16 Legit Sites To Get Paid To Do Homework For Money (Legally)

If you are skilled at a particular subject, such as math, physics, or English writing, some students who are having trouble with their assignments will pay you to complete their assignments. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to impart your knowledge in order to boost their self-confidence and academic performance? You can assist with assignment completion and make money.

Many chances for college-level students, recent graduates, and professionals have arisen as a result of the rising need for online homework helps. It’s legal and a excellent alternative if you want freedom to do your studies for money.

You are free to decide which assignments you would like to work on, how many hours you would like to put in, and what time of day or night works best for you. While some of my buddies get up early, I’m a night owl. All of these are available to you comfortably at home!

Is Doing Homework for Money Legal?


It is, indeed. Although some may consider it to be cheating, there is no rule that forbids you from providing homework help as a paid service.

Homework help for cash has been a thing for a while, and demand is only increasing.

Consider the following student types before assuming that more students today are likely to cheat and too lazy to study:

  • Those who need to catch up on their lessons and have learning disabilities
  • Working college students who cannot afford to complete their tasks carefully
  • those students who struggle with their schoolwork
  • Individuals who experience significant personal issues that keep them from studying
  • Individuals who must miss school due to health conditions

There are a plethora of good justifications for doing school assignments for cash.

What Sites Answer Homework Questions for Money?

Numerous reputable websites will pay you for assisting others with their schoolwork. These are the best websites for paid assignment assistance.

1. School Solver

According to School Solver, it is THE marketplace for inexpensive school assignments that span all subject areas and are supported by specially chosen subject matter experts. Students might also decide to become tutors on the platform.

The organization makes sure the pupils are learning by not allowing its tutors to post straightforward solutions. They will respond to inquiries about a variety of topics, including business, computer science, engineering, psychology, finance, mathematics, advanced accounting, physics, statistics, chemistry, geology, and more.

A premium version of Yahoo Answers or the eBay of homework, according to School Solver.

What are the requirements to become a School Solver tutor?

The first thing you need to do is sign up as a tutor on their website, after which you can construct a page for your profile. In order to receive payment and finish the registration, you would also require a PayPal account.

Once your personal information is complete, you can take a quiz on any topic you know a lot about or are simply at ease with. Choose a comparable topic if the one you want isn’t among the options. To pass the test, you must have a grade of at least 90%.

Be sure to carefully read the FAQ section because in addition to the subject quiz, the School Solver rules quiz is required. Their tutors must all be familiar with the School Solver procedure. You must receive a grade of at least 92% on this test.

You will start getting questions on the subjects you passed as soon as you pass the tests, and you can start making money right away.

How does School Solver work?

On School Solver, a student asks a question about an assignment for which they need an answer. If the assignment falls within your area of expertise, you are welcome to share your response along with a detailed explanation of how you arrived at the answer. When a tutor posts an answer, the student who asked the question will be contacted and given a chance to preview it. Once the student has paid for it, they can access your complete response.

If the student is not satisfied, they may get in touch with you to ask questions or offer comments. You have a limited amount of time to improve your response; if you don’t, the student will get their money back.

How much can you get paid to do homework on School Solver?

The price a student is prepared to pay for each assignment is posted. You can post your response and wait for the student to purchase it if you think the price is fair.

For each answer purchased through School Solver, a 20% commission is charged, in addition to a 2% withdrawal fee for each withdrawal from your account.

If a student is dissatisfied with the response, they may request a refund.

When the biggest search engines forward your replies, you can also earn more money. You will receive payment more than once for responding to a single question if other people who are searching for the same solution view your response. A particular annuity that distributes cashflow over time may be the solution.

Their highest paid tutor earned more than $15,000 on the website.

Sign up to do assignments at School Solver .

2. 24houranswers

There are too many courses to name here, but 24houranswers concentrates on helping college-level students in more than 380 different areas. With this homework platform’s more extensive selection of services, you have more chances to earn money. The college homework library is one of the services, where students can purchase answers from earlier solutions at a lesser cost. Also, the website provides one-on-one online coaching sessions and detailed written solutions.

