17 Best Places to Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me in 2021 – Frugal Living and Free Stuff!

Hair salons and barbershops abound in small communities across the country! Finding one with a reasonable haircut, on the other hand, is rather difficult. It’s practically impossible to find a place that charges less than $30 for women and $20 for guys.

According to the (PBA), an average haircut for females today goes for $45 and that of men for $30. Yes, do not be surprised that women’s haircuts are expensive. Remember when Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D.N.Y.) broke the internet about ?  No one should ever pay $300!

Consider this: women spend more time in the salon than males, which translates to more money. Men, on the other hand, do not get a good price on haircuts; men get their hair cut twice as often as women. Baby haircut places are also fairly pricey for families.

Why are haircuts near me expensive?

It comes as no surprise that haircuts are costly. There are numerous overhead costs associated with owning and operating a hair salon, according to a top stylist. Many are raising their rates to cover rent, utilities, and product costs, as well as their markup or profit margin.

If you’re tired of paying high prices for hairstyles at your local salon or barbershop, there’s a easy way to obtain a free or low-cost haircut for the whole family.

When you’re short on cash, where do you go to get a haircut? It can be difficult to find places where you can get a haircut for a reasonable price. It’s no surprise you’re looking. Few people can afford to pay excessive costs, therefore they seek out places that offer low-cost, high-quality haircuts.

Cheapest Place to Get a Haircut Near Me—The Right Place 

Read on to learn about affordable hair salons near me that are available today.

Cuts that are less expensive should cost no more than $15. Haircuts for boys are even less expensive, starting at $8.

It does not matter if you are looking for a free haircut, or you just like to save a few bucks off your haircut budget; there are several cost-cutting ideas and still look stunning.

1. Coupons, Loyalty and Discounts for a Cheap Haircut

Before visiting a barbershop near you, look for coupon codes and digital discounts. Before checking out on an e-commerce site, you look for coupons and discount deals in the same way.

Search for haircut coupons and your city name or zip code using search engines like Google or Yahoo. Likewise, look for haircut flyers in your local newspaper, particularly the Sunday edition, for forthcoming deals.

In the local newspaper, not all chain salons and barbershops advertise their services. You can receive junk mailers for salon coupons or join their mailing list for your favorite barbershop to receive discounted haircuts on occasion.

If you have a favorite salon chain in your area, look for coupons and discounts on their websites. Many salons and barbershops have loyalty programs where you can receive free treatments and cheaper pricing after visiting a specific number of times. A punch card for a free haircut is available at one of the places near me.

How to find free haircut coupons?

Follow your favorite barbershop on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), where they frequently publish coupons and amazing bargains. You might be astonished at what you’ve been missing out on.

Ask whether they have a loyalty program if you locate a cheap barbershop or salon nearby. Sign up for smartphone notifications to receive advance information of new specials, as well as exclusive offers for loyal customers.

Yet, some websites provide a list of haircut coupons that can be downloaded.

Get fantastic savings and discounts on haircuts in your area by going to:

  • :Discover the newest hair bargains, special offers, and coupons for hair products and haircuts for men and women at your favorite hair salon.
  • : Find coupons, special offers, and promotions for your favorite salon.
  • The site also offers hairstyle tips, hair products, and amazing gift cards in addition to coupons, discounts, and promos.
  • One of the greatest Haircuts Near Me sites, allowing you to choose a local barber, the best looks for your style, and the best haircut bargains.

Hair Cuts Coupons and Discount Codes can be found on this website. Kenneths hair salon and day spa, Hair Cuttery, Cheap Cutters, Supercutters, and Great Clips all have daily coupons.

2. Cheap Barber Shops near me

Up for a good haircut, but you are not so keen on dropping a lot of cash? There is always a cheap barbershop near you. While you should get a haircut at a good barber, the cut’s quality highly depends on the specific professional barber and the location. There is more of a difference between what you call .

The total experience is what determines which haircut is the best. Consider what you like in a cut first. Are you satisfied with basic, helpful services? Therefore saving money or being thrifty is the way to go. Second, due of high demand, the best barbers near me with a large customer will charge more. A barber like him will relocate to high-end regions with high-end clients.

