13 Best NFT Rarity Ranking/ Checker Tools

Despite the chaos at the start of the year, nearly everyone, including traders who primarily used traditional crypto, had opportunities to profit.

Crypto veterans must learn about NFT, just like newcomers to Opensea and Solana, which both require lengthy training.

The question is what happens when a mine like NFT causes an unanticipated gold rush. To make money, you’ll need to use shovels and picks.

That is all that those picks and shovels are because we will be talking about NFT analytical tools later on in the day. Your edge over other consumers will be significantly increased due to these instruments, which will help you earn more money.

These tools will help you mint NFTs more quickly and do correct calculations to determine the rarity of specific NFTs, saving you time and money.

They will also encourage you to conduct an undercover drop on your own initiative in order to detect mispriced elements.

Hardly one talked about these instruments for a long time, and they were considered quite little at first, but as time has passed, they have grown in popularity.

As a result, they’ve become an unavoidable aspect of the NFT world, and every collector should have at least some, if not all.

These tools will help you get in the correct place at the right moment, giving you an advantage when playing with non-fungible tokens.

What is Rarity in NFT?

Every day, thousands, if not millions, of NFTs are released onto the market. Thus, what elements could influence the NFTs’ value? Certain NFTs, like Nyan Cat, have sold for millions of dollars, while others, even from the same collection, have only sold for a few hundred dollars.

The answer to these questions is the NFT’s rarity. An exceedingly uncommon NFT becomes extremely precious. This is why people want to know if an NFT they wish to buy is unusual. The shortage of NFTs drives up its price.

To put it another way, NFTs can be used to prove digital ownership. Every NFT is unique, and Rarity is used to compare the rarest attribute of each NFT.

How to Determine NFT Rarity ranking?

Most consumers would immediately go to the collection on an NFT marketplace to learn about NFT rarity rankings. OpenSea is the marketplace of choice for projects based on the Ethereum blockchain, according to the company.

But, it’s unlikely that your NFT rarity ranking will be visible there. When you click on an NFT in the seafloor model, OpenSea provides a dropdown list of attributes under the category Properties.

By visiting the NFT marketplace, you can see how many total NFTs in the collection share each attribute; however, there are no rarity scores or rankings available.

Use the filter on the left to navigate through the results and see all of the various characteristics of NFTs in the collection.

Why Rarity is important in NFT?

The rarity of an NFT is important since it influences both the level of enthusiasm and the price of the NFT.

Rareness also in an NFT creates demand project and diversifies a project by delivering different levels of features and utility to various segments of the population.

Rarity is important to collectors of NFTs, but it is even more important to the project creators who are responsible for the projects. If NFT initiatives lacked a sense of rarity, they could be unattractive.

13 Best NFT Rarity Ranking/ Checker Tools

The following is a list of the most popular Rarity tools:

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is a well-known site that also has some of the most sought-after collections on the market.

In addition to housing an excellent digital art collection, this NFT platform can also be used as an NFT tool for evaluating your potential future digital art investment decisions.

Collectors will find that OpenSea contains an full ecosystem, including the NFT shop and data. It’s simple to choose which NFT to buy when you have all of your information in one spot.

Key Features

  • User Friendly
  • Ranking and Activity Tracker in Real Time
  • NFT tracking is possible on all three chains.
  • Art, music, and sports NFT can be filtered in nine distinct ways.
  • NFTs based on the Ethereum, Polygon, or Klaytn blockchains can be created with OpenSea.


2. Dappraddar

Dappradar is a feature-rich analytical tool that is suitable for both expert and novice NFT investors. It is completely free.

It contains a sectioned display that displays essential features such as Hot Topics, NFTs, DeFi, Exchanges, and Games, among other things, in addition to a ranked list of all existing Decentralised Applications that are all free to access.

The free Portfolio Tracker allows users to effortlessly assess, follow, and locate new efforts in the NFT space, as well as maintain track of their acquired assets.

The website rates projects based on a number of factors, including liquidity, capitalisation, and pricing.

Consumers can view real-time trading volume and price changes in the markets through areas such as NFT top sales, top collections, marketplaces, and new projects, among other things.

