12 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India

How to make money online in India is the most common question people have while looking for financial freedom tips or an undesirable passive income source.

Almost everyone who is seeking for ways to generate money on the internet assumes that it is simple and that they can do it quickly.

The majority of people who are looking for ways to make money on the internet in India believe that it is simple and that they can accomplish it quickly.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither will the Internet make you wealthy overnight. I’ll show you 10 ways to make money online in India without spending any money. The nice aspect is that mastering these subjects does not necessitate any unique skill sets.

12 Genuine ways to earn money online in India

Make money online in India with no investment by monetizing your skills.

  1. Begin Blogging for Profit
  2. Income from YouTube
  3. Amazon/Flipkart Associates
  4. Freelance
  5. Social Media Manager
  6. Make a web-based course
  7. Invest in Stocks
  8. Become an influencer on Instagram.
  9. Take surveys to make money.
  10. Do translation work
  11. Stock Photography
  12. Invest in Cryptocurrency

1. Start Blogging to Earn Money

  • What exactly is blogging?

This is the most effective approach to earn a lot of money with little or no investment. You may establish your blog website and earn money online in India without paying a single thing.

To put it another way, the stuff you’re reading right now is a blog post, and yes, I’m a blogger.

You can blog to share your expertise, ideas, critical thinking, or any other type of content. Your blog will gradually gain in popularity and begin to draw visitors. You can monetise it later using Google AdSense, AdWords, or Admob, for example. You can stand out from the crowd if you play your cards correctly.

  • How do you go about blogging?
  • Pick a topic for your blog. Give it a name and start hosting.
  • Create a blog using WordPress or Blogger. (Blogger’s services are free.)
  • Make your theme unique.
  • To attract more visitors, create excellent content.
  • How can you make money blogging?

You can apply for Google AdSense approval or any other platform after your blog website has grown to a specific level. Google will display advertisements on your site, just like YouTube, and you can monetise it. You can also sell or review things and hunt for discounts with certain brands in another method. Blogging is undoubtedly the most popular and legitimate technique to make money online in India.

  • Blogger’s earning potential:

I’m not exaggerating when I say that a blog has limitless revenue potential. It’s not a pipe dream, but you’ll have to work for it. It might cost anywhere from $100 to $100,000 each month, depending on the number of visitors to your website.

2. Income from YouTube

  • What is it?

Explaining about YouTube is like introducing the Internet to you. It’s futile. It is the most famous and common way to do a part-time job. The video-sharing platform may help you to win laurels. You can create short video type and long video type content to gain popularity and subscribers. You can share your opinions, can act, sing, dance, or teach there. It is the community of people of all domains. 

  • How do you become a Youtuber?
  • It’s very easy to become a YouTuber.
  • Make a YouTube channel and give it a name.
  • Choose your specialty.
  • Basic video editing skills are required.
  • Make a video and post it to the website.

Being a YouTuber means you’re more vulnerable to hate and criticism, and you’ll need thick skin to deal with it.

  • How can you make money on YouTube?

You will be eligible to join the YouTube partnership program and be able to monetize your channel after you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Sponsorships and the YouTube partnership program are two ways to make money. YouTube is the most cost-effective way to make money online in India.

  • A Youtuber’s earning potential:

YouTube, like Blogger, has limitless income possibilities. You may not see any progress at first, but strive to publish at least 40-50 films. Depending on the size of your channel, it could range from $100 to $100,000 every month.

3. Amazon/Flipkart Associates 

  • What does it mean to be an Amazon Associate?

Have you ever wondered who offers these things on E-commerce sites? These are ordinary people and shopkeepers. With these E-commerce websites, anyone can sell. To put it another way, it’s similar to launching an online store on Amazon or Flipkart.

  • How do you make money with the Amazon Affiliate Program?
  • You can obtain your respective country’s or state’s TIN (Tax Identification Number).
  • Complete the application for Amazon seller.
  • Begin to sell your artifacts or premade items.

Buyers will eventually find your products once they are listed on the website. Your sales will begin to generate income for you. You can add more products as sales increase.

