11 Best Recliners for Elderly Review Guide (2021)

If you’re experiencing problems getting out of your chair, the finest recliner for the elderly may be necessary. Standing upage reduces movement, therefore the ideal recliner for the elderly is constructed with support elements that help alleviate the challenges and imbalances that come with it.

Contrary to popular assumption, the chairs are not only for the elderly. A recliner can be beneficial to anyone who has had surgery, is ill, or has difficulty sitting down and standing up on a daily basis.

Purchasing the top brand lift chair has numerous advantages. Tilt recliners were first fitted to conventional chairs to help people stand up in front of the television. Some chairs, on the other hand, now include innovative features that improve the elderly’s lifestyle, such as motorized, heated, and zero-gravity options.

Best Brand Lift Chairs

A power lift chair softly raises you from seated to standing, making it more than just a comfy chair, but an essential tool for getting around without assistance on a daily basis.

The best lift chairs are pleasant to sit in and have a smooth, forceful movement that makes it easy to raise your legs. Consider how often the hydraulic lift will be used when purchasing a rising chair for yourself and your family.

The following are ten of the best-known lift chair brands:

1. Best Recliner Chair For Sleeping

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When it comes to the finest recliner chair for sleeping, this is one of the best from our selection of the top 11 recliners chairs.

Addison Big Modern Microfiber Recliner by NHI Express

Sleeping in your own bed isn’t always an option, whether it’s due to a medical problem, back pain, or sleep apnea. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll require one of the greatest sleeping recliners. Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity. So where do you look for them?

  • Living room single sofa recliner seat club chair home theater seating in a large size contemporary recliner. This recliner couch chair is stylish and trendy. It’s not a rocker at all.
  • They are quite comfy and stain-resistant, unlike leather couches or sofas with sophisticated textiles that require a lot of upkeep. You don’t have to be concerned about tears or rips.
  • It measures 35 inches broad by 40 inches deep by 40 inches high, which is the optimum size for sleeping comfortably. The seat measures approximately 19 inches wide and 22 inches deep.
  • Hardwood frames The chair’s beautiful hardwood frames add to the chair’s overall appearance.
  • It’s almost flat because it’s manual rather than automatic, which means there’s less to break. You can almost get it flat if you apply enough pressure to the backside. Because of its flatness, it is not a viable option for usage as a wall hugger lift chair in your home.
  • Disassemble – The latches make it easy to disassemble heavy and when moving large furniture it.
  • It’s a mid-blue rather than a navy blue. The color of blue depicted in the image is fairly accurate.
  • 70 pound weight limit

2. Best Recliner Chair For A Short Person

If we talk about the best chair for a short person, the first thought that comes to mind is that the chair must be slender and small; however, this is not the case; instead, we have the chair that is the perfect size for a tiny or short person. The beige chair has a faint brown hue to it.

Slim Recliner by Dorel Living

  • Thickly padded seat and large arms With wide arms, you can easily transform stress. The seat padding is solid and comfy without being excessively spongy.
  • The tall back design This design enhances the elegance of your living room chair.
  • Smooth pushback reclining motion You can relax more in the chair than in bed thanks to the reclining motion. It has a reclining mechanism that is pushed back. It’s not what you’d call a wall hugger.
  • Microfiber upholstery in a soft beige color
  • This is the best chair size for a petite person, with a seat height of 17.25 inches and a seat width of 15 inches.
  • It only weighs 47.3-54 pounds.

3. Best Rocker Recliner

Ashley Yandel’s Trademark Design Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle

The Ashley Yandel chair is fantastic and may make you feel great simply by sitting in it. The Quality Collection features traditional accents and medieval style.

A silk seat is included with the dark brown top-crown leather match. At the touch of a button, it engages the force-driven tilt mechanism, creating a comfortable base for your relaxation. The nailhead trim collection defines the profile.

A center-mounted console with cupholders and storage is included with the love seat. Each piece in the series contains a USB port for charging your electronic gadgets quickly and easily.

  • This dual-motor lift chair restoration combines function and style in a modern power lift recliner. The electric chair for the elderly lifts your feet at the touch of a button for the ultimate soothing experience.
  • With a tall back, thick padding, and imitation leather, this chair is designed for comfort and support. A metal-reinforced seat is built into the strong frame.
  • Saddle brown material appears to be leather, yet the thick poly fiber adds a comfortable feel-good factor.
  • Weight: 139 pounds

4. Best Recliners for Men

4501-19 Dorado Charcoal Rocker Recliner by Lane Home Furnishings

Stylish and comfortable recliner chair, especially for heavy sized men. Many are bigger and taller.  According to the CDC, the average American male over 20 years old weight 197.9 pounds.  As of 2015-2016, the or obese.  The Lane Home model can hold up to a 500-pound person.  