With excellent ratings from Google Reviews, the BBB, and Trustpilot, 24 Hour Answers is a reliable business. It features a dependable support staff available to help tutors as well as students.

What are the requirements to become a 24houranswers tutor?

You need at least a Masters degree to work as a tutor for 24houranswers.com. If not, you should at least have a Bachelor’s degree with excellent grades. To communicate effectively in both written and spoken form, you must have a strong grasp of the English language.

To build your account and profile, you must first register by heading to the 24houranswers Become A Tutor page. Create an account with a name that conceals your real name in advance. Your transcript of records will need to be uploaded. You will be contacted to schedule an interview after being placed on the short list.

After being hired as a instructor, you will be watched to make sure you consistently produce trustworthy, unique, and high-quality material.

A set of conduct guidelines for tutors are upheld by 24houranswers and may be found in the company’s Tutor Code of Conduct. Study and comprehend the guidelines to avoid unintentionally breaking any.

Maintain a high standard of decency at all times.

How Does 24houranswer work?

On the 24houranswer homepage, a student can specify whether they require written assistance or online tutoring. They choose the topic, upload the relevant question, and file.

The technology can automatically pair the student with a tutor, or they can choose a tutor themselves.

Let’s say you are chosen or connected to a pupil automatically. In that scenario, you can start a conversation with the student to go through the specifics of the task, such as what is expected in terms of deadlines and spending limits. The student pays for your tutoring services while finishing the homework after you have agreed on the specifics.

If you don’t provide the job as promised, the student may also rate your performance and ask for a refund.

How much can you get paid to do homework on 24houranswers?

You can make anywhere between $1.25 and $10 for the answers you submit through the college library service, whereas live tutoring costs $15 to $45 per hour. The hourly wage fluctuates depending on a number of variables, including the difficulty of the subject. For instance, compared to English and math, engineering and physics are likely to pay more per hour.

Tutors are paid by 24houranswers at the beginning of each month. If you would prefer to grow your money before receiving payment, you can ask that payments be withheld. Although there is no set minimum for payment, you should have enough money coming in to pay the transaction costs associated with the payment provider of your choosing.

24houranswers accepts payments via ACH, PayPal, Payoneer, or bank transfer for overseas transactions.

Sign up to do assignments at 24houranswers

3. Homework Market

Homework Market is a community of tutors who earn money by answering specific questions for a wide variety of subjects, doing homework for others, or editing assignments. It also a proofreading jobs at home for money

Although it is unclear what grade levels the community serves, it is safe to assume that college- and high school-aged students are eligible to use the program.

What are the requirements to become a Homework Market tutor?

To participate in the Homework Market, you must register and set up a profile that highlights your credentials, abilities, and areas of expertise. There is no evaluation done on those who want to be a part of the Homework Market community because there are no minimum qualifications to become a instructor.

How does Homework Market work?

Every kind of homework can be posted by a student on the Homework Market website. If you come across an interesting assignment, you complete it and upload it with the fee you anticipate being paid for it. Following the student’s preview, you will be compensated for your job at your pricing if they approve. Only once you have been paid for the homework will a student get access to the entire assignment.

How much can you get paid to do homework on Homework Market?

Make sure your rate is acceptable when you set it. You’ll be more likely to be chosen by a pupil. Tutor fees often range from $5 to $25, depending on the difficulty of the requested service. A student can agree on a payment for doing their assignment.

Please note that Homework Market 20% commission is added to each assignment.

Join up at Homework Market to complete assignments.

4. Tutor.com

Independent contractors are employed by Tutor.com to assist kids from kindergarten through college level with their homework. They are a reliable organization with more than 20 years of experience.

What are the requirements to become a Tutor.com tutor?

