16 Places to Get Watch Resizing Near Me? (Free or Cheap)

Watches are among the most precious pieces of jewelry that most people wear for aesthetic reasons. An enormous watch band, on the other hand, may cause your watch to appear out of rhythm with your hand, interfering with an otherwise sleek and professional appearance. That is something that no one desires!

You must have your watch resized, whether you purchased it or received a long watch band as a gift from someone special. To make your watch a snug fit, you’ll need to find a place where you can have links removed.

So, where can you get watch band resizing in my area?

Short Answer: Watch resizing is available near me at department stores, jeweler shops, and watch repair kiosks. You can get watch links removed for free or for a low price depending on where you go or where you bought the watch.

In most circumstances, if you purchased the watch from the same store, it will be repaired for free. Some places, however, offer free watch adjustments as a courtesy to customers, regardless of where they purchased the watch.

If you buy a watch at one of their stores, Belk, Dillards, Fossil, Kohls, Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Walmart, and Tourneau will fit you for free.

Consider visiting JCPenney, Macys, or Sears stores if you want to buy a warranty or have your watch adjusted under warranty. Fast-Fix, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Jared, Kay Jewelers, and Zales can also fit your watch for a fee.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Watch Fitted? 

The cost of having a watch fitted is determined by where you purchased it and whether or not you have a protection plan. If you bought your watch from the same store, it would be resized for free. If you buy a protection package, you can also get it resized for free.

Instead, you can have your watch fixed for a fee at a local jewelry and accessory kiosk. Simple tweaks and repairs cost $20 to $60, while more complex resizing procedures cost $50 to $150.

Where To Get a Watch Resized for Free?

Some of the best places to get your watch resized for free are Belk, Fossil, Kohls, Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Tourneau, and Walmart. No questions are asked as long as the watch was purchased from one of their locations.

You won’t have to pay extra to have your watch adjusted. You may also have links removed from a band at the discretion of the jewelry store, regardless of where you purchased it. Furthermore, some retailers offer free jewelry cleaning and resizing as a marketing strategy to get you to buy new items.

1. Belk 

Belk is a department store chain that operates in 16 states and has almost 300 locations. Since 1888, they’ve been selling accessories, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, wedding registries, and home furnishings.

The majority of their locations include full-service jewelry counters where you may buy and get your watch resized. Belk is a excellent place to obtain a watch battery, get a watch repaired, or have links removed from a watch.

Belk Resizing Cost

If you bought your watch at Belk, you can have it resized for free. If it was purchased from a different jewelry store, it is recommended to contact the original jeweler for a repair quote.

Find a store to resize your watch band for free. 

2. Dillard’s

Dillards is a high-end department store with 285 locations across 29 states. The states with the most Dillards stores are Texas and Florida.

If your local Dillards has a jewelry counter and a skilled associate on duty, you can get your watch adjusted for free. Some consumers claim that helpful associates removed links from a watch band for free, while others claim that they were not given the assistance they need.

Cost of resizing at Dillards

When you buy a watch from Dillards, they will resize it for free. If you purchased your watch elsewhere, enquire about watch band resizing services and costs at your local retailer.

Find a store to adjust your watch band for free. 

3. Fossil

Fossil is an American fashion designer and manufacturer based in Richardson, Texas, recognized for its unique watches, wearables, jewelry, handbags, and accessories. They have approximately 365 locations across the country.

You can have a fossil watch adjusted at a local Fossil store. They resize their timepieces on their own. If you possess one of their watches, bring it in to your local Fossil store to be adjusted.

Fossil Resizing Cost

If you have a Fossil watch, you can have the band altered for free. In addition, they provide three more links for free as part of their online sizing policy.

Find a store to get links added to your watch band for free. 

4. Kohl’s

Kohls is a major department store retailer in the United States. Except for Hawaii, it has over 1,200 locations in all 50 states. Any watch brand purchased from their stores can be resized at their jewelry and accessories counters.

