14 Best Places To Get Rotors Turned Near Me – Cost to Resurface Brakes

It costs approximately to own a car in the United States. The expense of owning a car includes the average car payments, gas, car insurance, and replacement parts and maintenance. Costs can even be higher based on where you live and the type of car you own. 

As a result, you should keep your car in good condition to reduce the cost of major auto repairs and prevent expensive breakdowns. Also, maintaining the health of your rotors is an excellent strategy to extend their lifespan and keep your car’s braking system functioning effectively.

This is so that your car will slow down and come to a stop when you push the brake pedal, which causes the brake pads to contact the rotors. Both the pads and the rotors deteriorate over time. You can save money by having your brake rotors resurfaced while maintaining the safety of your vehicle.

Generally speaking, every time you change your brakes, you should have your rotors turned. It guarantees that your brakes are kept clean and stops warping. If left unattended, dirt and rough places may worsen the breaks’ deterioration, leading to warps and costly replacement.

Every time you depress the brake paddle, you will hear a pulsing sound if your rotors are warped and have rough spots. Find a shop to have the rotors changed or replaced right away to stop more damage in that situation.

Yet not everyone has the financial resources to constantly replace their rotors as they become worn or bent. Because of this, many thrifty shoppers want to know where in town can get their rotors resurfaced rather than replaced.

That raises the following question: Where may your rotors be turned?

Short Answer: Most cost-conscious consumers choose to have their rotors turned, also known as resurfacing, rather than replacing them before they have reached the end of their useful life. The good news is that rotor turning services are provided by several major national auto chains. OReilly Auto Parts, Meineke Care Center, and Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers are among the best nationwide auto repair facilities for turning rotors.

If you have some mechanical know-how, you can turn your rotors at home for free or search nearby independent auto repair shops.

The majority of vehicle repair shops provide rotor turning services at all of their sites nationwide, while some only offer the service at specific locations. The service’s accessibility, your rotors’ thickness, and cost all factor into where you get your rotors turned.

Although a rotor’s surface can be smoothed to increase its longevity, manufacturers have minimum thickness requirements. In order to avoid having to replace them, auto repair professionals will only grind a rotor if it is thicker than the manufacturer’s minimal requirement.

Can You Turn Rotors That Are Too Thin?

Rotors that are too thin cannot be turned. Your rotors overheat and distort when they are too thin, which causes grating vibration or pedal pulsation. It’s because there isn’t enough metal left to dissipate heat and withstand braking pad wear.

It is advised to think about replacing your rotors at that moment. Sadly, if your rotors’ thickness is below the manufacturer’s recommended limit, most vehicle repair shops won’t turn them. Your mechanic will instead let you know if your rotors can be resurfaced or if they need to be replaced.

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How Long Do Brake Rotors Last?

Among of the most resilient components of your car are the brake rotors. Brake rotors should last anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 kilometers. But, other elements like the weight of your vehicle and the sort of cargo you transport will also have an effect on how quickly things wear out.

More brake pressure will be required to stop a heavy car load. Hence, if you frequently transport large objects in your car, it will play a significant role. Your driving habits have an impact on how long your brake rotors last. Your brakes will press harder against the rotors and wear out sooner if you accelerate quickly and brake forcefully.

Being a careful driver and using strategies like coasting or engine braking will extend the life of your rotors. It involves letting the car slow down naturally before applying the brakes or picking up the speed once more. Of course, your brake rotors’ quality also affects how long they last.

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Where Can I Get My Rotors Turned Near Me?

We’ve done the research and prepared a list of the best rotor resurfacing facilities in the nation for you.

1. O’Reilly Auto Parts

In the US and Mexico, OReilly operates more than 5,600 locations that sell tools, equipment, supplies, and accessories for cars. Also, the business employs skilled technicians who can change or resurface rotors and sells accessories and tools for do-it-yourselfers.

Your rotors can be turned at OReilly for between $10 and $50 each rotor and only take about an hour.

Limitations: Most OReilly auto dealers spin rotors that aren’t thick enough. OReilly will have to replace your rotor if the rotors are too thin.

Find a to get rotors turned.

2. Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive is committed to providing its clientele with services that are honest, fair, and of high caliber. CBA has expanded greatly and now has over 217 locations nationwide. In order to better serve its clients, it intends to open 20 additional locations.

The shops service many car models and offer a countrywide warranty for their work. Rotor turning only takes a couple of hours at CBA.

Christian Brothers Automotive charges about $180 to resurface a rotor and install new brake pads.

Find a to get rotors turned.

3. Firestone Complete Auto Care

The world’s largest company-owned network of vehicle repair shops is run by Firestone Complete Auto Care. Almost 2,200 tire and auto repair facilities, including Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus, and Wheelworks retail outlets, are spread throughout the nation.