Tutor.com has strict requirements and a rigorous tutor screening process in comparison to other platforms where students can buy homework.

Check to see if you fit the following requirements before applying:

  • Are you a citizen of the United States with a current Social Security number?
  • Are you able to work in the United States?
  • Do you possess a four-year degree from an institution that is recognized? If not, are you currently enrolled in a four-year college or higher at an accredited university as a sophomore or higher?
  • Can you commit to working with students for at least five hours per week?
  • Are you knowledgeable in at least one area?
  • Do you communicate clearly both verbally and in writing?
  • Are you an English language native speaker?
  • Do you enjoy instructing students and outlining concepts for them? Can you carry it out in an online setting?

If the answer to all of the aforementioned questions was affirmative, fill out an online application on the organization’s website and pass a competency test in one of the most sought-after fields. A mock interview and session with another online tutor will also be held. A background check completes the procedure.

It takes one to three weeks to complete the screening process to become a instructor.

How does Tutor.com work?

You can log in to the system after being employed and wait for kids who require tutoring.

When a student requires assistance with a homework assignment, you will be notified. The student will be directed to an online classroom if you are the first to respond, where you can start assisting them with their problem-solving needs.

Your student can give you feedback on how you did at the conclusion of each lesson. Your online tutor profile will be updated with the ratings you have got.

How much can you get paid to do homework on Tutor.com?

Tutor.com offers pay ranging from $10 to $30 per hour, depending on the subject and degree of difficulty. Direct deposit will be used to pay instructors twice a month.

Join up at Tutor.com to complete homework.

5. TutorMe

Similar to Tutor.com, TutorMe offers a wider selection of disciplines, such as Python and piano instruction. It offers online education and on-demand tutoring. The website is simple to use and makes it simple to interact with your pupils.

This assignment site differs from its rivals in that it offers tutors a subsidized rate to enroll as learners.

A reputable organization called TutorMe employs instructors from universities including Yale, Princeton, USC, MIT, and Berkley.

What are the requirements to become a TutorMe tutor?

At least 18 years of age, enrollment in or graduation from an authorized university, prior tutoring or teaching experience, and subject matter expertise are requirements for teachers at TutorMe.

Fill out your educational history, professional experience, and topic areas of competence on the online tutoring application to get started.

How does TutorMe work?

Students can get in touch with you directly or TutorMe can act as a matchmaker.

You will be informed in any case if a student requires assistance. If you don’t accept the assignment within three minutes, you will lose the lesson that was matched to you. You will be assigned to the Waiting Room once you accept the position. The student choose how to pay for the lesson and whether to continue.

You’ll be both taken to the lesson area where you can communicate using a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, or other similar tools.

How much can you get paid to do homework on TutorMe?

For creating lesson explanations or providing online tutoring, TutorMe charges a flat rate of $16 per hour. The weekly amount of hours and minutes served is used to calculate the rate.

Nevertheless, you are only compensated for assignments that take at least five minutes per student. Hence, if you simply have a three-minute session with a pupil, it won’t be taken into account when calculating your weekly salary.

PayPal is used for payment.

Sign up to do assignments at TutorMe .              

6. Studypool

Studypool is a microtutoring platform for urgent assignments and homework help.

What are the requirements to become a Studypool tutor?

Being an undergraduate or graduate student is the bare minimum requirement for a Studypool tutor. Higher education degree is preferred.

You will be required to write a 200-word essay after completing an online application. If you succeed on the essay test, Studypool will interview you about their policies. Your command of the English language will be assessed during both the interview and the essay test.

A valid ID from the government is required.

As soon as Studypool accepts you as a tutor, you can browse live queries and provide homework assistance in exchange for cash.

How Does Studypool Work?

A student posts a query and establishes a spending limit. You peruse the questions and submit bids for the positions that interest you. Accept the price or provide a counter offer with a lower price and a later deadline. The price you specified will be paid if the student chooses you.

Unless you submit a final response and the student accepts it, Studypool will not release the funds.

