15 Best OTT Platforms In India

OTT Platforms means over-the-top platform/ media services. OTT is the new sensation of the digital era. There are 40+ OTT platform providers in India.

The initial platform has been on the market since 2008. During COVID lockdown, however, there is a huge boom in this industry.

In recent years, OTT has emerged as India’s premier streaming provider.

15 best OTT platform providers in India

1. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is India’s most popular OTT platform. Star India owns and operates Hotstar, which was started in 2015.

It has almost 300 million monthly active users. Hotstar’s American equivalent was acquired by Walt Disney, and Hotstar became Disney+ Hotstar.

Because of its exclusive coverage of the IPL (Indian Premier League), Hotstar is one of India’s most popular OTT platforms. This portal also features internationally recognized series such as Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, and others.

The cost of a Hotstar premium subscription ranges from $399 to $1499 per year. A year-long VIP membership costs around $399. The VIP subscription includes HD definition videos, Disney and Marvel films, dubbed films, and more.

The premium package would set you back around Rs 299 per month. You receive 4K definition films, an ad-free viewing experience, English programming, Disney+ originals, and more with the premium subscription.

2. Netflix

Netflix has been present since the 1990s, although it really became popular around 2005. It was formed in 1998 to rent out copies of shows, movies, and other media.

It was a resounding success. Netflix then changed to meet the needs of its users and become a globally popular streaming service. Netflix was started in 1997 by two businessmen, Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, as an OTT platform.

With over 200 million customers, Netflix is a hugely popular OTT platform. Netflix is primarily a customer-driven business.

Netflix offers premium and exclusive shows in a range of languages. Sacred Games, Money Heist, Friends, House of Cards, Blackwidow, Stranger Things, and other well-known movies and series are available on Netflix.

Netflix also features a series of original shows known as Netflix originals.

Monthly Netflix Premium subscriptions range from 199 to 799 rupees. The monthly fee for the mobile-only plan is 199 dollars.

Netflix premium is only available in 480p on mobile devices. The basic plan (499 per month) and the standard plan (649 per month), respectively, allow you to stream Netflix premium on one and multiple devices (phone, tablet, TV, etc).

Netflix also offers a premium subscription (799 per month) that allows you to view shows in HD and HDR on any device.

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3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an Amazon Inc. commercial endeavour. It’s an OTT platform based in the United States. In 2016, it arrived in India. The Office, Mirzapur, The Family Man, The Big Bang Theory, and other premium shows are available on Prime Video.

It has the second-highest number of subscribers among India’s OTT platforms. Amazon Prime members have access to additional benefits such as Amazon Music, free shipping, and special discounts.

A three-month Amazon Prime subscription costs 329 rupees, while a year’s subscription costs 999 rupees. HD quality shows, ad-free content, 1 day delivery on Amazon purchases, free delivery on Amazon products, ebooks and comics on Prime Reading, and free game material in Prime Gaming are all included in the prime subscription.

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4. Voot

Viacom 18 Corporation is the owner of Voot. In India, Voot is well-known. Fans of Big Boss adore voot. Color TV serials are available on voot.

They also feature a diverse selection of series and films in a range of languages. Voot Select is the name given to the content created by Voot. Asur, the Raikar case, and so forth.

You can also watch MTV India serials like Roadies, Splitsvilla, and others on voot.

A subscription to Voot costs roughly rs 99 per month or rs 999 per year.

5. Zee5

In the year 2013, Zeetv released Zee5 OTT called Ditto tv. Ditto TV used to broadcast from a variety of channels, including Star, Sony, Zee, and others.

Zee5 was formed once it was reduced down to solely Zee channel shows. It has a large number of original films, web series, and shows. Zee5 also has programming from &Tv, Viacom Tv, and other networks.

A year’s subscription to Zee5 premium costs Rs 499. You may watch the latest Zee TV series, Zee5 originals, Alt Balaji sneakers, and over 4000 movies. You can stream on up to five devices at once.

6. Sony Liv

Sony Pictures PVT ltd created Sony Liv, an OTT platform. It features Sony, Sab, and other television series. On Sony Liv, you can also watch live sports and WWE.

It boasts a large number of English-language films and television programmes. They also make Sony Liv originals including Scam 1992, Maharani, and others.

A year’s subscription to Sony Liv costs 999 rupees.

You may watch live sports and TV shows, as well as international shows and Liv Originals. You can simultaneously watch on two devices.

7. Youtube Premium

YouTube is India’s most popular OTT platform. There are numerous free series and shows available on YouTube. On YouTube, you may rent movies.

Original YouTube shows and movies are available through Youtube Premium. Youtube Premium gives you access to ad-free material and high-resolution videos.

It also features background play for YouTube music, so you may listen to music and audio even while the app is minimized.

The monthly cost of the Youtube Premium plan is Rs 139. It has a student discount. Students can subscribe to Youtube Premium for Rs 79 per month. They also offer a family plan for Rs 189 per month, which covers the entire family.

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8. Viki Rakuten

Viki Rakuten is an OTT platform based in the United States. It offers free Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and other dramas.