  • Amazon seller earnings potential:

The Amazon Associates Program offers a wide range of earning opportunities, from $1000 to $100,000 per year. You might not receive any buyers at first, but keep working. The key that is currently in use lights the brightest. One of the most profitable and finest ways to make money online in India is to sell on Amazon.

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4. Freelance 

  • What is freelancing, exactly?

Geeks and Technology! This is your chance to make money online in India with no money down. If you have technical and professional experience with audio/video editing, voice acting, transcription, and management. Consider freelancing. Become a full-time or part-time self-employed freelancer.

  • How do you go about freelancing?
  • Make an account on a freelance website.
  • Create a professional resume.
  • Maintain a reasonable fee that reflects your abilities.
  • Apply for available paid positions.
  • Where can you do freelance work?

Several networks, such as Linkedin and Freelancer, will give you with a platform to undertake freelance work.

  • A freelancer’s earning potential:

Based on your experience and skill set, freelancing has a wide range of earning potential. That is the finest technique to make money online in India without investing in 2021.

5. Social Media Manager

  • What is the function of a Social Media Manager?

Since you inquired about making money online in India, I’ll answer your question. This is a fantastic chance for you. Become a manager of social media. You should devote a bit more time to social media. Analyze it; it’s an algorithm; think of ways to expand your presence on it. Kaboom! Now you’re a seasoned social media manager. Well, well, well, well… Keep your cool. This career necessitates exceptional communication and analytical abilities. If you can master this, the world is your oyster, and you can make money online in India.

  • What does it take to be a Social Media Manager?
  • Enroll in any social media marketing and management course. Would you like to study it for free? Congratulations, Google is providing free social media management training.
  • With the knowledge you learned while scrolling a thousand kilometers on a mobile screen, build your d on social media.
  • You will gain authority by growing your brand and audience.
  • Make an effort to contact other entrepreneurs and brands about managing their social media accounts.
  • Where are you able to work?

There are a slew of sites where your skills can be put to good use. Social media managers are in high demand on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitter, and others.

  • A social media manager’s earning potential is as follows:

Earnings are determined by your abilities and clients. Your monthly earnings could range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 100,000. It is a highly sought-after expertise and the most effective approach to make money online in India.

6. Create an online course

If you specialize in teaching, you should strive to create a premium course for those who are interested. You can then list it on social media sites and market it.

  • How to do that :
  • Make your own course. Determine the cost.
  • Use all of your expertise and experience to assist others who are in need.
  • YouTube is a good place to start.
  • Maintain reasonable prices and promote your course effectively.
  • Where will you be able to market your course?

Your course can be listed on your blog or YouTube channel.

It’s also possible to sell it to other educational sites.

  • Earning potential : 

This can help you set up a side income if your earning potential is limited. You can make money online in India without investing a single penny.

7. Invest in stocks 

  • Is this the story of the Wolf of Wall Street?

Ahh! You seem genuinely interested. Be cautious. To work in this field, you’ll need a lot of hard skills. Though it has the potential to increase your wages, it also has the potential to reduce you to rags. Study books, take classes, and monitor the market. You can always get professional assistance; simply search the internet for useful information.

  • How do you buy stocks?
  • Create a brokerage account on a reliable site with no fees.
  • Follow the performance of stocks and markets.
  • Avoid going overboard. Invest to your heart’s content. First, learn as much as you can and invest as little as possible.
  • Trading penny stocks might help you get experience.
  • Where should you invest?

There are numerous systems available that allow you to invest in stocks. Several others include Robinhood, Trading Station, Groww, Zerodha, E*Trade, and others.

Always put your money into reputable platforms. Scammers’ bread and faulty websites.

  • Investor’s earning potential:

This field offers limitless income opportunities. This is the finest approach to make money online in India with a small investment.

8. Become an Instagram influencer

  • What is the definition of an Instagram influencer?

Have you noticed your favorite Instagram creators posting photos with only a few brand products? They are compensated for their efforts. Instagram users with a large following are compensated to promote brands and items.

  • What does it take to become an Instagram influencer?
  • Make an Instagram account.
  • Start posting intriguing stuff, such as movies and photos.
  • You can share Instagram loops or short video clips.
  • After you’ve established your audience. You might approach companies and ask them to publicize their orders.
  • As an Instagram influencer, how can you make money?