Rotor turning at Firestone Complete Auto Care takes around an hour to two hours.

Cost to Turn Rotors at Firestone Complete Auto Care: Resurfacing all four rotors will run you about $70.

Restrictions: Too-thin rotor discs won’t be turned at Firestone auto repair facilities. The rotors will need to be replaced by Firestone if they are not thick enough. It is advised to replace identical-type rotors in pairs, such as cast or composite.

Find a to turn rotors on a car or truck. 

4. Goodyear Auto Service

More than 1,000 tire and car service shop locations are run by Goodyear Auto Service. It ranks as one of the top international providers of tire retreading facilities and commercial vehicle services. Once more, their car shops sell automotive supplies and give auto repair services.

Nevertheless, rotor rotation is not available at every Goodyear Auto Care site. In order to ensure service is available, call the area before you leave.

Service duration: Rotor turning at Goodyear Auto Service locations takes about an hour.

At Goodyear Auto Repair, rotor turning costs roughly $50 per rotor, or $200 for four rotors.

Restrictions: The rotors must meet the thickness requirements for resurfacing or they will need to be replaced, according to the Goodyear Auto Service.

Find a to turn rotors without replacing pads.

5. Honest-1 Auto Care

The only eco-friendly auto care chain nationwide was founded in 2004, under the name Honest-1 Auto Care. With sixteen states where it conducts business, Minnesota is home to the majority of its auto shops. Rotor turning is one of the many automobile services and repairs offered by its auto facilities.

Additionally, Honest-1 provides client incentives like:

  • a warranty of three years and $36,000
  • 24/7 free roadside assistance
  • Most car models are serviced the same day.
  • Extensive vehicle inspections 
  • No appointments are necessary.

Rotor turning at Honest-1 Auto Repair requires about an hour of labor.

Cutting the rotors and changing the brake pads on all four wheels costs about $350 at Honest-1 Auto Repair.

Limitations: Although Honest-1 Auto Repair will trim rotors, the business demands that they be thick enough before sanding away any dirt and deposit buildup.

Find a to resurface rotors and replace brake pads. 

6. Meineke Car Care Center

The US is home to more than 900 Meineke Auto Care Center outlets, which was founded in 1971.

Oil changes, tire replacement, transmission work, and routine vehicle repairs are some of the top services provided by Meineke Car Care Center auto shops. Moreover, they provide fleet management services and credit schemes.

Service time: At Meineke car shops, turning brake rotors takes only around an hour.

At OReilly Auto Parts, rotating all four brake rotors costs about $40.

Limitations: Meineke auto stores turn sufficiently thick rotors. Meineke will have to replace your rotors if they are too thin.

Find a to get rotor resurfacing. 

7. Merlin Complete Auto Care

In Georgia, Wisconsin, and Illinois, Merlin Comprehensive Auto Care, which opened its doors in 1975, is a excellent place to have your brakes serviced.

Additionally, they provide additional client incentive services, such as the Merlin Auto Care Drive for 200,000 campaigns. It also includes benefits like preemptive replacements, routine mechanical inspections, and scheduled maintenance.

Service Duration: Rotor turning at Merlin auto shops takes roughly one hour.

Merlin Comprehensive Auto Care charges about $135 to turn all four rotors, but only about $50 to remove them. The technician will have less time working on them and labor costs will be lower.

Limitations: If the rotors are not too thin, Merlin car repair shops won’t cut them. If the rotors are taken off the car, you’ll save money on labor since my neighborhood Merlin costs $135 per hour.

Find a to get your brake discs resurfaced. 

8. Midas

Established in the 1950s, Midas Car Care now has over 2,500 facilities across the nation.

Service time: It takes 1-2 hours, or less if the technician has already removed the rotors.

At Midas, turning rotors costs about $100 for all four, but only about $70 if they are taken out.

Limitations: Rotors that are thick enough can be resurfaced in Midas auto repair facilities. Midas will have to replace the rotors if they are too thin.

Find a to turn rotors on a car or truck. 

9. Monro Auto Service and Tire Center

More than 1,200 outlets are operated by Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers across more than 30 States.

Service Duration: Rotor turning at Monro auto shops takes roughly 1 hour.

At Monro Auto, turning rotors costs about $20 per rotor.

Resurface rotors that are thick enough are kept at Monro Auto. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, if the rotors are too thick, Monro will need to replace the rotor.

Find a to get rotor discs turned. 

10. NTB (National Tire and Battery)

26 states are home to 226 locations where the National Tire and Battery Company conducts business.

NBT is renowned for its dependable repair services that will get you back on the road as soon as possible. Additionally, they provide incentive services to their clients, such as a lifetime rotation free of charge every six months for tires purchased from NTB and a 30-day money-back guarantee on repairs or tires.

NTB offers convenient seven-day hours.

