15 Best Profitable Franchise In India

If your 9-to-5 work isn’t satisfying you, consider starting a franchise business. It’s a fantastic business strategy with various advantages that allows you to earn more money in less time.

Yet, because India is a hub of multinational corporations, the best franchise in India is plentiful.

Profitable Franchise Business

People like the franchise business model because it provides exclusive benefits to organizations by creating job possibilities. You can own a franchise of any international brand by investing a certain amount of money under certain terms and conditions.

Furthermore, it is a low-risk business model in which you do not need to invest in branding, advertising, or marketing because the franchise firm already has a stronghold on the market and a devoted client base.

Every coin, as we all know, has two sides. Similarly, there are advantages and disadvantages to the franchise business model. Therefore, before we get into the meat of the post, let’s speak about the benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re looking for the greatest franchise in India, this post will be useful because we’ve compiled a list of top organizations that offer franchise opportunities in India. Let’s scroll down and see who’s the greatest!

15 Best Profitable Franchise Businesses in India

1. Amul – Profitable Franchise

Amul, India’s leading indigenous brand, was founded in 1946 and began franchising in 2000.

It provides a fantastic opportunity to create a profitable business with minimal capital. Nonetheless, it propels India to the top of the global milk supply chain and soon establishes itself as India’s best franchise.

In today’s world, it has over 2500 franchise units spreading its name around the globe.

You can easily apply for an Amul franchise for a little investment of 2-6 lakhs and earn a lot of money in a short period of time. It was officially said that depending on the location of your Amul franchise, you could earn 5-10 lakh every month.

It also offers several franchises with specific area requirements, such as Amul parlour and Amul Kiosk (Amul Railway Parlour). It is looking for a 100 to 300 square foot room that is both beautiful and air-conditioned. Starting a franchise business might thus be an excellent and rewarding investment.

  • Amul franchise business requires 100-300 square feet of space.
  • Amul franchise business total investment: 2-6 lakh

2. KFC – Most Profitable Franchise

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a US-based corporation that was founded in 1939 and now has over 20000 locations worldwide. It’s a well-known brand in India that sells a variety of chicken dishes. Furthermore, it established a global reputation by ranking 201st among the top 500 corporations.

Consumers trust this brand because of its high-quality products and mouthwatering flavor. It is the best franchise in India that provides you with numerous benefits.

Establishing a KFC franchise is more expensive than other franchises because it requires an investment of 1-2 crore (including various service charges) and a 1,000-1,500 square foot area in a favorable location. If you meet all of the criteria and follow their recommendations, there is no better franchise than KFC to help you earn a lot of money in a short amount of time.

  • 1000 to 1500 square feet is required for a KFC franchise.
  • KFC franchise business total investment: 1-2 crores

3. Domino’s Pizza

It’s a popular eatery known for its wonderful pizzas in a variety of flavors. It is an American corporation that was founded in 1960 and has grown to over 500 franchise locations in India. It is the largest pizza delivery chain in the world, with great customer service.

Furthermore, Dominos’ main competitor is Pizza Hut, and the food sector is highly competitive, but despite these obstacles, Dominos maintains a dominant position in 700 countries due to its unique taste and delivery services.

To open a Dominos franchise, you’ll need to invest between 65 lakh and 2 crore in a 1500 square foot area, though this can vary based on the store type.

It provides full management training and has the ability to change franchise products at any moment. It is the greatest franchise to establish in India since it delivers the most profit with the least amount of risk.

  • 1000-1500 square feet (depending on store type) is required for a Dominos Pizza franchise.)
  • Overall investment for the Dominos Pizza franchise: 65 lakh-2 crores, and 30-50 lakh for the typical store.

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DTDC is India’s oldest and most dependable courier brand, having been in operation since 1990 and presently having 5800 active outlets worldwide. It provides package and logistic delivery services on a national and international scale.

In India, you can start a DTDC franchise with a minimum investment of 75000 for a 75 sq. ft. area, though this might vary based on the location.

Furthermore, the DTDC franchise is divided into three categories, each of which requires a separate investment, and there is no requirement for well-equipped premises. Without any complicated application procedures, you can establish a DTDC business in a 10X10 room.

  • DTDC franchise business requires the following area: The ground floor starts at 250 square feet.
  • DTDC franchise business total investment: 50000-150000 INR

5. KidZee

KidZee is Asia’s leading preschool franchise brand, with a significant expansion in India’s education sector. It has over 1900 centers operating in over 700 countries. It began in 2003 and has grown its franchise over the previous 14 years.

With a minimum investment of 12 lakh and a space of 2000-3000 sq ft, it is one of the best franchises to start in India.