  • All-steel box and floor base with drop-in cooling seating system and sufficient cushioning for comfort. The ideal padding for ultimate comfort.
  • When fully reclined, it’s almost as long as a king-size mattress.
  • It can support a maximum weight of 500 pounds, which is a significant advantage for hefty men.
  • A reclining mechanism made of eight gauge steel is included.
  • Spring system with welded steel coil basis It includes a welded steel coil base Spring system, which is the ideal solution for heavyweights.
  • 166 pound weight
  • Manufactured in the United States of America

5. Best Power Lifter Motorized Chair for Elderly

Giantex Power Lift Chair Recliner for the Elderly with Remote Control and Warm and Plush Upholstery

Create a relaxing nook with our push-back chair, which features both gliding and spindle functions. This contemporary piece adds elegance and comfort to your home with its witty design and plush seat.

The power lift chair’s multiple functions make it versatile, allowing it to serve as everything from a ideal nursery chair to a relaxing spot in your living room. It has a soft brown color and a minimalist design. Its practical form and chocolate color go with any type of house decor.

  • The Giant Power Lift Chair is simple to use and has a very quiet and smooth lift. It is also adjustable. To make the elders chair easier, a counter-balanced lift mechanism lifts the entire chair up.
  • It’s an odorless and comfortable cushion made of high-quality cloth and filled with a high-density sponge. It’s ideal for people who are recovering from surgery.
  • It’s simple to gather the basics because the GiantX electric lift chair is simple to install and comes with all of the necessary tools.
  • The remote and other small objects that the user requires are stored in the pockets on the right side of the chair.
  • When reclined, it can support up to 220 pounds, and when upright, it can support up to 330 pounds.
  • Assembly & Support Simple assembly with prompt email assistance. If you’re still perplexed after reading the simple handbook, send an email to the company, and they’ll respond within 24 hours.
  • Weight ranges from 220 to 330 pounds.

6. Best Leather Recline Chair

Homall Padded Seat PU Leather Club Chair Single Recliner

The Homall takes pride in working directly with furniture manufacturers to ensure high-quality products at low prices. These chairs are suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, or theater. The cushions are thickly padded, and the footrest is double-padded. For added comfort, the armrests feature a larger curve. The imitation leather is of excellent quality and is available in six different hues.

  • Seat height is 17.7 inches, and seat measurements are 22.1 inches deep by 19.7 inches wide. The dimensions of the reclining chair are 20.9 wide by 27.6 deep by 29.1 height. The upright dimensions are 27.6 inches broad by 35.8 inches deep by 38.6 inches tall.
  • Brown, beige, black, grey, khaki, and red leather are available.
  • Up to 265 pounds of weight capacity is possible.
  • The weight of the chair is 59.4 pounds.

7. Wall Hugger Lift Chair

U-MAX Power Wall Hugger Lift Chair with PU Leather and Remote Control U-MAX Recliner Power Wall Hugger Lift Chair with PU Leather and Remote Control

U-MAX’s popular wall hugger lift chair is composed of durable and plush polyurethane leather. The padding on the head, back, and armrests is exceptionally thick sponge. From start to finish, the electric chair for the elderly mechanism will lift you smoothly and safely. It also includes a power lift chair with heat and massage. Consumers on a budget will appreciate the brand’s reasonable pricing.

  • The legs, lumbar, and back are massaged in the massage lift chair. Auto, normal, pulse, push, and wave are some of the modes available.
  • The chair will be delivered in two separate boxes by the shipping firm. It’s simple to put together. The seatback can be removed.
  • The motorized chair raise and recline, as well as the back and footrest, are all controlled by the remote. The transition from erect to fully reclining takes around 15 seconds.

8. Best Lift Chair Covered By Medicare

Quade Fabric Chair by Christopher Knight Home

Medicare typically won’t cover the cost of a lift chair in full.  But, chair lifts are covered by Medicare Part B because they are considered durable medical equipment.  The recliner chair that helps with stand and assists capabilities is used to treat conditions like handicap mobility issues and arthritis.  It won’t be covered if you live in a skilled nursing home or hospital.  You will not be covered if you already purchased a wheelchair, scooter, or similar motorized device through Medicare.  See “Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs?” from for details. 

This power chair is both sturdy and comfortable, with a higher back and thicker cushions. The synthetic leather upholstery has a nice saddle tan color that looks like gently worn leather. It assists the elderly to sleep peacefully.

  • It has dark metal accented legs that enhance to the visual charm.
  • Rounded seat and arm design The best level of comfort is provided by a rounded seat and arm design.
  • Wood is a robust material, and its use in building ensures that it will last for a long time without sacrificing style.
  • Assemble – With a clear and easy-to-understand handbook, you can rapidly assemble the item and utilize it.
  • It is recommended that you do not weigh more than 250 pounds.

9. Best Comfortable Chair For Elderly

Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Accent Armchair with Hardwood Frame by Stone & Beam

A strong hardwood frame supports the soft under-filled comfy chair. Support and protection are provided by the plush armchair frame. This piece can easily blend into your existing color scheme thanks to the wide range of seven colors available. The material is moisture resistant and simple to clean with a soft dry towel.

