price from $50 to $385, depending on the size.

Cartridge and Tank Sizes: 2.5-pound, 4-pound, 5-pound, 10-pound, 20-pound, 35-pound, 50-pound
Ways to Buy: Online
Tank Cost: It costs between $50-$385, depending on the size

Visit to buy CO2 tanks for planted tanks. 

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10. Rapids Wholesale Equipment

Rapids Wholesale Equipment has a wide range of products available for purchase online, including beer supplies, commercial refrigeration equipment, and kitchen equipment.

Cartridge and Tank Sizes: 2.5-pound, 5-pound, 10-pound, 20-pound
Ways to Buy: Online
Tank Cost: It costs between $70-$140, depending on the size

Visit to buy a CO2 tank for a kegerator.

Other Places To Buy CO2 Tanks and Refilling Near Me

If none of the above locations suit your needs, you can explore other options. A Google search for locations to buy CO2 tanks and refilling near me, for example, will provide a list of local independent businesses. Once you’ve found a suitable site, click the link to learn more about it, including contact information, directions, and shop locations.

These are a few of the best locations to buy CO2 tanks in my area:

11. Welding Gas Supply Store

Welding gas supply stores are great places to get a CO2 refill near me. For example, , , , offer CO2 tank exchange.

12. Dry Ice Supplier

Get your kegerator CO2 tank refill at a nearby dry ice supplier. Also, buying dry ice sales have skyrocketed during COVID to keep vaccines cold; you’re likely to find a local distributor. For example, is a top place to get CO2 tanks refilling near me.

13. Brewing Supply Store

Homebrewing has become . As a result, there are brewing supply stores in most metro areas. Use the to find a nearby homebrew shop. For example, and offer CO2 tank exchange.

14. Home Improvement Store

Local Home improvement stores offer great alternatives where to buy CO2 tanks or get CO2 bottle refills. According to , there are around 4,300 home improvement stores in the US. For example, , sells CO2 tanks and refill cartridges for carbonated soda. 

15. Fire Protection Equipment Supplier 

Visit the to find fire protection industry suppliers near you. The directory also includes fire protection installers, service companies, and manufacturers. For example, will refill CO2 tanks.

16. Electronics Stores

Some electronic stores double as places to buy SodaStream bottles, refill CO2 tanks, and access other CO2 services. According to , there are over 32,000 consumer electronics stores in the US. For example, sells SodaStream 60L exchange carbonators.

When buying stuff from a retailer like Best Buy, consider reading our guide on the sites with the best online coupons to save additional money.

17. Food Products Supplier

Don’t ignore food products suppliers in your area. Some places offer CO2 refill services, for example, .

18. Pet Store

You can buy CO2 disposable cartridges at pet stores in your area, such as and . 

19. Sporting Goods Store

Sporting goods stores are great places to buy and refill cartridges and CO2 tanks for paintball gear, such as .

Watch this video to learn where to get CO2 for your paintball air tanks:

Buy CO2 Tanks Near Me and Online Summary

Carbon dioxide has a wide range of uses in the home. Some customers, for example, utilize it for home brewing. Others, on the other hand, require CO2 tanks and cartridges for paintball, bike inflations, SodaStream machines, or aquarium or hydroponics equipment, which they must purchase and refill.

Whatever your requirements, you’ll need a dependable source for purchasing or refilling CO2 tanks that won’t break the bank.

CO2 services are available at Walmart, Airgas, and Dicks Sporting Goods if you want to buy, refill, or exchange your CO2 tank or cartridges. Buying CO2 tanks online, on the other hand, allows you to purchase empty CO2 tanks and refill them elsewhere.

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