14 Unique Types of Succulents Indoors To Buy Online (#4 & #12 are Cool!)

Indoor succulents like the pincushion cactus, blue agave plant, and aloe vera are the perfect plants for busy people. They are a cheerful addition to the home. You have to admit that house plants assist you in projecting a nurturing aura. Succulents, on the other hand, can assist you in accomplishing this with minimal work on your part. Not only that, but you can have lovely succulents without spending a fortune.

Where To Order Succulents?

If you prefer to purchase succulents from a local store, simply type succulents for sale near me into your search engine box. The nearest garden supply stores and garden centers will be provided for you, along with their contact information.

Succulent Arrangements for Beginners

For beginners, here’s a great short video on how to arrange succulents:

Where to Buy Succulents Online?

You may easily order succulents from the comfort of your own home. These plants can be easily delivered to your home through Amazon, Lulas Garden, The Sill, and a few more online stores. Mountain Crest Gardens and The Succulent Source are two places to visit if you’re looking for good deals. Meanwhile, Etsy and Planet Desert are good places to look for unique items. They have the answer if you want to buy unusual succulents that no one else in your clique has.

Buy Plants Wholesale

What if you bought plants in bulk? You will almost always receive a better deal. Succulents, on the other hand, are often inexpensive plants that you may acquire without worrying about losing money. Thousands of dollars can be spent on a rare caudiciform. This isn’t the kind of succulent you’d buy in bulk.

If you want to establish an online plant selling business, you should buy succulents in quantity. However, starting a succulent business isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. The market is already crowded. As a result, it would be beneficial if you could come up with a unique twist that will draw attention to your store. If you already have a plant or gift business, you can add succulents to capitalize on their popularity.

Best Place To Buy Succulents Near Me

The best places to buy succulents near you are usually internet businesses in the state where you live. They may deliver quickly and efficiently to your door. Of course, certain stores, such as Amazon, have a large delivery network. Unless you’re seeking for something unique, you should go with the internet behemoth.

Of course, before you take the jump and go online, you should think about the possibilities available in your area. Having the ability to choose a plant that is right in front of you has a number of benefits.

1. Rare Succulents for Sale

Succulents for Indoor Living: A Hand-Selected Collection of Rare Succulents


At no additional cost to you, if you click on this link and purchase something, we may receive a commission.
06/18/2022 09:50 pm GMT

Succulents are also available for purchase on Amazon. This is great news for those of you who prefer the convenience of a one-stop online shop than scouring local stores. These unusual, live air succulents come in a collection of eight different species that have been hand-picked for purchasers who seek out one-of-a-kind items.

Some plans just require spritzing once or twice a week. Make sure there’s a means for any extra water to drain. You should also use a fertilizer designed specifically for air plants. Aside from that, this strategy is sound and should last for a long time with little maintenance.

2. Succulents That Stay Small

Indoor Succulents that Stay Small is a collection of hand-picked indoor succulents.

At no additional cost to you, if you click on this link and purchase something, we may receive a commission.

This Amazon assortment allows you to buy succulents in quantity. This item is a collection of miniature succulents. This package comes with a variety of succulent varieties. Their color gradient of blue, teal, green, and gray creates an intriguing setting that will brighten up any house or office.

These plants just need to be watered once a week. It is never a good idea to water the leaves because this can cause them to rot. During the winter, these plants should only be watered every 2 to 3 weeks. Add a diluted balanced fertilizer every time you water. Dilute the fertilizer up to 14 times its original strength.

3. Unique Succulents for Sale

Indoor Unique Succulents that have been hand-selected and fully rooted


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06/18/2022 04:15 pm GMT

Shop Succulents (through Amazon) sells hand-picked live plants in collections of 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, and even 20 handpicked indoor succulents for people looking for something different. The default collection looks to be the 6-plant set collection. It costs around $24 for the 10-plant set and around $40 for the 20-plant package. You save more money the more you buy.

Throughout the winter, you can water these plants simply once a week or every 2 or 3 weeks. Although a diluted fertilizer might help them stay healthy, these succulents should be OK without it.

4. Unusual Succulents for Sale

3 Kalanchoe Daigremontiana (Mother of Thousands) Unique Succulent


At no additional cost to you, if you click on this link and purchase something, we may receive a commission.
06/18/2022 08:35 pm GMT

When you first see these odd succulents for sale, you might think the leaves’ edges have been decorated. Mexican hat plants, on the other hand, are usually as frilly as the photographs you’ll find online. For how distinctive and exciting it appears, this plant is a steal.

The odd plant can reach a height of 3 feet.

5. Succulents That Look Like Cactus

Cacti & Succulents That Look Like Cacti, 12-Pack


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06/18/2022 06:35 pm GMT

You could believe they’re all cactus if you buy this set from Amazon. You should be aware, however, that there are many succulents that resemble cactus. This collection includes cacti and succulents that seem same, as well as samples of diverse indoor succulents. You can create a cleaner and more consistent design look by purchasing a set of succulents that look similar.