Yet, you can find a low-cost barbershop that provides good haircuts. Check out a few local barbers and see what they have to offer, or ask relatives and friends for recommendations.

Because most traditional barbershops have been in business for years, a local barber can be an fantastic bargain alternative. They have adequate experience to clip your hair for a few dollars. When I rush in to have my sides and back trimmed for a fast clean up, my barber charges me half price.

You can also look for a cheap hair stylist near me and find a number of possibilities. Compare the rates, the number of years in business, and the level of expertise. As a result, barbershops in your neighborhood are the best because you may get a haircut without making an appointment. Some even offer discounts and special offers on off-peak days to save you even more money, while others allow you to check-in online to reserve a place for a cheaper haircut. Because so many people will be working from home during COVID-19, you may be able to save money by getting a haircut during your lunch hour on a weekday.

Furthermore, some barbers will provide a discount to repeat customers. Obtaining a recurring customer discount might save you a lot of money over time. Rather than hopping around looking for the best deal, you can build a relationship with a barber you can trust for quality.

Tips for getting the most out of your neighborhood barbershop:

  • It all comes down to the taper when it comes to finding the best barbershop for men. The majority of unisex hair salons have no idea how to taper a man’s hair on the back of his head.
  • Study and know the style Bring in images of the hairdo you want so it’s obvious.
  • Make an appointment Some locations are walk-in only, while others require appointments during COVID. Choose a time when you won’t be rushed during your initial consultation.
  • Going in dry and clean is necessary at several locations during COVID. It will also save you money on a wash and make working with clean hair that is free of gel and spray easier for the stylist.
  • The consultation Be realistic about your hair type and make sure it suits the style you want. I’ve got a few cowlicks, therefore I’ll need an expert barber who understands how to handle them.
  • Don’t be afraid to be direct. It’s preferable to be honest and direct in order to receive a good cut. They want you to be satisfied so that you will return. They are unconcerned about how you wish to seem. If it makes you happy, they will leave you with long hair or give you a buzz.
  • With COVID, I’ve realized that I don’t need to go every two weeks. It genuinely helps me save money. If I go once every three weeks vs. once every six months,

Therefore, your local barbershop should be the first choice given the convenience and low cost. And barbershops are just for men, and they are the best compared to unisex hair salons near me. Besides, they are the best and cheapest for men and kids haircuts. Expect a reasonable rate below $10 as you check  to find more discounts.

3. Check-out a Hair Salon Location

Hair salons aren’t just for women; they frequently provide haircuts for men as well. Hair salon pricing is influenced by a variety of factors, including location, style, awards, and brand. Avoid shopping malls and high-traffic areas where rent and other costs are high.

The cost of a haircut at a mall is high. In addition, the more awards and experience a stylist or salon has, the higher their fees are.

As a result, look for small independent salons that have more open pricing because they do not pay exorbitant rentals. Yet, chain salons provide low-cost haircuts as well as discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs.

In a hair salon, you can save even more money by:

  • Avoid the Master Stylist at all costs.
  • Choose a low-maintenance hairstyle.
  • Skip the treatment
  • Do at-home cleaning
  • Grooming products should not be purchased.

4. Work at Salons or Barbershop

On busy days or seasons, hair salons recruit extra help or accept volunteers. This is a excellent job for students who want to generate some extra money while saving money on haircuts. As a thank you for lending a helping hand, you’ll get a free haircut and style as part of the work perks. You’ll save money on any services or items you require. You’ll also be the first to know about any modeling opportunities for new trainees. It’s a terrific way to generate some quick cash as a side hustle.

Check out salon apprenticeship at or . You can also Google search salon near you looking to hire.

5. Salons In Need of Volunteer Models

Locate salons in your area that are looking for volunteer models. For students seeking for a cheap or free haircut [near me], this is a fantastic option. Salons looking to hire new hairdressers require them to demonstrate their abilities by conducting a real cut. As a result, anyone who are willing to do these hairdresser tryouts will receive free haircuts.