This website also functions as a learning tool. Dappradar’s blog, which covers articles and breaking crypto news, gives useful information on critical crypto topics for newbies.

Key Features

  • Portfolio tracker
  • Free to use
  • NFT value estimator
  • Wallet tracker
  • Token Swap enabled
  • In-depth industry reports
  • NFTs and a ranked Dapp list


 3. Rarity.Tools

Rarity.Tools is a website that aggregates real-time data on all NFT arts and collectibles, a service that is well-liked by both art collectors and makers, especially in the fertile art area.

Rarity collects and ranks non-fungible art tokens in order of rarity, with an emphasis on new initiatives. The platform is designed with the aesthetics of an art-focused market in mind, rather than being primarily structured as charts and lists.

In contrast to other tools structured primarily as charts and lists, it has a strong landing page appeal.

On the free edition, the NFT collection list can also be filtered based on their unique qualities, market volume, and sale prices. Users can click on any NFT to access more information and pricing charts for that currency.

Furthermore, Rarity. Tools has a unique feature in that new projects may be posted in just a few easy steps for only 2ETH.

Rare. Tools are especially useful for keeping track of upcoming NFT projects, as they allow users to spot upcoming NFT collections before they go on sale or are minted.

Key Features

  • Free to use
  • Quick to list
  • Art is ranked according to its rarity score.
  • User-friendly
  • Upcoming NFT mints


4. Etherscan Token Tracker

According to the developers, Etherscan is a block browser that also serves as a token tracker for all Ethereum-based coins and a gateway to all ERC-721 token contracts.

The ERC-721 standard is used to construct NFTs on Ethereum, and Etherscan presently has 21,669 ERC-721 compliant coins.

In recent months, the NFT toolset has been enhanced to allow users to track the entire history of NFTs and search for information on NFT minting, distribution, transfers, and prices, among other things.

Many of the apps we look at in this post leverage the Etherscan APIs to perform further data analytics and provide more useful information to the user.

Key Features

  • Accessible and simple to use
  • All ERC-721 coins are supported.
  • Ethereum block explorer where you can check any wallet, transaction, token or smart contract


5. Icy.Tools

Icy.Tools is a straightforward tool for tracking NFTs. It appeals to beginners because of its simple, transparent interface, which is suitable for a quick market survey.

A list of trending sales and projects ordered by volume and sales price is an example. Users get access to transaction history on collections as well as the option to search for balance on any wallet address.

The paid edition, on the other hand, gives you access to more features. Premium subscribers receive thorough research, infinite wallet tracking, in-depth market charts, and tailored alarms, among other benefits, for 0.03 ETH per month.

 Key Features

  • Wallet tracker
  • New project alerts
  • NFT Collection ranked list
  • Easy to use


6. Moby

Moby is a little-known but very effective tracking website that offers the most up-to-date real-time NFT feeds and analytics.

Because it provides a shorter window period of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and more, its data can help investors monitor assets and make quicker decisions about new trends.

Moby is one of the best NFT monitoring tools, though data charts are only available to users who subscribe to the Pro edition for 0.1ETH per month for a total of six months.

Visitors to the website can only see a list of NFT artifacts; rankings and live feeds are not available. Further features such as NFT signals, historical collection data, real-time feeds, and so on are available to subscribers.

Key Features

  • Statistics and alerts are only available to premium subscribers.
  • Wallet tracking
  • Provides NFT investment signals.
  • New NFT mints
  • User friendly


7. Traitsniper

Another unpopular website that detects new NFT projects is Traitsniper. Its basic features are focused on examining current and upcoming projects, as well as sniffing NFT metadata for excellent investment opportunities based on their rarity score.

Traitsniper evaluates new projects to determine whether they are rare. Using a bot, this analysis may be completed in 30 seconds to 2 minutes with over 95% accuracy.

This program is available in both free and paid versions, each with varying levels of monitoring access. Customers who subscribe to the subscription edition, for example, receive immediate information of freshly unveiled collections and their rarity score.

The free edition, on the other hand, provides the same information an hour after the NFT broadcast. Customers who want to enroll are sent to the platform’s Discord channel, where they can learn more about paying 0.15 ETH weekly and 0.5 ETH monthly.

