12 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews (and Benefits)

In today’s fitness clubs, gyms, and homes, recumbent bikes are popular. A recumbent bike offers a workout that includes one of the most effective cardio activities. Quadriceps, hamstrings, gules, and legs are among the main muscular groups used.

The apparatus is safe and effective for a low-impact total-body workout that helps to lower blood pressure and alleviate lung problems. The recumbent bike decreases the risk of pain and can help you gain strength because of its low impact. For patients with neurological disorders, they are the best option.

What features make the best recumbent exercise bikes? 


The exercise bike includes handles on both sides of the seat and along the front display. A clear, large display, built-in workout routines, adjustable seating for a tall individual, and some type of heat-rate monitoring are all desirable features.

Further features, design, comfort, and ease of use will all be considered.

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Best Rated Recumbent Exercise Bike for the Money

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Check our Exerpeutic 900 XL review for more information.

Benefits of a Recumbent Bike

Your goals and limitations will guide you in selecting the best stationary bike for your needs. Both types of stationary bikes have their uses, but they serve different functions. The following are some of the advantages of riding a recumbent bike:

  • Lower back: Riding a recumbent bike is more comfortable for your lower back and lumbar spine than riding an upright cycle. The workout equipment is appropriate for the elderly or anyone who has difficulty exercising. A recumbent bike encourages a better spinal posture than an upright bike, which causes you to hunch over the handlebars.
  • The bucket seat supports your lower back and knees by decreasing the impact of exercise.
  • Bigger seat: Compared to a small and uncomfortable upright bike seat, the larger seat on the recumbent bike is a very appealing aspect.
  • Safer: Because you can’t stand up on the pedals on a recumbent bike, you’re less likely to get hurt while riding in a seated posture.
  • Excellent exercise for neurological conditions: The bike is a great piece of equipment for people of all abilities who want a low-impact workout.
  • Low-impact: Riding a recumbent bike lowers your chance of injury while increasing your strength and muscle mass. It alleviates arthritic symptoms in the back, knees, and hips.

Recumbent Bike vs. Upright?

Do you suffer from joint or back pain?

You’re having trouble deciding which recumbent bike to utilize for a low-impact workout.?

Are you preparing for a triathlon, a bike competition, or just want to cross-train?

Are you a senior who is seeking for a good cardiovascular workout?

Follow along as we compare a recumbent bike to an upright bike if any of the above apply to you.

Upright exercise bikes have long been popular, and now there are even more reasons to invest in one. Every year, new and improved features are added to latest models to further improve your workout. Nevertheless, before you choose an upright bike, consider the following: they are less expensive, take up less room, and are less restricting and more versatile while exercising.

The comfort of recumbent bikes comes from the chair-like seat that supports your body. However, the seat isn’t the only source of relaxation. With a recumbent bike, unlike an upright cycle, where you must grasp the handles and slouch forward, your hands are fully free. While pedaling, you can watch TV, read a book, or lift weights.

What’s the difference between an upright and a recumbent bike?

Recumbent Bike Upright Bike
Riders’ body sits well into the bike frame.The rider is in a more comfortable and natural reclined position that reduces fatigue and eliminates muscle soreness in the upper body.Sit is comfortable, often as an average office chair.   The rider’s body sits above the bike frame more like a typical bicycle.The rider is slightly hunched over with a slight bend in the neck and back in the correct sitting position, creating muscle fatigue and soreness.The seat is smaller, which can cause aches and pains in the buttocks-saddle soreness.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

The best cardiovascular workout is on a recumbent bike, which gets the blood flowing in the feet, calves, and thighs. It also allows you to lose weight and strengthen your physique.

The advantages don’t stop there. A recumbent bike, unlike an upright cycle, is meant to be closer to the ground for enhanced safety in the event of a fall. The additional stability provided by the broader seat and back cushion support makes it even safer for exercises.

There’s no need to be concerned about hip and knee joint tension. You can stretch out further and in a more relaxed position thanks to the equipment. A recumbent bike is highly suggested for those with knee arthritis who want to enjoy healthy activity while reducing pain in their hips and knee joints.

Here are some of the best recumbent exercise bikes on the market.