You can also get free haircuts when the salons need hair models to practice a new style they plan to launch soon. It is surprising how in-demand volunteer models are in need from top salon chains. Find hair salons looking for volunteer hair models at . They dedicate the website to connecting hairstylist with hair models.

Simply sign up for the service to be notified about forthcoming opportunities in your area. Still, call local salons in your neighborhood and express your interest in working as a hair model.

There’s always a catch when it comes to getting a free haircut. Natural, unprocessed hair gets more points, and you must let them do whatever they want with it. Consider this: it may mean cutting your hair incredibly short, colouring it, or doing anything completely out of the ordinary. When a supervisor is always around to direct the trainee, the chances of something going wrong are slim.

Yet, being a hair model entails modeling the final products. You can get quick cash by posing for photos or walking the runway. Nevertheless, before you join up for this great student job, make sure you’re comfortable with them.

6. New Salon or Barber in Town!

A new salon or barbershop in town offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save money on a pricey hair cut. To entice new consumers, new salons and barbershops launch a special campaign. Check-in for a half-price savings if you see one near you. In order to attract customers, the new small firm may also provide extensive discounts such as family discounts, premium packages, and coupons.

Check out the opportunity for a free or low-cost haircut if you see a Salon Coming Soon ad in the local paper or a promotion posted on the premises. It’s also an incredible technique to save money on a high-end hair cut.

7. Cosmetology Training School

Hairdressing training is available to a large number of students across the United States. You’ll most likely locate a local cosmetology and beauty school in need of volunteers near you. For a free haircut, the student needs individuals to practice their talents. Most cosmetology and beauty schools have salons and barbershops across the country that give discounted haircuts to first-time clients.

The student works on your hairstyle because it is the only way to get ahead in class. And you don’t have to be concerned because your volunteer haircut is always overseen by a highly experienced supervisor.

Costs at such establishments are frequently lower than those at a salon or barbershop in the same area. You may also be fortunate enough to select an exceptional style at a lower cost than a high-end salon. Nonetheless, the length of time spent in cosmetology school may be longer than usual. If it takes a long time, don’t make any plans right away.

Be on the lookout as some big national salons and barbershops run training as part of the business. Find training outlet places to get haircuts nearby through Google search. Check out cosmetology and beauty schools nearby .

8. Barbers That Come To You

Everyone seemed to be working from home in the last few months, while every store in town closed due to COVID-19. Clients were visited by local hairdressers for in-home haircuts. Professionals can provide lower pricing since they are not burdened by traditional retail charges. The barber sets their own timetables and operates on a more flexible schedule.

For high-end cuts that are more expensive in the mainstream shop, these self-employed barbers charge low prices. In fact, more people are considering starting a home barber service instead of going to a traditional barbershop. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a cheaper work-at-home stylist near you. When working with an entire family, they also offer a discounted rate. That saves them time and money on travel and petrol for their vehicle.

How to locate a barber that comes to your home?

To find a great one, ask family and friends for referrals. They are super local and found across any suburbs. They promote their services in the local community pages, social media, and business listing such as  and Citysearch.com.

Additionally, inquire about in-home visits from your existing shop, a hospital, or a nursing home.

9. Independent Barbershop

Although well-known barber and salon franchises offer attractive bargains and discounts, lesser-known establishments charge less. Their overhead costs are lower than paying a corporate partner a franchise fee.

For example, you may be familiar with large barber franchises such as Sport Clips and Supercuts, which have locations across the country. They have excellent bonuses like online check-ins, weekday discounts, and coupons for lucky customers, but their services are more expensive than the neighborhood mom and pop shop.

A lesser-known mom and pop store that offers low-cost haircuts is just as good as a high-end franchise. Furthermore, if you stay with them for a long time, you will benefit from excellent deals. Most shops have been there for a long time, and they are typically located in plazas rather than standalone structures.

Continue to visit the same local independent business, and over time, they will begin to offer you a discount on your new haircut. Yet, several of them provide lower pricing during Happy Hours held throughout the week.

They provide discounted hours in order to spread out their business. They are slow from 11-3 throughout the academic year and non-summertime. They flood in after school, on weekends, and in the evenings.

