13 Best Day Trading Books Recommendation

The riches song is sung in every trading and investment book. Thousands of books on trading exist. Selecting a good book is similar to finding a good mentor.

A excellent trading book will always be forthright. A excellent trading book will help you through the entire procedure as a mentor.

We’ve compiled a selection of the top trading books to help you learn day trading from the ground up.

What is day trading?

Buying and selling stocks on the same day is known as day trading. Spectaculars is a term used to describe day traders.

Some investors regard day trading as a form of gambling or betting, while others regard it as purely a strategy and decision-making skill. Anyone with specific trading software can begin day trading online.














13 Best Day Trading Books Recommendation

1. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

  • About the Author 

Edwin Lefevre, an American author, wrote Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. Edwin worked as a reporter for the New York Sun. He worked on Wall Street as a stockbroker.

  • About the Book

One of the best day trading books is Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. The book’s main character is based on stock trader Jesse Livermore’s life. My losses have taught me that I must not begin to progress until I am certain I will not have to withdraw,” Edwin writes in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. Mr. Edwin has written a book about his legacy.

The book has become a cult classic among novice and seasoned investors alike.

2. The Intelligent Investor

  • About the Author

Benjamin Graham wrote The Intelligent Investor. Graham was an economist, author, and investor from the United States. Benjamin Graham is widely regarded as the founder of value investing. In 1949, The Wise Investor was published. On the paper, Benjamin Graham has diluted all of his knowledge. Mr. Warren Buffet’s teacher was Graham.

  • About the Book

In his book The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham characterized the market as Mr. Market. The book focuses on stock trading and value investing. The intelligent investor, according to Benjamin, is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists. This book provides excellent value for money.

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3. Trading Price Action Trends

  • About the Author

AL Brooks is an investor and analyst for Future Magazine. Brooks is an alumnus of Trinity College, where he completed his Honors in Mathematics. He teaches his trading philosophy on his subscription-based website Brookspriceaction.

  • About the Book

The book contains advice and trading ideas for day traders from the author. In the book, AL Brook includes a 5-minute price chart. Traders can use the 5-minute chart to spot profit regardless of market growth or condition. This book will teach you how to read market movements and adjust your strategy accordingly.

4. The Disciplined Trader

  • About the Author

Mark Douglas is the author of The Disciplined Trader. Mark Douglas has attempted to apply psychological concepts to trading. Mark is a writer, trainer, and investor.

  • About the Book

In the book, Mark Douglas explains his trading strategy. The majority of the book is devoted to trading psychology. The Disciplined Trader will teach you about mental function and how it influences trading. The author of this book questions traders’ deep-seated cognitive processes. Actually, this book will freshen your decision-making process and assist you in developing an objective viewpoint on trading and investing.

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5. Trader Vic II: Principles of Professional Speculation

  • About the Author

Trader Vic II, Victor Sperandeo, is the author of the book. He is a bestselling author, businessman, and trader. Trader Vic is Victor’s common nickname. He is the CEO of Alpha Financial Technologies at the moment.

  • About the Book

Victor Sperandeo has thrown some light on trading and market event technical analysis. Sperandeo recommends an investment approach that focuses on the economy’s broad path as influenced by issues such as the Federal Reserve’s fiscal policy and tax policy, rather than on specific market occurrences or company-specific measures.

Sperandeo argues that traders may determine which market sectors will flourish by identifying the underlying direction in which such policies would invariably lead the economy.

6. Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market

  • About the Author

Kathy Lien is an entrepreneur, trader, and author. She is the group’s director of Global FX Trading. She has vast experience in both banking and trading in the foreign exchange market. Kathy worked for JPMorgan Chase as an Associate.

  • About the Book

Kathy Lien has done an excellent job of simplifying trading through the use of a variety of technical and fundamental profit-making tactics. Technical analysis can be used by traders employing methods like as intermarket relations, interest rate differentials, and option pricing. Trading is influenced by volatility, news events, and central bank intervention. One of the best day trading books, the book is beautifully written.

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7. High Probability Trading

  • About the Author

Marcel Link is a successful trader and author. For day traders, the Links Book is an valuable resource. His writing reflects his years of experience in the subject.

  • About the Book

Link’s book is a godsend for day traders. Should you trade?, is one of the questions that the author has attempted to answer. What is the most efficient method of trading? What should you trade for? Day traders can apply the book tactics because they are proven and true. This book’s main focus is on teaching you how to make high-probability trades in order to make money.

He draws on his previous achievements but fails to deliver. Link has shared his extensive market experience with the reader to help you avoid making the same mistakes he did.

8. Mastering the Trade

  • About the Author

John Carter is the author of Mastering the Trade. Carter works as a trader and author. He explains how traders get caught up in psychological traps. Carter began trading as a sophomore in high school. He is Morgan Stanley’s grandson and a stockbroker.