Key Features

  • New NFT mints
  • NFT reveal dates
  • User Friendly
  • Encourages community participation
  • Instant rarity rating


8. Raritysniffer

Raritysniffer, like Traitsniper, gives the most up-to-date rankings of new NFT projects based on how uncommon they are. The platform only shows information on the most current collections of NFTs and sniffed projects for free users, with no additional information provided.

To receive an additional analysis of potentially rare NFTs, users must also subscribe to the Discord channel. This gives you exclusive access to the rare status of new NFTs that have been sniffed before being released to the public. The subscription costs 1.5 Ethereum.

Key Features

  • User Friendly
  • Encourages community participation
  • Latest NFT collections
  • Dedicated to ranking rarity


9. NFTBank

NFTBank, a powerful NFT instrument that can provide quick investing insights, would be a hit with NFT investors.

The information offered includes ROI, activity, and spending, among other factors. One of the best NFT portfolio management systems available is NFT Bank.

Key Features

  • ten times faster than the competition
  • The user interface is straightforward.
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • To find new NFT investment opportunities, use the Analytics and Signals feature.


10. NFT Stats

NFT Stats is another another easy-to-use, analytical NFT application available online. This NFT platform provides basic NFT collection information.

Collections that are currently trending, new collections, and the top collections from the preceding 30 days are all included in the NFT rankings. When ranking the collections, the number of sales and overall volume of the collections are taken into account.

Key Features

  • Gives a quick overview of the most popular NFT collections.
  • Gives a summary of NFT collections sold in the previous 24 hours, seven days, and thirty days.
  • Each collection page includes information on recently sold NFTs as well as price data for the last three months.


11. Nansen

Many investors have long desired the capacity to spot opportunities in the NFT market, and Nansen.ai was one of the first NFT platforms to provide this feature in 2013.

In this NFT analysis tool, users can view a scoreboard of the most profitable NFT wallets based on the amount of money they have made.

The knowledge gathered from the research might help you better manage your assets and plan for the future.

Key Features

  • It’s both a Wallet and an Investment Tracker.
  • Offers detailed information regarding ERC-20 tokens, including as minting fees and secondary market fees.
  • Enables users to see the leaderboard for each project, making it easy to spot and analyze project owners in real time.


12. CryptoSlam

Another great NFT tool for market research and analysis is CryptoSlam. On this simple yet useful service, users may search for NFT collections depending on the amount of money they have exchanged.

Each NFT series has its own webpage with information on current sales, the market, and minting. Each NFT has its own dedicated webpage with all the information you could possibly need, such as cost, special features, and rarity rankings.

Key Features

  • Gives a complete ranking of all NFT collections over time.
  • To mention a few, it has all of the desirable ranking qualities for an NFT tool, such as blockchain sales, fan tokens, global indexes, and NFT collectibles sales by volume.
  • NBA Top Shot players and teams are featured.


13. Crypto.com

Crypto.com is another tracking tool that can provide you with all of the necessary information, as well as other important information, about the most valuable non-fungible token collections in the blockchain world.

Every NFT’s price and volume can be used to gather data. The official website includes a list of the most valuable NFT collections, as well as data on their total assets, collection worth, floor price, sales volume, and other pertinent data.

You can also search through Crypto.com’s future NFT collections to see if there are any interesting forthcoming projects you should consider investing in.

Visitors can look through these NFT collections and discover more about them, such as their asset value, drop date, minting price, and other information.

This website allows you to track all cryptocurrencies in addition to viewing and tracking NFT collections.



Because NFTs are still in their early stages of development, investing in them as a tradable asset is extremely dangerous at present time.

You should research the matter thoroughly before making any financial decisions. They have the capability of being volatile. NFTs have grown in popularity since the beginning of 2021.

The rarity of NFTs has had a huge impact on determining their pricing and the thrill that comes with producing a new NFT. Rarity, OpenSea Some of the NFT rating tools that are currently available include TraitSniper and Rarity Sniper.

You will receive the NFT ranking as a result of this. When you decide to invest, be sure to check the NFT rank on a couple of NFT rarity ranking tools.

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