It was also named the finest preschool brand in 2018 and listed among the top 100 franchise models. As a result, investing in the KidZee business will be fantastic.

  • KidZee franchise business requires 2000-3000 square feet of space.
  • KidZee franchise business total investment: 12-15 lakh

6. Café Coffee Day

You may recognize this brand as CCD; it is the first choice of coffee aficionados because to its distinct flavor. It is well-known for its slogan, “A lot may happen over coffee,” as well as the delicious flavor of coffee.

They established an authentic brand name in the market after operating a franchise business in India for a while.

Its expanding chain has proven that it is not just known for coffee, drinks, and snacks, but also for excellent service and a flavor that appeals to all palates. Simply invest ten lakhs and a space of 1000-1500 square feet to obtain a CCD franchise.

  • Café Coffee Day franchise company need the following space: 1000-1500 square feet on the ground floor
  • Café Coffee Day franchise company total investment: 5-10 lakh, brand fee: 50000

7. Dr. Lal Pathlabs

Dr. Lal Pathlabs is the world’s leading diagnostic services provider, started in 1950 and quickly expanding. It has been in business for 60 years and is well-known for providing good and inexpensive pathology services.

It provides radiological testing, lab staff training, pathology testing, lab management services, and a quality assurance program in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and others.

Dr. Lal Pathlabs franchises are simple to get, requiring only a minimum investment of 3 lakhs and 200-250 square feet of ground floor space with bathrooms and other service facilities. It’s a lucrative franchise because you may easily earn over 1 lakh each month.

  • Dr. Lal Pathlabs franchise business requires 200-250 square feet of space.
  • Dr. Lal Pathlabs franchise company total investment: 3-4 lakh

8. Patanjali – Most Profitable Franchise Business

Patanjali is a new brand in India that has quickly established a strong presence in the market. Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkishan launched it in 2006 as an indigenous brand.

It is the only company that has made 200 crores in a short period of time. They began with herbal and ayurvedic products, but as their business grew, they expanded to include healthcare, grocery items, beauty products, and much more.

It is the best franchise in India that can be created in any location with a minimum of 500 square feet. Its investment rate is determined by the type of store, and a Patanjali store requires a minimum budget of 7 lakh.

The investment rate varies depending on the type of store. It has since grown into a global brand with herbal and Ayurvedic properties. As a result, Patanjali is an excellent choice for a franchise.

  • Patanjali franchise businesses require 300-1000 square feet of space, with a mega store requiring 1200 square feet.
  • Patanjali franchise business investment ranges from 7 lakh to 2 crore. Megastores cost 50-70 lakhs.

9. Batra’s Clinic

It is the ideal franchise model to start because it has over 100 clinics throughout the world and is the top homoeopathic clinic in 47 countries, including Dubai, the United Kingdom, and India.

It is mostly used to treat acne, hair treatments, asthma, allergies, and a variety of other ailments. It is the fastest-growing healthcare and diagnosis company in the world, with over 1.5 million patients connected.

Dr. Batras Clinic recommends the franchise to people with a 500-square-foot space and a budget of $25-$30,000. It is the world’s most trusted brand, with operations in five nations, and it would be the greatest business franchise for huge profits.

  • A minimum of 300 square feet is necessary for the Batras Clinic franchise operation.
  • Batras Clinic franchise company requires a total investment of 25-30 lakhs.

10. First Cry

First Cry is a well-known brand that offers high-quality children’s clothing and accessories. They trust it over other kids’ brands since no one can compromise with baby items. It has over 400 outlets across India and offers over 2 lakhs children’s items from 5800+ brands.

If you want to start a franchise business, it would be advantageous because you only need to spend 20 lakhs and have a 1000 square foot area. Because of its high-quality products and excellent customer service, it ranks among India’s top ten franchises.

  • A minimum of 1000 square feet is necessary for a First Cry franchise firm.
  • 30-40 lakhs in total for the First Cry franchise company.

11. Subway

Subway is a well-known food and beverage brand, known for its delicious sandwiches and excellent customer service. It is an American brand that was formed in 1974 and specializes in submarine sandwiches, beverages, and salads. It now has branches in over 102 countries.

You can also be a part of the world’s leading brand for just 25 lakhs and 300 square feet. It competes with Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, and many other international brands in India. Hence, by getting a Subway franchise, you can make a lot of money.

  • 170-350 square feet is necessary for a Subway franchise.
  • Overall investment for a Subway franchise is between $25 and $30,000.
  • Subway Franchise Fee: 4.5 lakhs; Royalty Fees and Advertising Costs: 8% and 4.5% of Net Sales, respectively.

