10 Best Car Door Speakers – Good Bass & Sound Quality for the Money

The best car door speakers are essential to having an incredible sounding car stereo sound system. They’re one of the first things that we recommend upgrading before you try anything else. Because of where they’re located in your car, they can make a huge difference in the of your car. Changing out your old car speakers for the best car door speakers could be all you need to get an immediate and noticeable change.

Additionally, replacing your car door speakers could be the cheapest way to create a in your car. However, the downside to replacing your car speakers is an investment that goes into it if you want to get the best car door speakers available. But if you’re okay with spending around $100 for a set of car door speakers, you can still get a pair of good-quality speakers.

Best Car Door Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality

But which car door speakers offer the best bass and sound quality? We’ll discuss some of the top car door speakers in the following section, which you can readily order online.

1. JL Audio C2-650X Evolution Series

JL Audio is certainly well-known if you’ve done any research on the best vehicle door speakers. The best car door speakers are these, even though they are some of the priciest speakers on our list.

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JL Audio’s C2-650X speakers are 6.5-inch, two-way coaxial speakers with a 6.5-inch subwoofer and a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter.

You will receive strong mid-bass, a fluid mid-range, and high-frequency detail from the woofers. Mineral-filled polypropylene cones, stamped steel frames, and lengthy excursion capabilities are used to achieve this.


  • Amazing performance
  • Known brand name
  • Great sound
  • Silk dome tweeter


  • Expensive

Best Door Speakers for Sound Quality

If you want to be transported by the performance, you need good speakers with a rich sound.

2. JBL GTO629 Series

The 180 watts RMS per pair or 90 watts per speaker in the 6.5-inch GTO series two-way component speakers. The JBL speakers also contain Patented Plus One woofer-cone technology with cone material that has been loaded with carbon to help boost the sound output without the need for additional power.

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The vents on each JBL GT0629 speaker aid in cooling the coil. Furthermore, it improves the speakers’ dependability and offers better power handling while also removing power compression, which can cause audio distortion.


  • Vented magnet assemblies
  • Great sound
  • Eliminates sound distortion


  • Expensive

6×8 Door Speakers with Good Bass

In order to achieve an open, smooth sound with reliable long-term performance, you need 68 speakers with strong bass.

3. Rockford Fosgate Prime

One of the most well-known companies in the automotive speaker market and a fantastic alternative for mid-range speakers is Rockford Fosgate. The speaker is available in a range of sizes, including 4, 5.25, 68, 69, 6.5, and 6.75 inches.

  • For a new generation of OEM replacement speakers, the Prime R168X2 is a 6 x 8 2-way full-range speaker with a rating of 55 watts RMS/110 watts Peak.
  • The R168X2 6×8 4-Ohm black speakers are sold as a pair and include mounting hardware and built-in high-pass crossovers.
  • The 6×8 speakers are ideal for replacing factory speakers since they use polypropylene cones, which enhance the speakers’ overall sound quality while minimizing distortion.

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A two-way speaker with a 68-inch variant and a 55 watt RMS rating is available. A polypropylene cone, stamped steel basket, dome tweeter, rubber surround, and a tweeter crossover with strong bass are all features of each Rockford Fosgate speaker.


  • reputable auto audio manufacturer
  • offers a variety of speaker sizes
  • inexpensive vehicle door speakers
  • Factory replacements


  • The speakers don’t have a lot of power.

6×9 Door Speakers with Good Bass

Due to its wide frequency range, the 69 speakers provide lively and rich sounds that can play high, midrange, and low tones.

4. Cerwin Vega XED693

Three-way coaxial speakers, the Cerwin Vega 6X9-inch are reasonably priced. They have a butyl rubber surround, a curvilinear poly cone, a balanced metal dome tweeter, and a black coat stamped steel basket. The Cerwin speakers have a maximum power rating of 300 watts and a good frequency response from 50 Hz to 18 kHz.


  • China is the source nation.
  • Curvilinear Polypropylene Cone
  • Butyl Rubber Surround

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They are regarded as the top 69 car door speakers with strong bass at a reasonable price.


  • Affordable price
  • Three-way coaxial speakers
  • Piezo tweeter


  • They don’t function well with loud speaker systems.