Best recumbent bike for the money

1. Exerpeutic 900 XL Recumbent Exercise Bike for the Money

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The Exerpeutic 900XL is our best value selection. For persons with mobility challenges, it has a low step-over frame design.

What are the advantages of the Exerpeutic 900 XL recumbent workout cycle with pulse?

Comfortable yet challenging

The bike has a lot of features that make working out more enjoyable. It does, however, give a difficult workout. It features a well-padded, adjustable seat as well as a very supportive reclining position. The seat reclines to fit a tall individual in the mid-six-foot range. A built-in heart rate monitor is also included in the strategically placed handles.

The spacious pedals offer a comfortable foot strap, but thick footwear may be a touch tight.

The LCD console is easy to read.

Your pulse, time, speed, and other workout parameters are displayed on the huge LCD readout.

Magnetic tension

The bike includes eight magnetic tension settings to let you vary your cardiovascular workout while reducing joint and back stress. You can read a book or watch a movie while working out to multitask. It’s quite quiet, so you won’t wake up your sleeping family.


  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Durable design
  • Appropriate for a tall individual
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • It just weighs 63 pounds and comes with transport wheels for easy movement.
  • With all equipment included, it takes around an hour to put together.


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • I’d prefer a higher level of tension.

Best recumbent bike for a tall person

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike for a Tall Person


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06/10/2022 12:05 am GMT

Our top recommendation for the finest recumbent bike for a tall individual is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708. It has arm exercisers that work your upper body while integrated pulse sensors track your workout progress.

Why should you choose the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 Magnetic Recumbent?

Combination of an elliptical and a recumbent bike

The machine is a great recumbent bike and elliptical hybrid with moving grips that is unlike any other on the list. Instead of arm pedals, you get movable handlebars. Compared to a standard recumbent bike, the arm and pedal combination provides a better total body workout. It’s better than an elliptical in my opinion because I get to work out my arms while sitting down.

Foot pedals that are non-slip and adjustable, as well as comfort

The non-slip adjustable foot pedals, together with the back and forth motion of the handles, will help you burn more calories.

The oversized cushioned seat will keep you comfortable during your workout. It’s adjustable so you can find the perfect posture for you, whether you’re short or tall.

You also get a tablet holder that fits almost any size tablet as a bonus.

Extended weight capacity

Because to its solid heavy-duty construction, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 can support a human weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.

Pulse sensors

The cyclist can use the Pule Rate Monitoring System on the bike’s digital display to actively check their pulse.

The multifunctional digital monitoring system tracks distance, calories, spend, total distance, workout timer, and pulse.

Transportation wheels

The SF-RB708 has two front-mounted wheels that make moving the bulky recumbent bike from room to room or storing it out of sight a breeze.


  • With a multi-control magnetic resistance knob, there are eight tension settings to choose from.
  • A pedal and arm exercise are included in this multifunctional workout.
  • Pulse sensors integrated for real-time heartbeats per minute
  • Back and seat cushions are oversized.
  • Seat height can be adjusted for people who are short or tall.
  • It’s reasonably priced and offers a lot of great features.


  • The moveable handles cannot be disengaged.
  • There are no side handles on the seat.
  • For a small space, it’s a little too bulky.

Best folding recumbent exercise bike

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Pink Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

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The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic SF-RB1117 is a compact and easy-to-store folding recumbent exercise bike. Its transport wheels make it easy to move around. The attractive pink recumbent bike has a 220 pound weight capacity.

Why should you buy the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB1117 magnetic folding recumbent exercise bike?

Adjustable resistance

With a tension knob, you can either lower or increase the 8 level adjustable resistances, based on your suitability. Various workout levels will cater to those searching for a gentle workout as well as those looking to test their muscles. Because it is a very quiet recumbent bike, you can workout at night without disturbing your family.


Fold the foldable recumbent bike to save space in your room. It just weighs 37 pounds and comes with built-in mobility wheels for easy movement.

Seat and backrest are both quite large.

During longer and more demanding workout sessions, the comfy seat supports your bottom while the backrest provides additional support.