  • About the Book

The book explains how traders fall into mental traps. Everything from putting up trades to various techniques is covered in these tutorials. He has a long list of trading strategies.

This is one of the few books on the list that focuses on trading psychology. Trader psychology is typically the cause of a trader’s loss of money. Premarket checklists to assess previous market behavior and risk control measures to protect your trading cash are just a few of the topics covered by John Carter.


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9. How to Day Trade for a Living

  • About the Author

Andrew Aziz is a best-selling author and investor from Canada. At Vancouver Traders, Andrew Aziz instructs novice traders and investors. His books have been published in eight different languages. Day Trade for a Life is an excellent book for learning about trading psychology and cognitive processes.

  • About the Book

Every novice and intermediate day trader should read this book to learn about market psychology. How to Day Trade for a Living will show you how to day trade from A to Z utilizing the author’s classic tactics and measurements.

Andrew has attempted to break day trading taboos. Readers can learn about different tools like charts and indicators. Stop loss from the book when entering/exiting trades.

10. Start Day Trading Now

  • About the Author 

Micheal Sincere, a trader, financial journalist, and writer, wrote the book Start Day Trading Now. Throughout the book, Michael has attempted to dilute all of his knowledge. Micheal Sincere is a well-known financial figure in the United States. One of the best day trading books is Start Day Trading Now.

  • About the Book 

Beginner and intermediate investors and traders will benefit greatly from this book. While trading, it will cleanse your perspective and cognitive process.

Readers will learn how to analyze market patterns and charts, how to use metrics to shortlist stocks, and how to operate a firm smoothly.

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11. A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online

  • About the Author

Toni Turner is a financial writer, speaker, and educator. Toni gives talks at trading conferences and forums. Toni is the author of more than six financial books. A Beginners Guide to Day Trading Online can assist you in developing new financial abilities and tools.

  • About the Book

The national bestseller A Beginners Guide to Day Trading Online will help you learn how the markets function. Toni has taught day trading in an approachable manner.

The Decimalization of stock prices, Traded Funds (ETFs), Precision entrances and exits, and new trading products such as E-minis and Exchange can all be learned about by readers.

12. Day Trading For Dummies

  • About the Author

Ann C. Logue is the author of Day Trading For Dummies. Logue is a Certified Financial Analyst and an MBA lecturer. She is a business and finance writer.

  • About the Book 

This book is more of a dictionary, covering a wide range of day trading and stock market subjects.

Beginners will enjoy this book. It is more suitable for beginners because none of the topics are explained in detail. Throughout the book, the author has attempted to introduce every available term.

Professional traders may find Day Trading For Dummies monotonous because it is essentially a manual.

13. The Truth About Day Trading Stocks

  • About the Author

Josh Dipietro is the author of The Truth About Day Trading Stocks. Josh is a trader, trainer, and author who is 36 years old. He is the founder of Daytraderjosh, a company that training novice traders. He also conducts live trading mentorships and workshops.

  • About the Book

The author questions the elementary training of the stock market given to aspiring traders. Josh has developed his teaching methods to unleash untapped potential. The book is well written. The Truth About Day Trading Stocks is one of the best day trading books for beginners and intermediates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What books should I read to start trading?

These books can help a beginner trader learn about day trading:

  • The Reality of Stock Day Trading
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Online Day Trading
  • Mastering the Trade
  • The Forex Market: Day Trading and Swing Trading
  • The Disciplined Trader
  • Stock Operator’s Recollections
  • Is Day Trading Still Profitable?

    In 2021, day trading is still profitable. Day trading, regardless of its volatility, can be a full-time job if done with significant knowledge and temperament.

    Why are day traders not millionaires?

    The greatest response to this issue is that day trading is a type of profession with a lot of competition, and a job won’t make you very wealthy. Another factor could be that just a small percentage of day traders are professionals. Excessive competition, a lack of talent, and a lack of capital make their task more difficult.

    How should I participate in day trading? 

    It is strongly recommended that an investor conduct a thorough stock study. You can make a plan for your day trading business. Studying stock prices, evaluating patterns and charts, watching news and market updates, and other important elements are all part of a academic study of stocks. To begin day trading, you must have a certain amount of money.

    Is day trading illegal? 

    Day trading is a popular financial strategy among stock market enthusiasts. Day trading is not unlawful in any way. Day trading can be done by anyone. Nonetheless, significant study should be conducted before to engaging in the business.

    Is day trading easy?

    The same-day trading of stocks is known as day trading. It is frequently used in order to make quick money. Day trading has a relatively low success rate. Day trading is likely to be more difficult than other financial methods. Before investing in day trading, investors should do their research.

    Day trading is one of the most dangerous financial behaviors. The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States has issued a warning to day traders. The SEC warns day traders not to be fooled by promises of quick returns. The organization advises traders that if they do not invest, the community would incur financial losses.

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