Rotor turning at NBT vehicle repair facilities takes between one and two hours.

Cost to Turn Rotors at Midas: You will pay approximately $100 for all four, but only approximately $70 if they have already been taken off, saving the technician’s time.

Restrictions: Auto repair businesses other than National Tire and Battery will only turn rotors if you also replace your brake pads. But first, you need to have thick enough rotors.

Find a to turn rotors on a vehicle. 

11. Precision Tune Auto Care

Around 275 privately owned and corporately run auto service locations are managed by Precision Tune Auto Care across the US.

As part of its lifetime brake warranty, it employs skilled workers who resurface rotors.

Service duration: Rotor turning at Precision Tune Auto Care takes about an hour.

Cost to Turn Rotors at Precision Tune Auto: Call your local store for pricing. The cost is based on the lifetime brake warranty.

Find a to turn rotors without replacing pads.

12. Pep Boys

Over 1,000 Pep Boys shops and more than 9,000 service bays are spread across 35 states and Puerto Rico. The Pep Boys Mobile Crew also does auto maintenance in a few places. Routine maintenance, tires, and services pertaining to safety are all handled by the mobile auto repair company.

Service Time: Resurfacing takes between one and two hours, or less if the technician has already removed them.

Cost of Turning Rotors at Pep Boys: You will pay approximately $100 for all four brake discs, but only $50 if they have already been removed, saving the technician’s labor costs.

Restrictions: Only a few Pep Boys auto dealerships will resurface rotors, and they won’t if they’re too thin. The rotor will need to be replaced by Pep Boys if they are not thick enough.

The brake pads should be changed on both sides at once, however they cannot replace one rotor without the other.

Find a to resurface or replace rotor and brake pads. 

13. Independent Auto Mechanic Near Me

Searching for independent car mechanics in the area or gas stations with mechanics is another excellent way to get your rotors turned. The least expensive places to turn rotors can be in independent stores. Just enter the query “resurface rotors near me” into your preferred search engine.

You’ll get a list of locally-owned independent auto repair shops in your area that specializes in services, like replacement of the cabin and engine air filters, oil change services, inflators with CO2 refill, repair manual cars, and will coating in powder wheels and rims.

Click through the search engine results to get more details like contact info, directions, and services offered. It’s how I found my auto repair shop that offers free unlimited Internet, large furniture to read a magazine, and a where I can get free phone charging.

Alternatively, to search for local rotor resurfacing places nearby. Another benefit of an independent shop is that there are nearby auto repair companies open 24 hours in metropolitan areas.

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14. Turn Rotors at Home Yourself

Rotors cannot be resurfaced at home unless you have a brake lathe. Today’s rotors are typically too thin to be resurfaced, and buying new ones isn’t all that much more expensive.

How To Turn Rotors at Home for Free

Are you open to exchanging your time for cash?

Well, if you have some mechanical know-how and the appropriate tools, you can even do your own rotor spinning. There are many internet resources, like YouTube videos and step-by-step instructions, that can be used even if you lack the necessary skills but are eager to learn. If there are no trustworthy auto repair companies nearby, you can turn rotors at home on a budget.

Free instructions for turning rotors at home:

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Places That Don’t Resurface Rotors

Many car dealerships don’t provide rotor turning services. Knowing what services are offered at each shop will help you save time and money on gas.

The following locations don’t resurface rotors:

  • AAMCO 
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • AutoZone
  • Big O Tires
  • Discount Tire
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Mavis Tire
  • NAPA AutoCare Centers
  • Tire & Auto Tuffy
  • Walmart Auto Repair Shops

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Places to Get Rotors Turned Summary

It’s essential to keep your automobile well-maintained to keep every component functioning correctly, prevent unexpected repairs, and stay safe. Making ensuring your brake discs are in good condition and provide optimum braking is a fantastic approach to achieve this.

Resurfacing rotors helps minimize corrosion, eliminate brake pad deposits, and smooths out surface irregularities that can result in warping and other braking dangers. As long as there’s sufficient rotor thickness, getting your brake rotors resurfaced is recommended to maximize their lifespan and save money on car maintenance costs. It’s similar to regularly getting nearby free tire inflation to prolong the life and safety of your tires.

But you can only move them so far by twisting your rotors. If their thickness is less than the recommended manufacturer’s recommendations after 1-2 uses, you’ll need to replace them. Yet, the majority of vehicle repair shops won’t resurface brake discs if their thickness falls below the manufacturer’s advised limit.

Most places will turn your rotors within 1-2 hours. The cost will vary, but you can expect to pay $200 and below to get your four-disc brakes turned at most auto repair shops. Also, consider locally owned auto repairs shops in your area because they are usually the cheapest places to turn rotors, selling deep cycle batteries, and getting a motorcycle oil change.

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