10 Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping

India is going cashless and the popularity and usage of credit cards are more than ever. As e-commerce websites are raining offers and deals everywhere to attract people and encourage them to shop more.

In this circumstance, one might consider which credit card is appropriate for online shopping based on their requirements.?

Credit cards are the finest way to keep track of your finances. If you can make timely payments on your loan and have a steady source of income, you might want to explore getting a credit card.

Having a credit card, on the other hand, can get you into problems and lead to debt. Your spending habits, financial aspirations, and other factors all play a role.

The finest credit card benefits may differ from person to person. You can select the best credit card for online shopping based on your specific requirements.

Top 10 Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping 

A list of the ten finest credit cards for online shopping is provided.

1) Axis Ace Credit Card  – Best for Online Shopping


  • Credit Card Axis Ace offers you an unlimited cashback of 5% on bill payments, DTH recharge, and mobile recharge via Google pay. 
  • Partner firms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, and others receive 4% cashback.
  • Consumers can save money at almost 4000 eateries.
  • Free lounge access, a fuel surcharge waiver, and 2% direct payback on regular spending are among the other bonuses and deals.
  • The Axis Ace credit card is one of the finest for online shopping because it offers amazing promotions and infinite cashback.


  • A Rs. 499 membership fee is charged by the bank.
  • The Axis Ace Credit Card has an annual fee of Rs. 499 plus taxes.
  • The Axis Ace Credit Card charges 2.5% of the cash amount as a cash withdrawal fee.

2) Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card


  • Axis Bank Credit Card from Flipkart is offering up to 20% off at partner restaurants in India.
  • The Flipkart Axis Bank credit card waives the 1% fuel levy on all fuel transactions in India.
  • Additional features include complimentary airport lounge access, cashback on every transaction, and Rs. 2900 in joining and activation benefits for Flipkart Axis Bank credit card customers, making it one of the best credit cards for online shopping.
  • On Flipkart, Myntra, and 2GUD, the bank is offering a 5% cashback.
  • 4% cashback on purchases at the merchant’s location is another cashback offer.
  • It gives the customer a flat 1.5% cashback on all other purchases.


  • Axis Bank charges a Rs. 500 membership fee.
  • The bank charges a Rs. 500 annual fee for using a credit card. However, if consumers spend more than Rs. 2,00,000 per year, the annual cost is eliminated.
  • 2.5% of the cash amount is charged in withdrawal fees.

One of the best credit cards for online shopping is the Flipkart Axis Bank credit card. It provides excellent value for money.

3) SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card    


  • Credit Card from SBI SimplyCLICK offers a gift voucher from Amazon worth Rs. 500 on joining.
  • It waives the gasoline surcharge.
  • Get 10X Reward Points when you spend money online with partners like BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Amazon, Lenskart, Netmeds, UrbanClap, and others.
  • On all other online purchases, the SBI SimplyClick credit card can earn 5x rewards.
  • e-voucher worth Rs. 2000 on annual online spends of Rs.1 Lakh and Rs. 2 Lakh.
  • SBI supports contactless credit card transactions with a maximum transaction amount of Rs. 2000.
  • Users of SBI have global access. SBI operates 24 million locations around the world, including 3,25,000 in the country that accept VISA or MASTERCARD. It is one of the best credit cards for online shopping because it has global access.


  • An annual fee of Rs. 499 is charged by the bank.
  • The bank also charges a renewal fee of Rs. 499.

4) Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card  


  • DigiSmart credit card from Standard Chartered is offered by Standard Chartered Bank, a foreign bank in India with over 100 branches across the country.
  • Myntra is offering 20% off with no minimum purchase.
  • No minimum spend required to receive 10% off at Grofers and Zomato.
  • You can use your card to get discounts from companies like Ola, Myntra, Zomato, Yatra, Grofers, Inox, and many others.
  • It supports up to Rs. 2000 in contactless transactions.
  • Standard Chartered’s DigiSmart credit card is one of the best credit cards for online shopping.


  • In contrast to other banks, they charge a Rs. 49 monthly cost rather than an annual fee.
  • If monthly transactions exceed Rs.5000, the monthly fee for the Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card is waived.