Performance monitor

The easy-to-read performance monitor allows you to keep track of how many calories you’ve burned. The battery-powered tracker keeps track of your distance traveled, time spent, and calories burned. Some individuals may like not having to connect the device into an outlet, while others will be frustrated that the two AA batteries will need to be replaced on occasion.

Safety and convenience

Its safety is enhanced by the non-slip foot pedals and handlebars. While pedaling quickly, the foot straps keep your feet in place and prevent slippage. They’re especially useful if you’re the type of cyclist who prefers to ride backwards on a recumbent bike. This unit is capable of doing so.


  • The upright design makes riding a bike more realistic.
  • Its foldable form and wheels make it lightweight and convenient to store.
  • Its small design and fashionable pink hue make it a fashionable exercise bike.
  • Simple to assemble; simply screw the seat, handlebars, and pedals in place.
  • The main frame has a 3-year warranty, while all other components and parts have a 90-day warranty.


  • Although its solid base supports it, the lightweight form factor causes it to wobble at times.

Best recumbent exercise bike under $500

4. HARISON Recumbent Exercise Bike Under $500


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06/10/2022 12:10 am GMT

With its sturdy and quality made in the USA build, the HARISON is the best recumbent exercise bike under $500. It includes a 350-pound weight capacity, a multifunctional LCD, 14 levels of magnetic resistance, and operates quietly. It also has a comfortable, roomy, and well-ventilated seat.

Why should you choose the HARISON stationary recumbent bike with 14 degrees of resistance?

Sturdy Construction

You will receive a sophisticated and modern recumbent bike exercise machine. The frame is built of stainless steel to minimize swaying while riding quickly. The steel has been treated to protect it from rust and corrosion in damp basements. Its protective coating should extend the equipment’s lifespan.

Console and Accessories

The HARISON has an advanced LCD console that can track distance, speed, time, calories, reps per minute, heart rate, and other metrics.

Additional features include a drinking water bottle holder, an iPod holder, and a comfortable and adjustable seat on a sliding rail for short and tall people. Exercisers will appreciate the sweat-wicking mesh backrest with high-density foam seat during intense and sweaty cardio workouts. 

Resistance and drive

There are 14 smooth magnetic resistance levels on the workout machine, ranging from easy to demanding training regimens. With its smooth cranking technology, the pedaling is steady and smooth. Its nearly silent belt-driven mechanism is ideal for exercising in your home early or late at night without waking anyone up.

Warranty and customer service

HARISON’s customer care is situated in the United States and responds quickly. It’s especially useful when you need step-by-step installation help from a member of their professional technical team.

They have a 30-day return policy with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as 12 months of free replacement components delivered by expedited express mail.


  • Built to last in the United States of America
  • Belt drive with 14 levels of magnetic resistance
  • No further tools are required for assembly.
  • Responsive customer service


  • Mesh seats aren’t for everyone.
  • There is no backlight on the console display.
  • No workout programs

Best recumbent bike for seniors

5. Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike for Seniors


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06/10/2022 05:25 am GMT

The Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is a fantastic home fitness machine. It’s the greatest recumbent bike for seniors, and it’ll help you stay in shape and stay healthy well into your golden years.


The bike is built with a single-piece steel frame that is durable and provides stability during tough exercises. The seat cushion is large and well-padded, with small perforated holes for better airflow. The chair has a vented backrest that provides excellent lumber support.


The Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is designed in such a way that it is appropriate for people of different shapes, sizes, and ages. With a single lever, the adjustable seat can accommodate both short and tall persons. Its walk-thru frame makes it simple for elderly or those who are less mobile to get on and off.

Ease of use

The Schwinn 270 bike pedals, weighted flywheel, and magnetic resistance mechanism are all relatively smooth, resulting in a fairly quiet ride. You can exercise while watching TV without turning up the sound too much.

Console and accessories

The Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike’s dashboard is loaded with features. Your heart rate, distance traveled, and calories burned will be displayed on its user-friendly console and LCD screen.

It contains a shelf for your Kindle e-reader or tablet, allowing you to watch TV or read while burning calories. Using the provided cable, you can also listen to music or podcasts on the built-in speakers.

Your workout data can be transferred to the Schwinn app, which is available on both the Apple and Google Play stores.