  • It has a moisture-resistant, stain-resistant fabric comprised of 98% polyester and 2% nylon on a sturdy rigid frame.
  • Removable and reversible seat cushions are made of high-quality materials and are both removable and reversible.
  • Traditional design A recliner can be designed to fit any area and look elegant from any angle of the room or home.
  • The material comes in a variety of colors, including pepper, pearl, chocolate, slate, cognac, dark brown, and fawn.
  • It is moisture resistant and does not require assembly.
  • Warranty Includes a 3-year guarantee and a 30-day return policy.

10. Heated Power Lift Recliner


Black Faux Leather Wallnew Power Lift Recliner with Built-In Hot and Massage

The WallNew electric lift massage reclining chair is controlled by a wired remote control. It is available in two primary models: lean activity and massage function. The sofa can be readily adjusted on many levels to fulfill different needs when utilizing an inclined type.

The lift feature allows users, such as the elderly, to easily stand up from their chairs. There are four possible accessories for the massage function (legs, thigh, backrest, and lumbar), five rhythmic massage modes, and two massage intensities. You can personalize the chair to meet your specific demands.

While seated and relaxed, the Power Lift couch is covered in delicate polyurethane leather and filled with substantial foam, providing a comfortable tactile feel. On either side of the armrest are two storage pockets and a cup holder.

  • It has control modes that comprise of a wire remote control device.
  • Its lift function makes it easier for older people to stand up.
  • The zero-gravity experience is integrated into the quick lift reclining chair.
  • Armrests Updated larger headrest and generously padded armrests provide greater comfort after a long day.
  • Maximum weight capability is 300 pounds.
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Assembly Requires simple assembly and comes in a single box.

11. Zero Gravity Lift Chair Recliner


PR-505L Comforter with MaxiComfort

Small, medium, big, and tall sizes are available in the regular PR-505 Maxi Comforter Junior Petite. The weight capacity of junior tiny and small recliners for the elderly is 300 pounds. The weight capacity of the medium, big, and tall lift chairs is 375 pounds. For added comfort, the Maxi Comforter incorporates pocketed coil sitting. It comes in nine different colors and six different sizes.

The Maxi Comfort allows you to slip into a NASA-created zero-gravity posture to ease muscle tension, produce deep relaxation, decompress your spine to help oxygenate your heart, and relieve back pain. You can ease lower back discomfort by lifting your hips, or you can relieve edema in your lower extremities by leaning your legs above your heart.

  • Luxe’s best exclusive textiles are used in this collection for excellent comfort.
  • The zero gravity position places you in a comfortable position for physical and emotional healing.
  • A high-quality 6-button remote control mechanism is included with the hand control.
  • It has a customized lumbar support that is only available from Maxi.
  • There is no gap between the seat and the footrest when using full chaise pad seating.
  • Junior petite lift chair recliners, small, medium, medium extra-wide, and large sizes are available.
  • Luxe apple, gold, onyx, peacock, ruby, sand, sapphire, snow, and spa are some of the colors available.


When deciding on the best recliners for elderly people, there are a few things to keep in mind. Answers to these frequently asked questions will assist you in making a more informed decision.

What factors should be considered when purchasing a recliner for the elderly?

  • Comfort: When you buy a recliner for a senior, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. While younger individuals might get away with a simple chair with a soft backrest, the elderly require more back and neck support. A recliner’s comfort is also impacted by the number of positions it can be fixed in.
  • Ease of Use: Several recliners have manual handles and knobs that you can use to move about their various components. When shopping for a recliner for a senior, look for something with electrical features. Manual handles necessitate a significant degree of physical strength, which may not always be available for the elderly.
  • Size: The size of a recliner isn’t just defined by the amount of space it takes up when standing up. You must also examine the amount of room available when the chair is reclined back and the footrest is removed. When making a decision, measure the available space in the room, as a confined location may not provide the ideal experience for a senior.
  • The material used on the top of the chair might be a variety of various materials. Memory foam, feathers, or down can be used to make the cushions. Fabric or leather might be used for the covering. When purchasing a recliner for an elderly person, seek for supporting materials such as memory foam. While being comfortable, the covering should be adequately ventilated and easy to clean.

What are some of the extra features that high-end recliners have?

If money isn’t an issue and you want the finest experience possible, some recliners have extra features that might make life easier for seniors.

  • Storage Space: Some recliners have big arms and space behind the footrest for storing goods. Cup holders are extremely common, and a chilled section is also available! Keep in mind that in order to use these features, these recliners must be plugged in or charged.
  • Massage Functions: Several recliners have massaging functions and motors built into the chassis, making them even more comfortable for senior citizens.

Heat Functions: Muscle and joint pain are common among the elderly, and a chair with a heating function can help reduce these symptoms while providing a relaxing and healing experience. Certain variants can recline to 180 degrees and serve as temporary beds.

Top 11 Best Recliners For Elderly Summary

In comparison to the rest of society, the elderly spend more time indoors. It’s reasonable to imagine that an elderly person’s life revolves around a nice recliner.

Unlike a standard chair, a recliner for the elderly is a little easier to get into and makes standing up from a sitting posture a little easier.

Instead of searching for a reclining lift chair near me, use our 11 online recommendations. It’s easiest to have heavy furniture delivered during COVID-19 and delegate the research to someone else.

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