10 Best Virtual Debit Cards In India

Virtual debit cards are excellent financial tools for making online transactions. They have a prominent and secure online fund transfer option. The popularity of e-cards/virtual cards has recently increased.

In India, many Indian financial groups offer virtual cards and wallet services. If you’re looking for a virtual debit card, take a look at our top ten virtual debit card list.

What is a Virtual Debit Card?

Virtual debit cards, unlike physical/regular debit cards, do not exist physically. These are 16-digit numbers created at random. Like a standard ATM card, they provide a wide range of services. They are a one-time payment option that expire when a transaction is completed.

Virtual debit cards can be used to make online purchases without revealing your real debit card information.

The Reserve Bank of India regulates all online payment technology, including virtual cards.

10 Best Virtual Debit Cards In India                

1. Axis Bank ASAP

Virtual debit card from Axis Bank is an online payment service provided by Axis Bank ASAP accounts. It is powered by VISA payment technology. You need to open an Axis Bank ASAP account to access this virtual debit card. Users can manage their debit cards via the Axis Mobile app. 

You have a daily transaction limit of $100,000 with this card. It includes other intriguing offers, such as a free Times membership and a free BOGO (buy one, get one free) deal.

Axis ASAP virtual debit card customers can take advantage of cashback offers. It provides 3% to 5% cashback on Amazon and Flipkart purchases, as well as up to 20% money on dining at over 4000 restaurants across the country.

You can access the card at ₹0; no minimum bank balance is required. The virtual card offers you Loyalty R by Axis eDGEewards on spendings via the card. These eDGE rewards can be redeemed as cash back and gift cards. 

2. Kotak 811 Virtual Debit Card

Kotak 811 virtual debit card is issued by the Kotak Mahindra Bank, powered by VISA technology. The virtual card comes complementary to the Kotak 811 bank account.

Kotak 811 is among the best virtual debit cards for online shopping in India and international transactions. You can use the card to get the free trial offers of various platforms or software. It is easy to create and can be managed by Kotak bank mobile app.

To use Kotak 811, there is no minimum balance requirement. It provides you with OTP-based safe and secure online transaction channels.

Customers can use UPI, Net Banking, or credit cards to load money. The virtual debit card does not require any maintenance. It can be used to pay bills, book tickets, and so on.

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3. YES PAY by Yes Bank

Yes PAY is a virtual debit card, mainly for domestic usage offered by Yes Bank. The virtual debit card is powered by Rupay technology.

It ensures that your online transactions are safe and secure. Net banking or UPI can be used to load the debit card. The Yes Bank mobile app can be used to manage virtual debit cards from Yes Pay.

It can be used to earn reward points and gift cards much like a traditional debit card. At any domestic merchant site, Yes PAY offers a Tap and Pay option. Netbanking, credit or debit card, or UPI can all be used to load the virtual debit card.

4. DigiBank by DBS

DigiBank e-wallet provides you with a complimentary VISA virtual debit card. Digibank virtual debit card comes with various exciting offers on travel, entertainment, shopping, etc. It can be used to pay phone bills, electricity bills, and make recharges. The card can be created on a zero-balance account. 

It allows you to shop from over 100,000 online stores. Use your DigiBank virtual debit card to get discounts and rebates when you shop online.

It allows you to make unlimited cash withdrawals. On the debit card, users can establish a transaction limit. Tanishq, U.S. Polo, Zee5, Gaana, Edureka, and many other DigiBank partner companies provide various promotions and discounts.

5. Pockets by ICICI Bank

The VISA-powered virtual debit card provided by ICICI bank is primarily issued for only domestic use. The virtual card technology can be managed by the mobile app “Pockets.”

You can use it to pay your energy bill, mobile recharge, fund transfer, ticket booking, and online shopping all at once. Any debit card can be used to load the card. Use your debit card to access Net Banking and NEFT transactions.

You don’t have to be an ICICI bank customer to get the pockets. The card can only be used for online POS at merchant locations. There are no ATM withdrawal services available.

6. SBI Virtual Card

The State Bank of India offers a virtual credit card with a limit. SBI virtual card is the smartest and safest way to make online purchases.

All transactions conducted with the virtual card are approved by the OTP. Although it is based on the VISA payment gateway, it can be used at any merchant that accepts Mastercard or VISA cards. It is accepted in India, Nepal, and Bhutan for transactions.

The card has a maximum transaction limit of 50,000 dollars per transaction. There are no restrictions on how many virtual cards can be generated every day. Net Banking and credit cards can be used to load the virtual card.

7. HDFC PayZapp

PayZapp e-wallet is a prepaid payment service. It offers a complimentary PayZapp virtual debit card. Using PayZapp virtual debit card, you can pay utility bills, mobile recharge, ticket bookings, movie tickets, and discounts on dining.

On the card, you can get rewards, discounts, sign-on incentives, loyalty points, and cash back. The card can be managed through the PayZapp mobile app.

Users can load the card using Net Banking, UPI, or credit cards. It allows the transfer of funds to bank accounts. PayZapp virtual debit card is ideal for online shopping. It offers exciting deals and discounts on dozens of top-quality brands across the country.