How much can you get paid to do homework on Studypool?

You will receive a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $20 for each response you submit. You have an limitless number of questions on which to bid, which raises your earning potential.

Studypool charges a commission of 20% to 30% of your gross earnings. PayPal is used for payments.

Join up at Studypool to complete assignments.

7. Help With Assignment

Tutors with expertise in a variety of topics, including marketing, math, law, nursing, engineering, computer science, etc. are sought after on this platform.

Online instruction is available from Help with Assignment, along with a library of click-and-buy solutions to previously asked issues.

Students in K–12, graduates, and post–graduate programs from various nations can use the platform. A legitimate business, Help With Assignment has supplied over 97,000 papers and has over 5,000 tutors on its website.

What are the requirements to become a Help With Assignment tutor?

You must have at least two years of work experience, preferably in teaching, if you don’t have a master’s or doctoral degree in your chosen field. You must also exhibit strong communication and English language skills.

There will be tests given to the instructors, but it’s not obvious what a passing score is.

How does Help With Assignment work?

A student uploads their homework file to the platform’s website to obtain an assignment. Within twenty minutes of the document being posted, a tutor will get back to the student.

By setting up a meeting, the student can also choose to have a live, one-on-one tutoring session.

Online assignment assistance is an additional choice that entails having tutors or subject-matter experts write for pupils.

The Click and Purchase service is the last possible choice. Through its Solution Library, a student can purchase an answer for a reasonable price. The answers to every inquiry conceivable about a variety of subjects are available in the library.

How much can you get paid to do homework on Help With Assignments?

A minimum of $7 can be paid to tutors for each page of written work. How much Help With Assignments pays for online sessions is not disclosed, though.

Sign up to do assignments at Help with Assignment

8. Wyzant

Wyzant is an online marketplace that provides tutoring services in over 250 courses both in-person and online. With featured pieces on Fox News, the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, CNBC, CNN, and more, Wyzant is a reliable source.

What are the requirements to become a Wyzant tutor?

A permanent resident of the United States with a Social Security number who is at least 18 years old is required to become a Wyzant tutor.

To fill out an online application and select your areas of specialization, you must first sign up on their Tutor Sign Up page. Within 48 hours, a Wyzant staff member will assess your application and provide comments. A competence test on the subject you selected to coach will be delivered to you if you pass the initial screening.

Be prepared to grant permission for a background investigation.

Finally, you must read the rules governing how Wyzant and its tutors will collaborate.

How does Wyzant work?

You’ll receive an email or text when tutoring positions become available. You may view the details of the homework by clicking the link, which will take you to the job application page. Put in your bid for the job if you want it.

Before using your services, the student must first pay for homework assistance.

How much can you get paid to do homework on Wyzant?

Wyzant charges a platform fee of 25% in addition to the $30 to $60 per hour range for tutoring services. For every $100 you earn on the platform, you get to keep $75.

Sign up to do assignments at Wyzant .

9. One Class

OneClass is a huge repository of student-made study materials, lecture notes, and video tutorials. Graduates are also welcome to submit their work. Users have the option of signing up for a free account or a subscription plan. Students may have limitless access to lecture notes and study guides, depending on the membership level they choose.

Who can be a notetaker in OneClass?

Under certain conditions, college students and recent graduates are welcome to join the OneClass community of notetakers.

Notetakers must complete an application and submit a sample of their class notes. You can start uploading your weekly notes as soon as the sample satisfies OneClass’ requirements.

How does One Classwork?

Every week, certified note takers are required to post study materials to the website and receive points for doing so.

It is forbidden to use content that has been ripped or reproduced from books, journals, or other sources. Each set of notes uploaded each day is examined by an internal audit team. Frequent users may also notify OneClass if any materials are inappropriate.

Before using credits to unlock them, users can preview the document.

How much can you make uploading documents at OneClass?