Therefore, with a bit of digging, you will find all kinds of money-saving deals on your next haircuts to support your local community businesses. Be sure to check  and  for mom and pop places to get haircuts around me.

10. Charity Haircuts Events Near Me

During the year, numerous groups provide haircut discounts. Some of the programs are geared at people who are having financial difficulties, while others are open to the general public. They publicize such activities in the local media or through partnerships with barbershops and salons. A free or cheap haircut, for example, might be offered at a local back-to-school event.

Help cancer patient

Certain charity partners and activities are dedicated to cancer research. Many cancer patients experience hair loss as a result of their treatment. For children, it is both humiliating and distressing. Furthermore, wigs can be costly. As a result, such an event appears to be aimed at collecting genuine hair for wigs.

Find a few exceptional charities that offer free wigs for cancer patients made possible through free hair donations. The next time you see a “Shave,” even by  in your local city, get that free haircut and help a kid. You can find a “Shave” event hair you .


The wigs-for-kids holds “free haircuts” in partnership with the local salon and barbers near you. You can get your regular haircut or shave at such an event for free as you help a needy kid. Locate a salon/barber partner near you through a .

Hair Cuttery, a popular haircut chain, offers free haircuts at charitable events. The Share-A-Haircut program has seen the chain offer free haircuts in over 900 locations across the country. But, because the participants are chosen a few days before the event, you should sign up as soon as possible.

11. Newly Trained Hair Stylists

A new barber or salon stylist may often hunt for clients in the neighborhood to create a clientele for those who want to work from home. Some people advertise their services in the local newspaper, and social media (Facebook and Instagram) are looking for others to practice with. The person might come to your location for a haircut. This type of chance helps you to save even more money.

Locate new hair salons: Search for “” and find nearly graduated stylists on a portfolio’s need.

12. Beauty Trade Shows

For a inexpensive haircut, go to a nearby trade expo. Being a volunteer for a class entitles you to a free haircut. It is the ideal alternative for folks who reside near a trade fair expo convention center. Barber trade exhibits require a model for demonstration purposes, and in exchange, you will receive a free treatment, hair products, and some extra cash. Keep an eye out for beauty trade shows on your local community pages or in the newspaper.

They may even offer pay for a certain haircut or hair modeling. On a good day, you can get a haircut and color in return for some tasty sweets. Additional treatments that may be used include:

  • virgin hair extensions hair dye
  • Scalp micropigmentation
  • Long-lasting purple hair dye
  • Permanent makeup training
  • Weave extensions shampooing
  • Loose curly weave
  • Hair should be cut to a length of ten inches.

13. Book a Group Haircut

Your whole family or office will need a haircut at some point too. You can buddy up and book a group haircut. Call the local barbershop or salon offering to . You have a better chance of negotiating a lower price if you have a big group. A group haircut is best for students looking to save cash and be frugal. There is always someone looking to save some money on a service you use regularly.

14. Referral Program BOGO

Look for a store that offers a discount for referring a friend. Refer a friend and receive a discount. On your first haircut, such shops provide you and your reference a double cut. As a result, the next time you get your hair cut, inquire about similar savings.

15. Take Advantage of Qualified Friends

Skills can be traded. You could use the help of a friend who knows how to cut hair. Negotiate a lesser price or make a trade for something you’re good at. Many people nowadays trade skills in order to save money. You can get a free haircut by babysitting for a stay-at-home mom.

Consult qualified friends, trainee hairdressers, and even family members who work in the industry. But, even from family and friends, don’t expect anything for free. It’s possible that your next-door neighbor will do it in exchange for lawn mowing or gardening.

For example, somebody who works at a barbershop on a daily basis would prefer not to trim your hair during their time off. If you give anything in exchange, such as cleaning their car or house, they should be willing to participate.

16. Check Out Classified Forums   

Online community forums and trading websites are a great way to find places to get haircuts near me. Several stores are closed for Covid-19, so you’ll have to look out open hair salons in the area. Social media in your city is a great way to promote your business. In addition, popular sites like Reddit can provide excellent local recommendations for in-home haircut services.