Resistance and drive

To assist you in achieving your exercise goals, the equipment has 29 programs and 25 levels of resistance. It allows up to four users to save the settings, which is quite convenient.

The Schwinn 270 is a terrific recumbent workout bike in general.


  • Magnetic resistance that is digitally controlled
  • Ventilated seatback
  • Easy-to-use workout console
  • Compatibility of the RideSocial app with fitness plans
  • Three-speed cooling fan
  • USB charging port and mobile device shelf


  • There is no way to modify the height of the control panel.
  • Several cyclists believe the calorie burn estimate is wrong.
  • The grip pulse reader isn’t always accurate.

Best recumbent bike for home use

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike for Home Use


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06/10/2022 12:05 am GMT

Given its cross-training cardio ability, high weight capacity, quiet belt drive, and electronic monitoring, the Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic is the best recumbent bike for home use.

Handlebars and Pedals

It allows you to lift your arms up and down in addition to pedaling, burning extra calories. You may easily step into this bike without having to overextend your legs.

The pedals have a huge surface area with an adjustable strap to prevent sliding. You may alter the seat distance to the pedals while seated by flipping a lever. The inseam height can also be adjusted from 26.5 to 34 inches.

There are eight different levels of resistance.

The magnetic system on the home-use recumbent bikes delivers eight degrees of resistance to satisfy all training challenges.

The digital display panel displays your pulse rate as well as your workout distance, speed, time, and calories burned.

Seat and backrest are extra-large.

Its spacious seat and back support encourage proper posture, resulting in a healthy and enjoyable ride. Moreover, the seats have additional cushioning for improved blood flow.

Extended weight capacity

The bike is nearly 95 pounds in weight and has a heavy-duty frame. Its sturdy construction can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds.


  • On a belt drive, it runs quietly.

Seat is simple to modify without having to stand.

  • Increased entire body calorie burn with movable handlebars
  • ing
  • For maximum blood flow, the seat is extra padded.
  • Alarm and countdown timer


  • The arms are set fairly high and are not adjustable.

Best commercial recumbent exercise bike

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Self-Powered Cycling Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

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For the appropriate customer who wants quality, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4880 PowerSync is a durable, self-powered commercial recumbent exercise bike with many of features.

It has a motorized magnetic resistance system that is self-powered and has automatic resistance settings.

What makes the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4880 recumbent bike so special?

Frame construction

A heavy-duty frame comprised of robust steel tubing supports the item. Its one-piece chassis adds to the overall strength of the device.

It has a weight of 112 lbs. This greatly increases the stability of the system. The sturdy adjustable height for the display and the adjustable length frame bar add to the equipment’s strength.

Seat and handlebars

With its adjustable seat and non-slip pedals, the bike is simple to modify to your height. The seat cushion and backrest give excellent comfort, similar to that of an office chair.

Resistance and drive

It is not necessary to place the bike near a power outlet. When you pedal the bike, you generate all of the energy needed to power the 24 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance, the display console, and even charge your smart devices.


The PowerSync has a good LCD color panel that shows data such as elapsed time, distance, RPM, calories, watts, and heart rate during workouts.

Despite the lack of online connectivity and compatibility with online fitness applications, it comes with a variety of workout programs to keep you motivated.

Aside from that, there’s a media shelf, built-in speakers, and a charging socket for your device.


  • With 24 levels of magnetic resistance, this product offers tremendous adaptability.
  • With a step-through design and an adjustable seat, it’s more accessible.
  • The brightly colored monitor displays workout information.
  • A built-in speaker and USB charging port are included.


  • No bottle holder
  • The tablet holder has a tendency to obscure the console display.

Best small recumbent bike

8. Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Small Recumbent Bike


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06/10/2022 12:05 am GMT

If you need a folding model, try the Exerpeutic 400XL. It’s the ideal little recumbent bike for a bedroom, apartment, or training space. Despite its modest size, it has adjustable resistance, making it suited for anyone weighing up to 300 pounds, according to the handbook.

What makes Exerpeutic 400XL so great to fold up?

