19 Online Ways to Rent Out Your Stuff & Make Money Fast (Near Me)

The majority of Americans are drowning in goods they seldom use, including baby gear, toys, musical instruments, sports equipment, clothes, vehicles, and motorcycles. Here is some wonderful news if your garage is filled to the brim with expensive items that make you feel overwhelmed.

You may make extra money in a variety of ways using the stuff you already own. Yet thanks to technology, renting out your belongings and making quick money is quite simple.

To almost rent everything, continue reading for 19 simple passive income ideas:

Sports Equipment Rental Near Me

Some people find that renting nearby sports gear is a more cost-effective option than buying seasonal clothing because it allows them to test out new gear before purchasing.

1. FriendWithA

gives you a quick, easy, and secure option to rent out expensive equipment that is lying about your home. Consider renting out tools, gadgets, and sports equipment.

  • Such equipment as a pressure washer, generator, and rototiller
  • electronics, from cameras to speakers
  • Sports equipment like a , electric bike, golf clubs, paddleboards, and more.

These tools, along with others, will assist you in recovering some of your investment. The main advantage is that you can keep using your equipment whenever you need it and make money by renting out your equipment when you’re not using it.

All items on FriendWithA come with , so you can rent stuff with peace of mind if anyone damages your equipment. You help someone in your community who wants to borrow your stuff, and you have an assurance that your stuff will be returned to you in the same condition you lent it to them plus on average of $70 – $100 per rental.

Rent Out Your Home

There are benefits to renting out your house, such as:

  • Earn additional money This will assist in covering costs and maybe result in a profit.
  • Prevent thieves from targeting your home Even with a home security system, an occupied home deters intruders.
  • Tax deductions for expenses incurred while renting out your home

2. Airbnb

is a low-cost hotel choice for tourists. If you can rent out your home or even if you have some extra space to rent out, it’s a tried and true way to make easy money. In the US, roughly 34 million adults used Airbnb in that year. This figure is steadily increasing and is anticipated to reach 45 million by 2022.

You only need to make sure you can provide what visitors want—clean bedding, minimal toiletries, clearly marked Internet with the password, universal charging stations, and a workspace that is suitable for laptops for business travelers.


, or vacation rental by owner, has been around for 25 years. The company’s sole area of focus is on vacation destinations’ private properties. If you don’t utilize a high-end vacation home—such as a house with a view of the sunset, a beachfront apartment, a condo in a resort city, or a cottage by the lake—you can make a handsome sum by renting it out.

You have the option to protect your belongings by taking a damage deposit. Your visitor will be accountable for any damage they cause to your property.

4. Gamping

allows you to earn extra money by renting out vacant land to campers or partygoers. Your extra land is utilized while your visitors enjoy a private campground.

How to lease property on Gamping

Gamping charges a 7 percent service fee and secures all transactions using MangoPay. Many days after the journey is successfully completed, you get compensated.

Additionally, you can earn more money by renting out tents, yurts, tree houses, and other outdoor accommodations to your visitors. You’ll need to confirm the personal information that each renter submits because the website doesn’t cross-check user information.

Rent Out Your Car

What are the benefits of using a peer-to-peer organization to hire out your car:

  • Offset lease payments It costs money to break a car lease early. If you want to reduce your monthly costs, think about renting your car.
  • Appreciate a deteriorating asset Automobiles are regarded as depreciating assets because their value starts to decline as soon as you drive them off the dealer’s lot. A portion of the depreciation may be offset by renting it out.
  • Make money You can make somewhere between 65% and 85% of the trip cost, depending on the car protection plan you choose.

5. Turo

,by renting out your automobile and pickup truck on the largest car-sharing marketplace in the world. The ideal approach to make this work is to only share your automobile when you aren’t using it while continuing to pay your monthly EMI on the vehicle.

The main benefit is that since your car is completely covered, you don’t need to worry about any damage. Depending on the brand and model, Liberty Mutual offers liability insurance, including theft, for up to $750,000.

Turo claims you can potentially make an average of renting out your car.  So, if you have a car or pickup truck collecting dust, you can rent it out confidently on Turo. 