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5) HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card 


  • Credit Card HDFC MoneyBack Cardholders can earn 2 reward points on every Rs 150 spent and 2x reward points on every Rs. 150 spent online.
  • In a calendar year, you can earn up to Rs. 2,000 in gift cards.
  • If the card is lost and reported within 24 hours, HDFC Bank will not charge any fees.
  • A 1% fuel price waiver is available at all fuel stations.
  • Each calendar quarter, they provide exciting milestone incentives for spending Rs. 20000 Rs. 50000 or more.
  • Spend Rs. 50000 and have your renewal membership fee waived.
  • Without a credit card PIN, HDFC Moneyback credit card provides contactless transactions up to Rs. 5000 in a single transaction.
  • For security reasons, contactless transactions over Rs. 5000 require a credit card PIN.
  • This credit card is one of the best credit cards for online shopping because of its exciting deals and offers.


  • A Rs. 500 membership fee including taxes is charged by the bank.
  • On cash withdrawals, 2.5% of the cash amount up to Rs. 500 (whichever is higher) is levied.

6) Citi Cashback Card


  • On Citi Cashback Card, Get 5% Cashback on telephone & utility bill payments, and movie ticket purchases.
  • All other purchases will earn you 0.5% cashback.
  • The cashback is always available and never expires.
  • Citi Cashback Card provides you with an instant loan.
  • Discounts and bargains on numerous eateries, retailers, and EMI facilities are among the other services available.


  • A Rs. 500 annual fee is charged by the bank.
  • Additional fees include 2.5% of cash withdrawals and Rs. 250 for cash deposits at Citi banks.

7) HDFC Freedom Credit Card   


  • Freedom Credit Card from HDFC Customers get 1 reward point on every ₹150 spent. HDFC Freedom Credit Card offers to redeem points for cashback or booking of flights and hotels.
  • The bank offers 500 reward points as a welcome and renewal bonus.
  • Additional promotions include a 25 percent bonus on birthday purchases and a 10 percent bonus on PayZapp and SmartBuy purchases.
  • Spending on restaurants, movies, groceries, trains, and taxis earns you 5x reward points.
  • It includes a free 1% fuel surcharge waiver.
  • If lost cards are reported quickly, the bank assumes no responsibility.
  • Contactless transactions up to Rs. 5000 are also possible with this smart credit card.
  • HDFC’s products are always of the highest quality. One of the greatest credit cards for online shopping and travel is the Freedom credit card.


  • If a customer spends more than Rs. 50000, the bank does not charge an annual fee. The normal charge is Rs. 500 in all other cases.
  • The bank deducts 2.5% of the cash amount as a charge when you withdraw cash.

8) Yatra SBI Credit Card


  • SBI Yatra Credit Card offers Yatra.com vouchers worth Rs. 8,250 as a joining gift.
  • Domestic flight tickets are 20% discount, international flight bookings are 10% off, and domestic hotel bookings are 20% off.
  • The customer receives 6 reward points for every Rs. 100 paid. It covers purchases made at department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, movies, and entertainment, as well as international transactions.
  • Air accident coverage of Rs. 50 lakh is available with Yatra SBI cards.
  • Receive a 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all petrol pumps in India.
  • In India, customers have access to approximately 1 million MasterCard ATMs and 10,000 SBI ATMs.
  • With global access, the card is gaining popularity, and SBI has issued one of the best credit cards for online shopping, which is a clincher.


  • A one-time annual fee of Rs. 499 is charged by the bank.
  • The bank levies a Rs. 499 renewal fee after the second year.
  • SBI, like other financial institutions, charges a 2.5% cash withdrawal fee.

9) IndusInd Bank Platinum Card   


  • Platinum Card from IndusInd Bank Cardmembers can avail golf games and lessons.
  • It provides access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide. The credit card also offers discounts on lounge fees outside of India up to eight times per calendar year.
  • You can get pre-trip support, hotel reservations, flight bookings, entertainment and sports bookings, gift aid, and many other services with only one phone call.
  • This card is quite helpful. It provides roadside assistance, emergency gasoline delivery, battery replacement, flat tire repairs, and a variety of additional services.
  • Bookmyshow is offering a BOGO (buy one, get one free) deal. Customers can get up to two free movie tickets per month with this offer.
  • Have a 1% fee on fuel transactions waived.
  • The bank assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen cards.
  • It offers Rs. 25 lakh in personal air accident insurance.
  • This credit card is arguably one of the best for online shopping.