Ask for suggestions in your local ads or on a neighborhood app like NextDoor.com.

Finally, online trading sites such as Gumtree, , and make available tons of information on services nearby. You can likely find barber apprenticeship students advertising cheap or even sometimes free services. 

17. DIY Haircut with Clippers

Last but not least, cutting your own hair with scissors or trimmers is the ultimate alternative to free haircuts. You will, however, need to invest in some basic equipment.

Recommended Beginner Barber Kit Includes:

  • Two mirrors, one wall-mounted and the other handheld
  • For fades, use barber clippers.
  • Scissors
  • A comb

I’ve seen neighbors who have had their entire family cut. Cutting your hair can save you a lot of money if you learn the skills along the way. Most stay-at-home parents can start a secondary business cutting hair.

If you already have the equipment, cutting your hair like a professional can be easy. Of course, practice makes perfect, and everyone has mishaps.  If you are feeling overconfident, then check out this Reddit feed titled, “.”  Follow a guide or video if you are unsure. With time, you get a perfect DIY haircut.

Here’s a video to show you how to trim your own hair.

Tips to Get Cheap Haircuts

1. Get a Dry Cut

If you want a inexpensive haircut, skip the shampoo and opt for a dry cut instead. You’ll not only save money, but your hairdresser will be able to inspect the exact length they’re chopping off easily if you have natural curls. After all, natural curls coil up when they dry, making your hair much shorter than you anticipated when you shaved it off wet.

2. Make Use of Student Discount

Most businesses, especially salons where students can be a large customer base, want to spread their names among the student community. As a result, numerous salons provide students with special discounts. To be eligible, you’ll need a student ID card from your school or institution.

But remember to consider the actual amount you’ll have to spend rather than the reduction. Some businesses might think it’s a good idea to offer a 20% discount on a $200 bill, but it contradicts the purpose of getting a cheap haircut.

3. Benefit From Happy Hours

Bars are no longer the only places where you can have a good time. Several businesses, especially salons, have realized the importance of providing something extra to consumers in order to keep the money flowing even on slow days.

Customers will receive flash discounts on select or all haircuts during happy hours at salons. Salon happy hours are ideal for those seeking for a low-cost haircut. Just keep an eye on the salon’s happy hour schedule and terms and limitations. These are flash deals, similar to those found in bars, and you must be alert to avoid missing out.

4. Ditch the Layers & Keep it Simple

Maintaining a fancy feathery or layered cut would necessitate numerous salon visits and the assistance of a skilled stylist. If you have uniform-length hair with no elaborate styles, however, a fast cut will restore your hair’s shape.

Your hairdresser will spend less time on you if you don’t have a complicated hairstyle, so you’ll save money on salon visits and the stylist’s efforts.

In addition, if you keep your hair longer, you’ll need fewer salon sessions to keep it looking good. If you have a short hairstyle like a pixie cut or an asymmetrical bob, though, you’ll need to visit the salon frequently.

5. Trade Skills

If you have a buddy who is skilled in hair style and cutting, you might be able to persuade them to give you a low-cost haircut. However, you can get a much better deal and get your haircut for free if you don’t mind forgoing the regular friend discount.

All you have to do is offer a service that your friend may require and request that they trim your hair in exchange. You both get your work done for free this way.

17 Best Places to Get Free or Cheap Haircuts Near Me Summary

It should not be difficult to find a place near me where I can get a cheap haircut. There are numerous locations where you may get a haircut for a low fee or even for free. Furthermore, getting a good hairstyle should not be prohibitively expensive, particularly for a large family.

But, going to the cheapest barber or salon is not the greatest option. You need to find strategies to decrease the expense of your hair cut without sacrificing quality. Afterward, you want to feel good about yourself.

It can grow expensive depending on how often you require a re-cut. Still, the aforementioned pointers will assist you in finding the top affordable haircuts in your area. Some options are only available during certain seasons, so keep an eye out for them.

Next, compare possibilities in your area, ranging from big-name barbershops and beauty schools to small-town stores. Examine the idea of cutting your own hair in front of a mirror.

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