On OneClass, you won’t receive direct payment in cash. As an alternative, each upload will earn you 20 to 25 credits. Study material can be unlocked with the credits.

You will be invited to join the official notetaking team if you are a great notetaker. And if you excel, you are promoted to the rank of Elite Notetaker. When you hit this level, you can earn up to 75 credits.

Additionally, referring friends to OneClass can earn you credits.

As an alternative, you can trade your OneClass credits in for Starbucks, Amazon, or even cash.

Sign up to do assignments at OneClass .

10. Paper Coach

Paper Coach is titled as such since it focuses on providing high school, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students with custom paper writing services. They will assist anyone who requires assistance with writing assignments like book reviews, themed essays, etc.

With over 11,000 orders processed and nearly 1,200 skilled authors, Paper Coach is a reliable business.

What are the requirements to become a Paper Coach writer?

However, you can try submitting your CV so you can submit a bid for a project. Paper Coach relies on specialized LinkedIn groups. But you need to have a Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. in order for them to take into account your application for a writing position.

International applicants are welcome.

How does Paper Coach work?

A student fills out an order form, uploads the necessary files for the writer, and submits it. The student then considers the price of the paper, the amount of pages, the deadline, and the academic standing of the writer. The student agrees to the price and makes payment arrangements before checking the Paper Coach notification system to see when the paper is available for download.

How much can you get paid to do homework on Paper Coach?

A minimum payment of $8 is made by Paper Coach. Depending on your academic standing and the complexity of your writing style, you may be able to earn more.

Join Paper Coach to start writing.

11. HashLearn

HashLearn is the first on-demand mobile tutoring software in India, helping kids in grades 8 through 12 be ready for admission exams.

What are the requirements to become a HashLearn tutor?

To apply, go to the company’s online tutor application page and provide a photo of your photo ID.

A personality test and academic exam will be given to you to gauge your knowledge of the subject you selected and your command of the English language.

How Does HashLearn Work?

If there is a tutoring session for your preferred subject, you will be notified. You must be available for the following 20 minutes or until the student ends the session after accepting a session.

How much can you get paid to do homework on HashLearn?

You can make between INR 0.5 and INR 0.75 each minute.

Sign up to do assignments at HashLearn .

12. EduBoard

Students of all ages and academic levels can use the EduBoard website for 24/7 assistance with their homework and test preparation. It makes use of a platform for interactive whiteboard tutoring.

What are the requirements to become an EduBoard tutor?

The following criteria must be met to work as an EduBoard instructor:

  • Must be a citizen of Canada or the United States
  • In your senior year of college or have earned your degree from a U.S. or Canadian university that is accredited, dedicated to teaching, and you have the ability to inspire pupils to learn.
  • Take an English language exam.

You will be led to your account to start earning paid to do people’s assignments after passing the test and the prerequisites.

How does EduBoard work?

While a tutor can bid on tasks and difficulties they like and feel comfortable solving, students place orders for homework assistance.

How much can you get paid to do homework on EduBoard?

With EduBoard, tutors are allowed to decide on and discuss their own tutoring fees. The following hourly tutoring rates typically apply:

  • Question and Answer: depending on your abilities, $2 to $25 each question
  • A 30-minute online tutoring session costs $20.
  • $15 to $25 for a video tutorial

20% of your overall earnings are the commission that Eduboard charges.

Join up at Eduboard to complete assignments.

13. Growing Stars

Growing Stars, which launched in 2004, serves students in grades 1 through 12, as well as some college students, therefore it serves a relatively youthful market. Students who have used it have improved their grades, gained confidence, developed solid study habits and skills, and performed well on competitive exams.

What are the requirements to become a Growing Stars tutor?

Prospective tutors must be willing to participate in training with Growing Stars and hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in the chosen field or important subject. They need to have a Skype account and commit to sessions lasting at least an hour.

How does Growing Stars work?