6. GetAround

is the best option if you’re concerned about who will hire your car and how they’ll use it, whether it’s a sedan, hatchback, SUV, pickup truck, convertible, minivan, cargo van, or jeep.

Tenants who violate the stringent usage guidelines put in place by GetAround are subject to steep fines. Also, renters must take good care of the vehicle and are not permitted to utilize it for business purposes.

More than 100 US cities in 13 states offer car rentals. According to Getaround, some owners can earn up to $800 a month by renting out their vehicles. The biggest benefit of hiring a car from GetAround is the company’s guarantee of round-the-clock customer service.

Rent Out Your RV

What advantages do you get from renting out your RV?

  • Avoid paying storage fees By renting out your RV when you aren’t traveling, you may be able to avoid doing so. This is relevant to those who lack a large enough driveway or piece of land to store an RV during the off-season.
  • Create a community You will get to know other RV enthusiasts and perhaps form friendships and travel companions across the country.
  • Offset purchase price – Most motorhomes usually start around $100,000, according to .  The cost of a new, or even used camper or motorhome, is very expensive.  Occasionally renting out your coach will help offset the purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs.

7. RVshare

If you own an RV, presents you with the opportunity to turn your precious possession into a second income. 

Ahead of the summer travel season, reservations for RV rentals have increased by an astounding 650 percent as a result of the need to avoid congested areas due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The astounding figures suggest that as tourists grow more aware of social distance rules and their general safety, demand for RV travel is increasing.

RVshare offers liability protection in the amount of $1,000,000 to protect your RV. Because RVshare also offers full coverage for your RV up to $200,000 without additional fees, premiums, or beginning charges, you can truly unwind.

8. Outdoorsy

, a company founded on trust, will give you all the tools you need, including marketing resources, access to money, renters, and insurance, to transform your recreational vehicle, motorhome, or campervan into a successful business.

Connecting you with campers eager to experience RVing without ownership is the key service that Outdoorsy offers.

Starting out is easy. You just need to publish your listing after adding images of your recreational vehicle. When someone searching to rent an RV in your area comes across your listing, they can get in touch with you.

Rent Out Your Garage Spot

Why you should rent out your garage space:

  • It’s simple to monetize unneeded spare space and make quick money.
  • You can hire space for motorcycles, bicycles, recreational vehicles, boats, campers, etc. in addition to cars.

9. CurbFlip

,You can rent an extra parking space, an empty lot, or even a boat slip through, a marketplace for parking spaces. Unused parking spaces can be rented out for extra money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can set the fee for your parking spot with this app. Additionally, this feature is especially useful if your parking space is close to a sports arena or a popular tourist destination.

You have the choice to change the price in response to demand. Most of the time, you won’t need to meet your tenant because CurbFlip makes sure that you are paid immediately.

Rent Out Your Boat

Why you should rent your yacht

  • Boats lying idle The typical boat is only used 8% of the time per year, according to
  • Boats are a luxury investment that are expensive, much like RVs. Contribute to maintenance and storage costs.
  • Boats lose value quickly after leaving the showroom or entering the water, similar to how cars do. It is a sinking asset that loses value over time.

10. Boatsetter

makes it simple to hire out your boat and gives you the opportunity to earn money. Your boat shouldn’t be left idle any longer.

It’s a true win-win situation because each rental comes with insurance and peace of mind, two essential safety features. You also have a choice in who leases your boat. Rules, charges, and availability for guests are all under your control as the boat’s owner. Expect to hire the boat trailer as well, unless someone else is using it nearby on the same body of water.

Boat rental types

  • Fishing boat rental
  • Yachts
  • Watersports
  • Party boat
  • Bachelorette party boat
  • Bachelor party boat

World-class liability protection offered by Boatsetters protects all of your interests. You don’t need to worry because your boat will be in capable hands thanks to their round-the-clock support staff and licensed captains.

Boat Dock For Rent

11. Pier Share

allows you to lease your boat dock on a temporary, seasonal, or permanent basis. You set the guidelines! The dock owner has two pricing options: charging the renter a fixed fee or charging per the foot. For docks longer than 40 feet, it is advised to charge by the foot.