Foldable Design

The recumbent bike, as the name implies, folds up to half its size and may be kept in a closet. It’s simple to fold, and it doesn’t take long. It weighs only 43 pounds and comes with built-in mobility wheels.

The bike’s main body is already assembled, but the seat, handlebars, pedals, and electronics must be attached. It should take about 30 minutes to put together the easy-to-follow directions.


The Exerpeutic 400XL is a hybrid of upright and recumbent exercise machines. You have the convenience of an upright bike combined with the workout benefits of a tiny reclining cycle.

Variable resistance

The compact recumbent bike has eight magnetic resistance levels, which are easily adjusted using the knob beneath the console.

LCD screen

Your distance, time, speed, calories burned, and pulse are all displayed on the 3.3 x 1.5 LCD.

Flywheel system with a crank and a well-balanced flywheel

The high torque cracking system ensures a quiet and comfortable workout. Its precision-balanced and double-drive A-belt transmission system add to the smoothness and quietness of your training.


  • Smooth, quiet, and stable to the extreme.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and compact
  • It is portable and foldable.


  • It is not suitable for a tall individual.
  • Small LCD screen

Cheap recumbent exercise bike

9. Marcy Resistance ME-709 Cheap Recumbent Exercise Bike


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06/10/2022 05:46 am GMT

Going to the gym is the most difficult part of getting a daily workout in. The Marcy ME-709 offers the necessary training right to your doorstep. Because of its adaptability, varied resistance, and value for money, it is one of the best affordable recumbent bikes.

Why did we choose the Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike?

Eight resistance levels

The ability to change the resistance as you see fit is made possible by the multiple resistance levels.

Beginners, rehabbers, and persons with arthritic knees should use lower resistance levels. The higher levels, on the other hand, are a good choice for fitness fanatics searching for more challenging strategies to improve endurance and muscle mass.

Metric display

The bike has a large LCD display that shows your speed, distance, time, calories burned, and odometer. During your workout, it does not monitor your heart rate or pulse.

Weighted pedals

The pedals have a robust and substantial feel about them. They’re counterbalanced and give you extra support when you ride swiftly at different speeds. These grooves aid in improving overall traction, resulting in less slippage at high speeds.

Smart design

For elders who want to exercise, the step-through bike design makes it simple to mount and disembark. It’s made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel tubing and other long-lasting components.


  • Smooth and quiet, with a small footprint.
  • Mobility and storage are both possible with transportation wheels.
  • Seat height may be adjusted to accommodate both short and long legs.
  • Sturdy and well-constructed
  • Variable resistance


  • Limited resistance
  • The position of the backrest is not adjustable.
  • There is no heart rate monitor.
  • Small LCD display

Best under-desk pedal exerciser

10. DeskCycle Stationary Mini Under Desk Pedal Exerciser


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06/10/2022 12:22 am GMT

Because of its modest size (10 inches in height) and portability (23 pounds), the DeskCycle Mini is our pick for the best under the desk pedal exerciser.

Resistance and drive

The DeskCycle, unlike many competitors, has eight calibrated resistance settings ranging from easy to difficult.

Magnetic resistance mechanism with a patent

It’s thanks to the DeskCycle’s innovative magnetic resistance technology that it’s silent and easy on your joints. You can use it silently in the office without disturbing others.

5-Function LCD display

A small LCD panel on the under-the-desk pedal exerciser displays your time, pace, distance, and calories in real time.

Maintain your fitness in the workplace.

By allowing you to work and exercise at the same time, the compact portable recumbent cycle boosts your productivity. It fits under desks with a depth of up to 27 inches.


  • Magnetic resistance
  • Smooth pedaling
  • There are eight different resistance levels to choose from.
  • LCD computer display
  • With a 27-inch clearance, it fits under a desk.
  • It only takes a few minutes to put this together.


  • There are no handles to make carrying easier.
  • At 61 pounds, he’s quite hefty.

Best recumbent road bike for youth

11. Mobo Triton Pedal Go Recumbent Road Bike


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06/10/2022 01:51 am GMT

Do you have a fitness-obsessed child? You’re looking for the greatest recumbent road bike on the market. What is the definition of a recumbent road bike? A kids 3-wheel bike will allow your children to enjoy the outdoors. This child recumbent road bike cruiser is the ideal present for kids who enjoy being outside and riding on flat or slope terrains.