Growing Stars, in contrast to other platforms, employs education managers that collaborate with parents of students to establish learning objectives and handle pertinent difficulties. An online diagnostic test is given to students, and the results are used to create a unique learning plan for each one of them. The learning plan is carried out by the online tutor.

Although all lessons are scheduled in advance, students are allowed to use instant messaging to reach out to online tutors if they require assistance right away.

How much can you get paid to do homework on Growing Stars?

Tutors for Developing Stars make roughly $6,800 a year.

Register to complete tasks at Growing Stars

14. GeeklyLab

The goal of GeeklyLabs is to establish a collaborative environment where educators and students may interact and share information. It takes pride in being an advocate for academic honesty and having high academic standards.

What are the requirements to become a “Geek” at GeeklyLab?

Fill up the GeeklyLab application form with the essential details, including your education and job history. Additionally, instructors will be required to read the GeeklyLabs rules and commit to upholding them.

You will take a test of your competency in the disciplines you have chosen for your coaching after a few days. If you do well on the examinations, teachers will start offering to pay you to help with your assignments.

How does GeeklyLab work?

Like most websites that offer homework assistance, GeeklyLab functions. A Geek is informed when a student posts a request for homework. When Geek and the students have reached an understanding regarding the specifics, the tutoring session begins. The student pays the agreed upon sum at the conclusion of the session.

How much can you get paid to do homework on GeeklyLab?

At the conclusion of each session, you will receive payment of up to $20 per hour. Once per week, you can make a withdrawal using the payout method of your choice.

Sign up to do assignments at GeeklyLab .

15. Allhomework.net

Allhomework.net provides written, personalized answers to homework issues.

What are the requirements to become an Allhomework.net tutor?

A tutor for Allhomework.net needs to have completed four years of college or university coursework and have some prior work experience in a setting that is similar to online tutoring. Word, PowerPoint, and other authoring tools should be familiar to instructors on a working level.

Since excellent essay writing is demanded of educators, they must be proficient in English essay writing. First- and second-year programming assignments must be managed by computer programming tutors.

How does Allhomework.net work?

When your application is accepted, you can begin working as a problem-solver for students to make money.

Through your account, start looking through the list of available projects and assignments. You can submit bids for projects, stating your desired hourly rate and an estimation of the grade you believe the student will earn as a result of your help. The student is shown the best offers so they can choose which tutor to choose.

How much can you get paid to do homework on Allhomework.net? 

PayPal is used to release payments on a monthly basis. The sum is determined by the quantity of accepted projects and the fee established with the student.

Join up at Allhomework.net to complete assignments.

16. TutorEye

TutorEye, a company founded in 2015, bills itself as the most cost-effective online tutoring service for children in grades K through 12.

What are the requirements to become a TutorEye tutor?

To prove your identification and to be checked against minimum requirements, submit a completed application.

You need at least a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university as well as excellent grades, particularly in your chosen subject, to be qualified to be a tutor.

You will have an interview with TutorEye so they can evaluate your personality and communication abilities. Understanding student psychology is advantageous because instructors are expected to be approachable, competent, and encouraging.

It is essential to be familiar with computers and internet usage.

How does TutorEye work?

Based on the subject, a student will choose a instructor from the TutorEye directory.

The tutor should be made aware of the specifics of the homework prior to the session so that the tutor can get ready.

How much can you get paid to do homework on TutorEye?

TutorEye pays $5 to $8 per hour on average. Every two weeks, instructors receive payments via PayPal.

Sign up to do assignments at TutorEye .

Get Paid To Do Homework For Money Summary

A legal service and means of income is doing homework for cash. Due to the ethical issues that have been brought up against it, some people are against it.

Nonetheless, seeking aid with assignments is a choice that students or parents make for themselves, and nobody can deny the advantages of homework help.

It’s also a matter of personal preference if you get paid to assist someone with their task. Helping a student come up with a solution to a issue is often satisfying for the teacher.

Make the decision to work from home as an online instructor valuable for both you and the student.

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