Cost of Resizing at Kohl’s

At the time of purchase, Kohls will resize your watch for free. Even if you didn’t buy your watch there, your local store may be able to fix it for free. Inquire about watch adjustment services and costs at your local Kohl’s.

Find a store to get your watch band fitted for free. 

5. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a luxury fashion brand with nearly 310 stores in the United States that carry watches, jewelry, accessories, fragrance, footwear, and men’s and women’s ready-to-wear.

The majority of Michael Kors stores offer in-store watch repairs. If your local store has a trained associate, you can have your watch band adjusted. Some stores, however, do not provide in-store repairs; contact ahead to confirm.

Cost of resizing Michael Kors

Michael Kors boutiques provide their own watch repair and service. As a result, if it’s their brand, they’ll gladly get your watch fitted for free.

Find a store to resize your watch band for free. 

6. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a luxury department store chain with over 355 stores in 32 US states and Canada. Its stores sell costume jewelry, fine jewelry, fragrances, cosmetics, accessories, trendy clothes, footwear, and watches.

Nordstrom stores have a flexible “happy customer” return policy that’s as good as the Return policy for Target cosmetics. They’ll also resize any watch purchased at their stores without even asking for proof of purchase.

Nordstrom Resizing Cost

If you bought your watch from Nordstrom, you can get it adjusted at the Nordstrom jewelry counter for free. To get your watch repaired, contact your local Nordstrom store or ask for a referral to a nearby repair shop.

Find a store to resize your watch band for free. 

7. Tourneau

Tourneau is a high-end watch shop with 32 locations throughout 16 states. Around 8,000 kinds of men’s and women’s watches from approximately 40 luxury brands are available in its stores.

Battery replacement, sizing and adjustments, ultrasonic cleaning, water-resistance maintenance, and a diverse assortment of replacement straps and bracelets are all available at Tourneau locations. Tourneau is also a good location to go if you need a watch battery in my area.

Tourneau Resizing Cost

Tourneaus’ personnel will resize and adjust your watch regardless of where you purchased it. In addition, any timepiece purchased at a Tourneau store comes with a complimentary watch fitting.

Tourneau locations are also wonderful places to get your watch battery replaced for free if you buy your watch there.

Find a to get a watch battery replaced. 

8. Walmart

In the United States, Walmart is a household name. Its stores are noted for being one-stop shopping destinations where you can buy practically anything and get a wide range of services all in one place. Walmart is one of the best places to get your watch band adjusted, with nearly 5,000 locations across the country.

Walmart’s jewelry repairs include diamond ring shining, necklace or bracelets replaced, ring resizing, watch repair, and battery replacement. Walmart also has generous Hours of return and policy for items like TVs and a flexible Return policy for air mattresses.

Walmart Resizing Cost

Watch brands sold at Walmart are eligible for complimentary watch adjustments at Walmart jewelry counters. Some customers claim that a Walmart staff fixed a non-brand watch at no expense to them.

However, watch resizing policies differ by store, and some Walmart locations do not provide any watch repair or resizing services. As a result, the availability of trained retail personnel is a factor.

The good news is that Walmart is practically everywhere, and you can get links removed or added to your watch there. In addition, even if you can’t get your watch fitted at a regular Walmart store, the service is available elsewhere.

To minimize guesswork, inquire about the services offered at your local Walmart.

Find a Supermarket that is open 24 hours to get a watch band adjusted.

Where To Get A Watch Resized With a Protection Plan?

Some department stores and jewelry retailers provide watch and jewelry protection plans that last for two to three years. It provides you with piece of mind by ensuring that your belongings are protected. The cost of a protection plan will vary depending on the value of your watch or jewelry.

For watches, the majority of plans cost around $50. In the event of an emergency, your watch will be fitted at no cost to you.