Best 6.5 Door Speakers

The most popular size and fit for most cars are 6.5-inch car door speakers. They are used frequently by automakers and are adaptable in size.

5. NVX VSP65 6.5” Pro-Grade

Are you looking to significantly improve your stock speakers without going over budget? In such case, these speakers merit consideration. The car door speakers produce loud middles and highs even when using the stock head unit. It has every feature a car speaker upgrade should have.


  • Warm treble is delivered by 6 1/2″ coaxial vehicle speakers with a 25mm silk dome tweeter with astounding clarity and definition.
  • Cone material made of polypropylene is sturdy yet lightweight for precise mid and low tones.
  • RMS power per pair is 100 watts, while peak power per pair is 200 watts.

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With an RMS of 100W per speaker (200W per pair), they generate an astonishing peak of 300W per speaker (or 600W per pair). The NVX VSP65 speakers are made to compete with speakers that cost two to three times as much as them.

The NVX is also made to last for many years. The lightweight polypropylene used to construct each speaker cone produces amazing low and midrange tones. Also, they have Nitrile Butadiene rubber surround works that enable the speakers’ accurate, linear movement.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Durable
  • Excellent sound


  • Shipping issues

Best 6.75 Door Speakers

Surprisingly, the 6.75 inch is only 1/8 larger than the 6.5 inch, which is the most popular speaker size.

6. Polk Audio db651

Although being marine-certified, the Polk Audio db651 speakers are still a terrific option for your car. These 6.5-inch coaxial speakers can be installed in different cars thanks to the included 6.75-inch adapter rings. Also, they have Dynamic Balancing Driver Technology, which contributes to a sound that is devoid of distortion.

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You can direct the sound where you want it to be thanks to the swiveling dome tweeters and magnets. Additionally, for crisp, clear audio, the built-in crossovers keep the low and high frequencies flowing to the appropriate drivers.


  • Clear sound
  • 6.75-inch speaker spacer
  • Marine certified
  • Affordable


  • Due to its larger size, it does not fit in all vehicles.

Loudest Car Door Speakers

We examine the loudest car door speakers that produce clear audio, strong bass, and are quite loud.

7. Infinity Reference 6530CX

The component speaker setup is called the Infinity Reference 653CX. Separate tweeters in component speaker systems are solely responsible for creating crystal-clear, high-bandwidth sounds. The tweeter can increase the sound stage when it is installed higher in the cabin, immersing the passengers in incredible sound. Overzealous tweeters, however, can create unsettling highs.


  • Textile tweeters with an edge drive for a smooth, clean high.
  • Larger Plus One woofers provide more surface area for increased middle and bass performance.
  • Modernized baskets are engineered to accommodate the majority of OEM speaker positions.

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With the Infinity Reference, this is not the case. The Infinity car door speaker has been tweaked to produce balanced, non-ear-splitting highs instead.


  • High-quality product at a reasonable cost
  • Loudest sound quality
  • Excellent bass response


  • Installation may be challenging.

Best Good Cheap Quality Speakers for the Money

A budget speaker for the money is likely superior to many OEMs and isn’t necessarily of bad quality.

8. MTX Terminator 6 Two-Way Speaker

Go no farther than Terminator 6 if you’re looking for a cheap speaker to replace your worn-out or blown device. Because to their diminished bass response, these won’t shake the windows. Therefore, you’ll want to pair them with a separate subwoofer if you’re all about the bass.


  • Fantastic sound reproduction is produced by lightweight polypropylene woofer cones.
  • REPRODUCTION OF HIGH FREQUENCIES WITH ACCURACY: Silk dome tweeter delivers precise high frequency reproduction.
  • Steel basket and mylar tweeters are high-quality, long-lasting design elements.

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Nevertheless the MTX Terminator is a decent affordable quality speaker for the money if you’re looking for a replacement with a good middle response and a stylish design.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Attractive look
  • Cones made of polypropylene have a long lifespan.


  • Weak bass response

Best 3-Way Car Door Speakers

The woofer, midrange, and tweeter are the three speakers that make up a 3-way automobile door speaker.

9. JBL GTO939

The JBL GT0939 is the best 3-way car door speaker available today, and they’re well worth the cost. You’ll adore the outstanding powerful bottom tones and rich, clear sound they produce. These automobile speakers perform admirably when driven by an external amplifier or a potent aftermarket audio. They are also compatible with the factory receiver.