Cities in Florida like Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Jupiter, St. Petersburg, and West Palm Beach are served by Pier Share.

Motives for hiring a dock

  • a brief docking period while your boat is being sold
  • Waiting at the neighborhood marina for a permanent berth to open up for your boat
  • brief excursions while traveling

How to make your boat dock a rental

  1. Free listings The dock owner is completely free; they never pay a listing or transaction fee. The information on your listing should include a description, your rules, availability, pricing, and a timeline.
  2. Use the Pier Share platform to send messages to those who want to hire your boat dock.
  3. Make a choice Whether to accept or reject offers from potential partners.
  4. Payment Shortly after they dock their boat, dock owners receive payment via direct deposit or company check.

Before entering your spot, the boat dock renter gives the slip owner a proof of their insurance. Checking the insurance policy for liability protection in the event of slips and falls is advised. Pier Share’s platform does not provide additional insurance.

Rent Out Your Motorcycle

the justifications for motorbike rentals

  • Visitors that wish to rent a motorcycle are coming from outside the city.
  • Many prefer to test-drive a motorcycle rather than just having a brief ride at the showroom to determine whether they want a motorcycle and whether they like that specific model.
  • Do something different Some folks desire to experiment with a new manufacturer, model, or engine.

12. Twisted Road

In the sharing economy, makes renting out your motorcycle easy.

You don’t need to be concerned about the tenant’s identity because the local DMV will verify it. With this platform, you have complete control over who rides and who doesn’t ride your bike.

As a rental usually includes up to $25,000 in damage protection and $100,000 in free liability protection, you don’t need to worry about the damage to your car. Additionally, you have the choice of raising this sum to $1 million.

What age is required to hire a motorcycle?

To rent a motorcycle from Twisted Road in the US, you must be at least 21 years old. For further information on experience, refer to the FAQs.

Rent Out Your Clothes

Those who rent items online get instant access to a huge selection of clothing options without the inconvenience of ownership.

Why do individuals hire clothing?

  • Renting trendy clothing is more affordable than buying it.
  • Most of the clothing you rent will be of superior quality as opposed to quick fashion, which is of lower quality.
  • Take a chance Step outside your comfort zone and don some riskier attire. The worst case scenario is that it doesn’t fit properly and is promptly returned.
  • Dress appropriately Choose clothing that fits your lifestyle. In contrast to a professional who needs to go to the office or travel to make sales calls, you can dress more comfortably when working from home during COVID.
  • Sustainability Because a large portion of fashion has shifted to fast fashion, Americans throw away tons of clothing each year. one rental at a time can save the planet.
  • Save time by placing an online order and having it cleaned instead of frequently going to the store or washing your clothes.

13. Style Lend

If you want your surplus clothes to do more than simply sit in your closet, can help you make some serious money by renting out your inspirational clothes.

This marketplace will accept a variety of things, including dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and bags.

The entire procedure is easy. You submit the item for listing on the Style Lend website and wait for clearance. Keep in mind that each item you intend to rent out must have a retail value of at least $250 and must be less than two years old. You ship the item to the renter after it is accepted and you receive an order. Style Lend pays you 80% of the price you set, and the renter covers the cost of shipping.

14. Rent the Runway Unlimited

In today’s What you wear defines you. culture, ladies love to use logos and designers to Feel nice and look good.. If your wardrobe is overflowing with designer dresses, you rarely use, , a subscription fashion service, helps you make money from them instead of letting them sit idly in your wardrobe.   Runway Unlimited will couture gowns, formal dresses, high-end dresses, formal gowns, fancy dresses, ball gowns, Gatsy dress, bridal gowns, homecoming dresses, etc.

It’s an excellent resource for renting clothing for a picture shoot.

On this website, you may rent out a variety of accessories, including handbags, scarves, bridal jewelry, sunglasses, and hats, as well as children’s clothing and pageant outfits.

Rent Out Your Baby Gear

What baby equipment should you rent as opposed to purchasing?