Instagram claims to be attempting to commercialize its long video content, dubbed IGTV. Instagram, like YouTube, will begin rewarding content creators. The other is sponsorship, which you may earn by promoting products, as I previously stated. This is the finest technique to make money with social media in India. You can start earning with a user base of 10,000 followers.

  • Instagram Influencers’ Income Potential:

Instagram, on the other hand, has a sizable user base. Being well-liked by those users might make you a millionaire overnight. These influencers charge between Rs 500 and Rs 100000 for a single post. The fee is determined by the size of your audience and how engaged they are.

9. Earn money by taking surveys

  • What is that?

Huh? Will I be compensated for my time spent answering a few questions? Sure, I’m sure you’ll like the notion of typing for money online. Few brands and companies, including popular ideas, require public opinion and data on their likes and dislikes. On survey websites, these companies initiate a poll or a survey.

  • How do you conduct paid surveys?

All you have to do is join up for a respectable website. You’ll be added to their user list. You will receive a notification if someone starts a survey and if you complete it. You will be compensated.

  • Where can you take surveys?

The greatest websites that pay for doing surveys are Pinecone, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie.

  • Earning potential:

This money-making idea requires no expertise. The earning potential is limited. You can, however, earn between Rs 500 and Rs 5000 every month.

10.  Do translation work

  • What is that? 

You can try it out if you majored in any popular language. A freelance translator is an option. This job requires bilingualism.

  • How to do that?
  • You can first obtain a certificate for the same. This is a choice. Your certificate is irrelevant if you are effective in your job.
  • You can then register with any freelance website.
  • You can apply for jobs and make a decent living.
  • A translator’s earning potential is as follows:

It is a skilled occupation. Translators typically charge between Rs 50 and Rs 1000 per hour. You can earn a lot of money depending on your skill and experience. Working as a translator is one of the simplest and most profitable methods to make money online in India.

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11. Stock Photography

  • So, what exactly is stock photography?

The sale of generic pictures, movies, and graphics to specific individuals or businesses is known as stock photography. Stock photos are free to use for personal purposes. Buyers can pay both the photographer and the platform a fee in exchange for a license to use the image.

  • How do you go about becoming a stock photographer?
  • A stock photographer might be anyone.
  • Use your camera or smartphone to take pictures.
  • Click on photos from various categories and areas.
  • On a stock image website, sell them.
  • Create a portfolio.
  • Where can I sell stock photos?

Numerous websites, such as Unsplash, istockimages, Shutterstock, and others, sell stock pictures. Make a profile on one of these sites. Please submit your work. When someone buys your artwork, your portion will be credited to your account.

  • A stock photographer’s earning potential is as follows:

There are numerous options in this field. Photographers can make a lot of money by selling stock photos and films on the internet. Your monthly earnings could range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 100,000. In India, young photographers can make money by selling stock photographs online.

12. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Investing in bitcoin can be a good way to make a decent amount of money. You can get started with a small sum of money. Every cryptocurrency can be purchased at a cheap price and later sold for a high price.

  • How do you get started with cryptocurrency?

You can use any cryptocurrency trading site that matches your needs. Perform some preliminary research on the platform. Start investing after creating an account on the platform.

  • Where should you put your money?

Crypto trading is supported by a number of sites. Coin DCX, Counbase, ZebPay, and others are some of the best Indian crypto exchange platforms.

  • Potential earnings as a crypto investor.

Cryptocurrency investors have the potential to make a lot of money. This sector, like stock trading, has limitless earning possibilities. In India, you can invest and earn money online.

Do not fall prey to phishing scams.

Always stay away from websites and apps that promote products like I used to be quite impoverished. I put money into this program, and it tripled my money in three hours. This is a joke. That is not going to happen. They are attempting to defraud you.

If you have a talent, now is the time to capitalize on it and find a way to make money online in India.

There are numerous methods for making millions of dollars. However, I would advise you to pursue your passion. Make an investment in yourself. All you have to do now is carve out a career out of that specific expertise you have.

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