The following are some of the best shops near me to get watches resized with a protection plan:

9. JCPenney

JCPenney is a midscale department store chain with nearly 700 locations in 49 states. Most JCPenney stores have a jewelry department where you can take your watch for repairs as long as you bought it from them and the covers it. Its jewelry counters repair broken clasps, movement failures, broken bands, and watch battery replacement.

JCPenney Resizing Cost

For about $50, JCPenney offers a two-year watch care plan that covers all components and labor costs. As a result, your watch will be installed at no additional cost. If your watch is beyond repair, you’ll be given a JCPenney gift card as compensation. Several consumers claim that even if they don’t have the plan, they may get their watch band altered for free at their local JCPenney shop.

Find a store to repair your watch band with a protection plan. 

10. Macy’s

Macys is a department store chain with over 570 sites in the United States. Their stores have a jewelry and watches department that fixes and maintains any timepiece acquired from them.

Despite restrictions vary by store, several customers have reported having non-Macys watches fitted. You can also use their mail-in repair service if you want convenience. Antique and estate jewelry valued at more than $5,000 may not be accepted by mail.

Macy’s offers a renewable, three-year covering free jewelry cleaning, resizing, and repairs for purchases made at its store. Its plans range from $30 to $400, depending on your watch or jewelry value.

Expense of resizing at Macy’s

For items not covered by the protection plan, Macys resizing costs range from $20 to $25. Yet, several buyers claim that they were able to get their watch fitted for free at their local Macy’s store with no questions asked. Give it a go!

Find a store to get your watch band adjusted with a protection plan.

11. Sears

Sears operates 34 retail locations around the United States. Watches, fine and fashion jewelry, and accessories are available in their jewelry and accessories department. Most watch brands are repaired and adjusted at Sears jewelry counters, though not all locations offer in-store repairs.

Sears Resizing Cost

For around $50, Sears provides a two-year watch protection package that includes a free watchband resizing.

If your watch isn’t covered by the protection plan, it’s up to the store associates to decide whether they’ll fix it for free, for a fee, or not at all.

Some businesses may adjust your watch on the spot, while others do not provide watch repair. To be sure, inquire about service prices with or without a protection package at your local Sears shop.

Find a store to remove or add links to your watch band with a protection plan.

Where To Get A Watch Resized For a Price?

Having your watch fixed for free or under a protection plan is a great cost-saving. At least you can put that $10, $20, or $25 towards other financial goals, like $10,000 in a year’s savings or building a six-figure or seven-figure retirement nest egg.

However, it isn’t always practical to travel hundreds of miles in search of a nearby Macy’s or Kohl’s. If you get your watch resized locally, you can save time and money on gas.

The following are some of the best places to get cheap watch band resizing near me:

12. Fast-Fix

With over 150 store locations across towns and cities, Fast-Fix is one of the most trusted places that offer watch repair and resizing, jewelry repair and engraving, eyeglass frame repair, custom jewelry design, watch battery replacement, jewelry appraisal, and mobile device repair.

You’ll find their kiosks in malls and large stores. Fast-Fix also offers a where you can get a quote for your ring or watch and then send it for repairs.

Fast-Fix Resizing Cost

Fast-Fix has a range of resizing services starting at $12, with the majority of them costing less than $60. But, because local establishments set their own rates, calling and inquiring about pricing is your best chance.

Find a kiosk to resize your watch band for cheap.

13. Fred Meyer Jewelers 

Ring size, watch repair, soldering chains and bracelets, repair prongs and mountings, and restringing of bracelets and pearl strands are all services offered by Fred Meyers.

In Oregon, Utah, Washington, Idaho, and a few malls, they have over 160 stores. If you live near a Fred Meyers, it’s a fantastic place to get your watch adjusted for a reasonable fee.

Cost of resizing at Fred Meyer Jewelers

Prices are usually set by each location. To find out how much it will cost to get your watch fitted at Fred Meyers, contact your local shop and inquire about their watch resizing services.