  • You will be surprised to learn that banks do not charge an annual or joining fee, making it a great value for money. It’s one of the greatest credit cards for purchasing on the internet.
  • Every cash withdrawal is subject to a 2.5% fee from the bank.
  • If your IndusInd Bank Platinum Card is lost or stolen, the bank will charge you Rs. 100 to replace it.

10) Axis Bank Neo Credit Card 


  • In Neo Credit Card from Axis Bank, On the first transaction get an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 250 and BookMyShow gift voucher worth Rs.300.
  • Additional incentives and discounts include 10% off on all BookMyShow purchases and 10% off on all Myntra purchases.
  • Additional partner brands receive a 40% discount on Zomato, a 5% discount on energy bill payments, and a 10% discount on Grofers.
  • During the first three months, it also gives a Zomato pro subscription.
  • For every Rs.200 spent, one reward point is earned.
  • If notified promptly, the bank will assume no responsibility for lost cards.


  • Axis bank offers one of the best credit cards for online shopping with a low annual fee of Rs. 250.
  • Additional charges include a membership fee of Rs. 250, a card replacement fee of Rs. 100, and a 2.5% cash withdrawal fee.

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Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

Pros of Credit Card:

  • Carrying credit cards is safer and more convenient than carrying cash. Your card can be cancelled in minutes if it is stolen or misplaced.
  • If customers pay on time, they will receive interest-free days. You can save the reward for later.
  • Cardholders can receive reward points for their purchases. These rewards can later be exchanged for discounts or money.
  • Credit cards are the most convenient way to make foreign transactions because they function in any currency. For international purchases, many credit cards offer a discount.
  • Credit cards provide users with a line of credit. Users can borrow money and pay it back later.
  • A credit card holder can easily purchase expensive items and pay for them in installments later.
  • Credit cards also give theft protection, accident insurance, luggage insurance, and even death insurance.
  • A credit card will assist you in keeping track of and managing your expenses.

Cons of Credit Card:

  • Credit cards have high interest rates and can lead to debt.
  • Any missing payments can have an impact on your net credit score.
  • That could boost your costs. It may stimulate unnecessary purchases and expenditures.
  • People frequently apply for too many credit cards, lowering their net credit score.
  • Additional costs include annual fees and credit card renewal fees.
  • Many fraudulent actions target credit card information. Managing a credit card might be tough at times.

If used properly, credit cards may be a valuable financial tool. If you are not careful in repaying the debt, you may find yourself in danger. Only apply for a credit card if you are confident in your ability to repay the debt on time and maintain a high credit score. Credit cards can encourage you to spend more, which can lead to financial difficulties.

When selecting a credit card. Have a look at our list of the ten best credit cards for online shopping. You can choose the credit card that best suits your needs after conducting considerable study.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage your credit score?

Creditworthiness is determined by your credit score. A credit score is something that lenders look at before approving a loan application.

Paying your bills on time or at least the minimum amount will help you maintain a good credit score. Applying for too many credit cards might have a negative influence on your credit score.

What are the 5 C’s of a Credit card?

The five Cs of credit are Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral, Condition. These 5’c will determine your creditworthiness.
– Character is the applicant’s credit history.
– Capacity determines an applicant’s debt to income ratio. It is the monthly debt expenditure divided by your entire earnings.
– Capital is the total money an applicant has.
– Collateral is the security lent to the lender for the loan.

The fifth C, conditions, includes the loan amount, purpose, and payback schedule.

What is the 20/10 rule?

Credit card debt payments should be 20% of your annual income or 10% of your monthly income, according to the 20/10 rule. You can control your spending, overspending, and credit score with a 20/10 score.

What is a credit mix?

Both revolving and installment credit make up an optimum credit combination. It is the combination of loans and credit cards, or credit diversification.

If a person has two credit cards but no installment loan, for example. He can take out a loan. That is an excellent credit blend.

What is a good credit score?

A credit score of 670 or higher on the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) scale is considered good. Fair Isaac Corporation created the FICO score, which is a type of credit score.

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