What are the advantages of the Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike-Kids 3-Wheel Bike?

Low impact exercise

The Mobo Triton recumbent road bike allows your child to enjoy the outdoors while staying in shape. It has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds and is designed for low-impact cardiovascular exercise. There’s no need to be concerned about your child falling over because the bike is low to the ground and provides optimal stability.

Comfortable frame and adjustable frame

Your youngsters will have many years of outdoor recumbent fun because to the small and adaptable design. The sturdy and adjustable steel frame can support riders weighing up to 200 pounds and measuring 38 to 52 inches in height. Ages 7 to 12 are suggested by the manufacturer.

The seat cushion is designed to provide several hours of comfortable riding. Its chainless system and ergonomic design also make it a safe mode of transportation.

The Mobo is available in three colors. A red, blue, or pink recumbent road bike is available, which is useful if you have numerous children.

Innovative steering

The road bike features a revolutionary rear-wheel steering system that improves eye-hand coordination. The dual-joystick steering also allows for easy manoeuvring with little hand movement. It improves leg and arm muscular strength, keeping your young horse busy and in shape.


  • Easily adjustable frame
  • Supports up to 200 lbs.
  • Stable and well-balanced
  • Frame that is both durable and adjustable
  • Innovative steering design
  • Blue, red, or pink are some of the colors available.


  • There are no gear shifts and the vehicle is single-speed.
  • 200 pound maximum weight
  • 52 inches is the maximum height.
  • It is necessary to assemble the item, but it is not difficult.

Best recumbent road bike for Adults

12. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle Recumbent Road Bike


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06/10/2022 01:45 am GMT

For more information, visit our Mobo youth recumbent bike review.

The following are the differences between a youth and an adult road bike:

  • The children’s bike is suitable for riders aged 52 and up, while the adult model is suitable for riders aged 42 to 63.
  • The adult bike can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds, while the children’s bike can support up to 200 pounds.


Where to buy a used recumbent exercise bike for sale?

Buying a used recumbent exercise bike can save you money while still getting fit.  According to a , nearly 40% of people used their exercise machines for far less than they planned.  There are always people reselling fitness equipment that is gently used, like new.

Choosing a high-quality recumbent bike is always a smart idea. The warranty will most certainly have expired, and you will be responsible for any damage caused by a cheaply manufactured bike. Examine the machine for excessive wear, creaking, rust, a damaged LCD screen, frayed wiring, cracks, and other issues before taking possession.

When purchasing a used recumbent bike for sale, do your homework on cost. First, look up the retail price on the company’s website or on the internet. They look for the going rate for used exercise bikes in your area on online marketplaces and classifieds. The sale price is not necessarily the same as the listing price. In most cases, there is opportunity for discussion. During COVID, however, it was more difficult to find old workout equipment at a low price.

Best places to buy a used recumbent exercise bike

  • It’s the most popular online marketplace for selling large and bulky items.
  • With over 220 million Facebook users in the United States, there is no shortage of eyes watching the app on a regular basis.
  • – I’ve generally had good luck using OfferUp for local buying and selling; they have approximately who spend more than 20 minutes a day on the app
  • Because the bike machine is so large and heavy, you’ll only want to do a local search.

In some cases, you can find a listing on Craigslist is a good place to look for free goods., like exercise equipment. The machines are so heavy that some people will give away free equipment if you bring your own vehicle and muscle to haul it away. 

Purchasing a used recumbent exercise bike for sale is a great way to save money and improve your health.

Whats the difference between a recumbent bike vs. treadmill?

The most important goal of your workout is that it should pay off. There is a lot of fitness equipment out there, and it can be difficult to figure out which machine will provide you the best workout for your needs.

Both the recumbent cycle and the treadmill can help you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness. But which is the superior option?

Your preference and workout goals will determine whether you use a recumbent bike or a treadmill.

Recumbent bike


  • Ideal for a low-impact workout
  • There are various designs to choose from, each with its own set of features.
  • Injury risk is reduced overall.
  • For the quickest results, choose this method.