Find a to fit your watch band inexpensively.

14. Jared

Jared operates 250 stores in 39 states, providing services such as ring resizing, prong replacement, watch repair, and free jewelry cleaning and inspection. Most watch brands can be examined and repaired at each location’s on-site design and service facility, which is staffed by properly qualified jewelers. They can also contact the manufacturer to arrange for watch repairs.

Jared Resizing Cost

The prices are determined at each Jared location depending on the type of repairs needed to be done on your watch or jewelry. You can also get an discount code available on their website for discounts on repairs. Reach out to your local Jared location to inquire about their watch adjustment costs. 

Find a to resize your watch band for cheap.

15. Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers has nearly 3,500 locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Jared, Ernest Jones, JamesAllen.com, H. Samuel, The Galleria Of Jewelry, Peoples, and Piercing Pagoda are some of their franchise brands.

Cleaning and inspection of jewelry, repairs, maintenance, upgrades, diamond testing, and more are all available at Kay Jewelers. They can service and repair any watch or jewelry brand, regardless of where it was purchased.

Cost of resizing at Kay Jewelers

The jewelry staff determines prices on the spot. You’ll obtain a quote, your watch will be resized by a professional, and it will be returned to you. You may also save money on watch repair services by using their online discounts.

Find a to affordable add or remove links.

16. Zales

In the United States, there are over 382 Zales locations. Ring resizing, watch repair, chain soldering, engraving, clasp repair/replacement, prong replacement, watch battery replacement, ring head replacement, and other services are available from Zales.

Zales Resizing Cost

Pricing are set on a local level. Before your watch is sent to the repair shop, you’ll receive a cost estimate. Inquire about watch adjustment and repair costs at your nearest Zales location.

Find a to get links taken out of a watch nearby.

How to Make a Watch Band Smaller? 

Getting links removed from your watch is the simplest way to make a watch band smaller. If you have the tools and the knowledge, you can do it yourself. Instead, get your watch fixed at your local department store or jewelry store. If you bring your watch to the store where you purchased it, they will most likely repair it for free.

How To Add a Link To a Watch Band?

If your watch band is too snug around your wrist, you can add a link to lengthen it. Taking a watchband to the experts is the best way to get a link added to it. This might be your neighborhood department store, jewelry store, or watch repair kiosk. They’ll either make your watch band bigger for free or for a fee, depending on where you go.

How to Remove Watch Links Without Tools?

What if you want to remove links from a watch at home but don’t have any watch repair tools? The good news is that removing watch links does not necessitate the use of a repair kit. Instead, you can alter the size of your band with items from around the house.

Here’s a video showing how to use thumbtacks to remove watch links:

Does Costco Resize Jewelry?

No, Costco doesn’t offer watch or jewelry resizing services. Also, they don’t have watch battery replacement services at Costco warehouses. Your best bet is to visit nearby department stores, jewelry & accessories stores, or have your ring resized by a professional jeweler at a kiosk.

Get Watch Resizing Near Me Summary

You may want to adjust a watch band if you buy a used timepiece from a nearby consignment shop or a a business that flips items for a quick profit.

Department stores, jewelry stores, accessory stores, and watch repair kiosks are some of the best venues to get your watch fitted in your neighborhood. Bring your watch to the same store where you bought it for a free adjustment. You can also get a guarantee for your watch so that you don’t have to worry about future maintenance and adjustment charges.

You could be lucky enough to locate a smaller jewelry store or a family-owned accessory store that will remove links for free, regardless of where you purchased it, but this is normally at the discretion of the repair workers.

The cost of resizing a watch is normally set locally and varies by store. You should anticipate to pay anything from $20 to $150 depending on the complexity of the correction.

You can also do your own link removal at home using items you already have. If you pursue this method, be sure you understand what you’re doing to avoid scratching or further hurting your watch.

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