The watering of both the cactus and the succulents must be kept in check. They are susceptible to overwatering, and excessively damp soil can lead to root rot. Employ well-draining potting soil and give the succulents about six hours of sun per day.

6. Indoor Flowering Succulents

San Diego Indoor Blooming Succulent, Full Rooted


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06/18/2022 09:15 pm GMT

Maybe you’re more interested in floral plants. Don’t worry: indoor flowering succulents can fill the gap between your longing for flowers and your lack of free time. True, these plants are a shade of green that resembles overflowing ivy yet have the toughness of a succulent.

Fat Plants, based in California, characterizes it as a string of pearls. Window sills, garden parties, and children’s fairy gardens are all good ideas.

7. Easiest Succulents to Grow

Succulent & Cactus Growing Kit by Natures Blossom

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Maybe you’re the type who likes to try new things. You may not have the time to devote to meticulous plant care, but you enjoy a good challenge now and then.

These beginner-friendly plant kits include everything you need to get started, including soil, seeds, and small containers. The product has a high germination rate, allowing you to grow succulents quickly. Even if you have no prior planting experience, they will be the easiest succulents to grow.

Because cactus and succulents are easy to grow, they make a great present for novices, housewarming parties, and youngsters.

8. Long Stem Succulent Plants

Madagascar Palm Tree Succulent Plant with Long Stems

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Do you want a potted palm tree? Perhaps you might wish to use some succulent plants with lengthy stems. Despite they appear to be too large to fit in a small pot, they have strong root systems that keep them in place. The supplier promises that the plan will be sturdy and have a good root system.

9. Colorful Succulents for Sale

Colorful Succulent Cuttings in 5 Various Varieties

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Colorful succulents for sale are perfect for adding a splash of color to your home. If you enjoy durable, gorgeous items, I recommend buying these rainbow succulents for sale. Not everything that is lovely is delicate. Some of them are capable of being planted by complete novices. They are excellent beginning plants because they are simple to root and care for.

10. Indoor Hanging Succulents Holder

AOMGD Macrame Indoor Hanging Succulent Holder, 3-Pack Size


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06/18/2022 10:05 pm GMT

This indoor hanging succulents container, which costs around $14, should emphasize your air succulents while also providing them with the proper height for water drainage away from pets. It should assist in the decoration of your patio or veranda. Fill a few of these holders with live succulents.

The washable holders are made of a natural cotton weave and come with three hooks and three different sized plant hangers in 34, 42, and 46 inch lengths. These can accommodate pots with a diameter of 7-8 inches. I wouldn’t recommend using a Command Hook depending on the weight of the succulent.

11. Mini Succulents for Sale

Variety Radiant Rosette Small Succulents, 32-Pack


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06/18/2022 05:06 pm GMT

This tiny collection is offered from Shop Succulents for people who can’t pick which plant to choose. The price of a package of 32 micro succulents is in the mid-$60s, but the selection is well worth it. This amount of live plants is sufficient to start a tiny garden in a corner of your yard.

In a single order of 2-inch succulents, they will sell packs as small as four and as large as 256. The little succulents can grow to be quite large, but it will take a long time. During the summer and spring, the business recommends fertilizing the micro succulents every two to four weeks, but not in the fall and winter.

If the plants are damaged or diseased when they arrive, they will replace them or refund your money.

12. Pink Succulents for Sale

Sunrise Pink Succulent in Tiny Clusters Anacampseros


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06/18/2022 03:50 pm GMT

Pink succulents for sale will provide color variety for those who are tired of the same green hues filling their homes. These magnificent Anacampseros Sunrise succulents may be purchased for less than $20.

What is it about these pink succulents that makes them so appealing? The more sunlight this plant receives, the more pinkish it becomes. The plant will turn green if you put it out in the sun for longer periods of time. If you have children, this is a fun activity to try.

The seller sends quickly and promises that the plant will last for at least 30 days.

13. Cold Hardy Succulents for Sale

Succulent Plant Blue Agave Live Rooted Cold Hardy Drought Resistant

At no additional cost to you, if you click on this link and purchase something, we may receive a commission.

Blue agave live-rooted plants are cold-hardy succulents that can be purchased online. They are drought-resistant and require minimal maintenance. The blue agave, on the other hand, is a desert plant. As a result, you must keep it in a warm environment to preserve it in good condition. It is reasonably priced at around $20.

14. Best succulents Pots for office

Succulent Planter in a Tiny Ceramic Pot with Bamboo Tray for Office


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06/18/2022 10:26 pm GMT

Cactus plants, neat and small, provide a minimalist style that works well in the office. They’re the ideal succulents for office environments.

These plants are not only attractive to the eye and supported by attractive ceramic pots, but they are also trendy and long-lasting. These office succulents are kept safe and well-maintained thanks to the containers. As a result, even when left behind at the workplace on weekends and holidays, the cactus plants can survive and thrive.


Should succulents be in direct sunlight?