8. IPPB RuPay Virtual Debit Card

The India Post Payments Banks issues RuPay Virtual Debit Card from IPPB, powered by Rupay technology. IPPB introduced its cashless transaction technology to promote the Indian government’s mission to encourage more people to accept digital payment systems.

The IPPB mobile banking software allows users to create virtual cards. The card can be used to pay bills and shop online on any Rupay-enabled website.

It has a daily buying limit of 50,000 dollars. Users can independently block/unblock, produce, and set their daily purchase limit. It offers a variety of attractive deals and rebates on purchases made with the card.

9. M-Clip by Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda’s M-clip is an e-wallet that comes with a gratis virtual debit card primarily for domestic use. M-clip offers “P2P transactions” (person to person); and an m-clip user can send funds directly to another m-clip user.

It provides the necessary mobile and DTH recharge services, as well as online payment and utility bill payment. M-clip payments must be supported by portals that accept VISA or Mastercard.

Use your M-clip virtual debit card to get Amazon, Book My Show, and Flipkart gift cards, as well as cash back benefits. The M-clip mobile application allows users to manage it. Net Banking, credit, and debit cards can all be quickly loaded.

10. PayApt by IDBI Bank

Go cashless! PayApt allows P2P and P2M (person to merchant) transactions. It features “tap and go” mode; users can transact in just one click.

The PAYAPT mobile application can be used to manage PayApt. PayApt is only available on Android phones and tablets. Online shopping, fund transfers, and billings are among the other features.

PayApt allows users to make mVisa payments to merchants. To make transactions, either user can load the virtual card or link their current physical cards to the e-wallet. A non-KYC account holder is limited to 10,000 transactions per day, whereas KYC accounts are limited to 50,000.

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Pros cum Features of Virtual Debit Cards.

  • Cash is far less convenient than virtual debit cards.
  • Virtual debit cards are a secure way to pay for things online.
  • Users can generate a new debit card with a different number while shopping online. It will protect the real account’s data.
  • They’re simple to make and administer.
  • In India, they usually have low or no issuing fees.
  • Virtual debit cards are one-time payment cards that are only valid for one transaction.
  • If the transaction fails, the funds are returned to the primary source after the expiration period.
  • Users must first load money onto virtual debit cards, which are digital prepaid cards.
  • The cards have a 48-hour expiration period.
  • Deals and offers are available with virtual debit cards. They function similarly to a physical debit card.
  • The availability of virtual cards is one of their best features. Virtual cards are accessible to anyone.
  • These are widely recognized by merchants all around the United States.
  • Users can easily block and unblock virtual cards whenever they want.

Cons of Virtual Credit Cards

  • Cash withdrawal is not available at all service providers.
  • It may be less user-friendly and difficult to handle for some users.
  • It is not compatible with POS swipe machines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a virtual debit card in India?

To generate a virtual debit card in India, explore the procedures below.

1. Log in to the “service provider” portal.
2. Click on e-card/virtual cards services.
3. Opt for the “virtual debit cards” option,
4. Click on the “generate” option.
5. Enter the virtual debit card limit.
6. Enter the OTP sent by the “service provider.”
7. The virtual debit card is ready to use.

Which bank provides virtual debit cards in India?

In India, there are dozens of E-card service providers. Virtual debit cards are available from many government and private banks. Some of the biggest banks in India that offer virtual debit cards include State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, and HDFC Bank.

Can I get a virtual debit card in India?

A virtual debit card can be obtained by any Indian citizen who has a PAN card. In India, there are numerous e-card service providers. Virtual debit cards are offered by a number of Indian banks, including Yes Bank, IDBI Bank, and Axis Bank.

Can we withdraw money from a virtual debit card?

Yeah, we can use a virtual debit card to withdraw funds, but not every bank offers this service. DBS DigiBank offers the option of withdrawing funds from a virtual debit card.

How do I use a virtual debit card?

Virtual cards can be an important financial tool for online shopping transactions. You can create virtual cards for online payments, billings, recharges, and fund transfers, among other things. Virtual debit cards are widely accepted throughout the United States.

How do I get a virtual international debit card?

Look for banks that offer international transaction services through their virtual credit cards. Both domestic and international transaction services are available through Kotak Mahindras Kotak 811.

Which app gives virtual Visa debit cards?

Virtual Visa debit cards are available from e-card service providers. Virtual Visa debit cards are available through HDFC Bank’s PayZapp, ICICI Bank’s Pockets, and Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Kotak 811.

Customers can generate a virtual debit card by logging into the bank site (web/mobile app).

Which is safer: Net Banking or virtual debit card?

Net Banking and virtual debit cards are the most convenient and secure ways to conduct business online. Those options are only available for online purchases. Net Banking, on the other hand, is far more convenient and generally accepted than virtual debit cards.

Both methods can be used to keep your online transactions safe and secure.

Can IPPB issue virtual debit cards?

Indeed, India Post Payment Bank offers its customers a virtual debit card. IPPB’s virtual Rupay debit card comes with a variety of enticing discounts and rebates on purchases.

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