  • Clothing are worn out so quickly. Always purchase a size larger when making a purchase to extend the life of your clothing.
  • Cribs A baby typically spends 18 months to 3.5 years in a crib. Renting a crib makes more sense if you only have one child.
  • Carriers usually seem like a nice idea, but most parents and kids don’t use them as much as you might think.

15. BabyQuip

helps you make money by renting out your baby equipment, such as cribs, car seats, strollers, toys, carriers, bathing supplies, and feeding supplies. BabyQuip tops all other platforms—aside from Airbnb—in terms of renting out side job revenue options.

Your job primarily entails providing spotlessly clean, secure baby items to families staying in hotels and Airbnbs. Rental of a filthy pack and play is not desired.

BabyQuip assists you in creating your company website, making your quest to earn extra money even simpler.

Another benefit of renting out your baby gear on their platform is that you may receive sales training from their multicultural community, during which you will learn some priceless marketing strategies.

Rent Out Camera Equipment

the justifications for renting photography gear

  • The cost of camera equipment easily exceeds $1,000 for both lenses and cameras. Since our smartphones come with excellent cameras, most people don’t actually need these cameras as their primary camera. The majority of individuals should be renting camera equipment unless they are expert photographers.
  • Hire a camera for a specific task, such as a sporting event or vacation; you anticipate seeing a lot of stunning views. Even Polaroid cameras can be rented for special occasions like weddings.

16. Share Grid

is the most popular site for renting out photography gear. Photographic equipment can be rented between verified creatives and companies with quick insurance.

You could worry about your pricey equipment. Since your equipment is protected against damage, theft, and fraud, you can rest easy knowing that the insurance coverage is available on the platform.

Due to the strong seasonality of this industry, there is potential for you to profit quickly because ShareGrid just takes a respectable 15% share of all purchases, such as renting a DSLR camera. Your income potential in this side job is directly inversely proportionate to the time you put in.

Rent Out a Room in Your House

17. TripAdvisor

Do you find it difficult to make your house’s monthly mortgage payments? If you have a spare room or two to rent out, this won’t be a problem any longer.

You can do this easily by tying up with , one of the world’s most trusted travel websites. Since TripAdvisor doesn’t offer its own insurance, you have the option of requesting a security deposit. This amount is retained by the website and returned to the guest after seven days. So, you need to make your claim for damage by the guest within seven days.

Rent Out Your Timeshare

According to a 2016 , 1.8 million timeshare owners had unused timeshare time.

18. SellMyTimeshareNow (SMTN.com)

If you wish to sell your timeshare in a vacation home, disrupts the conventional form of timeshare sales and presents you with a better, viable solution. You can quickly find a real buyer for your timeshare by advertising on this global platform. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and effective digital marketing strategies have enabled SellMyTimeshareNow.com to become the number one marketplace for timeshare resale.  It’s easier than unused timeshares for rent.   

The Free Market Value Survey, which enables you to estimate the value of your timeshare, is the core feature of this website. With the help of this free service, you can rent out your timeshare without worrying about losing money.

Rent Out Your Pool

As many public swimming pools and fitness centers are closed during COVID, renting out your pool is a great way to earn money quickly.

19. Swimply

Your pool need not be a liability that costs you a small fortune to maintain. You can turn your pool into an asset and ensure you earn a decent income by becoming a host.

Already, thousands of pool owners are profiting easily. You can list your swimming pool on Swimply for free and in less than 5 minutes.

You can pay your operational costs, make other families happy, and gain extra money using this pool share platform. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal pool time during this period. Renting out a pool for a birthday celebration on a weekday afternoon is a quick way to make additional cash.

Ways to Rent Out Your Stuff Online to Make Money Fast Conclusion

Take into account the mess in your house.

Eighty percent of your possessions spend the majority of their time sitting idle on shelves. You will undoubtedly require it a few times every year, it is true. However, in this sharing economy, it makes sense to rent out your goods online and earn some quick cash. There are a number of fantastic platforms available to launch your side business. Additionally, if you’re serious about earning money quickly, try to rent out as much of your possessions as you can and take some fantastic photos.

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