12. Lenskart

Lenskart exploded in popularity in India, and it now has a presence in over 1000 cities and towns. This company sells a large variety of optical lenses, frames, sunglasses, and eyeglasses at a low cost. It was launched in 2010 and quickly established itself as a market leader.

It is simple to create a Lenskart franchise; it requires a minimum initial cost of 30 lakhs and a 300 square foot area. It also seeks a $200,000 brand fee. It also offers fantastic chances and training for women who want to create a Lenskart franchise.

  • 300-500 square feet is necessary for a Lenskart franchise.
  • Lenskart franchise business total investment: 25-30 lakh

13. Bikanervala – Most Profitable Franchise

Bikanervala is a well-known name in Indian families, and it was founded in Rajasthan in 1950. This company is well-known for its delectable sweets, nibbles, biscuits, and other treats.

With over 200 locations around the world, it has become a top business franchise in India and other countries.

To start a Bikanervala company franchise, you would require a space of 1200-2000 sq ft and a minimum investment of 12 lakhs, excluding additional costs like as electricity and franchise fees.

It will cost between 1 and 5 crores in total. It’s a profitable business platform since it already has a base of loyal clients who trust the quality of its products.

  • 1200-2000 sq ft is necessary for the Bikanervala franchise business.
  • Bikanervala franchise business total investment: 1-5 crore

14. Khadims Franchise

It is a well-known indigenous brand that was founded in 1981. It is the most popular footwear brand in India, with over 480 stores.

It mostly distributes wholesale footwear, and if you want to establish a franchise business in India, it is the ideal franchise business to start and earn more.

To start a Khadims franchise, you’ll need a budget of more than 20 lakhs and a space of 500-700 square feet.

It also requires a refundable security deposit of Rs. 2 lakh. As a result, it would be an excellent starting point for a franchise.

  • 500-1000 square feet is necessary for a Khadims franchise.
  • Khadims franchise business total investment: 20-30 lakh

15. Lakme – Profitable Franchise

Lakme is a leading name in beauty products and the best franchise in India. It was started in 1952 and expanded its growth by providing quality cosmetic products at a very minimal price.

This brand is owned by Hindustan Unilever and is present in over 75 countries. You can establish a Lakme business franchise by selling cosmetics or starting a salon; it now has over 150 locations in India and is the leading distributor of beauty items.

If you want to open a Lakme franchise, you’ll need a minimum of 25 lakhs and 500 square feet of space. Furthermore, the company provides training and beautification, allowing you to earn more in a shorter period of time.

  • 500-1000 sq ft is necessary for a Lakme franchise firm.
  • The Lakme franchise business requires a total investment of Rs. 25 lakh.

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Franchise business Advantages

  • You may quickly start and maintain this business because it is already established.
  • There is a high likelihood of success with little risk, unlike other firms.
  • Excellent business model for new businesses.
  • It can be started at a low cost of operation.
  • The parent company provides business training and technological knowledge.

Franchise business Disadvantages

  • There is no autonomy because the main company is in charge.
  • The company’s terms and conditions bind your independence.
  • The profit portion must be divided with the parent firm.
  • Lack of originality because you have to stick to the rules and can’t change anything.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a franchise business is a terrific method to make more money because most parent firms have well-established names around the world that save you time and effort.

Yet, there are other factors to consider before purchasing a business franchise, including location, market demand, investment, and your desire to make a large profit.

Furthermore, choosing the best franchise in India is difficult because there are so many to pick from, but it is critical to consider your budget as well as the company’s terms and conditions to find one that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a franchise business? 

A franchise is a business concept in which a person or organization sells products and services under the brand of a well-known corporation. It’s a type of partnership governed by certain terms and circumstances that enable a person or company to profit.

What are the things that I should consider to find the best franchise in India? 

A franchise business is a terrific method to make money quickly while minimizing risk. Before partnering with a firm and purchasing a franchise, research the company’s history and consumer base, as well as the items that they require, examine the franchise cost, and compare the many franchises to choose the best.

Why should I choose a franchise business rather than starting my own company?

It’s an excellent question. Beginning a business is fraught with danger, and no one wants to take it. By eliminating marketing and advertising costs, franchise businesses protect you from risk factors and allow you to earn more quickly. Furthermore, the company already has a loyal customer base. Many of these elements are impossible to achieve when beginning your own business; therefore, owning the best franchise in India is a wise decision.

What questions should I ask a franchise owner? 

It’s critical to ask some questions before purchasing a business franchise, and the following are some of the questions you should ask:

– What are the things that you require to provide as a franchise? 
– How much do I have to invest at the initial level? 
– What’s your business franchise policy? 
Do you provide any financial assistance?

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