  • a pair of six by nine-inch three-way speakers.
  • One woofer cone with a rubber surround is added.
  • Supertweeter with adjustable mylar-titanium tweeter with volume control

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The JBL door speakers feature one of the highest RMS ratings and a high sensitivity rating. It generates an astounding sound when combined. For a car, each 3-way door speaker produces satisfyingly deep bass levels.


  • Powerful bass
  • Highest RMS rating
  • Delivers amazing sound


  • Requires custom installation

Best Car Door Speakers Without an Amp

Over time, the inappropriate amp with the incorrect wattage will harm your car’s door speakers.

10. Polk Audio DB691 Speakers

For the money, the Polk Audio DB691 is a high-quality car door speaker. They have an excellent balance between playing music loudly and preventing clarity loss or tone blending.

  • 6×9-inch 3-way component speakers in a pair
  • equipped with a rubber-surrounded polymer/mica composite cone
  • Maximum input power is 125 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms with a 93 dB efficiency.

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The Polk car door speakers without an amp provide you with enough midrange tones. They also produce high tones clearly, thanks to the silk polymer dome tweeter. Another huge advantage of the Polk Audio DB691 is that they’re certified marine speakers so that you can expose them to the elements; they’re perfect for motorcycles and Jeeps.


  • 3-way speakers
  • Marine certified
  • Incredible sound quality
  • There is no amp on it.


  • less bass possibilities than others

Do You Need an Amp for Door Speakers?

Absolutely, you need an amplifier for your car’s door speakers. The performance of your audio system will significantly improve if your door speakers have an amplifier. Although most people consider amps to be an extra investment, having one for your door speaker has many advantages.

What are the benefits of having an amp for car speakers?

The overall sound quality is one advantage of using an amp with the best vehicle door speakers. However, preinstalled amps don’t have adequate power, which accounts for their poor audio quality. Amplifiers will compensate for that lack of power and enhance tone quality, sharpness, and clarity.

Your aftermarket speakers will sound considerably better with an amp. In fact, the majority of car owners who install the best car door speakers with amps claim that it improves the musical quality.

The volume that an amp for your door speakers provides is another advantage. Amplifiers, as the name suggests, boost weak signals, increasing the volume of your music without changing the words.

How does an amplifier amplify the sound? It effectively muffles outside noises so that the music you’re playing sounds better.

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What’s the Best Amp for Door Speakers?

The Rockford Fosgate P600X4 4-Channel amp for door speakers is the best amplifier for door speakers.

459 Reviews
  • The Punch P600X4 600 watt 4-channel amplifier (2.38 x 7.76 x 13.28″) is ideal for a 3-way system with a front stage and back channels for subwoofers.
  • Almost any audio system configuration can be powered by a flexible multi-channel design (RMS Power Output: 75 Watts x 4 @ 4-Ohm OR 150 Watts x 4 @ 2-Ohm OR 300 Watts x 2 @ 4-Ohm Bridged).)
  • Without a signal converter, RCA inputs can accept both high- and low-level audio streams.

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One of the largest names in the music business, Rockford is renowned for producing the best music goods. With sensitivity inputs ranging from 150 mV to 12 V, the Fosgate P600X4 4-channel amp can accept inputs from more sources than other amps can. So, you might want to think about this 4-channel amp if you have eight tracks.

However, the biggest downside of the Rockford amp is the price; it’s expensive. But you have to remember that you’re paying for a product that’s from a well-known brand and is designed to work with most input car FM stereo receivers.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • strong and pure sound


  • Expensive

Can I Replace My Car Door Speakers?

Yes, you can replace your own car door speakers yourself. The easiest way to get better sound in your car is to replace the factory built-in speakers with better quality. Most car manufacturers don’t spend much money on the audio system. Instead, aftermarket speakers are designed with better sound quality, higher quality materials, and deeper bass.

Here’s how to replace your own car door speakers.

Best Car Door Speakers Summary

It’s time for you to decide which set of car door speakers is the best for you now that you know what the top models are. Each option on our list is excellent and will enhance your musical enjoyment.

Simply keep in mind to select the set that best suits your needs and budget.

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