Korean and Chinese dramas are very popular these days. A tsunami of Hallyu dramas is sweeping the globe. The majority of the dramas on Viki Rakuten are available for free.

Strong woman do bong soon, the King eternal monarch, go-go squid, and other legendary dramas are available on Viki Rakuten. Viki pass is the name of the Viki subscription.

Viki pass costs approximately $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Viki VIP gives you access to premium shows, HD videos, and an ad-free viewing experience.

9. MX Player

In India, MX Player is a free OTT platform. MX Entertainment is the owner. It features TV serials and shows from all of the major television networks. It has a large number of films in many languages.

They make money by presenting adverts in between, but everything else on MX Player is free. MX Player also has its own original shows and films.

Hey Prabhu, Aashram, Flames, and more well-known ones are among them. It offers episodes and films in over 15 languages. MX Player currently has more than 300 million users.

10. Viu

Viu is a video streaming platform based in Hong Kong that was founded by the Viu worldwide company. Viu offers a large number of free Korean dramas, Hindi TV series, international episodes, and movies.

They have the most content available for free. Premium subscribers can watch videos in 1080p resolution and without advertisements.

Non-subscribed users can still watch Viu’s whole material, but there will be advertisements in between. Viu offers a diverse range of content in a variety of languages and genres.

Viu’s monthly subscription package is roughly 129 rupees. Premium subscribers can download the material and watch it in high definition without any adverts.

11. BigFlix

In the year 2008, Reliance Entertainment introduced Big flix. This is the oldest OTT platform in India. It was a great smash at the time, but now it’s up against other OTT services.

You can only watch and download movies on BigFlix. There are no series or shows available. BigFlix features a large selection of films in numerous regional languages in the drama, comedy, action, thriller, and romance genres.

A 3-month free subscription to BigFlix is available. BigFlix’s annual subscription plan costs 500 rupees after three months.

12. Alt Balaji

An Indian corporation owns Alt Balaji. Balaji Telefilms Ltd has released it. Alt Balaji is well-known for its unique material.

Virtually all of the content available on the OTT platform was created by Alt Balaji. Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, The Test Case, Punch Beat, Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala, and other popular shows are among them. They create content in a wide range of topics and languages.

Alt Balaji subscriptions cost Rs 100 for three months, Rs 180 for six months, and Rs 300 for a year.

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13. Jio cinema

Jio Cinema is a video streaming platform located in India. It is one of the dependence industries’ projects that was founded in 2016.

It was founded following the government’s and Mukesh Ambani’s JIO venture. This platform includes movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. They offer content in several languages. This platform is exclusive to Jio customers.

This platform is available to Jio customers for free. Other Sim users are unable to access the platform. Twisted, Maaya, Rain, and other well-known shows are available on this site.

14. EROS Now

Eros digital is the owner of EROS Now. It is a video streaming network based in India that was founded in 2012. Eros has almost 12000 shows, movies, and series available.

There are also music videos and tracks available. EROS’ content now spans a wide range of genres.

Some of the most well-known and blockbuster films, such as Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, Shubh Mangal Savdhan, and others, are available on this platform. They also offer an worldwide show lineup.

Eros Now also features original stuff such as side heroes, smoke, and so on.

Plans start at Rs 99 per month and go up to Rs 399 per year. You get high-quality videos, unlimited downloads and streaming of shows, and more with the subscription.

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15. TVF Play

The Viral Fever (TVF) is an Indian over-the-top streaming network that was founded in 2010. TVF media labs is the owner.

It was created to teach the younger generation how to assist, motivate, entertain, and so on. They discuss social concerns, lifestyle, politics, and other topics.

Only original content is available here. Permanent Roommates, TVF Pitchers, College Romance, Kota Factory, and other TVF series are well-known.

This platform is leading the way in India for web series. It is extremely popular among India’s youth. It is a completely free platform.


In India, there are numerous OTT platform providers. Everyone possesses a wide range of information. Some offer a wide range of entertainment options, while others are more focused.

Some people are better than others in certain genres. So, for endless and refreshing entertainment, a subscription to two or three sites would suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OTT platform?

People’s entertainment requirements are met by OTT platforms in the privacy of their own homes. It is a type of platform that allows viewers to watch videos on the internet from the comfort of their own homes using any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc). It is available at all hours of the day and night. OTT services bring together TV shows, newly released premium films, and web series on demand for viewers. Throughout this Lockdown, OTT has been a beacon of hope in people’s lonely, anxious lives.

Which are the Best OTT platforms in India?

In India, there are about 40 OTT platform operators. Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Sony Liv, MX Player, and others are among the greatest OTT platforms in India.

What is OTT full form?

Over the top media service is the full-form of OTT platform. These platforms offer on-demand video everywhere and at any time.

Is there any free OTT platform in India?

In India, the most popular free OTT services are MX Player and TVFPlay. They have excellent shows and films in a wide range of genres and languages. They also offer original programming that is worth viewing.

Which is the most subscribed OTT platform in India?

With over 350 million subscribers, Disney+Hotstar is India’s most popular OTT platform. The exclusive premium rights to IPL streaming and a variety of award-winning international series and movies are the main reasons for Disney Hotstar’s appeal in India.

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