  • It doesn’t burn as many calories as a treadmill run.
  • Unless you choose a recumbent elliptical combo, the upper body isn’t included.
  • Sitting in the seat for long periods of time can cause back pain.



  • Treadmills are the finest cardio equipment for runners who don’t want to run in traffic or in terrible weather.
  • When walking or running, it burns a lot of calories.
  • Improves bone density and muscle tissue strength.
  • During your workout, you should move around more.


  • Some people may not be able to tolerate a lot of movement or a weight-bearing workout.
  • It necessitates a larger footprint and can be difficult to fit into a compact space.
  • Increased impact on joints, such as arthritic knees
  • This machine is related with a higher risk of falling.

Treadmills are similar to recumbent bikes in that they both allow you to stay stationary while exercising and watch television or a movie.

When compared to a recumbent bike, having back, knee, or joint problems will aggravate the problem considerably more on a treadmill. The weight and pressure on your joints and back are reduced when you exercise on an exercise bike.

If you’re in good shape and can withstand high-intensity workouts, a treadmill can be a good investment. When you have a limited budget, a tiny workout space, and a desire for low-impact, non-weight-bearing workouts, a recumbent bike is a better option.

What’s the difference between an elliptical vs. recumbent bike

The choice between a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine comes down to personal preference, money, level of comfort, and possibly a few other factors.

Stay fit

Both a recumbent bike and an elliptical are cardio exercise devices with numerous advantages, including:

  • Workout to improve your cardiovascular health
  • Improve your endurance
  • Less harmful to the joints

They’re fine for working out and staying in shape, but they’re not the same. A recumbent bike, on the other hand, is better for older folks or people with mobility issues.

Tone your muscles

Both aren’t strength machines; they’ll only improve your legs and buttocks, not your overall muscular mass.

The elliptical cycle works roughly 80% of your lower and upper body muscles, whereas the recumbent bike mostly works your thighs and calves.

Weight loss

Both machines allow for great weight loss by burning calories, which is totally dependent on the intensity and length of the exercise regimens.

Elliptical trainers are more forgiving on the knees, but they will hurt your back after a while. It isn’t the best option for someone with persistent back problems, therefore a recumbent bike is a better investment.


A recumbent bike, at 3.3 feet long, 1.65 feet wide, and 4.25 feet tall, takes up less space than an elliptical trainer, which is 5 feet long, 2 feet broad, and 5.25 feet tall.


As comparison to a recumbent cycle, an elliptical costs nearly twice as much.

Overall, the advantages of a stationary recumbent bike outweigh the advantages of an elliptical, such as reduced back pain, less strain on joints such as arthritic knees, a smaller footprint, and lower cost.

Top 3 recumbent bikes vs. upright comparisons

Upright Bikes are less comfortable than recumbent bikes.

Recumbent bike seats allow you to exercise in a more natural position, which is better for your joints and back.

While the upright seat is similar to that of a typical outdoor road bicycle, it lacks comfort due to the lack of back cushion support and the pedals being positioned beneath the body.

Recumbent bikes use fewer muscles than upright bikes.

The ability to stand and engage different muscles is not available with recumbent bikes. Because of the seat and mild recline, most people do not utilize their core and muscles while biking.

An upright bike, like a road bike, allows you to stand up and engage and work more muscle, such as your glutes and arms.

Both types of bicycles can help you burn calories.

Although both bikes can burn more calories-depending on the intensity and duration of the workout-recumbent bikes are thought to be less efficient at burning calories.

If you push harder and peddle quicker, a recumbent bike can be just as metabolic as an upright bike.

Stationary Bikes   More Comfortable   Engages More Muscles   Burns More Calories  
Recumbent Bicycle YES   YES
Upright Bicycle   YES YES

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Summary

We’ve compiled a selection of the best recumbent bikes for both experienced and inexperienced cyclists, as well as machines for tall people or seniors with limited mobility. They’ll help you improve your cardio, reduce joint pain, and improve your overall fitness.

Are you having trouble deciding which rate recumbent bike is ideal for you? Check out our in-depth buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions section for all the details you’ll need to make a more informed purchase.

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