Direct sunlight is permissible for succulents. But, instead of doing so for the entire day, it is recommended to do so for three hours each time. Mornings are the greatest time to put them out where the sun can directly hit them. The sun in the afternoon can be more harmful. Even cacti, which we normally associate with hot deserts, can be scorched by too much intense sunshine. Succulents can turn yellow due to the amount of direct sunlight they receive.

Do succulents need a lot of sun?

Succulents fare well in bright light, but not direct sunshine. It’s possible that they’ll need up to six hours of sunlight. But, you must gradually expose your plants to sunshine. Some become burnt immediately, while others may barely tolerate a few hours in the sunlight.

What is the best light for succulents?

Your succulents were most likely purchased for indoor display. Some people may have bought them for a little backyard garden. Whatever the situation may be, these succulents should be kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible. When they don’t get enough light, on the other hand, they become weak. While many plants require light to thrive, sunlight may not be the best source of light for them. Artificial lighting or allowing filtered light through the windows to reach the succulents may be effective.

Can you grow succulents in water?

Succulents can be grown in water, depending on the type. Water can be used to root echeverium, jade, and sempervivum varieties. Succulents, on the other hand, are usually rooted in water when they are unable to produce roots in the soil.

Can you grow succulents cuttings in the water?

Indeed, as previously said, it is possible. It is not, however, 100% certain that it will be successful. Yet, some of the cuttings grow and root in the water. It’s especially useful when the cuttings’ ends have gotten calloused and are dangling in the water. Rainwater or distilled water will give you the finest results.

How quickly do succulents grow?

Succulents are plants that develop slowly. Some people, on the other hand, can increase 2 to 4 inches in a year, which is already a positive indicator of health. They can stretch up to 9 inches wide if they’re strewn out. Individuals who have access to plenty of filtered sunshine grow faster than those who are cooped up inside.

What soil do succulents need?

You’ll note that the live succulents you buy in their pots aren’t planted in regular garden soil. Because these plants should not hold water, this configuration is great. Instead, the water should be allowed to drain. Therefore choose a pumice and sand soil mix. On the other hand, cactus soil, as the name suggests, can be used.

How long do succulents live?

Succulents have a wide range of life lengths, ranging from five to twenty-five years. To enjoy your plants for decades to come, you must ensure that they are properly cared for. Some types only live for 3 to 4 years, but they create offshoots that will live on for many more years.

Should you fertilize succulents?

Succulents can be fertilized once a year in the spring. You can only fertilize them once a month at the most. These plants were chosen because they were simple to grow and allow to thrive in the first place.

What are the best pots for succulents?

The majority of the links you’ve been given include pots with the succulents order. If you need to order containers, choose ceramic, terracotta, or any other material that allows water to drain properly. Breathable containers allow for not only water drainage but also good air circulation.

Do succulents need drainage?

Well, as you may have guessed, succulents require drainage. They should only receive enough water to moisten the soil, and the remainder must drain. It will be easier to achieve proper drainage if you use the right type of soil and container. If a drainage system isn’t practicable, you can only wet the top inch of soil. Wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again.

Do succulents come back every year?

Perennials are plants that return to their prime for one season each year. Cacti, for example, are succulents that live for a long time. Some succulents, on the other hand, can be grown as both annuals and perennials. Annuals are plants that only exist for one growth season, usually from spring to early autumn in the case of succulents. The cold is too much for these succulents.

Do succulents survive in winter?

The majority of succulents survive in hot climates. As a result, cold weather is a challenge for them. Temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for them. Others have a wider range, ranging from 40 F to 90 F, and it appears that some expert gardeners have been exposing their succulents to temperatures that are normally beyond what they can take in order to promote a color shift.

Some do make it through the winter. You must, however, keep them dry for weeks. Even indoor plants maintained in chilly areas can survive, but they need to be watered every 10 to 14 days.

Do succulents attract bugs?

Succulents are naturally pest and insect resistant. They aren’t bothered by insects. Plants are popular because they are simple to keep inside.

If you detect little bugs or white fuzz on your succulent, you’ll need to use a pesticide.

Best Types of Succulents Indoors To Buy Online Summary

Succulents are fantastic options for the busy plant enthusiast, as you now know. Here are some of the most important points to remember:

  • They do require a lot of fertilization. Once a month is the absolute maximum; nevertheless, you can do it more frequently.
  • They don’t require much irrigation, particularly in the winter.
  • They have a good chance of surviving and thriving. They adjust and produce attractive colors when exposed to extreme conditions for a short time.
  • They are inexpensive. When you buy in quantity, the costs are just somewhat higher, but you still get a saving. You can also make money by selling the others you’ve bought. When the market is overcrowded, you only need to add a small twist to your advertising.
  • The majority of species may survive inside under filtered or artificial lighting.

So, what are your thoughts? Succulents appear to be a stress-free method to freshen up any home or workplace area. Purchase a large pot of succulents or a four-piece mini collection to give it a try. Then you can decide whether or not you want to commit.

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